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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    i want to receive a solution of blow problem.


    "Start of UME Service Failed". Technical details: SQL error in the database when accessing a table.


    server0 is yellow in MMC




    #1.5 #00145E7887B40022000000020010F0CA000526F97020DD3D#1450227653467#/System/Security/[impl:5] exception was thrown in the UME/ABAP user management connector that was caused by unavailability of the RFC communication with the backend system: "{0}". ##An exception was thrown in the UME/ABAP user management connector that was caused by unavailability of the RFC communication with the backend system: "{0}". #1#SQL error in the database when accessing a table.#

    #1.5 #00145E7887B40022000000040010F0CA000526F97020DE5C#1450227653467#/System/Security/[impl:5] of ABAP data source ({0}) failed: "{1}". This message is critical if it appears during the startup of the AS Java.##Initialization of ABAP data source ({0}) failed: "{1}". This message is critical if it appears during the startup of the AS error in the database when accessing a table.#

    #1.5 #00145E7887B40022000000090010F0CA000526F97020F09D#1450227653472#/System/Security/[impl:5] of UME service failed. Check help topic "Start of UME Service Failed". Technical details: SQL error in the database when accessing a table.###

    #1.5 #00145E7887B40022000000000010F0CE000526F9715311C9#1450227673534#/System/Security/[impl:5] Management Engine ( connected to client {0} of ABAP backend system {1} as user {2}##User Management Engine ( connected to client {0} of ABAP backend system {1} as user {2}#3#001#DSB#SAPJSF#





    #1.5 #00145E7887B400000000000D0010F0CA000526F96F6F216A#1450227641807#/System/Database/sql/[Thread-1,5,main] Using implementation {0}.#1#MIXED#

    #1.5 #00145E7887B4001F000000000010F0CA000526F96FECB030#1450227650039#/System/Database/sql/[impl:5] Using implementation {0}.#1#MIXED#

    #1.5 #00145E7887B4001F000000010010F0CA000526F96FF11853#1450227650336#/System/Database/sql/[impl:5] "{0}" with maximal {1} Bytes at {2} started (Settings: maxrecordsize = {3}; maxlobsize = {4}; = {5}; reloaddelay = {6}).#7#dsbwapp1:DSB:SAPSR3DB#16777216#Wed Dec 16 10:00:50 KST 2015#2097152#1048576#true#5#

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    Hi ,


    In SAP  BO(Webi reports)., When we prompt user to enter inputs for the report generation, can we make some fields mandatory?

    Can we include drop down fields in the input?


    Any input please .




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    Dear All,

    we have a strange symptom for a Customer.

    We have successfully setup SSO for BW and BO. But when the password of a user on BW is changed the SSO for that user stops working.

    our BI is 4.1 SP5.

    Any ideas?

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  • 12/16/15--08:05: SAP BI 4.1 & OFFICE 2016
  • We are doing a POC for our ORG as they are upgrading to OFFICE 2016 mid next year. We are facing a challenge installing LIVE OFFICE for EXCEL 2016.

    Read on the BO Forum that modifying registry keys it worked for OFFICE 2013.

    We tried to do the same but it did not help.  We made sure we only have 32 bit MS OFFICE 2016.

    We know from the pam that it is not supported but we are trying to hack and make it work somehow.

    The error we get is mentioned below.


    MS OFFICE 32-bit or higher was not found.


    Has anyone successfully installed live office for Excel 2016?

    Or do we know if SAP plans to include support for OFFICE 2016 in any of the new service packs.

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    We purchased licenses to BI Suite (not the BI Suite software specifically) and are planning on implementing this in the near future. So my first task is to understand what are the components of BI Suite so we can properly plan for not only migration of our current system but use of some of the fancy tools to do this and that.


    I started by looking at Crystal and came to know about CR 2013 and CR for enterprise. Then I learned Dashboards was out and Design Studio was in. Then I saw various other tools that I basically have no idea what they are. So what is the proper list of components ? How do we know what we actually licensed ?


    I found this discussion from 2013, A Simple Overview of the SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite, which is not really helpful as it doesn't talk about the actual tools, e.g., Lumira, Explorer, etc.


    This link talks about Lumira, Dashboards, Design Studio, Explorer, Mobile, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office.


    We're only looking at the basics: CRE, Web Intelligence, and Design Studio (Dashboards). But also maybe there's something we could use to our advantage.


    So how do I know what are the actual components of the BI Suite package ?

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    Hi All,



    We build some crystal reports and exported to BI. When we try to schedule those I am having issue with selecting prompts it is giving error(attached). When run in my local machine parameters are working fine.


    I have tried creating data connection in business view manager.




    'The authentication provider (secEnterprise) associated with this logon session does not support inter-process Single Sign-On. Contact your system administrator for details. (FWB 00018)' [CRCAF00000020]



    Business Objects :4.1 SP4

    Crystal Reports 2011



    Any solutions or suggestion would be much helpful..

    Thank You,


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    Good Evening!


    We are nearly finished the migration from BO 3.1 to 4.1. As we are also exchanging our database so we would like to have the old 3.1 environment up and running until we are sure everything is fine, but we want to encourage the users to use the new system.


    Is there a simple possibility to block all user except the Admin from logging in on the old BO-System?

    I think there was a really simple option like a check box or so but I did not manage to find it.


    Thanks in advance!


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    In BusinessObjects 4.1 is there a way to get a list of all AD Groups that have been mapped to our BusinessObjects platform? The screen we use to add groups in the CMC (Authentication --> Windows AD) only shows 4 lines and it can be incredibly tedious to search through to find a group. If we could somehow export to a text file we could at least search through it to find out if the group is in the list or not.




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    Is there a way to automatically add an IS NOT NULL clause into a query predicate for all join columns in queries that coming from Crystal Reports 2013, or from WebIntelligence?


    We are running a lot of BI content on top of a MSSQL database that has a lot of potential join columns which might have a lot of NULL values.  We've identified an opportunity to improve SQL query performance by adding an IS NOT NULL predicate for all join columns.  We have a very large inventory of Universes and Crystal Reports s/t going back and manually populating this prediate is a significant effort.  We can add to development standards moving forward, but are trying to find any way of automating this for previously created content.


    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Hi All.

             I'm working on a JAVA application which uses BO reports.

    I'm trying to update the application from BO 3.1 to BI 4.1 where I'm facing some issues with compatibility.


    We use classes like BIPlatform, ResponseHolder, InfoObjects and methods like get (from BIPlatform) and getInfoObjects (from ResponseHolder) to fetch the reports from the BO folder


    If we run with old jar files, the code couldn't pick up from the folder.

    If the dsws-biplatform.jar is updated, we receive an error "Unhandled Type Exception DSWSException" which couldn't be resolved with importing it (or) using try/catch block (or) adding throws declaration.

    If the dsws-session.jar is updated, we face issue with EnterpriseCredential.

    EnterpriseCredential is used to pass the credentials to login to the BO Server


    In BO 3.1, EnterpriseCredential is a class which can be initialized directly using new EnterpriseCredential();  .. whereas in 4.1, EnterpriseCredential is an Interface which cannot be initialized. If we use EnterpriseCredential.Factory.newInstance(); to intialize it, there's no error but it couldn't login to the server


    Appreciate any help/suggestions on how to proceed with the upgrade.

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  • 12/17/15--04:16: Webserver in UNIX or AIX
  • Hi Team,


    Currently we have 4 BO Application servers are there in Windows2008R2 and we have 3 WebLogic servers in Windows2008R2 will be used as Web application servers.

    we are successfully using Kerberos Windows AD SSO when BO app servers and WebLogic servers are in Windows.


    Till now everything is working fine.



    Now there is request to move the WebLogic servers to UNIX/LINUX.


    If they move to UNIX/LINUX, will the Kerberos windows SSO will work?  Is WebLogic in UNIX/LINUX is compatible for Windows AD Kerberos SSO.


    Can someone please share your thoughts on this

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    please enhance the Enterprise Alias Manager with the following features:


    1. Allow selection of single or multiple group(s)


    Current situation: At the moment you can only add enterprise alias for all users on BIP with a specific alias, but if you have a large deployment you it does not make sense to add an alias to 5000 users if you only need it for users in two specific groups (e.g. 200 users instead of 5000).


    Request: Allow selection of single or multiple groups to add enterprise aliases. As example you should be able to add an enterprise alias for AD user type and all users which belong to Group_A and Group_B, but not to Group_C and Group_D.


    2. Allow enabling/disabling of enterprise aliases


    Current situation: The added enterprise alias is always enabled. But we don't allow users to login via enterprise authentication. But sometimes it is necessary to have an enterprise alias for users (better support, Showcases, Proof-of-Concept, no 3rd party auth available, or just as backup if the 3rd party alias is deleted accidentally).


    Request: There should be an option to disable or enable the enterprise alias like available in the CMC


    Thanks & BR,


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    Hi Folks,


    I am facing a weird issue.

    I created a Database to configure the Data Services Repository. The connection configuration is set s Windows Authentication. After configuring the repository, I ran the test connection and worked very well.


    When any users logon BODS server and try to connect to data service Designer, it is not possible the following error appears:



    If I log on the BODS server with the id used to created the IPS, ODBC connections for IPS, Data Services, the error not happen. I am able to log on Data Service Designer as any id.


    Have you faced an issue like that?


    Thanks a lot


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    After having applied instructions of "SAP note 2149200 - Java 8 support issue on Tomcat 7.0.55 and Tomcat 8", I've this working platform :


    - Windows Server 2012 R2

    - Tomcat 7.0.59

    - JRE 8_66

    - BO BI 4.1 SP7

    - SQL*Server 2014 (Repository + data)


    Tomcat 7.0.59 is the last release that works on this platform, applying "SAP note 2149200" instructions.


    NB: the last available release is Tomcat 7.0.67 and many others may be released to solve weaknesses.


    Any release > 7.0.59 gives HTTP 500 errors described in 2149200 SAP note.


    Neither "ecj-4.4.jar" nor "ecj-4.4.2.jar" seems to work with Tomcat release  > 7.0.59 .


    Have you experienced such a problem ?

    Any idea to solve it ?


    It's a very serious problem not to be able to update with last security patches a Tomcat server opened to the web.


    Thanks in advance.





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    We're using a font in our reports which is not appearing correctly in the BI Launch Pad (when it's viewed, exported, or emailed using a schedule).


    The font is installed on our reports server (i.e. the server where Crystal Server is installed).

    It is not installed on my machine (on which I'm using BI Launch Pad to test the report).


    We're looking for a solution which does not require the users to install a font on their own machines.


    Is there a way to make the font appear correctly (when viewed, exported, and emailed) without it needing to be installed on the user's machine ?


    Thanks in advance






    Further details:


    The font appears as a different font in the BI Launch Pad from the font in the PDF-export (both are wrong).

    When I install the font on my machine it appears correctly in the BI Launch Pad, but the PDF-export is the same as before.


    Font: Sui Generis Free (Version 2.200 2004)


    Crystal Version: Crystal Server 2013 - SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 Support Pack 6 (Version:

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    I am doing my first steps on Design Studio 1.5.

    I create an application and tryed to run on BI platform.

    Firts the aplication starts running forever and in my search i found thread




    there i got this solution


    In the CMC, check your APS servers.  If they are split, then you should have one or two for Analysis.  Check the common services to make sure you are running "Analysis Application Service" on one of them.  If they are not split, maybe create a new APS with just the Analysis common service.

    I create the server for "Analysis Application Service" and now i got my aplication but with no data and i receive the message

    Impossible to load InfoProvider "DSL/AQsqNSVWCU1DlDw3ibhc7Zw" (Data Provider "DS_1": An exception has accours)

    Can some on give me some light about what that means? And give me possible solutions?

    Thank you and best regards

    João Lages Fernandes

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    The cluster summary in the Report Results is displaying the wrong OS.  It is showing "Windows Server 2008 6.2" - the clustered servers are running "Windows Server 2012 R2".  These clustered servers are VMs, if that makes a difference.  Thank you!

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    Hi Everyone,


    I just promoted a report from Business Objects QA to PROD and set up the schedule in BO Launch Pad as per requirement. When I try to run now an instance of this report, It stays in Pending status forever and the status does not change to running, let alone Success/Failed. I ran the same report in QA and it seems to be working fine there, Has anyone experienced anything like this before, please share your thoughts, your suggestions on resolving this will be much appreciated .


    Just so you know, other reports (Crystal & Webi) are running fine in prod env. the problem seems to be only with this one report.




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    We are currently on SAP BO XI 3.1 SP5



    We have several Reports/Publications recurring instances which were created by a user with his AD account. (this user also had Administrator privileges). Now this user has left the organization and we are planning to delete his AD account.




    1. What happens to these Recurring instance for Reports/Publications?

    2. How do we change the ownership from this users AD account to Administrator's account?


    Please let me know if you need more information.



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    I got two issues with version 2.0 of this tool.


    Issue 1:

    My customer got the error as issue1.png shows when running PatchHistory.


    Issue 2:

    I got the error as issue2.png shows at the end of the installation of the tool.


    Can anyone help resolving the two issues?


    I wish we can keep PatchHistory tool available at the same time, since version 2.0 seems not stable now.

    Another reason is, if I only need to check the PatchHistory, I don't want to download this 170 MB big tool and have to read so many guides.

    Need to 'run simple'.





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