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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    I need to know how the group name should be setup in the message server

    of the Relational Connection.


    Because when the Group Name was set to SPACE as I was told otherwise

    this will not work. However, during my testing, I found that most

    traffic will first be allocated to the db server and then traffic will

    be directed to apps02 or apps01 after several processors are used in

    db. No issue because load seems to be distributed.


    I then change the GROUP_NAME to BI I was told before this may not

    work. When I tried changing the Connection Group Name to BI. The connection

    works, but the strange thing is loads are not getting distributed

    evenly. All queries from different WEBI reports gets executed only on

    apps02. I then re-launched all WEBI reports again and the second time

    all queries were served by apps01 only.


    Just wondering why only when SPACE is used the distribution of load

    happens correctly.


    Very strange right, it would be great if some one can provide me an

    understanding of the difference between “SPACE” and “BI”.





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  • 11/20/15--12:21: Where to find BOBJ SID
  • Quick question for a newbie to Business Objects. Does BOBJ have and kind of SID like regular SAP NW systems do? I've looked around and don't see any used anywhere for configuration. We are moving to a hosted BOBJ solution with HEC. If you can point me in the right direction I'd be grateful. Thanks!

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    Hi Experts,


    We have a 2-3 WebI reports which are taking a lot of time (3-4 mins ) to open (i.e when I right click then click VIEW)


    Following are the observations uptil now :

    1) Unchecked "Refresh On Open", but the WebI document is still taking 3-4 mins

    2) Removed all the prompts in the WebI document, but it is still taking 3-4 mins

    Above test confirms that LOVs are not playing any role here.


    Kindly note that these WebI documents are having lots of variables (100+), lots of complex calculations. Is this something that is causing the issue ?

    As far I understand, report variables & calculations come into picture once the data is fetched from the Reporting DB. So, opening of the WebI document should not be dependent on the complexity of the report level calculations. Please confirm if my understanding is correct ?


    Backend DB is Oracle.


    Let me know in case of any queries.


    Thanks a lot in advance !!




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    Hi All,


    We are currently working on a requirement on WEBI reports where we have to show a monthly span of data till current month. After that, we need to create a single cell which shows a predictive forecast value for the month.


    But the report has around 150+ Cross Tab lines, and we are aligning the forecast cell with respect to each line. When we format the alignment of cell, it populates a long list of lines which only auto-scrolls and no manual interaction is engaged. Due to which the lines falling after 50 or 100, the alignment of Forecast cell becomes too much rigorous and time consuming.
    Version: SAP BO BI Platform 4.1
    WEBI: Web-UI, (We are not using Rich client of WEBI)

    Can anyone suggest a better way to achieve this.


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    Hi ,



    Can below mentioned requirements are possible using BO Java SDK or Restful web services?



    -   Saving/exporting and scheduling reports

    -   Only specific users within a group should be able to save ,schedule reports and have access to Live Office

    -   All users should be able to export using pdf

    -   Revoke all users accessing LiveOffice

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    When I schedule a specific webi report to an FTP location or by Email it fails. But when i run the report, the webi runs under 1 minute, returns some 75,000 rows and 37 columns. Also when I schedule it to BI Inbox it works fine.


    File details:


    around 76000 rows and 37 columns.

    Size is 40 MB


    I ruled out the following issues:


    1. No network issues. I can ping the FTP location fine from the servers.

    2. No outages and all services are running fine.

    3. Scheduled a couple other reports as EMAIL and FTP and they succeed fine.

    4. This specific report runs fine when executed and runs in under 1 minute.


    My BOBJ env: BOBJ 4.1 SP4, CMS: oracle, O/S: Linux REDHAT Enterprise.its a cluster.


    Issue repetition is exactly the same on any server. for example on both nodes, the issue is the same.


    Can anyone help out on zeroing in on what exactly can be the issue here?




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    We have installed BI contents and published the standard reports from BW server to BO server and trying to access them from Crystal Reports Designer and Crystal Reports Viewer.


    When I try to open the report in Crystal Reports Designer, which is published in repository, am getting the following error:

    "An error occurred while updating the report's parameter pick lists. This report requires a repository connection in order to open."


    When I try to open the report in Crystal Reports Viewer, am getting the following error:

    "A problem occurred while refreshing on the server. The report may not be configured properly for refresh."


    Kindly advice.




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    We have installed BI41 sp4 with tomcat as the application server.

    I also have installed BI41 sp4 .NET package with dll’s.


    I have a running Visual Studio application  (.NET) which I want to extend with

    listing the applied groups set on different folders
    with their access levels ( full control, no access, advanced).

    I tried to do this first with CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.* references.

    I couldn't find a security class.


    Then I tried to do this with DSWS dll’s but I didn’t succeed because a method used in example SAP note 1385000 is deprecated.


    I couldn't find any document for BI4.1 .NET SDK programming.


    Can somebody give me an example how to list the used groups  on a folder with its access level?


    Thanks in advance.




    Joek poort

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    Hi All,


    I have a report multiple queries, in which some of my queries are having two filters applied:

    Location Company = "abc" OR

    Impacted Company = "abc"


    I have created a publication in which where there are only on filter I can select the same how should I apply the Personalization in case where there are two filter applied like above?


    This is irrespective of above: we have few clients for which we need to run the report for multiple clients, I can add multiple rows which will send multiple reports but I don't want that, I have to send a single report with data of all those clients.


    Any help would be really appreciated.




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    I would like to know which are the compromises if I participate in a ramp-up as a partner.



    Best regards,


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    We have a scheduled report that consistently fails on weekends (Saturday/Sunday) with an error message of "Error In File .... Request Cancelled by User". It prints successfully Monday - Friday. I think this may be a printer issue rather than a Crystal issue. Can anyone provide any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?


    All of our printers are HP and use the HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v5.4) driver.

    Printer logs do not show any print jobs attempted during weekends.

    My guess is that the users turn it off during the weekend, but I'm not able to confirm this with anyone.

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    I need help to make planning a crystal report status via the CMC. And this prompt by configuring the state in question in order to send this every day and choisisant the report of the current day .

    Thank you

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    i implemented exception handling using an own message class in the function module of an Webservice. When an error occurs I get my well explained error message in ST22.


    But the System that consumes the webservice just receives the message "RABAX occurred on server side". So this system don't know what really happens.


    How can I achive that the consuming system gets the defined message of my message class?

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    HI All,


    is is possible to schedule report as PDF in specific folder in SAP BO Server


    Please advise




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      Due to some reason, we will need to upgrade Oracle in our local systems from 11g to 12c. But the BI4.1 SP4 is still in 11g. Is it OK if we connect from oracle client 11g to BI4.1 12c CMS? Is that compatible?








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    Hi guys,


    We have SAP BO BI 4.1 SP6 P3 and some Jobs are failing and getting in the logs next error:


    |5b501ed3-ec28-8b54-990b-61ee1e306005|2015 11 23 11:27:40:298|+0000|Error| |>>|E| |jobserver_CD4445A0.AJS.WebI2_WebIJavaSchedulingService_CHILD1|23496|23412|| |42|0|6|0|CMC.WebApp|JMWBOB19:14032:11942.281354:1|.request|CD4445A0:23496:25.5:1|DestinationWrapper.deliverFilesToDestination|localhost:23496:23412.2:1|Cgwzo4kZWUVHs8JCCslBN6444b01|||||||||||assert failure: (.\wireob.cpp:1012). (false : Out of memory or unknown type to create!).


    We did the split and sizing for all services including the AJS. Also added the next parameters in the command line and no taking effect:


    -javaargs "XX:+ExitVMOnOutOfMemoryError,XX:+UseParallelOldGC,XX:MaxPermSize=1024m,Xmx32g,Xms128M,Xss1024k, BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0/dataAccess/connectionServer" -loggingPath "E:/SAPBI/SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0/logging/" -maxDesktops 0 -checkChildForNonExistence 1 -maxChildReqs 10



    Also we have set the limits of simultaneous jobs and child requests to 10.


    This is a 256Gb RAM server and we never achieve the limits in the process and in the RAM.




    We are also monitoring with the jmmon and nothing different from memory perspectives:




    Any idea?



    Thanks in advance!

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    hai experts,

       i am new to BI 7.4 version. while creating new customized key figure ,i choosed

    0UNITS for quantity and

    0CURRENCY for price.


    after activate i am facing this error (message no r7201: infoobject zag_qty: unit infoobject 0currency is not (actively) available)


    pls kindly help me step by step process


    thanks in advance...




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    Dear experts!


    we're currently setting up a business objects landscape (SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence 4.1 Support
    Pack 5 Patch 7
    ). We successfully connected the sytsem with our central ldap (openLDAP via ldaps). Users can actually login with there ldap credentials. The only issue we face, is the following: Our passwords inside the ldap directory are encrypted (passwords starting with {SHA}...), then the login fails, it works only if the password is plain text!

    Our understanding of security tells us, that it isn't a good idea to store the passwords unencrypted. Our Netweaver Portal is also able to handle the encrypted hashes, so what's wrong with our bo configuration?

    Do you have an hint for us?


    Kind regards,


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    We have just started to test behaviour of our SAP BI platform using IE11 on the desktop clients. We have checked on SAP BI PAM (see link) that our current system (BI 4.1 SP4 Patch 1) is compatible with 11 IE requirements (see attached picture)IE11-settings.jpg


    But on our initial test we have found an strange bug that does not appear in the SAP Knwoledge base. When a user selects on My Inbox folder the web page completely hangs. We have checked in the IE Developer tools that an error message appears on the debugger (see attached screenshot).


    At first glance I would say that it seems to be a bug but sounds strange to me that no one reported it before (at least no documentation about appears in SAP Knowledge base). Next week we plan to move to SP6  (for other reasons) but I am not sure if problem will disappear with the upgreade




    Has someone noticed this behaviour before? Can someone confirm that problem does not appears when using IE11 and SAP BI4.1 SP6?





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    Hi, I'm working on a XI R 3.1 to BI 4.1 migration project, are there any limitations on migrating Publications created on Webi/ Deski/Crystal?

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