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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hi Experts,

    i would like to give access to create sub folders on a folder to specific group.

    what is the access right that i need to grant access ?


    Thanks a lot.

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    this morning all webi/crystal publications and scheduled report instances were deleted.


    is there a way in cms to determine root cause?


    reports that have always run on time still show successful history, but "recurring entries" are gone.




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    Hello All -- I have a request to retrive all reports which does not use universe as a connection and uses freehand sql directly to fetch details from database from reports itself. Please let me how i can achieve this in  BO XI 3.1 Query Builder

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    We're in the process of upgrading from XI 3.1 to BI 4.1 SP 6.  In XI 3.1, we have some department administrators who have the right to create a group which is a subgroup of their department's group and to add users to the department group and its subgroups.  I'm trying to grant the same access in BI 4.1 SP 6 but it isn't working.


    In BI 4.1, I've granted the right "Add objects to the folder" on the department's group, and I even granted that right on the top-level group, but the department administrator can't create subgroups of the department group.


    Is there another right that I need to grant?  Or is this a bug?


    Thank you,


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    Is it possible to increase timeout for individual user in BO 4.x? If so - what are the steps?


    I found instructions for increasing time-out for all BO users but not for individual users.

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    I have a Crystal report which has few suppressed sub reports. When I try to schedule that report as crystal as destination it takes really long time to finish. But it runs in secs when tried to execute from Crystal Designer or on demand.


    I tried to check the behavior while it is scheduled as crystal and I can see it tires to run all the suppressed reports when scheduled as compared to run on demand or run from Crystal Designer.


    Any thoughts.




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  • 08/18/15--01:15: Bo 4.1 on suse 12
  • Hello,


    As stated within PAM - Business Objects 4.1 currently cannot be installed on Suse 12.


    Are there any known plans for suse 12 to become supported platform? Which BO sp?






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  • 08/18/15--02:26: SSO SAP HANA -SAP BI4
  • Hello,


    I am setting a sso  hana<-> BI4  and the test is OK ( I have SAP BI 4.1 SP5 ON AIX SERVER AND HANA SP9 REV 97 ON SUSE)





    But when I  created a olap connexion to test analysis for olap





    I Have this error message :




    Same thing for univers connexion



    Can you guide me please.



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    An interesting issue.


    I am having  sql server name as Server1 and having databases db1 and db2.on top of those two databases i created the crystal report.

    I saved the report in BO server. When i click on the DB configuration from CMC the Datasource is showing server1  only so that i can update one database details either db1 or db2.


    I didn't get the option for entering the second database details.


    Any one has an idea two update the second database details.




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  • 08/18/15--06:24: Crystal Reports
  • We are trying to access Crystal server 2011 enterprise reports from Java based COTS application. I would like to know the process of implementing this, what needs to be done on the Java application side and the crystal server 2011 side in order to access the Crystal reports from the Java application.


    Thanks in advance

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    I have setup cost centre authorizations in SAP BW and configured an authorisation variable in the BEx Query Designer.  When users log into a Web Intelligence reports which connects to the BEx Query they are restricted to the dataset configured in SAP BW.


    Now I need to schedule the reports overnight so that users are sent a link for an instance which is generated for them. That is, using their authorisations.


    For example, User A - restricted to America, User B - restricted to UK.


    The report is scheduled and a link is sent to user A to a report which contains data for America (as this is what the report would be restricted to if they ran the report online), similarly user B gets a report restricted to UK.


    The users must not be able to see the other persons instances when the login into SAP BI platform.


    Im sure this is possible. I tried using scheduling and selecting "run as different user" but this didnt seem to work.


    Any ideas?



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    I have updated my Internet Explorer from 10 to 11.


    Now I have the Problem that a Design Studio Dashboard is not opening anymore.




    System Details:

    Windows 7 32 Bit

    Internet Explorer 11


    SAP BusinessObjects BI Launch Pad 4.1 Support Pack 5 Patch 2



    Error Description:

    In the attachment you can see, that a Timeout appears.

    The waiting gauge running in a endless loop


    There is no technical Issue with my PC, I can open the Dashboard with the Firefox but in my Company is the Internet Explorer the standard and recommended.


    There is also no Issue with the Dashboard it selfs. I can open the Dashboard on my colleagues PC with Internet Explorer 10



    Do you have any official Information if Internet Explorer 11 is supported by SAP for SAP Business Objects BI Launchpad 4.X Support Pack Y Patch Z



    Thanks for any ideas.







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  • 08/18/15--08:42: Accessing crystal report
  • We are trying to access Crystal server 2011 enterprise reports from Java based COTS application. I would like to know the process of implementing this, what needs to be done on the Java application side and the crystal server 2011 side in order to access the Crystal reports from the Java application.


    Thanks in advance

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    We are on BI 4.1 SP4 Patch 2 platform. Currently we have cluster environment. we have total 6 nodes where 2 of them have installed Tomcat+BO and 4 of them only BO(SIA alone).


    We have BW on HANA database.


    Now we are planning to add a new server(as 7th node) for "Lumira server for BI Platform installation 1.28 version".


    I have few questions to proceed further please clarify.


    Q1. To install "Lumira server for BI Platform installation 1.28 version" , do we need to install BI platform as pre-requisite or not required?


    Q2 . If BI platform installation required, what are the components I have to install ? BO only or BO+Tomcat?


    Q3: After Installing "Lumira server for BI Platform installation 1.28 version", do I still install BIP add on in existing BO servers ? or not required?


    Thanks in Advance,


    Pulendar Vadde.

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  • 08/18/15--14:20: Empty LOV's after Prmotion
  • Hello All,


    I was hoping someone could help me figure out where I went wrong. I have promoted several Crystal Reports with Cascading Prompts from Crystal Server 2011(BI4.0) to Crystal Server 2013(4.1). The promotion was successful and I included the LOV and all dependencies. I can see everything in the B.V. Manager on the new system and even "Browse Field" and see data. When I try to do anything with the report the values are empty. I open the report in the Designer and I can see all of the prompts, but still no data.

    Has anyone else ran into this and solved it?



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    I am trying to pull in the AD user / login name to a crystal report which I can do except my company only uses crystal reports viewer 2013 for all users to access reports which does not refresh so I can not use that to limit the report unless I can connect through a server connection to the CR BOXI R2 server CMS / repository to use those functions.  However I can not get the connection set up  because I keep getting errors about the web service server context not being correct.  I have installed many times but did not install or configure this server.   It looks like they have installed the .net sdk and are using IIS.  I normally use tomcat?  I need to get this done I have been troubleshooting and working on this for a while and I am drawing to the deadline.  Am I out of luck?  Thank you for anything you can share.



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  • 08/18/15--22:26: Cal and Maintenance
  • Hi,


    perhaps you can help me. I informed myself about the prices for CAL licences and while this i found some Maintenance offers for the licences as well. The Maintenance is for one year.


    Does this mean for getting the cals the cal costs plus the Maintenance is to pay? And what is included in the SAP CAL Maintenance?



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    Hello experts,


    I am using @variable('DBUSER'), but this is returning value in single quote. I used @Variable('DBUSER' [DELIMITER = no_quote] ) also, but still the return value has single quote in generated sql statement. Can any one tell me how to get out of single quotes.



    Thanks ,


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  • 08/19/15--03:52: Email sending Issue
  • Hellow,


           I have a Problem sending emails through my Business Objects Platform. I have configured the adaptive job server with my SMTP Server configuration (host domain , host name, port, ...), I also tested the smtp server with telnet command line from my Business Objects server, and it worked fine. But when I schedule a report in the Platform, the mail is not sent.


    Does any one have an Idea what is the Problem?


    my configuration is :


    BI Platforme: Business Objets Plateform 4.1 SP5.

    OS: Linux SUSE.


    Best Regards,

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    Can we create profiles for Crystal Reports(not using Universes)?  Crystal Reports are building directly from database tables.

    We have to schedule reports using email based on filter criteria.




    Crystal Report  "X" having 250 different levels of data, need to schedule each level data to different user(not BO users) using email.

    I know we can do by this creating profiles and publications if reports are based on universe.


    Please your help would be very much appreciated.




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