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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hi experts:


    We have sap bo xi sp5 in aix with a cms db of db2 8.2 and migrate this db to db2 9.5. We changed all the AIX variables (LIBPATH, PATH, DB2DIR INSTHOME and DB2INSTANCE) and perform a test with db2 command tool where we can connect successfuly to new database.But when i Try to start the servers (running the startservers) the system keeps down.

    If i run the script I get the following message:


    err: ERROR Failed to get cluster name. (STU00165) err: Error description: The index was not created because an index "BO31QADM.SI_INSTANCE_OBJ_I6" with a matching definition already exists. SQLSTATE=01550


    In fact this index exists in the database but sounds strange that it's being created again.


    Our environment: SAP BO XI 3.1 SP5 on AIX

    CMS and audit DB: DB2 LUW 9.5


    Any ideia?

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    I have a two part question:


    Question 1:


    When using the Report Upload Wizard I can send all of the reports that I have created to the Enterprise server.  However, when I do it this way I cannot run any reports.  I receive an error message CRWEB00000119.  The report does work though if I use Save As and save the file from my laptop to the Enterprise Server.  Is there a way to fix this to prevent me from having to save each report?


    Question 2:


    I have a Username Setup on my SQL server as Crystal_Reports with no Password.  I can run the reports fine on my laptop but when I attempt to run them from the BI I am asked for a username and password.  I do not want everyone that views the reports to have to enter the login information.  How can I eliminate this from happening?


    Thank you!


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    Hi Gurus,


    I was able to convert the FHSQL based report and Configured the FHSQL data provider,

    but i am not able to see the report results, i have to manually select the objects and drag

    and drop them to the results panel for the output.

    Is there any workaround to get the results without manually selecting the objects for the results.



    Also when i am trying to edit the Query it is giving the message:

    "You cannot edit this data provider, because it is based on a free-hand SQL script"


    Cant we edit the report based out of FHSQL.




    Thank you for the Help !!!

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    I'm having a problem in BI4.1


    We recently migrated from BO3.1SP04FP5 to BI4.1SP06. We're busy testing but I noticed smth very wrong.


    Only the rights of the users under administrator group work as it should. The rest of the accounts cannot vew,refresh, schedule, edit, etc... any of the reports.

    We're only using Web Intelligence at the moment.


    I get the error message: "You security profile does not  include permission to edit this document.(Error: ERR_WIS_30252. Error: INF)"



    This particulate account profile has refresher right on the report folder. This access level worked as it should on BO3.1SP04


    Can someone please help?


    Thank you!




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  • 10/27/15--09:46: Migration query
  • Can you point me to the SAP standard documentation or guidance on how we can migrate BI 4.1 from SQL Server to Sybase please. I cant seem to find any thing on this space so seeking advise from fellow colleagues in this area. I am still learning the ropes in BI 4.1 and this may seem like a dumb question sorry.




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    We are able to connect and test the connections successfully through IDT.


    But, the same relational connection not working through Crystal for Enterprise and throws below error



    There was a problem accessing the Relational Connection on SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform. Please check with your System Administrator that the connection is correctly configured.


    Unable to connect to the InfoStore :



    FYi.. all the services are up and running without any issues.

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    I'm trying to install software on my BI platform (this time its the Design Studio Add-On) but it happens with all software I try to install - it says "Installing" for about 30-45 minutes - then it finally launches the setup program and asks me for Language, etc.


    Is it supposed to take this long?  Should I be doing something before installing new add-ons?



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    I'm trying to install the Design Studio 1.5 add-on onto our BI 4.1 platform


    but I get the following error:




    but I am certain we are on BI 4.1 SP5



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    Hi Team BI


    I have been asked to configure AD authentication, following Steve Fredell's "Configure Active Directory Manual Authentication and SSO for BI4" I could successfully get AD authentication working  fine with tomcat



    However when I use the same BOE/CMC with imported early into portal I get the error:



    Account Information Not Recognized: Active Directory Authentication failed to log you on. Please contact your system administrator to make sure you are a member of a valid mapped group and try again. If you are not a member of the default domain, enter your user name as UserName@DNS_DomainName, and then try again. (FWM 00006)




    So tomcat obviously understands the kerberos authentication, I have made sure the same server principle name and AD administrator credentials are the same, is in use by tomcat and portal both use SAPService<SID>   


    Any tips as to what I need to do to get Windows AD authentication working to BOE/CMC from a NW7.3 portal? Do I need to re-import the BOE deployment?

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    I have come across threads which says granting root level access to view object for everyone resolves this issue.


    I would like to confirm with all experts, if under normal circumstances user A from usergroup Grp1 would be able to see user B from usergroup Grp2.?

    Which access rights plays important role in this case and to be applied at how many levels?


    Which access right would ensure that user A only sees other users from Grp1 and where to apply all these rights?


    What steps to be taken if I would like to restrict users to see only Grp1 AND Grp2 users while sending reports to inbox and what changes needs to be done to existing design without using everyone group.

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  • 10/28/15--07:19: Schedule to SFTP
  • System:  BI 4.1 SP6


    I'm in the process of writing a scheduling program for a client.  I have all of the destination types I need taken care of except SFTP.  I can get the SFTP plugin with no problems, but I assumed that there would be an ISFTPOptions interface to set the destination options.  I suppose I might try using the regular IFTPOptions, but then I still have to set the SFTP Fingerprint.  I can do that by going directly to the IProperties of the destination plugin, but I was hoping there would be an easier way to do this.


    Any thoughts?



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    I want to schedule a report to automatically print.  The printer has been installed on the server but I do not see it when I am given the option to select a printer.  Do I need to configure this in the CMC.  If so, how do I do this?


    Thank you!


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    Is it possible to automatically generate a list of the User Security in place for every public folder in a BOBJ environment--and then perhaps dump the list to a text file? The alternative is to manually visit each folder, select User Security, and then transfer the details to a document. When there are many folders, this is a lot of work! Also, regularly generating an automatically generated list would be useful for catching any changes that have been made since the list was last generated.

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    Some users are able to see Query stripping and some don't

    Both having the same rights like full control on reports


    Even BI preferences also same


    Some one please shred some light please



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    I am running into this issue when trying to connect from BOBJ 4.1 server to SAP BW server.


    And this happens randomly, especially if the system is idle overnight and next day morning I see this error when trying to connect.

    After 2-3 failed attempts, then it connects fine. It will work fine then.

    After 3-4 hrs when I try this again. it again fails. Never had any issues for the past 2 years and now we suddenly see this happening.


    I found the below error in the dev_jco_rfc file.

    The same error shows up in CMC when I try to import roles from BW in the Authentication - SAP area of CMC.

    Can you  please advise. Thank you.


    I just marked the sensitive information below in the error message with "*"


    Tue Oct 27 08:47:15,479<    RfcException: [null]

    message: Connect to SAP gateway failed

    Connection parameters: TYPE=A DEST=******** ASHOST=a*** SYSNR=** PCS=1


    LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host with Unicode

    ERROR partner '*******' not reached

    TIME Tue Oct 27 08:47:15 2015

    RELEASE 720

    COMPONENT NI (network interface)

    VERSION 40

    RC -10

    MODULE nixxi.cpp

    LINE 3286

    DETAIL NiPConnect2: *********

    SYSTEM CALL connect

    ERRNO 10060

    ERRNO TEXT WSAETIMEDOUT: Connection timed out



    Return code: RFC_FAILURE(1)

    error group: 102


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  • 10/29/15--00:10: Open Document Issue
  • Hi Experts


    We are on BI 4.0 SP9 patch 3.Our architecture is as follows:


    a)Apache httpd server 2.2 hosted on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

    b)2 Tomcat Servers hosted on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

    c)2 BOE servers hosted on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

    d)CMS database on Oracle 11g


    We have given our customers an open document link.They hit a custom jsp page where we pull out the required information like account no and then redirect the the request to the openDocumet.jsp page.


    The open doc link opens a crystal report.


    The open document link is hit from an IE 8 browser which is our client's official browser.


    However lately and on a daily basis the customers get an error message like one below:



    We could find nothing in BOE and Tomcat logs.However we did find something in Apache httpd logs.


    We observer that when this error occurred the request flow was like this:


    GET /BOE/OpenDocument/TCFSL/CrystalReports/ HTTP/1.1" 200 1021


  - - [29/Oct/2015:03:25:27 +0530] "GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1" 200 21630


  - - [29/Oct/2015:03:25:28 +0530] "POST /BOE/OpenDocument/TCFSL/OpenDocument/ HTTP/1.1" 200 787


  - - [29/Oct/2015:03:25:28 +0530] "POST /BOE/OpenDocument/TCFSL/PlatformServices/service/app/


    However when the link works fine,after ,the request is forwarded to "/BOE/OpenDocument/TCFSL/CrystalReports/viewrpt.cwr"


    Could you all please help in debugging this issue




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    Hi All,


    I am facing issue after BI Java 7.4 refresh, In new system template I add alias of new system and test the connection and its working fine.

    But BEx is not working from portal, I checked the same in ../ and here everything is in Green.


    In logs I found error is coming - system name for alias <SIDCLNT100> not found in portal.


    When I added alias of source system then BEx is working fine but we need to remove the alias of source system and maintain the alias of target system.

    Can someone help us to know where the alias is maintain other than the system landscape so we can change to target system alias.



    Vinay Shrimali

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    We are planning to use social media Analytics.


    As of my knowledge using SAP Data Services & SAP HANA  to extract the social media data. These two tools extract the data and load into the data warehouse.


    But we need direct Analytics without data warehouse.


    I have searched in the SAP forums and I found a product called   SAP Social Media Analytics by Netbase.


    Still this product is available or not?


    How can I extract the social media data and directly feed to the BI tools without using Data warehouse layer using SAP products.


    Please suggest me which product supports Social Media Analytics


    Thanks & Regards,

    Venkata Ramana Paidi

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  • 10/29/15--06:52: SAP BO 4.1 SSO on Linux
  • Hi,


    we have a SAP BO 4.1 SP5 Patch 7 system on Linux Redhat. The BO database which is used is SQLAnywhere.

    The users are now connected through our SAP BW backend. (SAP Authentication)


    The customer has come up with a new demand. The BI Launchpad has to become Single Sign On for their users.

    So the BO frontend (bi launchpad) has to become SSO . (Preferable with Window AD users)


    Normally with BO on a Windows server this shouldn't be that difficult, but on Linux it is something different.

    We found SAP note 1965433 to be a solution. But ... SAP is not really supporting this option. It states that all support will be best effort , And if you read between the lines it just says :"we don't support this at all!" .


    So , we can go ahead with this "unsupported" option, but we also have SAP Netweaver Single Sign 2.0 setup in our landscape.

    This also should work,but we can't find any information or instructions on how to set this up correctly.


    The question is, what option is best? Should we go ahead with the note which is "unsupported", or can we use our Netweaver SSO 2.0 solution for this? And if so , where can we find the right information?




    with best regards

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    Is it possible to install and run BO 4.1 SP6 with Microsoft IIS 7.x? I know Tomcat is bundled with BO and my employer doesn’t want to use it, WACS or any other web server besides IIS. Has anybody been able to install BO 4.1 just on IIS (custom jobs as well)? The PAM states that BO 4.1 can utilize IIS only for Microsoft SharePoint (IOMS) . Thanks!

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