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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hi All,


    We are facing issue where we have configured multiple AD  Forrest in our application.


    Our base domain i.e. local domain group is working without issue where as second domain network group is getting corrupted every 30 min.


    Error Prompted: Invalid group name, cannot find group


    If we remap the group, it is working for another 30 min. Did anyone faced this issue in their system?


    Appreciate any help,thanks in Advance.




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    Hi Team,

    what is the major advantage of using authentication Prompt OLAP connection option in CMC.



    Warm Regards

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    Hi Fellow SAP BI Colleagues:


    I am running into a strange issue where I cannot see any BEx queries --- specifically I cannot see the configured OLAP connection --- using Crystal Reports for Enterprise, even though I have no problem seeing the same OLAP connection using SAP BusinessObjects Analysis for OLAP.


    My initial hunch was that the BEx queries were not configured to allow External Access, but they are, and further, another user has no problem seeing the connection and BEx queries using Crystal Reports for Enterprise. She further has successfully tried on my workstation and I have confirmed the issue using my account on her workstation. Further, using BEx Analyzer, I have no problem accessing and running those queries.


    We are running BW 7.3 and SAP BI 4.1 SP2.


    Any thoughts as to what we are missing?


    Thanks in advance for your response!

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    Have used path query,

    Followed all the steps but yet dnt get infoobjects[0]


    InfoObjects.infoobject[0] is null

    But can see the required result in



    Kindly reply asap.

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  • 09/10/15--09:38: Custom Java Event
  • We are trying to create a Java event that runs after a report is scheduled (or published). 


    I'm basing a few assumptions from articles, so I would like some feedback on the feasibility of the approach.  I can create a Program File like discussed here:

    How to Create a Program File in BI4


    I can create a custom Event based on a Program File, like discussed here:

    CMC\Events in Business Objects and It's Usage


    I'm assuming that the program file will receive the DocID as a parameter, based on the example of IProgramBaseEx here:

    How to create Java Program object thru Java SDK

    (see thisPOInfoObject)


    So, user creates a webi document of reports, schedules the document to run nightly, adds the custom event, and in the java code, we get access to the docID for processing.  Is this possible?


    This is BO 4.1 sp6.

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    I have migrated SAP BW reports,universe , connections  from BOXI 3.1 SP7 to BI 4.1 SP4 after the migration none of the reports and connections are working and it failed with below error message


    dbd: Unable to connect to SAP BW server 00024rabax during sapgui logon€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€


    Followed these below steps


    1) Updated sapcrypto.dll file on server and client machine

    2) updated librfc.dll

    3) installed SAP gui on the client and tested

    4) created OLAP connection and tested with SSO it works fine


    anyone faced similar issue?





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    Hello Experts,


    I have tried many ways to understand the concept of implementing JAVA SDK Code for one of my requirement.


    The requirement is to Delete the  instances from user Inboxes , for this task SAP has provided the  sample code in the link below ( Delete Inbox Object from Business Objects Enterprise ). I have downloaded the Java files.


    But here the question is where to add these files and  how to run these to make it  work in server.


    Please guide me steps to implement this logic. My requirement is Limiting to 50 instances for each user Inbox or 30 days instances for each Inbox.



    Prakash Vadla.

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    We are running BO 4.1 SP 5 Patch 3 in our Solaris server.  Though the APS service is up and running , I am able to see the below error logs in the server.


    Error: Failure in system landscape initialization: No connection with name "SAP_BW" found

    Error: unable to access CoreServices MBean.Continuing with next managed entity


    Error: Exception occurred trying to invoke the getter on the MBean


    We have tried the below workaround so far without any success


    1. Increased the max java heap size to 8GB and restarted the APS service.


    2. Adopted Best Practices: Splitting the APS into multiple services, using the below video as reference.


    Splitting the Adaptive Processing Server: SAP BI Platform 4.0 - YouTube


    3. Deleted tomcat work directory and restarted tomcat and APS services using the below article as reference.


    1959373 - Error: "Error occurred during retrieval of MBean Details." occurs while opening monitoring in Central Management



    4. Added the below line in command line parameters and restarted APS service.



      1942899 - Application Service could not be established after the installation of an SDK component in a distributed environment


    5. Executed the below steps

    - adding the data federation service to the APS hosting the monitoring service

    - deleting the data federation service from any other APS

    - restarting SIA


    Please let us know if there is any other way to resolve this issue.

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    Hi Experts


    We have the following environment


    BOXI 3.1


    5000 Plus reports .


    We want to retrieve SQL Of all the webi reports at  one go

    Do we have an SDK for this or any method through which this can be done


    Any suggestions\ views highly appreciated

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    I am seeing the following error in my adaptivejobserver log file.


    [Thr 10512] ***LOG Q0I=> NiPGetHostByName: '$SMDAgentHost' not found: getaddrinfo [ninti.c 897]

    [Thr 10512] *** ERROR => Main agent failed to be initilized due to incorrect host setting! [ncsmtdatasen 20]

    [Thr 10512] *** ERROR => Main agent failed to be initilized due to incorrect host setting! [ncsmtdatasen 20]


    What does this error mean and how can I fix it?



    I am running BO 4.1 SP6 on Windows Server 2008 against SAP BW back end.





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    Hi all,

    i have a multi tenant envieroment whith 4 tenant.


    If i log to CMC with a user (local administrator) of  first tenant i see correctly only users of his group.

    If i try to create a pubblication with enterprise recipients, i see all users/groups (also users from other tenants).

    What is wrong?


    Top level security - "users":

        EveryOne -> Advanced (see image1)


    Top level securty - "Groups"

         Tenant 1 (ALEA) --> View

         EveryOne -> Advanced (see image2)



    Thank you


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    Hello Experts,


    We are trying to load data from HANA DB to BI and our DTP is failing at cube level with the error "' *.00' cannot be interpreted as a number".

    I went through similar posts but could not make this work . Below is the screen of the data source.  I checked the transformation rule and it does not work for key figures , but not sure what needs to be corrected.


    What will I need to correct in order to get the data loaded to the info provider.




    Also screen from the proposal fields from HANA



    Thanks or any help or information




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    Hi Gurus,


    Installed SAP BI 4.1 SP05 on RHEL 6.5. Installed UnixOdbc and MS SQL ODBC Driver 11 in RHEL 6.5.

    Please provide some documents to configure ODBC for External MS SQL Server.


    i Have two odbc.ini file one is created with SAP installation Directory <SAP_INSTALL_DIR>enterprise 4.0/odbc.ini.

    and another is in /etc/odbc.ini


    CMS and Audit Databases are installed in SQL AnyWhere.


    I am trying to connect efashion sample database from External MS SQL Server.






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    Dear All,


    I am a B.Tech as well as MBA (Marketing) graduate. I am working as a Presales consultant in one of the Level 5 company in Hyderabad, India.


    But I want to learn SAP BI and will continue my carrier with the same.


    Kindly Suggest.



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  • 09/13/15--14:16: OpenDocument and Chrome 45
  • With the recent update of Chrome to version 45 odd behavior with Business Objects OpenDocument commands are occuring for us. It seems that using Chrome to receive an PDF output from an OpenDocument call does not work. It yields and invalid PDF that is really a html script coming from the server. I understand that Chrome has made some changes to the browser to not allow Adobe PDF viewers to work, but there are other extensions that continue to render PDF's and on the troubled browsers they work fine for all except PDF's generated from an OpenDocument url. Is there anyone who has experienced this issue? Did you resolve it? If so how?

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    Hello Friends,

         Need your kind help for the below unique issue,


    ResponseHolder reportRH = bipService.Get("path://InfoObjects/Root Folder/Risk IT Admin/**/" , null);    

                    InfoObjects infoobjects = reportRH.InfoObjects;

                    if (infoobjects == null)




    String repID = infoobjects.InfoObject[0].CUID;         --> it always fails here, the reason isinfoobjects.InfoObject is always null. where as infoobjects.Any has the required result but that is not what we want to do.


    Kindly find the attached screenshot for more details.


         Quick response appreciated.

         Kindly reply asap as its impacting our delivery.




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    Can some one help on how to configure for Audit DB connection using Oracle DB.


    We are now at BO 4.1 SP5 Patch 3.





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    hi all


    for some reason, I cannot create a relational connection in the IDT when I go to

    File->New->Relational Connection->SAP->SAP HANA Database 1.0->ODBC Drivers


    there is no Data Source Name available for selection, HOWEVER


    if I go to

    File->New->Relational Connection->Generic->Generic ODBC Datasource->ODBC Drivers


    this picks up my 32bit DSN without any problems


    what is the difference ?





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    I have a hierarchy of groups setup i.e.



                   GROUP AA

                                       GROUP AA1

                                       GROUP AA2

                                       GROUP AA3

                   GROUP AB

                                       GROUP AB1

                                       GROUP AB2

                                       GROUP AB3

                   GROUP AC     

                                       GROUP AC1

                                       GROUP AC2

                                       GROUP AC3


    If I try and promote GROUP A by itself it fails. If I try and promote GROUP A   AND  GROUP AA, AA1, AA2,AA3. GROUP A fails. It looks like I am unable to promote groups without their children. The children must always be promoted. The type of error i get is follows


    Resolution Status=Copied, Dependency Status=Some of the required dependencies are not selected., Commit Status=Commit attempted and failed., Promotion Status=Failure : The property list(s) 'SI_ADM_ADD_SUBUSERGROUPS_TO_USERGROUP, SI_ADM_ADD_SUBUSERGROUPS_TO_USERGROUP, SI_ADM_ADD_SUBUSERGROUPS_TO_USERGROUP' committed on the object named 'Insight' with id number 17378 contained reference(s) to non-existant object(s) with id number(s) 17367, 17368, 17369. The server supplied the following details: Objects being added to relation does not exist

    The problem i have is that GROUP AB and AC are part of a different project and we dont want to migrate those groups yet.


    Any ideas?


    PS: I would have though the dependency would be the parent needs to be migrated not the children. For example, if i wanted to migrate GROUP AC3 I should migrate GROUP AC and GROUP A!



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    BI BOE XI R3.1 Server Administration (Unix): execute bobje utilities without password/credentials


    Is there any supported option to execute utilities without CMS password/credentials?


    Thanks in advance.

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