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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hello Everyone,


    I would like to find out how to set up email notification for change in services in CMC. We have been facing issues lately. Whenever SIA restarts, all the services start up automatically, but a few of them go into "Stop" state after some time and we have to manually start them. The option for "automatically start service when SIA restarts" is enabled in properties of all the services. To avoid logging into CMC to check to see if all the services are up and running, I would like to find out, if there's a way to get an email alerts whenever a service stops or restarts. This will help us not logging into CMC more frequently and will also help us in avoiding failures in reports due to stoppped services.


    I have seen a few blogs that talk about Monitoring and even some from XIR2 and XI3.x, but none seemed helpful. I would appreciate any feedback on this.



    Raheel Asghar

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  • 09/15/15--00:55: WEBI Tuning Parameters
  • Hello All,


    Majority of our usage and schedules are WEBI reports which run every day . We have 2 clustered servers and WEBI processing server is running on both the servers.  WEBI processing using default 6 GB of RAM and after using system configuration wizard , APS for WEBI  is using 4 GB of RAM. We haven't done changes apart from the above . Can you please suggest any tuning parameters for WEBI ?




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    Hi there,


    we are trying to work on a proper auditing on rights.

    We've come pretty far, but when we try to get information on ACL-assignments to Object+Users/Usergroups , we hit a wall.


    Here is an example of what is logged in the Audit-DB when changing a folders security-settings by adding the User-Group (121312) with ACL (ID 121319):

    Colums: (Date;Event_ID;Event_Type(Ändern=Change);Event_Detail_Type;Bunch;Event_Detail_Value;Object_Type;Object_Name)



    While we can track down the ID of the ACL (121319), it seems not possible to get any info on the user/usergroup-side of this. We tried to make sense out of the entry "4:4QHZ4OwB2ec" but failed since it is neither ID nor CUID of the Usergroup.


    Of course it is possible to track changes to the rights within an ACL, and changes to a usergroup. But there seems to be no link between those two, which we find unprobably.


    Can anyone help with this? We cant believe there is no sufficient logging of these kind of changes.


    Thank you for your assistance and best regards


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    Hi all


    We have configured in our landscape https for the BusinessObjcests system.


    After the update of FireFox and Chrome we have problems with the security.



    This has todo with the security for POODLE


    Has anyone a how to guide to solve the problem?


    I found many notes, but nothing that helped.

  -> This setting does not work.


    Note 2128924 - Remediating the POODLE vulnerarability -> Is not helpful, with the settings we got the same error as bevor.



    Some Information from our landscape. We have an official certificat from VeriSign. The certificate is with 2048 configured.

    We use the JAVA version SAPJVM 6.1 from SAP for the Tomcat.


    Regards Stefan

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  • 09/15/15--07:00: BO IDT connection
  • Hi All,


    We are new to BO IDT and trying to connect Oracle and MSSQL DB's.


    Now, while connecting Oracle I can see three type of connections( JDBC, ODBC, Client) which method is useful for fast and flexible usage for Universe designers?


    Similarly for MS SQL we can see JDBC, ODBC, OLE DB providers ?.


    Nageswara Polaka

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    Hi Experts

    I have a series of codes for about 3 software installation, when the code completed with the installation of the 2nd software, it will givea user notification that

    "The installation is successful"



    Once I click OK, it will then start the last installation. When the last installation is completed there would be no notification

    My question now is could any one suggest a java code to use because the VB code I used not working in .Net




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    Here is my scenario:


    I have 3 tables, hierarchy table, date table and location table, so join between these 3 tables are present in almost all of the context (around 10 facts in the universe so far). Now I want to use just dimensions from hierarchy, date and location table, when I try to do that, it asks for a context because these joins are a part of multiple contexts. Here is what I have done:


    I have created a shortcut join between date and hierarchy table, now when I try to bring in just date and something from hierarchy, it works fine, does not ask me a context. I created a shortcut join for hierarchy and location table as well but it does not work, ebverytime, I try to bring in something from location, it creates a seperate query. For example:


    Slect date from datedim - Query 1

    Select location from locdim - Query 2




    Sleect region frm hier

    select location from from locdim - Query 2


    but date and region are fine and creating only 1 query, which is expected.


    Can anyone please suggest a solution or workaround? Thank you


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    I am moving from an old Crystal Server 8 to Crystal Server 2013.  I have the system setup and the reports are imported.


    If I use a URL like this the reports run fine:



    However I have 30,000 reports in my old system and my application refers to them in this manner:


    The application is not aware of the report id number.

    How do I make this work in the new system?

    I have just the bare bones Crystal Reports deployment. Single server, Server 2012. Here is a picture of the servers I have running. 


    Using the packaged Tomcat7 I can "publish" the f:\Reports folder and that makes the path above accurate, however it just attempts to download the report not render it. 

    What am I missing?  Do I need IIS or Apache on the front end to make this happen?

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    Hi Techies,



    --------------------------------Code Start------------------------------

    using System;

    using System.Collections.Generic;

    using System.ComponentModel;

    using System.Data;

    using System.Drawing;

    using System.Linq;

    using System.Text;

    using System.Threading.Tasks;

    using System.Windows.Forms;



    namespace Awesomium_Sample


        using BusinessObjects.DSWS.BIPlatform;

        using BusinessObjects.DSWS.Session;

        using BusinessObjects.DSWS.QueryService;

        using BusinessObjects.DSWS;

        using BusinessObjects.DSWS.BIPlatform.Desktop;

        using BusinessObjects.DSWS.ReportEngine;






        public partial class ViewReport : Form




            // modify the variables here to reflect your environment



            // CMS-specific parameters

            private static string CMS_USER = "user";

            private static string CMS_USER_PASSWORD = "pwd$";

            private static string CMS_NAME = "server:port";

            private static string CMS_AUTHENTICATION = "secLDAP";



            // Web Service URLs

            private static string WS_BASE_URL = "http://server:port/EUBO/dswsbobje/services/";

            private static string WS_URL_SESSION = WS_BASE_URL + "Session";

            private static string WS_URL_REPORTENGINE = WS_BASE_URL + "reportengine";

            private static string WS_URL_BIPLATFORM = WS_BASE_URL + "biplatform";



            private static string REPORT_NAME = "Collateral re-use report";



            private BIPlatform bipService;

            private ReportEngine boRepEng;

            private BusinessObjects.DSWS.Session.Session wSession;



            public ViewReport()






            private void Logon()


                wSession = null;





                    BusinessObjects.DSWS.Connection boConnection = new BusinessObjects.DSWS.Connection(WS_URL_SESSION);



                    // login to BusinessObjects Enterprise using web services

                    Console.WriteLine("Logging into web service...");

                    EnterpriseCredential credential = new EnterpriseCredential();

                    credential.Login = CMS_USER;

                    credential.Password = CMS_USER_PASSWORD;

                    credential.Domain = CMS_NAME;

                    credential.AuthType = CMS_AUTHENTICATION;

                    wSession = new BusinessObjects.DSWS.Session.Session(boConnection);


                    Console.WriteLine("Logged into web service.");



                    // initialize platform service

                    boConnection.URL = WS_URL_BIPLATFORM;

                    bipService = new BIPlatform(boConnection, wSession.ConnectionState);




                    // initialize report engine service

                    boConnection.URL = WS_URL_REPORTENGINE;

                    boRepEng = new ReportEngine(boConnection, wSession.ConnectionState);



                catch (DSWSException ex)









            private void Logout()


                if (null != wSession)







            private void OpenSampleReport()






                    ResponseHolder reportRH = bipService.Get("path://InfoObjects/Root Folder/Risk IT Admin/**/", null);    

                    InfoObjects infoobjects = reportRH.InfoObjects;

                    if (infoobjects == null)




                    String repID = infoobjects.InfoObject[0].CUID;  -----------> why do I always getinfoobjects.InfoObject[0] as null ? ? ? ? ?

                                                                                                        where as if we explore infoobjects.Any[0] here we can see the desired value.


                catch (DSWSException ex)









    --------------------------------Code End------------------------------


         Friends kindly suggest why do I always getinfoobjects.InfoObject[0] as null. Is there something that I am missing or there's any config needed on the cmc side. kindly suggest I am going crazy and not getting any solution.

         Kindly find the attached screenshot for more details.




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    Hi ,


    Can any one suggest if we can or not install BO6.5,BOXIR2,BO3.1 on same windows machine?


    Appreciate Your help!




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    Dear All,


    I made a JSP page to open the webi report, and add a Auto Refresh function.

    and the webi report has prompt, so the prompt always show up when refresh.

    Is there a way to ignore the prompt when report auto refresh? just refresh with last selected values....



    thanks & regards,


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    We are currently using BOBJ 4.1 sp6 on Windows Server 2012 R2 and our back end is SQL Server 2012. We migrated the system databases from SQL Anywhere to SQL 2012 and I am looking to find out what is the correct collation that these databases require. The BOBJ Installation guide for Windows (page 18) states that the database should be configured to use Unicode character encoding (such as UTF-8) but there is no mention of what collation to use. Any suggestions please?

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    I am trying to update from BusinessObjects BI platform 4.1 SP4 to SP6. However when I run the update, I get an error "SetupEngine.exe has stopped working", with the problem event name: "APPCRASH".


    I have been searching discussion boards without success.

    I have tried copying the "InstallCache" folder from a backup and from another server, but the same error occurs.


    Would anyone have a solution to this issue?



    Problem signature:

      Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

      Application Name: SetupEngine.exe

      Application Version:

      Application Timestamp: 55537165

      Fault Module Name: SetupEngine.exe

      Fault Module Version:

      Fault Module Timestamp: 55537165

      Exception Code: c0000005

      Exception Offset: 000a90e1

      OS Version: 6.1.7601.

      Locale ID: 4105

      Additional Information 1: 0a9e

      Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

      Additional Information 3: 0a9e

      Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789


    Thanks you!


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    Hi Guys,


    Please suggest me with your steps how we can able to configure or change preference in CMC.


    I need to have a company logo in CMC page for entire BO Team.




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    I am trying to do the following install:


    SAP BI 4.1 SP6

    Windows Server 2012 R2

    Default DB for CMS - Sybase SQL Anywhere


    Everything appears to install correctly, however, when I go to CCM there is no SIA.  If I try to create a new SIA from CCM, it gives me an error message.  I am never able to authenticate with the CMS database.


    The server is very clean, i.e. no other applications are running there.  I made sure the Anti-Virus (i.e. Sophos) was disabled during install.


    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Thank you,



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    I'm fairly new to Crystal Reports, but I've been tasked with migrating our existing Crystal Reports Server 2011 Version to a new server which will run the latest release of Crystal Reports Server 2013.


    Server A:

    Windows Server 2008 R2

    Crystal Reports 2011


    Server B:

    Windows Server 2012 R2

    Crystal Reports 2013


    I'd like to know what steps I should take in completing this task successfully. I need to migrate over everything to the new server and was wondering what the best practice for doing this would be.


    Help would be greatly appreciated!

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    We have 7 Adaptive Processing Servers (APS). We created one, the Adaptive Processing Server, and cloned others form it.


    APS, APS (Audit Server), APS (DSL Bridge), APS (LCM), APS (Other Services),APS(Publising), APS (Webi) and in our system the Adaptive Processing Server is stopped and disabled and others are working.


    Now when we go In CMC-> Monitoring-> Watchlist and try and edit the Caution Rule we could see that all 6 cloned servers are watching the Adaptive Processing Server and not APS (Audit Server), APS (DSL Bridge) etc.


    Attached Document with the scenario.


    It will be really helpful if someone suggests how to rectify it or have any justification for what's happening.

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  • 09/17/15--00:03: BI Launchpad and Options
  • Hi,


    hope you are doing fine. Got two questions regarding BI Launchpad.


    1. There are several options to export a seen report. Is there a way to delete some of the export options as there should just be for example the ms excel options.


    2. BI Launchpad has a help itself in it. Is there a way how to change the help and insert own ideas and articles?


    Thanks a lot for your help


    Kind Regards


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  • 09/17/15--02:15: Creating Bex Connection
  • hi all,

    can anyone tell me how to create Bex Connection on CMC for reporting in webi using bex query as data provider.




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    Dear Support,


    After searching the Web with keywords "CAS and SBOP" i could not find something that could help me.


    So i decided to post this question in order to find some help.


    We have installed SAP SBOP 4.1 SP5 in one of our customers.

    On the same customer we have installed on another Server the CAS Software (Central Authentication Services),

    in order to accomplish SSO via the WEB.


    Now we want to configure the Business objects to use the CAS Software in order to have authentication via Ldap.


    Has anyone seen such a configuration or have any idea ?


    Thank you in advance.



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