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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    I have BIP installed on Unix and wanted to try Design Studio as BIP addon. When launching the, I get following message:


    setupexe -launchedFromSH

    Error executing command line: Permission denied

    Finished, return code is 0


    There were different files with no execute-permissions, but I could fixed this. The last one is setupexe - even with root and full 777 it is not possible to hit the Setup. It's also strange, that I get return code 0. Before I fixed the other files I've got a more senseful code like 126.

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    Hello, We are currently on BOXI 3.1 and want to upgrade to BOBI 4.1 SP3, without making any

    modifications to the existing repository or dw components. We just want to replace the

    current BO client tools and browser tools with 4.1 tools respectively. Is this possible?

    Or should I have to do the entire 4.1 setup in a different environment and migrate the stuff

    using Upgrade Management Tool? Please advice. I got mixed suggestions on this. If someone have

    done this before or if there is some official documentation on this, that will help too.




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    Hello Friends


    I am working on BO upgrade from 3.1 to 4.1  for BO BMC Analytics. The current situation while using BI Launch Pad is that the calendar that pops up while entering date taken the date in mm/dd/yyyy format. Due to this, while validating the SQL, the dates like 13,14.....are not processed. We want this calendar to take the values as dd/mm/yyyy.


    While using Rich Client from the server, the date format appears properly - as dd/mm/yyyy. This seems to be a trivial issue but is taking up a lot of our time. Please provide suggestions to resolve this.


    BO version -BI 4.1 SP01

    Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

    Connectivity - ODBC


    Steps tried so far:


    1) Checked the sqlsrv.prm file under E:\Program Files\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\dataAccess\connectionServer\odbc\extensions\legacy

    2) Checked the calendar file under E:\Program Files\SAP BusinessObjects\tomcat\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\eclipse\plugins\webpath.AnalyticalReporting\web\webiDHTML\dhtmllib

    3) Checked the calendar file under E:\Program Files\SAP BusinessObjects\tomcat\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\eclipse\plugins\webpath.AnalyticalReporting\web\dhtmllib

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    Hello everybody, I am having trouble working with dashboard in our system (BI 4.1 SP6). We have a test environment with single CMC Cluster and low in Memory/CPU capacity, but the Dashboard our users worked on opens up and refreshes very fast (at around 16 sec). This is based on Live Office, QaaWs and some Web intelligence Reports (with hyperlinks). When we migrated these dashboards to our Production server which is Clustered (2 CMC nodes) and is Load Balanced with Two Tomcats and F5 on top to redirect, this same dashboard takes around 45 secs (minimum) to open up and refresh takes another 10 secs after that. We have made sure Dashboard Cache and processing server are set with enough memory (4GB each) and made sure WACS is enabled on both CMC Nodes, still we couldn't increase it's performance or speed up initial refresh.


    Does anyone has similar setup and have dashboards working better than single node systems ? We expected this clustered environment to perform better as it has high end architecture and a lot more server capacity than our test server.  Any help where to tune or check the system will be greatly appreciated.



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    Currently I'm building a .NET application that will update the report data source that has been deploy to CR server. The deployed report is retrieving data from text-based file.


    The source data are in text files(.txt) instead of databases(SQL, Oracle)


    Following are the lines of codes that I have start with:



    boInnerPropertyBag.Add("Database Name", strSourcePath); //c:\temp\ReportSource.txt

    boInnerPropertyBag.Add("Database Type", "Text");


    //Set the attributes for the boMainPropertyBag

    boMainPropertyBag.Add("Database DLL", "crdb_dao.dll");

    boMainPropertyBag.Add("QE_DatabaseName", strSourcePath); //c:\temp\ReportSource.txt

    boMainPropertyBag.Add("QE_DatabaseType", "Text");


    //Add the QE_LogonProperties we set in the boInnerPropertyBag Object

    boMainPropertyBag.Add("QE_LogonProperties", boInnerPropertyBag);

    boMainPropertyBag.Add("QE_ServerDescription", strSourcePath); //c:\temp\ReportSource.txt

    boMainPropertyBag.Add("QE_SQLDB", "False");

    boMainPropertyBag.Add("SSO Enabled", "False");


    ConnectionInfo newConnectionInfo = new ConnectionInfo();

    newConnectionInfo.Attributes = boMainPropertyBag;

    newConnectionInfo.Kind = CrConnectionInfoKindEnum.crConnectionInfoKindMetaData;


    rptClientDoc.DatabaseController.ReplaceConnection(oldConnectionInfo, newConnectionInfo, null, CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.DataDefModel.CrDBOptionsEnum.crDBOptionDoNotVerifyDB);




    No error occur on ReplaceConnection but when it comes to the following code an error "Database logon failed":


    PrintOutputController rasPrintOutputController;

                                        CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.ReportDefModel.CrReportExportFormatEnum rasReportExportFormat;

                                        rasReportExportFormat = CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.ReportDefModel.CrReportExportFormatEnum.crReportExportFormatPDF;

                                        rasPrintOutputController = rptClientDoc.PrintOutputController;


                                        Byte[] myBytes = (rptClientDoc.PrintOutputController.Export(rasReportExportFormat, 0).ByteArray);



    I can't seem to find sample where the data source is in text-based.


    Am I setting the correct property details on the data source?

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    Hello Team,


    We have users who has setup as enterprise and windows AD authentication users.. We are migrating everyone to windows AD authentication now.Can anyone help us on SDK script which will show us users who are setup as enterprise authentication ? This will help to identify the users who are using enterprise and convert them to windows AD.




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    I am in the process of upgrading BOXI3.1 to BI4.1. My client uses more than 100 connections connecting to SAP BW. (Remember BICS wasn't available in XI3.1). While upgrading, all such SAP BW based universes have been upgraded to BI4.1 with expected extension as UNV. Now after upgrade, I need to change connection parameter for unv universes to point to different environment. Do I need to change these connections manually? Or can I use promotional management to override these settings?


    Any thoughts or workaround for changing connection parameters? Manually changing parameters sounds tedious and error prone method.



    Girish Oak

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    hi all,

    i am not able to login into Prod server using my admin credentials. please tell me what could be the work around.




    can anyone help me out.


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    Hi, We have a requirement to download all the Crystal reports from different folders in BO system. I see there is a option in CMC/BI Launch Pad to download one report at a time by right clicking on the report Send --> File Location and we can save it in shared drive. If i have 20 reports in a folder, is there any way we can download all of them at once to the shared folder? I really appreciate your help!


    BO: BI 4.1 SP03

    CR: CR 2013



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    In BO XI 3.1 SP5 Info View, the properties are missing in Properties tab. I can see the Properties tab, but it is blank.

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  • 01/12/16--18:39: How to setup a user
  • HI I have never done this. I have added a new user and she wants to run a report. where do i add this report? I see no area for doing this.


    How to create a folder for her?

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    Hi Forum -


    Has anyone ever implemented SAML2-based authentication with SAP BO BI 4.1 ?  We have a got a SAML2 Identity Provider in our landscape that we would like to federate with BO BI.




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    we are publishing the crystal reports for multiple BO users which are under a single BO group.

    For few users we are getting below error,


    Scheduling document job "<report name>" (ID: report id) failed: Error in File ~tmp123.rpt:

    Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters.

    Details:  [Database Vendor Code: 3135 ]



    For same user it is failing for the first run and it is succeeding in the second  or third run.

    So what could be the issue and how to debug this

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    BI4.1 SP2


    3 CMS nodes

    6 Proc Nodes

    4 Weblogic Nodes (LB)


    1 Tomcat node (testing)


    Crystal Reports build in BI4.0 environment not working in BI4.1 SP2 (in place upgrade) and shows error


    unable to process your request.

    name: MochiKit.Async.XMLHttpRequestError


    message: Request failed                                                             

    number: 402


    in BILaunchpad.


    We have already logged SAP message and there is no avail. Few Latest response is for end-to-end trace, which has been provided twice.


    Issue is not similar to other similar SCN threads, which mentioned incorrect migration, LB issue or similar things.

    All reports works fine until this issue is reported.

    When this issue occurs CR Proc server on one of the nodes shows running and normal metrics, but it cannot process any CR. It seems it becomes unresponsive.

    Also, the same report which gives error on specific node does run fine on other node. (no node specific)



    1. Its not a report specific issue.

    2. Its really infrequent. Once in a month or so.

    3. We tried to run an audit report to see the pattern and there is no specific report, user, CR proc node, time, etc.

    4. We have also used the default tomcat (test) to check the behavior if its web tier based and its not. Reports giving error continues to give error on a unresponsive node when using tomcat.

    5. Workaround is to restart SIA. If not done, more nodes starts getting unresponsive. (unacceptable as its production system)

    6. Webi and other reporting keeps on working fine.

    7. Scheduling also works fine.


    We have more or less tried everything that is available on internet and suggested by SAP.

    Please post your suggestions and I will try them and let you guys know.




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    Hello everyone,


    We have scheduled a Promotion Job to take a BIAR File backup of the whole env everyday and save the file on a Shared (Network Drive). But for some reason the schedule fails and shows this error.


    "Commit Status=Commit attempted and failed., Promotion Status=Failure : Delivery results to destination (CrystalEnterprise.DiskUnmanaged) failed."


    More info to help you, to help me:

    • Job Server has been updated with File System destination. (Even though Job Server has been setup for File System destination, they can always be overwritten while scheduling, by unchecking "Use default settings," isnt it?)
    • I'm scheduling the job as a Domain User Account (DomainName\DomainUserName) and that account has full access to the Shared Folder (on Network Drive).
    • I tried using the full path as \\servername\foldername (and also as E:\foldername, where E is the drive to which that network drive is mapped. The schedule works when I make the destination as C:\Temp or something else, its just an issue with the Network Drive path.)
    • I don't have any spaces in the Promotion Job Name or the Destination Path or the File Name that'll be created.


    Appreciate your effort, help and/or your time to read this.



    Mahboob Mohammed

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    Hi Team ,


    When i tried to install SAP Business object 3.1 version on my system as drive to External disk as Pen drive (Drive E:) , then at installation time , it shows the following error as " Verify you have access to that directory " .


    Could any one please suggest what i have to do to resolve this issue and setup will be installed on my system easily .




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    Hi all,


    Im  having strange issue.


    The webi reports with single source universe in BI Launchpad throws an error where as multisource  universe reports works fine with launchpad.


    Where as in webi rich client reports with single source universe works fine but multi source universe report does not work. Can you please suggest me what could go wrong.


    Error message in BI launch pad states "database error ORA -12154." TNS could not resolve the connect identifier specified.

    Error messgae in rich client  states - the following database error occured "unable to bind to network layer object".


    Any inputs please let me know.




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    We have an existing BW 7.31 on HANA and planning a BI 4.1 deployment on top of that using BICS interface, since we have made a lot of investment in BEX queries already (currently running on Enterprise Portal)


    I have a done some reading on SCN/Notes/KB etc. and have a few questions.


    Our BOE environment is a shared platform, with various backends. We one trying to get onto it with our BW backend. BI platform is using Enterprise Authentication. So the users login with corporate email address/password on BI

    Our SAP BW environment runs with employee ID access



    • If I enable SAP authentication between BI and BW, I will get prompted twice to login. Am I right? once for email to login to BI and once for employee ID access into BW
    • From what I had read, this can be avoided by establishing a certificate trust using STS and performing an ‘SAML’ mapping between the BI employee IDs and BW employee IDs. And this needs to be done for each individual user.
      • But we have more than to 7500 users; we need to map existing users
      • Map new users as they get created

    How do we accomplish this? Are there recommended ways to automate these processes?


    Please let me know if you need additional detail.

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    We published the reports in to crystal server 9, but we don't have copy of the reports locally. How do we save the reports in server to local drive?

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  • 01/13/16--14:19: BI Launh Pad - Folder Access

  • Greetings, Iam new tothe community andalsoin the administration ofBOBJsystems, I'm followingthe book "BusinessIntelligence PlatformAdministratorGuide"butI could notset upa normaluser to viewthe option to"Folders" ontheBIlaunch pad,would believethis is possiblebecause whenaddedthis user to group"Admin" actuallyappears.

    The followingimage is displayedonlythe option "My Documents" and "Search" with user session.



    This is the image from BI Launch Pad for Admin User.



    I am convinced that a grant should be about the distribution of BI Launch Pad. Reports and folders already have grant to display but I can not know how I do it

    I appreciate your cooperation in trying to solve this case.

    Thank you so much




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