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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hi Gurus,



    We Successfully installed the patch SP05.

    Previous we are running on BI Platform Tools SP02.

    After installed the patch we are unable to start the SIA Server.





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  • 04/19/15--17:58: BI Login time
  • We notice in our BI 4.1 SP3 P3 the login time is taking about 8 to 10 secs.  It adds couple of seconds more when this is done with SSO from portal. I would like to know if there is any way to improve the performance? 

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    hi Experts,


    we have the requirement to change the Tomcat logo to our customer company logo, I am trying to find out the exact SAP note to replace the logo but I am not able to locate, need your guidance to find the solution for this request.


    when we try to open the hyper linked reports, the report opening in the New screen, in the Address bar and IE tab the Tomcat logo is appearing, we need to change that logo, for this we need to customize any css file, kindly share the exact path or any SAP Ref note, so that it is very helpful for us.


    I here with attached the snap-shot of the request.

    BO Version : 4.0 SP 07

    Server         : AIX

    App Server  : Tomcat



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    Hi everyone,


    We have configured a workspace as the main page of the users of the BO 4.1 SP4 Launch Pad.


    This workspace contains a dashboard, and the problem we are facing is that the dashboard reloads every time that the user changes the scope to the main page tab.


    Does anyone knows if there is any way to avoid the reload of all a workspace configured as main page?. Or how to switch it off for the main page in general?


    When the workspace is opened without beeing configured as the main page of the users, when the scope is changed between tabs, the reload doesn't happen.




    Kind regards,


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    Dear All,


        As I am trying to integrate Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 with Business Objects 4.1 SP5 using IPOINT 03. So any one of you can provide me clear steps then it would be very helpful for me.



    Vishal Chaturvedi


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  • 04/20/15--02:21: FWB 00077 error
  • Hi There,


    While promoting the BI content using an user account belonging to admin group, we faced the below error for a data federator connection. However the connection was imported and working fine upon further examination in the target environment.


    "Resolution status=Copied, Dependency Status=Some of the required dependencies are not selected. Commit Status=Commit attempted and failed. Promotion Status=Failed to decrypt the object, please get the latest object from the cluster and try again (FWB 00077). The server supplied the following details: OCA_Abuse exception 7682 at [.osca_i_impl.cpp : 823] 65330 {31914} ...Failed to decrypt the object."



    There is a SAP Note 175427 for similar problem.


    Is it a best practice to use the delegated admin account to promote content??


    Any content on best practices for promotion management on the same will be more helpful.


    Source and Target Environments:

    SAP BO 4.1 SP 4 patch 2

    OS: Redhat linux 6.6



    With regards


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    Is there any way in which i can restrict the users from delivering the scheduled crystal reports on the Email address. Any settings available in CMC /Services ?


    I want that they should only be able to schedule crystal reports and receive intances in Inbox.

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  • 04/20/15--03:21: 2LIS_03_BF Delta Update
  • Hi Gurus,


    I am facing an issue when I am running Delta for Data source - 2LIS_03_BF .


    I am running Delta for this Data source at 2 o'clock in the night and at 12 o'clock in the day. Delta is not picking correct records. I schedule this 2 times in a day few days ago.


    Before that it was running fine. I am Dem sure that Delta is running 2 time that's why Delta is missing records. But not able to get reason. Could someone help me on this.




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    Hi All,

    Can anyone tell me how to get the list of unviewed instances?

    I want to get all the instances which have been scheduled but not viewed.

    Please help me on this.

    I tried to get the info from audit report but i could not able to achieve it.

    is it possible from query builder?



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    I have one Bex query.


    I insterted the query in Analysis office for Microsoft edition, and its pulling 985 records, but when i inserted the bex query in Webi report its pulling only 27 records. Any body faced similar problem, explain the solution..?


    Using BICS connction for webi report development.



    Environment: BI 4.1 SP5


    Anlaysis office version :  1.4 SP10

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    We are currently using SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 SP5.


    The Translation Management Tool is currently giving us the following error when attempting to import a folder from the System Repository:


    org.apache.axis2.AxisFault: Unable to find servers in CMS <server@REALM.COM>:6400 ... All such servers could be down or disabled by the administrator (FWM 01014).


    As mentioned in the SAP Knowledge Base Article 1974085 the two listed causes are:

    1. There is no available Translation Manager Service in one of the Adaptive Processing Servers

    2. Request Port for the CMS is not opened in the users firewall


    When viewing the services in the APS on the CMC it does show a Translation Service but there are no configuration options for it. As well, there is currently no firewall set up either on the server or the client machine.


    Does anyone know a solution?



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  • 04/20/15--09:15: APS Split
  • Hello


    Regarding APS split, Do we need to stop the original Adaptive Processing server first and then run the System Configuration Wizard ?


    We used System Configuration Wizard in our DEV machine. It removed the original APS and split that APS into 6 servers. How can I retain the original APS ?




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       My apologies in advance if this is posted somewhere else, but I am preparing to install 4.1 suite on a new server, and am having difficulties getting a straight answer as to what files exactly that I need to download and install. I've been told a few different things, and am looking for a concrete answer. The account contact referred my question to his technical contact, who said "whatever latest service pack files with SERVER in the name". So needless to say, > $100,000 spent on the product so far, I'd like a more definitive response before I start installing files that could be incorrect.


       Bonus for anyone in the Overland Park, Kansas area that can correctly answer this, Starbucks on me!!! :-)


       I'd love to partner with people that have been down this road already in case more questions arise... :-)



    I appreciate any help thrown my way!!


    Carl M.

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    We are on dashboard 4.0 . Recently when are are checking for the improvement of performance of our dashboards, we came to know that even though the queries are executed for multiple times, 'Dashboards cache server' is not processing the cached queries (though the data is getting cached) instead 'Dashboards processing server' itself is processing the bex queries in all the subsequent times which is in turn hindering the performance.


    Cache hit ratio under Dashboards cache server metrics remains 0% all the time.


    Please tell me how can I invoke the cache server to process the queries instead of processing server in the subsequent times? Am I missing any settings?


    Also, please tell me how long would the data in the cache memory reside? Is it the "Idle connection timeout" or "Security cache timeout" which needs to be modified?

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    Hi Experts,


    I have a requirement in which i need to upload some PDF and Word documents into Document tab of BI Launch pad.


    Is this achievable if yes, please let me know how can i do this.



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    Hi friends.


    Any one give me correct answer..

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    Could anyone give me details.

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    Hi All,

    I have created a Publication which uses a Crystal Report as Source Document. I have also created another Crystal report which is used for the Dynamic Recipient List. The Publication is based on a data set (sample) shown below:


    Client-No.     EMAIL Receipt Number

    001A1234 001234567

    001B1234 001523645

    001B1234 001452369

    001C2345 001235698

    001D2346 001852364

    001C2345 001245633
    001C2345 001756324
    001E3562 001623456


    I need to send out receipts to various clients on a daily basis. Each client is identified by a unique Client Number. Sometimes there are cases when the client company can have 2 client numbers (one for each of their departments), so in the example above I have shown in green, 2 account numbers with the same email ID. On a daily basis, receipts are generated for each of the clients.


    Desired result:

    I need to send out the receipts to the client email IDs, in such a way that only one email is sent per Client Number, with all corresponding Receipts attached as individual attachments. For example:

    • Client 001A1234 will receive one email with one attachment for receipt 001234567.
    • Client 001B1234 will receive one email with two attachments for receipts 001523645 & 001452369
    • Client 001C2345 will receive one email with 3 attachments for receipts 001235698, 001245633 & 001623456
    • Client 001D2346 will receive one email with one attachment for receipt 001852364
    • Client 001E3562 will receive one email with one attachment for receipt 001623456


    When I try to schedule the publication, the following scenarios work for me:

    Scheduled using the Client Number as the Reference ID in the dynamic recipient list.

    Result: I get one email per client, with one attachment. That attachment has multiple pages, one receipt per page


    Scheduled using the Receipt Number as Reference ID in the Dynamic recipient list

    Result: I get multiple emails per client, each with one receipt attached.


    These 2 solutions are quite different from the desired result. Any suggestions please?




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    Dear All; while scheduling a crystal report for some large data we get below message as soon as it crosses mark as 2700 secs. Below given is error message. Error in File ~tmp3394867772de8a0.rpt: Database Connector Error: 'RFC_CLOSED' We are extracting data from ECC info set.I tied to change the time in Crystal Report Cache Server and Crystal report processing server.but this option doesn't work too.Kindly help me with your suggestion if you have faced any such situations. Thanks&Regards Afzal Kar

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    Dear All,


    I have three data providers in Webi as per mentioned below


    Query1- emp no,emp name,city

    Query2- emp no,dept no,dept name

    Query3- dept no,loc


    As per user requirement I need to show the data in webi report mentioned below


    empno     emp name  deptno    dept name  loc



    Please  advice and do the needful to achieve the above requirement. Please approve the mentioned content its very important.




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