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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    I have 2 reports summary and detail report. the summary report contains hyperlink to the detail report. Now we schedule the summary report and it should schedule all the report linked for the each row value. So the hyperlink report schedules with summary report each row value automatically with summary report schedule.


    Please suggest and help.


    Anil Kumar

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  • 12/07/15--19:16: Question: Incident Record
  • Hi,



    I am very new to SAP BI and I have many doubts regarding to this.


    So I think this is the right place to clarify my doubts.


    I dont know this is right place to ask this question


    My question is what is Incident record who create that record and how it can solved by us?

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    Dear Community,


    I'm on SAP BO 4.1 SP02 and try to configure the Override Settings in Promotion Management for a SQL Server Connection.

    Until now everything works fine with all kind of connections.


    Yesterday we defined a new connection to a new SQL Server 2012. Also for this connection we should define the override settings from DEV to QA.

    I scanned the origin system (DEV) for this new connection, marked them as active, saved the properties and promoted the Overrides.

    Afterwards I logged into the destination system (QA) and changed the connection properties like "Data Source" to the correct server with DNS and the comma seperated Portnumber and saved everything.

    And now the strange part: After promoting the connection to the destination server the changes were applied almost correctly. But the comma seperated portnumber got lost.


    I tried out with other delimiters like ; : | and this delimiters are transfered correctly. Only the comma will cut off. But other delimiters will not recognized from the SQL-Server driver.


    Is there anybody who can assist me with this strange problem?


    Thanks in advanced,



    Override Settings SQL Server.png

    After Promoting:

    Override Settings SQL Server_2.png

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    Hi All,


    Could you please provide details on how to configure TA using remote_user retrieval method?


    Environment Details :


    BI 4.1



    What are the pre-requisites for configuring remote_user. We do not have a IIS server. Do we require IIS for this TA setup?




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  • 12/08/15--06:25: IPS upgrade
  • Hi Folks,


    I installed the IPS 4.1 - SP5 and Data Service 4.2 SP6 on Windows system. I read the oss note 1740516 and it says that the correct version for Data Service 4.2 SP6 would be IPS 4.1 - SP6 0-2


    I downloaded the IPS 4.1 -SP6 and tried to install it and I got the following option error message:

    Information Steward and Data SErvices compatibility - failed.

    SAP Data Services and/or Information Steward deployment was detected in your machine.


    My question is: Do I have to install before all the patches from IPS 4.1 SP5 and then upgrade it to version SP6 ?





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    Errors/Warnings found during the installation are as follows:



    23:27:18.867 Error: *** FIXME: Falling back to resolve at product scope, as:$MasterCmsName

    23:27:18.867 Error: *** FIXME: Falling back to resolve at product scope, as:$MasterCmsPort

    23:27:18.961 Error: Couldn't resolve property: MasterCmsName from scope,

    23:27:18.961 Error: *** HACK: Falling back to resolve at product level, as:$MasterCmsName ow to



    How to correct this error. I do not find this error in error guide.





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    when I user information design tool to definite dimension, I have write nothing in where condition ,but when I query script, it shows below:


    Seems that the Information design tool auto to add this where condition. How to solve It?  Am I set wrong?

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    Hi Guys


    I have to fetch the list of all the scheduled reports that were triggered in last three months. I need the exact report name and there parent directory.Along with i need the owner of the report schedule.

    I am trying to achieve this using .Net. Can someone please guide me how to achieve this. I am using BOXIR3.1







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    I was referring to BI 4.1 Admin guide for Windows AD setup and I need one clarification on the aliases. When we import windows AD users to SAP BI 4.1, will it automatically create an Enterprise alias? or it will just create a windows AD alias? If it creates enterprise alias, what would be the password for that user?

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    we set up an weekly automatic restart on our BO BI 4.1 server with execution of following commands :







    But, for two month, all our automatic restarts have failed with an HTTP500 error with the message "NoClassDefFoundError:com/sun/faces/taglib/jsf_core/ViewTag : cannot initialize class because prior initialization attempt failed"


    We don't understant why we have this error, because when we restart manually, with same commands, it works fine.


    We need your help.


    Have you any solutions ?


    In advance, thank you.


    Kind regards

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    Dear Experts,



    I am working with DS 1.6 on BI 4.1 SP5. Installed DS 1.6 add on on server.

    I have designed a dashboard locally and then published it to BI platform.

    I have created the HANA connection in CMC OLAP connections.

    I also have the Analysis service with my APS.


    Now, When I run the dashboard from DS - Execute on BI platform or Using the OpenDoc URL I am getting an error message.


    Unknown Error

    While processing the current request, an exception occurred which could not be handled by the application or the framework.


    Unable to process request. Contact your system administrator.


    Root cause:


    The initial exception that caused the request to fail was:

    while trying to invoke the method of a null object loaded from static field


    java.lang.NullPointerException: while trying to invoke the method of a null object loaded from static field at at<init>( at at at



    I can provide the complete stack trace if required.

    I have gone through multiple posts for simillar issues and have tried adding command line parameters to APS but no luck so far.


    Note that even when in BI connected mode the dashboard work fine when executed locally.


    Please help.





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    I have a Java implementation where Crystal Reports can be previewed through the HTML viewer. I have been using this for some time now. According
    to an article I found the commons-collections-3.1.jar is needed for the Java redistribution in order for a Crystal Report to be previewed correctly.


    It was discovered that apache\commons\collections in commons-collections-3.1.jar has a security vulnerability and it was suggested to upgrade the jar file.


    In order to test, I removed the commons-collections-3.1.jar and still I see no issue in previewing the report.


    So my questions,


    1. Where and how is commons-collections-3.1.jar is used in Crystal Java framework and the HTML viewer?
    2. Is it ok just to remove the commons-collections-3.1.jar and add a new version? Should the file name be the same? Are there any class
      path references anywhere?


    Thank you in advance.




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    We installed a new landscape with BO 4.1 SP6 on windows server 2012 R2, SQL Sever 2014:

    BOS (hypervisor VMs 3 tier layer web1, web 2, app1, app2 clustered and shared db server)

    BOD (vmware Vm, everything installed on 1 server)

    BOQ (vmware Vm, everything installed on 1 server)

    BO3 (vmware VMs 3 tier layer with web1, web2 and app1, app2 clustered and shared db server)

    BOP (vmware VMs 3 tier layer with web1, web2 and app1, app2 clustered and shared db server)


    When we logon on BI launchpad on bopweb1 with our BHP BW system credentials, the BI Launchpad hangs, when we try the same on CMC it also hangs. We have to restart Tomcat to fix it, when we login after the restart it works 1 or 2 times with a BHP login. if we login using enterprise or another BW system that we mapped, it works 100%, it seems that we are only getting this hanging issue when we try to login via a BHP user. We created entries in our services and hosts files. We only set the authentication.visible = true and SAP BO BOP in file.


    If we go to BOS and try exactly the same: login with BHP pointing to BOSApp1, it works 100%, if we use the BOSWeb1 to point to BOPAPP1 with the BHP user, it hangs in the browser.


    Any ideas?

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    We have an requirement to alert us when an specific user session is not running/logout/expired/active in both BI Launch Pad/OpenDocument.


    I tried to follow the steps mentioned in the blog: Code for finding out no of users in BO

    But when i ran the sql in query builder nothing comes up though there are 2 users active.


    Count of users in BO - SELECT count (SI_ID) FROM CI_SYSTEMOBJECTS where SI_KIND='USER'




    Could you please help me the easy way which we can achieve this as it's a matter of urgency?


    Please help, thank you.


    Kind Regards


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    Hello, when we upgraded our 3.x systems to BI 4.1 sp2/DS 4.2 sp1p3, a report that depends upon dynamically sizing the browser output via the Java SDK now no longer displays the correct number of columns. It now only displays what is set in the actual report, rather than having that default setting overridden by the SDK call. The effect is to truncate the number of columns displayed to about 13. Here's a snippet of the code:


    final int newSize = (reportPrototype.getReportFields().size() * TWIPS_PER_COLUMN) + _columnMargin;


    IPrintOptions newPrintOptions = (IPrintOptions) reportPrototype.getReportDocument().getPrintOutputController().getPrintOptions().clone(true);






    reportPrototype.getReportDocument().getPrintOutputController().modifyUserPaperSize(HEIGHT_IN_TWIPS, newSize);


    Like I mentioned above, this SDK functionality used to work on our previous 3.x systems, but it currently doesn't work on our 4.x systems. If we change the width in the report itself, then it will statically display more columns, but that doesn't take into account the dynamic nature of the report, which can have as few as 1 column and as many as 100. Is this no longer how we need to change the output with of a report that's sent to the browser? For both CSV and XSLX output, the number of columns is correct.



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    We have several servers that are being reported has not having the maximum amount of memory to be used set to at least 1024 MB even though xmx is set to 1024m.  I think the Maximum memory may be looking at what is actually being used instead of what the xmx setting is.


    Message was edited by: Toby Johnston Added summary to the title

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    What is the best way/tool to analyze java heap dumps when the server disk runs out of memory.

    We are facing this issue quite often now that the server disk runs out of space due to big heap dumps file generated by Java as it runs out of virtual memory.

    I want to get down to the exact cause of the issue and that's why I need to read/analyze these heap dumps.

    I tried installing 'Eclipse Memory Analyzer' tool but when I try to run the .exe file, it generates an error log as below:




    Any ideas guys?





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  • 12/09/15--14:07: VmName Alert
  • I have an alert on the VmName.  We have the Oracle JDK installed.  The alert note says that it is recommended to use the SAP JVM instead of the Oracle JVM.


    The link to how to update the JRE/JDK directs users to the Oracle JDK to install.  That is the instructions that I followed to update our JDK.


    Which of these is correct?  I think there may need to either be a change in the alert and the recommendation or the reference link should point to something that provides instructions installing the SAP JVM.  This might also need to include instructions on how to use SAPCAR.

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    Hi all


    Experiencing a new issue after installing 4.1 SP6 on environment.


    All components are at the same version.


    Live Office Universe Query is not working.  Receiving error: Document does not exist or your security profile does not allow you to access it(WSR 00080). Able to see all universes, but this error occurs when choosing one, even using an administrator account.


    When rolling Live Office version back to SP3 where it was originally, it worked fine, as does LO SP4, SP5.  This break occurs at SP6.  No security settings have changed in the environment.


    Any ideas or similar issues?

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    Is there a way to use the Auditing Universe to identify which users are creating Webi Reports?

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