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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hi  All,

    We are  using crystal reports 2011 integrated with JAVA SDK and getting below stuck threads .

    Please help to understand the reason for below locks .

    at jrockit/vm/RNI.generateVirtualCode(Ljava/lang/Object;JJ)J(Native Method)

        at com/crystaldecisions/reports/common/engine/config/apache/CrystalConfigurationImpl.clear()V(Unknown Source)

        at org/apache/commons/configuration/CompositeConfiguration.<init>(

        at com/crystaldecisions/reports/common/engine/config/apache/CrystalConfigurationImpl.<init>()V(Unknown Source)

        at com/crystaldecisions/reports/common/engine/ConfigurationManager.<init>()V(Unknown Source)

        at com/crystaldecisions/reports/common/engine/Engine.configure([Ljava/net/URL;)V(Unknown Source)

        ^-- Holding lock: com/crystaldecisions/reports/common/engine/Engine@0x70f0df758[recursive]

        at com/crystaldecisions/reports/common/engine/Engine.getConfigurationManager()Lcom/crystaldecisions/reports/common/engine/ConfigurationManager;(Unknown Source)

        ^-- Holding lock: com/crystaldecisions/reports/common/engine/Engine@0x70f0df758[recursive]

        at com/crystaldecisions/reports/common/engine/KeycodeManager.initialize()V(Unknown Source)

        at com/crystaldecisions/reports/common/engine/Engine.getKeycodeManager()Lcom/crystaldecisions/reports/common/engine/KeycodeManager;(Unknown Source)

        ^-- Holding lock: com/crystaldecisions/reports/common/engine/Engine@0x70f0df758[biased lock]

    at com/businessobjects/reports/sdk/

        at com/businessobjects/reports/sdk/JRCLicenseThrottler.<init>(SourceFile:84)

        at com/businessobjects/reports/sdk/JRCLicenseThrottler.for(SourceFile:77)

        at com/businessobjects/reports/sdk/JRCCommunicationAdapter.i(SourceFile:2800)

        ^-- Holding lock: java/lang/Class@0x70e9f2bb8[thin lock]

    at com/businessobjects/reports/sdk/JRCCommunicationAdapter.connect(SourceFile:297)

        at com/businessobjects/reports/sdk/JRCCommunicationAdapter.<init>(SourceFile:217)

        at com/businessobjects/sdk/erom/jrc/a.<init>(SourceFile:43)

        at com/businessobjects/sdk/erom/jrc/ReportAgentFactory.createAgent(SourceFile:46)

        at com/crystaldecisions/proxy/remoteagent/RemoteAgent$a.<init>(SourceFile:703)

        at com/crystaldecisions/proxy/remoteagent/RemoteAgent.a(SourceFile:662)

        at com/crystaldecisions/proxy/remoteagent/RemoteAgent.a(SourceFile:632)

        at com/crystaldecisions/sdk/occa/report/application/ClientDocument.if(SourceFile:504)

        at com/crystaldecisions/sdk/occa/report/application/

        at com/crystaldecisions/reports/sdk/

        at com/ngb/crystal/bean/CrystalReportBean.prepareCrystalReport(

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    I am using CrystalReportViewer for writing my own viewer.


    I have came across some steps for this, where it is recommended to setEnterpriseLogon. However I could see that is deprecated.


    Could you please suggest what is the usage of setEnterpriseLogon, and as it is deprecated, what should be the correct alternative.




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    Hi All


    Is it possible to use any other authentication type other than "Enterprise" in order to connect to the JMX interface exposed by the monitoring service? for example LDAP. It seems it is only able to authenticate "Enterprise" users, however, if I try to use a valid LDAP user it is not able to connect.





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    Followed all the steps below


    1. Service account created

    2. Setspn

    3. CMC setup

    4. Stop SIA and make changes to System account from SIA properties

    5. Created Krb and bcslogin files under Windows

    6. kinit service -successful

    7. Stop Tomcat-->NAvigate to BOE under Tommcat. (Tomcat7->Webapps->BOE->WEB-INF->config->custom)

    created files for BIlaunchpad






    8. Tomcat Configuration --Java-->\windows\bsclogin.conf\windows\krb5.ini


    Still we are seeing errors


    Account information not recognized: The Active Directory Authentication plugin could not authenticate at this time. Please try again. If the problem persists, please contact your technical support department. (FWM 00005)

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    Is there anyway that we can export to Excel - Data Only with an OpenDocument link?  sOutputformat = E will export to Excel but not Excel Data Only.

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    Q1. Can HANA store all the data carried by SAP BI in HANA "in-memory"?

    Q2. Are there certain BI tools that are available only in SAP BI and not possible in SAP HANA due to architectural differences in nature of Datawarehouse and Database tools now and in future? If yes, what are those?

    Q3. How does a SAP BI developer use HANA? Does he write HANA Sql Scripts on SAP BI along with ABAP code for BI customization?

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  • 08/08/15--21:48: DESKI to WEBI
  • Is there any difference between rowindex() function in 3.1 DESKI and 4.1 WEBI?

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    Hi Experts,


    As per SAP Best Practice, it is recommended to stop the servers on the source except for CMS, IFRS and OFRS and on the destination except for CMS, IFRS, OFRS, Connection Server and no user activity is performed.


    However, could you please share experience or advice what are the cons if the above mentioned servers are not stopped or if there's a user activity when the upgrade is in process.




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    Hi Experts,


    Could you please advice what are the consequences if the ownership of the report is changed to administrator ? I understand that there could be some security concerns if the security is applied based on report ownership like "Modify the object that the user owns" or if a SI_Owner placeholder is used while scheduling the reports, but other that the one mentioned could you please share any other anomalies pertaining to it ?




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    Hi All,



    I am facing problem in BI 7.3 re-connecting partner profile (ECC DEV - BI DEV).

    previously it was working fine but from last few days i am not able to connect with ECC DEV system. we had already try to restore source system but even we are getting same error in Sap  RSA1 > Source System > Right click on Source System > Check.


    Partner Profile Issue.jpg

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    i want to share a few reports in the BI Launchpad for some customers. Is it possible to have an automatic login in the BI Launchpad?

    Users should just go to the URL and then automaticly can choose from the reports without a login.


    Kind Regards


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  • 08/10/15--04:14: BI Launchpad Logo
  • Hi Everyone,


    it seems i cannot see the trees in front of me...

    Can you help me with changing the logo shown on the bi launchpad site? Where and how to change it?


    Thanks a lot


    Kind Regards


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    Hi, We are in version Bi 4.1sp5 We have clustered environment 2 nodes in 2 servers with 2 tomcats,connected by loadbalancer server 1 server 2 f5 SSO is working for individual nodes, however it is not working for load balancers. Appreciate if you could share is there any pre-requisite to be followed for load balancers Thanks

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  • 08/10/15--06:12: Invalid Session - WIH 00013
  • Hi,


    We are on BI 4.1 SP5 patch 6 installed on Windows 2012 and have 2 instances of Tomcat running on 2 different Web servers.We have chosen F5 load balancer for these 2 web tiers. Network team has configured Load Balancing and gave us the URL. When performing a fail over test we have encountered with the below error message

    " Invalid Session. Please close your browser and log on again. ( WIH 00013)


    When user is in the Load balance, For ex if Server A has been choosen by the Load Balancer in Round Robin method then after some user activity we will stop Server A and by design user should be redirected to Server B with out any loss in the session. But this is not happening in our case,in the fail over test when a server is stopped user will see the above message and after some time ( may be after 1 minute) when user refreshes the page he will be directed to the Launchpad home screen.


    How can we get rid off of the invalid session error message? We have SSO enabled with Windows AD authentication and this issue if for Launch pad.


    Any suggestions on this are much appreciated

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    Can someone share a tutorial on how to install/renew the SSL cert on (Tomcat) SAP Crystal reports server 2013? The server is running on Windows 2008.





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    I have a scenario where i need to use third party application F5 for tomcat load balancing for 2 different instances.Do we need to perform Tomcat clustering first and then use these them in F5 Load Balancer?


    We have enabled Load Balancing from F5 for the 2 tomcat servers and in the fail over state this is not working as expected.Session is not directing to the alive web server. When a single instance of tomcat is stopped ( if it is the one used by LB) then it shows Invalid Session - WIH 0013 error on the Launch pad screen and after some time by refreshing the page it will take to the launch pad home screen ( we have SSO enabled here). Any user activity will be cancelled in this case and will be taken to the home screen.


    How can existing session can be carried over to next available/alive web server in fail over scenarios? Is there any option available from tomcat? 


    We are using tomcat 7 from BI 4.1 SP5 on windows 2012

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    Hi Expertise,


    I never done this , I am having some urgent requirement like, The reports consisting of section to be exported in multiple tabs of single excel.

    for instance, I applied section on department ( 5 departments ), when I export to excel, then the excel sheet should consists of 5 tabs in single excel sheet.


    Actually where do we need to write the code and deploy. please comment some links or help me in getting this.


    Can anyone please help me in providing the PATH for SDK to be changed, so that I can overcome the challenge.


    I am using SAP BO 4.0 SP4




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    Hi to ALL once again,



    I`m here again because I`m having some troubles with BO, but this time an "old" version.



    Version: BO XI 3.1 SP5

    Symptom: placeholder %SI_STARTTIME% always returns 1 hour before current time.



    For example, I performed a test and scheduled a report to generate a file in the filesystem and its name was "TEST-%SI_STARTTIME%.pfg".

    In the test, the "last changed" file property was 1 hour ahead (thus right time) than the variable.



    Thanking into account that this specific server is not java based (as per documentation: The Web Intelligence Processing Server uploads the document instance to the Output FRS.), is there any chance to force the "tz" for the server?

    Or you know anyhow to change the behavior of this placeholver?



    Note: this is occurring in China, where doesn`t exist day light saving.



    Thanks again in advance!

    Marcos Morais

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    My company is undergoing some changes and as a part of Rebranding activity I need to update the user email addresses in destination section of recurring schedules. Only Domain name has to be updated for all the users.


    I have already created a macro which would pull out information about recurring schedules. Once I have updated the email destinations, I have to upload the information in the existing recurring schedules.

    This is where I am stuck right now.


    Please guide me how this can be done.


    Env details:

    BI 4.1 sp4 patch1

    redhat 5.9




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    Hello Experts


    We are using Launch Pad 4.1 ,SP3 . we had requirement of scheduling a webi report based on validation of the data inside the report(or when the report is empty it shouldnt be scheduled ).I am aware this is a straight solution in Crystal . As I don't have an access to Crystal I need to achieve this requirement in Webi .Can any one advise how to meet the requirement  ??


    Thanks in advance

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