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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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  • 05/12/15--01:35: Crystal Reports LOV
  • Hi experts,


    We are facing a problem, when we are using a Crystal Reports with
    parameters based on a Business View.
    The Business View has a SSO connection so the row level security can be


    If more than one user at the same time opens the report, sometimes the
    Parameter shows the values of another user.

    Actually the parameter should request new data from the DB. But it
    seems, that he gets the value out of the cache.


    Informations about the Business View:


    User: Empty
    Password: Empty
    SSO: True


    List of Value:
    Oldest On-Demand Data Given to Clients (seconds): 0


    We proved the SAP Note "1531909 - Business View row level security
    doesn't work" without any success.


    Our enviroment:
    BO XI3.1 SP7.2
    Crystal Reports 2008 (


    Steps for reconstruction:
    1. Open a Crystal Reports with a parameter based on a Business View
    (with row level security)
    2. User A opens the report. The parameter LOV shows the profit center
    of him.
    3. At the same time User B opens the report. The parameter LOV shows
    the profit center of User A.



    Are in this case still different settings required ?


    Thx for any support!


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    We have a broadcasting system which end users, managers and directors recieves reports through workbooks in BW



    we are planning to move from BW TO BOBJ . SO WE NEED TO do publications in BOBJ



    As we are scrapping  the  BW System


    now my question iS it worth creating



    1)universes on Webi reports based oN ECC TABLES?



    2) Creat crystal reports on  universes or directly on ECC tables?





    please suggest the flow as the client need detailed reportS like work books in bw

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    Hi ,



    while using the SAP Crystal Reports Server 2013, OEM Edition service we are getting an exception  while running the report.

    but when I am using the desinger 2013  and verfiy it on the same data it can load it,


    do you have an explanation for that ,  how can I add logs to the current service ? to see the internal exceptions





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    I just succesfully installed Crystal 2013 server on Windows server 2012.

    Now I want to schedule a rpt file to do a test run but I need to setup a connection to our Oracle database first.

    Where do i do this?

    Does Crystal server use the tnsnames file?

    I installed both the 32 and 64 bit client for Oracle on the windows server.


    If there is a good document where and how to setup this connection please get me the link.

    Should i also create the connection om de CMC system onder connectivity services and then the connection and / or adaptive processsing server?


    I appreciate all the help i get!


    Thanks in Advance,



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    Hello Audit experts


    does anyone know if it is possible to monitor the usage of universe objects in the auditor of 4.1. This was possible in the standard activity universe in BO 3.1 and I don't find any information about this in 4.1.

    If we cannot monitor the usage of universe objects we have no way to clean and trim universes and remove objects which are not being actively used. As we already have an audit point on having too many objects in the universes this is a MAJOR setback for us after our recent upgrade to 4.1


    Any tips and tricks - including even a confirmation from SAP/BO - that it is NOT possible would be a step forward. At least we could then ask for an enhancement. But ... I refuse to believe that it is not possible to monitor the usage of universe objects - how would SAP/BO otherwise propose to conduct any kind of governance on universes ???




    European Investment Bank, Luxembourg

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    We are using the Crystal Reports for Enterprise and the latest version of SAP BOBJ BI Launchpad. The data source is a BEx query.


    We intermittently get the above error message, meaning that most of the time the report works but often enough it fails.


    Anyone have any ideas?

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    We were on 4.0 SP5 and today we upgraded to 4.1 SP5, after the upgrade we are not able to open any of the report in the BI Launch Pad. We are able to view the report in the CMC, but not in Launch pad. Need your insights.


    Things which i tried after research.

    - Tried to redeploy using wdeploy.

    - Tried restoring the Files Store backup taken before the upgrade.

    - Replaced the warfiles from the working environment.

    None of the above helped. Please let me know where possibly i could be going wrong.



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  • 05/14/15--04:50: Rights Audit Report
  • Hello


    I m referring to "Rights Modifications - By User" report in Auditing. I m able to refresh it from Launch Pad .I m working on custom requirement and I need SQL command which is used for this report. When I try from crystal reports 2013 , it is prompting to change datasource and when I do it , I get this error.


    Failed to retrieve data from the database.

    Details: 07002:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]COUNT field incorrect or syntax error


    Can you anyone help us to urgently provide SQL of this report ? Also any ideas to solve this Issue

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    We have 'Crystal report server 2008 V1 SP3' installed on win2008 server, users are not able to view/open any of the reports after Internet Explorer upgraded to version 11.

    When users try to open the reports they are getting 'HTTP status 400 - Invalid path.'


    The same reports opening fine in Chrome and FireFox browsers.

    What is the solution, do I need to install patch?


    Your help is very much appreciated.


    Thanks in advance.



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    Good Day,


    We recently changed Internet Service Providers and our Static WAN IP.  Once we made the IP change, we received SMTP_E_TCPSOCKET_SEND(3) for all reports that are sent to email recipients.  Nothing in the program changed, only the WAN IP.


    Since our old WAN is not yet disconnected, I changed back to the old IP, and what you know, no errors.  Emails sent successfully.  So I have isolated the WAN IP Change as the broken link.  Is there an IP binding in Business Objects to the WAN Address?


    I am a super newbie to Business Objects.  This is my fist client running the software, and furthermore my first encounter with troubleshooting the application.


    Can anyone out their help?




    Joe Pennel

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    I am a system administrator for Business Objects BI platform.  One of our developers asked us to script the wsdl regeneration process because he doesn't want to keep asking us to do it manually every few hours.  We are already regenerating the WSDL's 3 times a day but that doesn't seem to be enough.  The WSDL regenerator page can only be accessed and run by an enterprise admin.  Lower level admins have no access to the page.  How is everyone else managing the WSDL regeneration process.... maually?


    For Example: I must enter the enterprise account, password, and system at the following page

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    Hi there,

    I have a need to be able to tell which users have logged into BI Launchpad in last 90 days. Is there a report in CMC that I can run to see this information? If not, how can this be achieved?



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    Hi everyone,


    I am working now sending and writing my webi reports on my ftp host.


    I was send my webi report on my ftp host succesfully.

    When it is sending succesfully, then cmc send me an e-mail notification. Also, I want to show this notification mail.


    But I don't want to send me my report as attachment file.


    How can I block it?

    Please help me for this problem.



    Thank you,


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    Hi Experts,


    I am an OBIEE Developer,


    In OBIEE we are modelling data by creating RPD file.


    i want to migrate that rpd as Universe.


    Is it possible to do migrate? how?

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    Does anyone know if SAP is planning on providing support for Tomcat 8 in an upcoming SP or possibly in 4.2?

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    I need to remove the STS token uploaded into CMC. I have remove the passwords and the ID but the token is still there?


    Any ideas - i just want to disable STS as it could be causing some problems.



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    We have recently developed some design studio dashboards which are accessible from Launchpad. We are not able to see them in IPad. I can see xlf dashboards and WebI reports, but not the design studio applications. All the components have been installed on the server. The dashboards have been added to mobile category and mobile properties have been set to display.


    Appreciate any suggestions.

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    we have a webi report which takes about 4 hours to refresh. The webi

    report is based on the bex query using olap connection. We would like

    to know the breakup of the refresh time (time taken at BW level, time

    taken at BI level). Please let us know the tool / log/trace to be used for

    this information.

    BI 4 SP9 on AIX

    BW 7.3 sp 9 on AIX




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    Hi All,


    It seems like every weekend our bo db down because of this error.

    The I/O error will trigger the oracle db services down.

    We are using BO 4.1, SAN disk and oracle 11g.


    Appreciate for some light on this issue. Below are the error log:



    Sat May 16 15:02:30 2015

    KCF: read, write or open error, block=0x238 online=1


            error=27070 txt: 'OSD-04016: Error queuing an asynchronous I/O request.

    O/S-Error: (OS 1117) The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.'

    Errors in file D:\ORACLE\diag\rdbms\borepo\borepo\trace\borepo_dbw2_4256.trc:

    Errors in file D:\ORACLE\diag\rdbms\borepo\borepo\trace\borepo_dbw2_4256.trc:

    ORA-63999: data file suffered media failure

    ORA-01114: IO error writing block to file 3 (block # 568)

    ORA-01110: data file 3: 'E:\ORADATA\DATAFILE\BOREPO\UNDOTBS01.DBF'

    ORA-27070: async read/write failed

    OSD-04016: Error queuing an asynchronous I/O request.

    O/S-Error: (OS 1117) The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

    DBW2 (ospid: 4256): terminating the instance due to error 63999



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    Hi All,


    This issue is on BI 4.1 SP1, AIX box:


    Once every 30-45 days the CR schedules continue to be in pending state and restarting SIA leaves the RAS server in starting state.

    Rebooting at OS level fixes the issue.


    Any thoughts on what can be causing this?




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