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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    We are trying to see if we can install the crystal server 11.5 on our windows server 2008 (32-bit).

    Also what version of IIS can we use to make sure crystal server will run on that server?




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    Hello All,


    We have recently started our migration of BI source platform from BW to BW based on HANA database. And in new platform based on HANA database created a calc views and then created a UNX universe on top of this view. The performance of reports on this UNX is drastic compared to OLAP UNV.


    Now the challenge is that we have a whole world of webi reports based on OLAP UNV which need to be re-pointed to the new UNX and I want to find out if there are any tools/methods/ideas using which we could repoint these webi's in-bulk to the UNX version from UNV, since repointing these webis one by one can take longtime.


    Thanks for your advise and suggestions.



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    Hi All,


    What is The use of creating Indexes on Info cube,...?

    Please Explain with Example,What happen if cube with Indexes...? and without indexes in Performance Wise...?





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    Hi All,


    In which order we have to apply Query Performance Technics in following Options,




    Roll Up,





    Please Help me, I am thanks to All In advance.





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    Installed SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio 1.6 BI Platform add-on.

    Deployed  WAR files on WebLogic and its not working but the same is working in tomcat.

    Has anyone deployed in WebLogic. Is it supported? Dont see the details in PAM..

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  • 01/23/16--17:26: BEx Query Report
  • Hello,


    Can anybody help please:


    Why is my BEx Report showing ERROR after each figure in each cell please


    Vendor Total Debit Postings Total Credit Posting Sales for the Period
    1001 0.00 0.00 0.00
    1002 1,982,424.24 ERROR 1,982,424.24 ERROR -1,982,424.24 ERROR
    1003 2,859,066.04 ERROR 2,920,527.95 ERROR -2,920,527.92 ERROR
    1004 2,871,455.69 ERROR 2,955,917.60 ERROR -2,955,917.57 ERROR
    1005 44,720,155.13 ERROR 45,973,774.17 ERROR -45,971,037.11 ERROR
    1006 44,932,000.45 ERROR 46,303,552.80 ERROR -46,294,935.88 ERROR
    1007 44,953,790.75 ERROR 46,325,343.10 ERROR -46,316,726.18 ERROR
    1008 44,955,367.25 ERROR 46,326,919.59 ERROR -46,318,011.24 ERROR
    Overall Result 44,955,367.25 ERROR 46,326,919.59 ERROR -46,318,011.24 ERROR

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    Hello Everyone,


    I have currently installed BO XI 3.1 SP7.


    And later I noticed tha there are two fixpacks for this SP.

    I searched for the "fixed issues notes" for that fix packs, but haven't found any document.


    Does anyone know where I can find such documentation for those fixpacks?


    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi guys

    I promoted one of my pre-production universe to production universe and checked the option to promote the security settings. As soon as I did that, the users were not able to access the universe , I checked all their access controls in CMC, everything seemed fine. So eventually I had to rollback the promotion.


    My question is, if I promote the universe without the security settings, what will the impact be?




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    Concurrent users are being shown as logged in multiple times and their sessions are not being cleared even when they are not using the Business Objects Applications. As a result concurrent user licenses are getting used up very quickly causing other concurrent users facing login Issues due to unavailability of concurrent user licenses.


    I know, there are manually process to kill the session. But I need to know how to kill the session itself after closed browser. Crystal Reports are accessing through the launchpad and there are no logoff sign. We need to close the browser.


    Do I need to write custom SDK code to handle the session close? If so, then could you please advice what custom code I can write.



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    I am performing the migration of the new installed CMS of SAP BI on SQL to HANA.



    As per guide I have performed few step but confuse about the entry for HANA in odbc.ini file of BI.

    Please any one guide me about the entries.Secondly, I have tried few entries mentioning below but did not work for me.


    Data Sources]

    BI4_CMS_DSN_1451901617=SQLAnywhere 12.0

    BI4_Audit_DSN_1451901617=SQLAnywhere 12.0























    When I am starting updating CMS Datasource it is giving me following error :

    Data Sources]

    Error:Unable to check database

    Error: Error Description:Internal error:An unknown exception has occured.(FWB 00090)

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    I am trying to access WebI report chart data in CSV through Restful web service call but i am get only the following message in SOAP UI project


    E.g:- In SOAP UI

    request url : http://BI_HOST:6405/biprws/raylight/v1/documents/5193/reports/2


    Header                              value

    accept                               test/csv

    X-SAP-LogonToken            logon token value.



    <data contentType="text/csv" contentLength="4"><![CDATA[





    Could anyone help how get webi report chart data through the rest call.

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    Good morning - We are (finally!) starting the migration away from Deski for our operational reports. We have a BOBJ XI 3.1 SP 7 FP 7.2 system running on Windows and we have a BI Platform 4.1 SP 6 Patch 1 system that runs on AIX. We are using the Upgrade Management Tool to bring the 3.1x universes over to the 4.1 system. I installed a 4.1 SP 6 Patch 1 system on Windows to act as the UMT host. The universes are coming over with no errors and they can be opened in Universe Builder with no issues.


    The issue we are seeing is that after the universe is imported to the BI 4.1 system, it looks like it is then trying to fill any LOVs that exist on the universe and we are experiencing performance problems on the source database because of this. The source database is an Oracle DB running on AIX. We are pretty sure that it is LOVs being filled that is causing the extra load on the DB because when we look at the processes, we can see that they are select statements on fields where there are LOVs setup up on the universe.


    Has anyone else experienced these type of performance problems, and is there any way short of deleting the universe in BI 4.1, deleting the LOVs in the BOBJ 3.1 system, and then doing the migration to 4.1 again? The LOVs are still needed, so this would mean a lot of rework.


    Is there a way to specify a time when to kick off the processes to fill the LOVs or to limit how many processes/jobs that are used to do this work?


    Your assistance is appreciated!




    Blair Towe

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    Hi colleagues,


    In step 3 of E2E Wizard, if there is alert saying that something is missing, it's not possible to go back to step 2.




    Thank you for developing the wonderful tool!


    Best regards,


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    Hi colleagues,


    When I generate report from BIP Support Tool 2.0, I cannot find Design Studio (Analysis Application) information in Content section.

    I am sure that there are Design Studio files in my environment. Do I miss anything?




    Thank you.


    Best regards,


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    Hi colleagues,


    I am using BIP Support Tool 2.0.

    I don't understand the meaning of CPU Usage Percentage metric.

    Could you explain further? Thank you!




    Best regards,


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    Hi guys

    I recently promoted a prod universe to pre-prod environment. Then I opened the pre-prod universe in IDT and noticed that it was still pointing to Prod. I changed its connection to point to Pre-prod. But when I refreshed the structure, it still said , all the tables in the foundation are missing. Then I ran some queries in IDT and noticed in sql that it was still pointing to production.


    How do I fix this?

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    Hi colleagues,


    In SAP Note 1861180 - Customer instructions and best practice for collecting a BI Platform 4.x end to end trace [Video], it says:


    Edit bo_trace.ini and change the value for the parameter keep_num to 20 (for Webi workflows, use a keep_num value of 50).  Also update the value for parameter append to false.


    But in BIP Support Tool 2.0, the parameter append is set to true by default.




    Which one is the best practice for setting this parameter?


    Thank you!


    Best regards,


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    hello guys,


    I need some help with this dump generated by the APS in logging folder of the SAP BI 4.0 SP4 platform (attached txt)


    when we are in heavy duty conccurence of users in the platform and some instances are running the server and some services in BI platform hangsout.


    Actually i already increase the java heap size in the APS to 8GB and the dumps are still persist, i thing in split the APS but we just have 7 GB RAM avalible and i dont sure about it.


    Env details:


    SO = Windows server 2008 R2

    RAM = 16 GB

    HDD= 200GB

    CPU= 4Cores 2.5Ghz



    Thanks in advance and regards for your help,


    I hope you can help me in this issue.

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    I have installed Business Objects 4.1 service pack 6. When I run a landscape report will all options checked, I get an error. The error is blank, however I notice there is no cluster name provided. In the Central Management Console I can see a cluster name. I also see that both of my nodes in the CCM belong to the same cluster.


    I am unsure why the cluster name does not appear. As such, the only analysis I can get is Landscape Inspection and Server Comparison. I don't get all other items such as License Keys, Schedule....etc


    I have license keys assigned. However this is a new installation, which means I don't have any schedules


    Please advise

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    I need to update, from a script, the DB credentials of new users. The users are created from windows Active directory.

    I saw that the Account Name is stored in the SI_DATA property of the user object. But I couldn't find haw to update the DB password of that account.




    I need to write a script that will automate the following import functionality.



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