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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hello Experts,


    We are analyzing the feasibility of a Java program to update information in universes on a BIP 4.1 SP6.

    For UNX, no big issue. The Semantic Layer SDK provides everything we wants.


    But I am more worried about UNX. I read we can only use the COM libraries in a excel to modify them. The SL SDK seems to support only UNX and would require to convert the old to new ones. But here, our requirement is clear: we want to keep the unv.


    It would appear as well the old COM libraries are no longer supported on BIP 4.1 ... Do you confirm ?


    What would be, with your knowledge, the best approach to create a application (or 2, one for unv, one for unx) ?

    Can we still modify the unv on a BIP 4.1 ? If yes, with what ?


    Thank you !

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    I have a website with ASPX forms that connect to Crystal Server 2013 to display reports.


    I want to do the same with a windows forms application. In this form I would establish a connection to Crystal Server to display a report.


    Is is possible to do this?


    I have looked at some tutorials and they explain the process to do this using the Crystal Reports Viewer provided by Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010. But I don't know if this is the right approach as the classes are not exactly the same.


    In my website I don't use the DLLs provided by Crystal Reports for Visual Studio. I use those deployed by SAP Business Objects BI Platform .NET SDK Redistributable 32 bit 4.1 SP7.





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    We are running BOB41, SP6, Patch 4 and I would like to know if there is a way to 1) disable the 'New > Local Document' button option on the BI Launchpad.  We would like to disable the ability to upload Local Documents to the CMS.


    Any assistance will be much appreciated.



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    I am a relatively new BI user.

    I am developing a month to date sales comparison report. The report is run manually on the mid month working day of the current month. For comparison purposes I need to compare against the same number of working days last year. To achieve the correct date ranges, I have created 2 user prompts requesting a calendar date be completed. How do I use these prompt responses in a query, allowing me to specify which response I would like to use?



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    Hi Guys

    We have a sales team here where the churn rate is very high... Lot of new people keep coming on board as well.

    Although they are set up in CMC , but they are not a part of any folder or group.


    My question is ... Is there a way to manage this?

    Could we somehow link the groups in outlook with that in Business objects and see where the missing links are?




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    I have a POS system. and data are pull from POS to POSDM using  PI . I want to know how to pull data from PI to POSDM?




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    Hello everyone,


    I a trying to install the clients tools for BO 3.1 SP6, but during the installation i received the following message:


    Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly components ... you can see the print in the doc attached


    Can you please help top resolving thisn issue. I running the installation with admin rights, .NET framework 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 in the host and i am ok regarding RAM and Windows version (Windows server 2003 standard Edition SP2 )


    do yu have any ideas?


    big thanks


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    BI 4.1 SP1


    Central Configuration Manager > Manage Servers > using the administrator account to login


    All of the servers are 'Running' but baring the 'CentralManagementServer' all of the servers are 'Disabled' and i'm unable to enable them. Everytime i right click any of them and hit enable, nothing happens..


    I've rebooted the server, stopped all services completely and tried enabling, tried starting 1 by 1 and enabling, nothing seems to work..


    Any suggestions would be appreciated, this is a dev server but it's needed at the moment




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    We currently have our limits set to retain only 5 instances.  We made this decision because users were scheduling all long running excel reports and generally if they were long running, they were also relatively large.  Rather than filling up our Output FRS, we just limited the number retained.  However, we have had an intermittent problem now with schedules not 'working properly', as in users claim to not get emailed reports that were scheduled.  Because we only retain 5 instances, it makes it almost impossible to investigate without being notified immediately of this happening.


    Is there a way to view schedule History of a report without having to increase the number of instances retained? At least from an Administrator perspective? Somewhere in CMC or a query run against QueryBuilder?


    If the only way is to increase the number of instances retained, does limiting the number of instances per user group mean that I can set it to 5 for users, but 50 for Administrators such that when a user goes to view the History, they only see 5, but the Administrator will see up to 50? Or does setting it by user group really mean how many instances are literally kept per user group, rather than visible per user group? (Hopefully that made sense).


    Unless I am missing it, this is not information I can get from the BI Support Tool output necessarily.


    We are on 4.1 SP6 Patch 4.


    Any ideas/suggestions/help would be much appreciated.



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  • 02/19/16--12:23: IDT universe on Hadoop
  • Hi,

    Trying to create IDT universe on Hadoop.


    1) SAP Business Objects Client tools version (4.1 SP4) and Hive server used is Hive server 2

    as per SCN wiki " Apache Hadoop Hive Connection with IDT" - I have to upgrade to latest service pack.


    Question : can I upgrade client version to higher SP than server install? I am asked to do so...I assume, if I had to rollback, uninstall client tools and re-install back again.


    2) before upgrading to latest SP (locally), tried to create System DSN (driver downloaded from Cloudera), and define relational connection via IDT to master node (on-prem Hadoop Cluster).


    While defining the relational connection - I used "Cloudera Impala Simba driver" (middleware) ; I want to trace and see log file...need help.



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    based on this comment SAP BUSINESSOBJECTS BI 4.x - DEVELOPER SDK LIBRARY there is/was no SDK around to create new Style UNX universes through SDK. I just wanted to start a new discussion if thinks may have changed over time and would like to know if there is nowadays a new SDK that allows me to creates a BOBJ Universe.


    The old COM SDK is deprecated and unfortunately some questions remain unanswered (


    Any help is highly appreciated.





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    We have a BO testing server, which has a version of XI 4.1 SP7 patch 1. Recently I find there is only one schema A that takes care of both CMS and Auditing roles. Is there a good way to separate them?  I mean, now I get a new schema B.  Can I copy all the tables&data of auditing from schema A to schema B, then reconfigure Auditing in CMS to let it link to schema B.  Then back to schema A, delete all auditing tables, let it work for CMS only?


    Meanwhile, we have huge legacy data in auditing database of production server.  I know there is settings to purge the database based on days, I also want to know if it's OK that I truncate the following tables: ADS_Supported_Events, ADS_Event, ADS_Event_Detail (or, I should just configure the data to be kept for one day and switch back to normal settings after the data is purged by system).


    Thanks very much!

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    I need to know, when a user closes their BI Launchpad browser without clicking the LOG OFF button, their session remains active in CMC. The default

    session time out in web.xml file is 20 minutes. But the session still active more then 20 minutes.



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    I had a nasty situation when scheduled jobs failed to restart next scheduled time. The jobs disappeared from pending and recurring lists. Then I had to reschedule manually a big number of jobs when the problem was fixed. The scheduler never re-tried the failed jobs.


    Perhaps it's important to know the reason for the original failure: Object failed to run due to insufficient security privileges.


    It's SAP BO 4.1. Is it a feature? Is there a way to prevent this in the future? Is there a setting I have missed?


    A quick answer would be appreciated. I need to log a case with SAP but I want to ask the community first.


    Please note that I am interested in why the scheduler didn't attempt the jobs next time, not in the original reason for the failure but they may be related.

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    I'm trying to get Hardware and Web Application server Metrics via SAP Host Agent. I'm not sure which password to use in order to connect to SAP Host agent.




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    Hi experts,




    I set data source via ADO.NET(XML) at design-time.

    Then I deploy the report to SAP BusinessObjects BI platform, and view report/export report through .NET SDK.

    How can I set DataSource from DataSet at runtime?(use BOE SDK)

    Please suggest.

    Thanks a lot of.






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    Made a java-app which retrieve records from a database via REST and outputs a correct java.sql,Resultset (working fine using the CR client)


    BUT when ran from the CMS I get following error message after my own logging says everything went fine....


    Please help!!



    Error msg:

    [] [22 Feb 2016 - 13:15:25]  INFO - Ping JavaServer in Dispather's ping()

    [] [22 Feb 2016 - 13:15:25]  INFO - DRIVER_CLASSNAME:

    [] [22 Feb 2016 - 13:15:25]  INFO - DRIVER_TYPE: JavaBeans

    [] [22 Feb 2016 - 13:15:25]  INFO - An instance of already exists

    [] [22 Feb 2016 - 13:15:25]  INFO - Ping JavaServer in Dispather's ping()

    [] [22 Feb 2016 - 13:15:25]  INFO - DRIVER_CLASSNAME:

    [] [22 Feb 2016 - 13:15:25]  INFO - DRIVER_TYPE: JavaBeans

    [] [22 Feb 2016 - 13:15:25]  INFO - An instance of already exists

    [] [22 Feb 2016 - 13:17:25]  INFO - adding to hash table by javaserver when no error returns and useServerHandleValue is false




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  • 02/22/16--04:53: Saprouter
  • Hi Experts!


    Is SAPRouter is supported on Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.7. I tried looking in PAM but no success




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    I am facing the current situattion at a client's site :

    - they have a BI4.1 server on a Unix platform.

    - they have a couple of Excel files that we want to use as data sources for WebI reports

    - we would like to have drill-up/drill-down capabilities in the reports, as well as filtered queries for good performances, and security implemented at row level in the reports.


    for that we would like to create Universes from those Excel files, and build the WebI reports using those universes, instead of creating the reports directly from the excel sources.


    The issue is that we cannot create an ODBC Data Source for those Excel files under Unix, it seems it only exists for Windows operated servers.


    Has anyone ever faced such a case ?

    What option do we have to answer our customer's needs ?


    thanks for your help,

    kind regards,


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    Hi guys

    I have a webi report which has got links to the different reports.


    Now I have a folder structure as :


    Marketing- Top folder

    M1- sub folder


    M2-sub folder

      Ma - sub folder to M2

      Mb -sub folder to M2


    This webi report is saved in folder Mb.


    I have saved this webi report in a different shared folder which I want to share with users .


    Now when I granted access to this webi report(from the shared folder) , it works fine for the users but when they click the link to a different report which is saved in Mb, they get the error which says they don't have access to this document.


    I tried giving access to M2 folder to the users , it works but they can see all the contents of M2 which they are not supposed to see...


    How do I work this out?



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