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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hello all,


    I've just configured an SAP BO System as High-Available within our landscape (QAS)



    We have 3 BO systems right now (DEV, TEST and QAS).


    DEV and TEST systems are standard SAP BO installations and the QAS system is a high-available clustered system.

    (SCS for the SAP Java system is on the cluster, 2 application servers for the SAP Java and 2 application servers for the BusinessObjects)


    Now I want to add the new HA BO-system to the promotion management I have previously set up for the DEV and TEST system.

    But I can't seem to make this promotion management set-up follow the high-available system as I have to add the CMS Physical Host for one

    of the BO application servers.

    (under promotion management -> manage servers)


    Is there a possibility to enter the SCS-instance as a server or something else so that the promotion will be redirected to the best possible CMS?



    Notice: We are NOT using a tomcat webserver but we are using the SAP Java webserver.


    Kind regards

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  • 04/16/15--03:05: SAP beginner query
  • Hi,



    I have 1 yr of experience in IT support solutions in MNC. I want start career in SAP BI. Can someone please assist how can i proceed and what are the  prequist knowledge required and how should i start learning?



    I am more keen towards a job with consulting or working on database (if in technical

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    Hello Everyone,


    We are getting an error while trying to create an Universe via Microsoft -> MS Analysis Services 2014 -> OLEDB for OLAP Provider under Connection in UDT -"DBD: Error while trying to load the transport provider for odbc. Failed to load the library. System error: The specified module could not be found."  We have installed BI 4.1 SP05 in our system. As per earlier posts in scn in BO XI 3.x this issue used to be for improper installation of Integration KIT but in our scenarion Integration KIT is within the BO 4.1 package so no seperate installation is required. Moreover I have checked whether all the driver is present under file: "C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\dataAccess\connectionServer\drivers" and seems everything is fine. But still I am getting this error. One important point is we could use IDT because in IDT still we don't have option to connect with 'Microsoft Analysis Services - 2014 (XMLA)' as we are using Microsoft Analysis Services 2014 version.


    Kindly help if anyone has faced the same problem with SAP BO 4.1.


    Thanks and Best Regards,



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    Hi All,


    I am trying to run the ACTool for SAP BO 4.1 as a pre requisite for Solution Manager integration.

    We are following the steps as per the guide "ACTool user guide"


    when we are running the script for AIX platform , we are getting the error No JVM found, please set this variable BOEJVM manually!. We are running the script using the root user.


    I have already set the environment variable as export BOEJVMBIN=/BOBJ-BI/sap_bobj/enterprise_xi40/aix_rs6000_64/sapjvm/bin

    I have also modified the file in the ACTool conf folder as jvmmond.install.path =/BOBJ-BI/sap_bobj/enterprise_xi40/aix_rs6000_64/sapjvm/bin/


    Requesting the experts to help me out to fix this issue at the earliest.

    actool issue..jpg




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    I'm facing the following issue on BI 4.1 sp. 3 (recently migrated from BO2). Two different webi reports with 3 and 5 (not heavy) queries are having problems loading the objects in the query panel. After migrations everything was ok. Now the department wants to make adjustments to a query and notices that the first query loads perfectly but when switching to the second query both the result objects as the conditions are not loading. It does not help to switch between queries back and forth. I cannot find anything like this problem on the internet. Anyone any ideas?

    Kind regards,


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    I'm using the LCM Command Line Interface (LCMCLI) to promote content (e.g., AOLAP reports, Webi reports, etc.) between CMS environments.


    The objects' User Security includes the BI Platform's built-in groups as well as mapped Active Directory groups. The same mapped Active Directory groups are already present on both environments.


    I'm including the "-includeSecurity=true' flag in the LCMCLI syntax; when I execute the command, however, the object's user security from the source environment is not being applied to the object in the destination environment. Instead, the resulting object is simply inheriting the user security of the destination folder.


    For each group, the console log displays "Status -> Resolution Status=Dropped, Dependency Status=All the required dependencies are included., Commit Status=Commit is not required., Promotion Status=No errors detected". The final part of the log displays "EXIT_SUCCESS". Yet the User Security is not being applied to the object.


    Is this a known issue?

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    We have BO Version 4.1 SP5 . We use Tomcat as web application server. We donot have web server on top of Tomcat server. But we use F5 for load balancing.


    Since we have licensing restrictions on F5, we could not implement SSL on F5. So we planning to configure SSL on Tomcat Servers.


    I heard there will be an impact to performance if SSL is implemented on Tomcat servers.


    Please share your experiences.

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    I was wondering if anyone else had an issue when trying to schedule a large report into a plain text file resulting in a 1kb file that only contains the report title at the top.


    This happens on very large reports. The same report for example would have a csv file of size 167mb.


    Is there any setting on the webi processing server or adaptive job server that needs to be changed?

    I tried increasing all the values in the web intelligence common services settings (ie: max character stream size) but that didn't help.


    The environment having this issue is BI 4.1 SP4




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    Dear SAP BI Platform experts ,

    I am trying to access CMC URL for the testing purpose on the issue i.e certificate ,

    I am just wondering that the same certificate error existing for BO CMC URL ,so when i try to access the URL ,its not allowing me for the authentication and  its giving the below error ,Please help me .

    Please note that i have installed certificates in my local system ,but at the movement it shown that "certificates successfully imported ",But after this ,no change i.e issue existing ,Please help me on it ASAP .Error_CMC.jpg

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    I am in the process of upgrading from 4.0 sp6 to 4.1 sp4.


    The vast majority of our reports are Crystal reports, and the way we deploy is by scheduling BO to publish a rpt file on the server.


    My problem is that with some of our main reports, the data isn't saved completely so I get the error:

    This report does contain saved data, but it is not complete.  This version of the Crystal Reports viewer does not support fetching further data; viewing cannot continue.


    The output of the 4.0 report almost 2MB, compared to 100k for the 4.1 output.


    EVERYTHING else is the same. The only difference is the version of Business Objects server. On the server side, the difference seems to be that 4.0 uses the 'Crystal Reports 2011' server and 4.1 uses the 'Crystal Reports 2013' server.


    Anyone has an idea? This is stopping our migration to 4.1 (and the fact that Crystal Viewer doesn't seem to work very well for newer MACs isn't helping either).

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    Hope you can shed some light on the process of deployment of BI Mobility Solution for iOS.


    I have a test SAP BO 4.1 SP 4  platform which I have installed a while ago. I would now like to deploy BI Mobility solution for iOS.


    I've read lots of relevant documentation on this process but it is very confusing to say the least.


    In this version (BO 4.1 SP 4), do I need to  Webdeploy  MobileBIService.war and MOBIServer.war  files ?


    The documentation for BO4.1 4.0 states that these files are "auto-deployed". What does this mean ?


    Does this mean that I don't need to anything else in terms of configuring BI Mobility server ?


    How do I verify that my BI Mobility server component has been correctly deployed and configured on SAP BO 4.1. SP4 platform ?


    Where do I need look in order to verify this ?


    I would appreciate greatly if you could provide a brief Step-by-Step process on how to configure BI Mobility on SAP BO 4.1 SP4 platform as I'm really struggling with this.


    Many thanks for your help.



    Davor Mitrasevic

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    I'm trying to find out where I can find this class. I have already installed bo 4.1  .net sdk sp4 but it doesnt contain it.


    Thanks in advance.

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  • 04/17/15--02:09: New Russian Time Zones
  • Hi all,


    Russia passed a law to change its time zones on October 26th 2014. Has this change to time zones been addressed by SAP in SAP BusinessObjects XI 3.1 and BI 4.1? If so in which service packs or patches?


    Microsoft is addressing this by releasing an update for Windows on September 23rd, 2014. Announcement: Update for Russian Time Zone Changes - Microsoft Daylight Saving Time & Time Zone Blog - Site Home - …




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    I want to display reports from SAP BI to third party java application. I have found many javadocs, but have not found any document that helps with this problem.

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    What is preferred method to access BO by external clients?


    Here is our setup, 2 tomcat servers, 2 BO servers and F5 for load balancing


    I am thinking to put 2 tomcat servers in DMZ and open up the ports for BO servers in the firewall.


    I would like to know what all the options you guys have in your environments.

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    Hi all,

        I'm using this simple code below to open a WebItelligence and a Desktop Intelligence Document :


    infoObject = (IInfoObject) infoObjects.get(0);  String kind = infoObject.getKind();  if (kind.equalsIgnoreCase("Webi")){  // Retrieve the Report Engine for Web Intelligence documents  wiRepEngine = (ReportEngine) getReportEngines()  .getService(ReportEngines.ReportEngineType.WI_REPORT_ENGINE);  }else if (kind.equalsIgnoreCase("FullClient")){  wiRepEngine = (ReportEngine) getReportEngines()  .getService(ReportEngines.ReportEngineType.FC_REPORT_ENGINE);  }  Request qr;  Set<Request> listQr;  DocumentInstance widoc = wiRepEngine.openDocument(infoObject.getID());  widoc.refresh();  boDataProviders = widoc.getDataProviders()

    The function openDocument works for WebIntelligence document but nit for deski document.

    il return me the following error:

    Unable to instantiate ReportEngine

    Which function can I use in this case??

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    We are  using MS Excel 2010 and BI4.1.


    LiveOffice can connect to BI4.1 Server, also can refresh  existing LiveOffice reports.

    But when I tried to import a Webi report to Excel, it hangs. I also tried Universe query, it has the same problem.


    Could you anyone please help. 





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    Good day!
    Could you help me find documentation from SAP like as BI PLATFORM SUPPORT ROADMAP?
    I need find information about when BI Platform started official support Oracle Exadate (with Oracle 12)?

    Right now official BI platform support only Oracle Exadate (with Oracle 11)


    Best Regards

    Andrey Ivanov

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  • 04/17/15--08:49: Crystal reports LOV
  • We have migrated from 3.1 to 4.1 recently and this regarding our crystal reports that have dynamic prompts.

    When running these reports as Administrator they work ok.  However, if anyone who is not an administrator runs them the List of Values is blank and will not allow a selection.Thoughts?



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    I am reloading crystal reports thru BI Launchpad. Report is scheduled to deliver PDF output to a file location and option selected NOT to save instance in the History. This is a recurring report. After each successful reload PDF gets saved to destination folder and there is no success record in the history. Now I need to find out how long this report takes to refresh everyday. There is no history in BI Launchpad, Instance Manager also does not show that info. Where should I look for to get the reload duration? Any help on this would be appreciated. Thanks.

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