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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hi there,

    When the end user opens the Launchpad, there is a help icon to the far right in the Home Tab (please see below image, Icon highlighted in yellow).

    When I click that, it takes me to a page with the 404 missing page error.

    Is there a way to either repoint the icon link to the correct help location or completely hide it, as it currently confuses our end users.


    Please advise.


    Launchpas Help Icon.PNG



    Thank you


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    I have a report that takes a very long time to run and also eats all the PC memory.


    The user needs to pass parameters of dates to this report.


    What is simplest 'front end' method here?


    1. THey can have out help desk enter the param dates in the crystal server. this is a messy idea though.


    2. is there any way to have it schedule itself NOW' ?


    3. Real front end using .net? how long would you estimate this coding?


    4. ?

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    I know there are many thread on SCN about this topic but my question is how to customize BI Launchpad page after BO installation.


    Ref:-Customization of BI Launchpad




    Tutorial: Branding and Theming of BI launch pad

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    Hi, all.


    We set up BI platform on netweaver WAS (AIX) normally.

    We tested in two types of devices (iOS-iPad, Android-Tablet),

    But Android tablet doesn't open the Dashboards(Xcelsius) document.

    Web Intelligence documents are opened well in both.


    action iOS (iPad) Android (Tablet)
    logon success success


    menu &

    report name

    success success




    success success




    success faild


    Does anyone know about this situation?


    --- details ---

    * BI4.1 SP5 patch 5

    * Netweaver WAS 7.2






    * In other WAS (tomcat, Web Logic, WebSphere), all works.





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    I would like to schedule some reports 3-4 times a day (for example about 4:15, 4:30, 4:45, 5:01). I could create 3-4 different schedules but I would like to create one contains those times. It is possible? I will be appreciate for your help.

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  • 09/22/15--05:59: Translation-Tool
  • HI all,


    we want to use the Translation tool to translate our Dashboards (created with Design Studio).


    I have two questions:




    When executing the tool I see all the original texts in the upper window.

    As these are in German some words have umlauts (ö,ü,ä) and these are not displayed correctly.

    The tool is in German, too, so I do not understand why there is this problem.


    2015-09-22 14_43_37-Sprachenübersetzung.tmgr - Translation Management Tool - Bruckner@lp-vm-bosvr.Dr.jpg

    I am not sure if this is a real problem as the text in the Dashboard is correct - only the Translation tool has this formatting problem.

    Can we correct this or should we ignore this?




    Is there any possibility to connect to a Dashboard stored on the Netweaver Platform with this tool?

    We have some Dashboards that are stored only on the netweaver platform and we wanted to translate them, too.

    Maybe there is another possibility to do this.


    Thanks in advance




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    Hi All,


    We recently migrated to BI 4.1 SP05 Patch 04 from XI R3.1 Sp6, We migrated entire content using UMT one shot.

    We have about 50,000 webi documents in our repository.


    After migration I Indexed the content Webintelligence reports only, once done I set the crawling freequecy to Schedule Crawling.

    When my users are trying to search for webi report objects in Launchpad they are receiving following errors.


    "The property with ID SI_CUID does not exist in the object (FWM 02021)"


    "Ajava.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExc eption occurred;original exception

    message 500"


    I get error if use search without double quotes also a single word with double quotes.




    Search for a word Grant, I get error

    Search for a word Grant Plan, I get error

    Search for a word "Grant", I get error

    Search for a word "Grant Plan", it works


    The search feature only works when I use 2 or more words as search phrase with double quotes (ex "Search Phrase").

    Also, search works fine in CMC


    I had opened a ticket with SAP and they asked me to reindex the content which took 3 days to complete with continues crawling.

    It started workign fine after that.


    Last week end platform servers got rebooted as part of maintanance and users again started getting the same errors when searching.


    As reindexing taking 3 days, it's not a fesible solution.

    Is there any solution to this or am I missing something?



    Windows 2012

    SQL Server 2008

    Tomcat 7

    Clustered Environment

    We did APS split and we have a dedicated APS for Platform Search allocated 6 GB RAM.

    Master Index is in a shared location


    Has anybody came acrosss this issue and any recomondations that I can follow ?




    Atchutha R Chekuri

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    can I avoid row aggregation as a default option in webintelligence sap bo 4.1?

    Customers would like to see the query result as a raw extraction without changing table formats

    The best would be to have a server option for a subgroup that could customize generical formats...


    Many thanks



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  • 09/22/15--08:23: BO Auditing
  • Hi,


    we are on BOXI3.1 at the moment.

    I would like to check no.of users who are accessing a particular report.

    can anyone help me out in how to get a audit report.



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    Hi BI Experts

    Please help:

    I have been trying to create a report that lists all the reports that use a particular universe but when I run the report I get a lot of reports that have lost their binding to their universes. This also means that I am unable to change the source of the report if I need to.



    When I promote the reports I don't usually include the Dependencies in the promotion job as we have had a few issues where universes were promoted to production before they were ready because of a dependency on the promotion job.



    My question is can I re-bind the reports to a universe without going through the Promotion Management cycle and attaching their dependencies to the promotion job?





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    In talking with SAP support they suggested that I create a discussion here to get help from people who may have experienced the issues we are having, as SAP Support cannot help me.


    In our production environment (well, it will be production if we can ever get it to work, we are two years in the roll-out process now) we have EIGHT Linux VM servers that are clustered with 32GB ram each for the BO application.  We also have four WebLogic servers to handle the web processing.


    We attempted to run a load test and it failed with less than 1/4 of the standard load of our 3.1 environment.  Out of Memory.


    The monitoring failed to run on the servers. Error #1085

    I can't even run a landscape analysis anymore as it is getting an OpenAction CGError on one of our CMS servers.  (the SAP article says I need to remove that server.)


    The SAP Support person suggested that I have to rebuild all my servers.


    I am frustrated.  Having to open a "Discussion Items" to hope the community can help me resolve this issue is not the level of support that I thought we were paying for.

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    In an article I found, Ted Ueda explained how resources are cleaned by calling dispose on CrystalReportViewer, however, if I understood well the concept, the viewer need to stay open until user “finishes with the report”, which includes user “think time”, pagination, etc.

    In a (not uncommon) use case where a user opens a report, let’s say in a popup, and never close it until their session times out, connection could be closed on that event, but that would be after staying open for the whole session timeout period which is usually orders of magnitude larger than supposed length of a DB connection opened time.


    Forcefully closing the connection after certain time (the way we are doing), risks the user getting a Connection Closed error from the viewer.


    What is the SAP guideline about this?


    I would also appreciate if some other web developer could enlighten me with any acceptable solution for this kind of use cases.


    Looks to me that it would be better if the CrystalReportViewer would open and close connections for any interaction, as best practices dictate, letting underlying data source infrastructure handle them, which they will do by ‘simulating’ the opening and closing while in reality intercepting the calls and assigning/returning them from/to the pool.


    Thanks a lot,


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    I've looked in many places for the Javadocs for IScopeFilter and IScopeUserInfo.  These appear to be the only ones, so far, that I cannot find.  Even in the publication.common Javadocs, the link for these objects is missing.

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    We have a requirement from business to search for the
    occurrence of a Particular Word( “ Name of the bank “)  and get stack of the same
    from all BO Reports 500+ ( not the data part which will be taken care by
    database layer  but the header or any hardcoding) on Deski reports for one of the application

    Is there a Smart  way of achieving this analysis
    report  ?   I need to complete the analysis very quickly .


    I have to modify the name of the bank on all the reports.


    Please  suggest . I don’t want to take the path where each
    report is manually checked  for occurrence.

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    We would like your help to ascertain which SAP product/product family would provide us the below mentioned jars.We are buildin on a product which refers the below jars as part of reporting. We have got some pointers with few of them. The first 5 (highlighted) below - we don't have a clue.


    Appreciate any quick help/pointers.


    1 CRDBXMLExternal.jar
    2 jrcadapter.jar
    3 rasapp.jar
    4 ReportPrinter.jar
    5 ReportViewer.jar
    6 cecore.jar
    7 celib.jar
    8 commons-configuration-1.2.jar
    9 commons-lang-2.1.jar
    10 corbaidl.jar
    11 ebus405.jar
    12 CrystalCharting.jar
    13 CrystalCommon.jar
    14 CrystalContentModels.jar
    15 CrystalExporters.jar
    16 CrystalExportingBase.jar
    17 CrystalFormulas.jar
    18 CrystalQueryEngine.jar
    19 CrystalReportEngine.jar
    20 CrystalReportingCommon.jar
    21 Concurrent.jar
    22 CRDBJavaServerCommon.jar
    23 CRDBXMLServer.jar
    24 icu4j.jar
    25 jrcerom.jar
    26 keycodeDecoder.jar
    27 MetafileRenderer.jar
    28 rascore.jar
    29 rpoifs.jar
    30 Serialization.jar
    31 URIUtil.jar

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    Hi Experts,


    I am getting error as "SAP WEB PROXY: Destination server  not reachable" and

    Error: *:route permission denied (ipaddress to hostname :8108 "


    screen shot attached.


    Please clarify my below queries


    i do not know where to check the router entries or where to check router table.

    how can i resolve the above issue and what entry i have to maintain.




    Dipesh Gupta

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    Hi everybody,
    in our BI4.1SP5environmentwithactivationofSSOwithWinAD, when a userconnects to BI LaunchPadportalusingthis type ofauthentication,in CMC\Sessionsthe new sessionappearsbutin "Client Session" the system shows "without ClientLogonID".

    With other applications like Explorer, no problems.

    However, ifLogin is done withoutthe useofSSObut, for example, withauthenticationWinAD only it correctlyshows"BILaunchPad"in "ClientSession" field.

    Does anyone knowwhy and how to fix it?
    Thank you


    Logon without Client ID.JPG

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    Hello Experts,


    Our BO 4.1 machine is responding really slow. On making few basic checks, we found that many job are failed but i am not sure the reason of it and when I looked into the settings


    find the attached number of jobs which were failed


    Could someone help and advice what and where to check?
    Many thanks!





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    Hi Everyone,


    We have a new feature SFTP enabled in BI 4.1 SP6 & above , with this new feature we have the facility to send BO documents securely by SFTP using the Finger Print option.  The detailed procedure is explained in the below discussion and also in the SAP Note 2183131


    I tried this approach but am facing issues in getting the finger print value. This is what I did


    1. Upgraded from BI 4.1 Sp5 to BI 4.1 Sp6
    2. Configured the Adaptive Job Server in the CMC with the SFTP details in the Destination , also enabled Tracing
    3. This enabled the SFTP option in BI launchpad
    4. In BI Launchpad I scheduled a report to the SFTP location by specifying the host/user details with a dummy fingerprint
    5. To successfully SFTP I have to get the hexadecimal key equivalent to the dummy finger print , which should be updated in the Adaptive Job server
    6. Here lies the problem, when I look at the logging files (GLF file) I do not get the hexadecimal finger print , instead I get the below error

      destination_sftp: exception caught while connecting to sftp server [ourhostname]. Details: [unknown error!].

    Can anyone let me know if you have faced a similar issue ?How do I resolve this ?

    Thanks & Regards,

    Rakesh Sudhakar

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    Is there a way to determine the Webi refreshes that occur from BI Widgets?  I have a handful of users that use BI Widgets and they have a very high number of refreshes per day.  I would like to be able to identify which of these refreshes is from BI Widgets.  Is that possible?  I can't seem to figure out how you can get that.



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