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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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  • 02/03/16--13:47: FIPS in 4.2
  • Where can I get more information on the FIPS encryption in BusinessObjects 4.2? I need to find out how much encryption is being employed, and if it adds overhead to the platform.

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    dear all,



    we have issue with certain webi reports with bulk data .


    we are unable to fetch all the records in the Bi launchpad (after multiple refreshes and schedules it is fetching data in bi launchpad), these are all scheduled reports and when we try to refresh the reports in webi client tool it is fetching all the records.


    please help is us  in which way to go forward for trouble shooting the issue.

    need your valuable suggestions,please guide us in this.








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    HI Dear,


    I have configure BO Launchpad with HTTPS ( SSL) it configure with demoCA it is working fine only issues is every time my management open launchpad in browser it gave warning  message as shown below


    Please let me know ho can i get rid of this message  as we are using  BO launchpad on local network not on public network . let me know what i need to ask my network team. they provided me certificates on local domain how can i use that certificate to configure BO with SSL


    i am following  this    1648573 - How to configure SSL on Tomcat in BI 4.x


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    I know data extraction from ECC and flat file .

    But how to extract data from POSDM to BI?




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    Unexpected response from server.  Veriy the server URL.  Error parsing JSON: Expect either an object or array at root.  (IES 10901) (Error: INF)


    Receive this error when I create a Webi report against a new universe.  Chrystal does not have any issues with this universe.


    Thank you

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    We schedule reports in the CMC and emails are added there manually.


    Alot of times, they are asking me to add a user to a report, remove a user, etc. we have alot of turnover of employees here etc.


    I am very part time per this job as well and cannot do very much during my daytime.


    So I was wondering if the report could seek the recipients email in some table that the managers would maintain, add users as needed?

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    This is a bit of oddball question. We have some reports that run on IBM server daily, into spool files. They would like to simply

    use such data from these reports in a Crystal report.


    So far as I can see, this is not possible. Has anyone encountered this before? Some options I can think of

    1. convert the report to a table


    But this means alot of scripting. Perhaps there is some way to get this report into Crystal?

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    Hello SCN BI Platform,


    We have a problem concerning Design Studio 1.6 installation, in the Design Studio Forum i was sent on to this forum.


    When trying to execute the installation file for DS 1.6 on one of our servers we continously get an error "SAP Self Extractor  has stopped working", which makes entering the installation program impossible. The file-extraction will work perfectly on other systems, just that one seems to have this problem.

    InstallCache is OK as well as BI platform 4.0 installed and DS1.5 uninstalled.

    Some ideas how to troubleshoot?



    Nils von der Heide

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    Hi All

    Can someone please help

    We have Windows AD authentication enabled on our WEBI 4.1 sp5 system with SSO which is working fine.



    However when we generate an opendocument URL for a report

    and click on it, it opens an Enterprise Login page.


    Please could you let me know how to configure Windows AD SSO for OpenDocument,



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    I am using a sample code from SAP note for sending emails on failure notification. How and where should i configure the JSP code? Do i have to configure for each and every report? Do i have to set up SMTP in the job server?


    My requirement is to send emails to each user when their report fails. Is that possible?


    Appreciate your help.



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    Hi Experts,


    Do we have a script which helps to check the property "User must change password at next logon" . I need to apply it on more than 10k users.


    Version: BI 4.1




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    I need to make backup of some objects (folders, reports, universes) via Java code. After that, I need restore some objects. Something like subversion.
    I see, there is a Version Manager in CMC, and it works great. Can I use it via Java SDK?
    Any other ideas?


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    Im facing a problem at the moment to make an import/export of an univers wiith the UDT BI 4.1 SP 04. Once i want to export an univers, i have the following error mesage:


    File Repository Service input is down in french "File repository Service input est hors service".


    I already checked the configuration in the CMC:


    no problems related to licenses.

    the servers InputfileRepository and OutpoufileRepository are OK

    I turned off the firewall in the client host

    I checked the rights over the folders universes in the CMC: OK

    I checked the file directory of the univers in the CMC (they are in the fileStore folder)



    THANKS in advance for your help and any kind of suggestions.



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    Hi All,


    I think I'm asking the most strange question in this space but it seems this time my google capabilities are not good enough...

    I have BI Platform 4.2 and I receive S/4 HANA access on Monday. How can I create a connection to access the data in S/4? I know how to create an OLAP connection, but should I just choose HANA and type all the parameters or everything is not so easy?


    Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend!

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  • 02/05/16--11:55: BO System Copy
  • Dear all,


    I need a suggestion of BO experts to resolve an inconvenience that I am facing with a customer with BO landscape.


    The customer has three systems (DEV, QAS, PRD) but most of the reports were made in PRD directly (Very bad practice). DEV and QAS systems have different reports (are different) and it is not possible to reproduce issues or making test according to SAP best practices.


    It is necessary to make equivalent the systems and I have that responsibility. I am not a BO expert and for that reason I want to ask you what would be the best alternative to make equivalent the systems.

    I know that for BO system It is not possible to do a system copy  as a netweaver version, in this case I have to apply  a reverse deploy  (PRD-->QAS-->DEV).  What do you suggest?


    Is that   the  best alternative? Is it possible to apply transports from PRD to QAS and then from QAS to DEV?

    Most of the reports are made on  Analysis for OLAP.

    The BI platform is  4.1 SP5 PL10 on Windows 2012.

    Database SQL anywhere 12.0.0

    These systems are connected to HANA data base SP09.



    Any suggestions please let me know.




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    I have downloaded the latest version of the BI Client Tools. When I unpack it and go to install it by running setup.exe nothing happens. I have full admin access to my machine. I don't see any failures in the logs. No error pops up or anything for that matter.


    Do I need to uninstall the currently installed client tools first?



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    Hello everyone,


    I have a question, I'm trying to create a SAP HANA Business Layer in top of a relational connection through Information Design Tool 4.1 SP7,


    I can create my connection and I can see my views under the folder _SYS_BIC, when I test my connection it says "Test Successful", but when I try to create a SAP HANA Business Layer and choose my connection and then click Next it says "Cannot display catalogs", I want to know why this happens,


    Have some of you experienced the same behavior?


    Thanks in advance.

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    I have read and followed the advice of nearly all of the discussions/resolutions I can find for this issue.  I have dealt with the Audit log, rebooted the server, bounced the SIA, cloned the server, etc, but it is still stuck in the initializing state and disabled.  This is for BI 4.1 SP5 FP4.  Any other suggestions?

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    HI Team ,


    How to get Modified Date column avaiable for users in BI Launchpad as in CMC?


    Thank you

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  • 02/08/16--00:30: Crystal Enterprise 9
  • Hi


    I have always worked with CE9, but recently we have had to upgrade our server to Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard, I have freshly installed CE9 and I have got RAS service started, but ePortfolio wont work - I get a 404 page not found error when I click the report application server launchpad


    Is CE9 compatible with Windows Sever 2008?


    If not what upgrade do I need please?


    Many thanks


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