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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hi All,


    Need help to grant connection right to user

    to  be able edit connection of a universe in the universe design tool.


    I created an access level and added included right of the system- connection-edit-new- modify

    and gave users the right to edit universe connection in UDT, but is not working.


    Still they cant edit connection- is grayed out




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    I've got a 2 node CMS Cluster running on VM.  I see two options documented for mounting the FRS but I want to consider a third.


    1. NAS share (CIFS) that can be mounted to either node, with one Active and one Passive.  Unfortunately, we can't replicate the NAS without a big expense.
    2. SAN direct mount but that would require MSCS to cluster the mount to my two nodes.  Who wants to mess with MSCS to cluster the FRS?  That seems messy.


    The two options above are both sound but they have some cons that make replicating to my DRP site either difficult or expensive.  So I'm considering a third VM guest that has a direct SAN mount, let's say an E: Drive.  Then, I create a Windows FileShare off of that drive that can be mounted to my CMS Servers as \\VMFileServer\Filestore.  Like NAS, this could be mounted Active and Passive on the two nodes.



    Whether I use NAS or Windows Fileshare, the I/O still has to travel over the network to the SAN.  Is there any discernible latency between the two?  Is this even supported by SAP?  Please challenge this and let me know your thoughts.


    Why do it?  If the FRS is hosted on a separate VM guest that is then shared to the CMS Servers, all of my VM's will replicate together to our DR site inherently with the whole VM Farm.  Seems nice and clean but I really don't know what to think about how that I/O will perform or any other gotchas to consider.  If I was on Linux, this would be the exporting host for my NFS.  Same concept.

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    I have a single report that I created from scratch.

    It is a very simple one that retrieves data from a SQL connection.

    It has 2 subreports inside and it has 3 parameters.


    I have an environment with Crystal Server 2013 OEM.

    I am using unmanaged RAS to display the report mentioned above using 2 different tools: an ASPX forms and a Windows forms application.

    The code for both tools provide all that is necessary for the report to run without the user having to type anything.

    The windows forms version works without a hitch. However, the ASPX form always asks for the parameters, even though they should be automatically assigned by the code.

    The code is fairly similar for both versions, with some minor differences.


    Does anybody know why would this happen?


    Thank you in advance,




    The code that displays the report in the windows form is the following:


    ReportAppSession reportSession = new ReportAppSession();

    reportSession.ReportAppServer = "RAS_SERVER_NAME";




    // Create the report document

    ReportClientDocument clientDocument = new ReportClientDocument();

    clientDocument.ReportAppServer = "RAS_SERVER_NAME";



    object filepath = @"rassdk://C:\\Report.rpt";



    clientDocument.Open(filepath, 1);


    this.ParametersLoad(ref clientDocument);


    crystalReportViewer1.ReportSource = clientDocument;



    // Set DB Connection

    CrystalDecisions.Shared.ConnectionInfo connectionInfo = new CrystalDecisions.Shared.ConnectionInfo();

    TableLogOnInfos logOnInfos = crystalReportViewer1.LogOnInfo;

    foreach (TableLogOnInfo logOnInfo in logOnInfos)


    logOnInfo.ConnectionInfo = connectionInfo;




    connectionInfo.DatabaseName = "DB_NAME";

    connectionInfo.UserID = "USER";

    connectionInfo.Password = "PASSWORD";



    The parameters are assigned with this method:


    private void ParametersLoad(ref ReportClientDocument currentReport)


      if (currentReport.DataDefinition.ParameterFields.Count > 0)


      CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.DataDefModel.ParameterField tempParam;

      CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.Controllers.ParameterFieldController paramController;

      CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.DataDefModel.ParameterFieldDiscreteValue discreteVal;



      string sFieldName;

      string sValue;


      int paramNum = 1;



      foreach (CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.DataDefModel.ParameterField paramField in currentReport.DataDefinition.ParameterFields)


      sValue = "";

      tempParam = new CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.DataDefModel.ParameterField();

      paramField.CopyTo(tempParam, true);

      sFieldName = paramField.Name;


      switch (sFieldName)



      sValue = "Parameter #" + paramNum.ToString();




      discreteVal = new CrystalDecisions.ReportAppServer.DataDefModel.ParameterFieldDiscreteValue();


      if (sValue.Trim() != "")

      discreteVal.Value = sValue;


      discreteVal.Value = "";



      paramController = currentReport.DataDefController.ParameterFieldController;

      paramController.Modify(paramField, tempParam);





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    Hello Guys,


    I need to change the author of a document.


    After some research and checking the JDK I used the code below to update the AUTHOR.




    enterpriseSession = CrystalEnterprise.getSessionMgr().logon(username, password, cmsname, authType);

      infoStore = (IInfoStore)enterpriseSession.getService("", "InfoStore");

      infoStoreStart = (IInfoStore)enterpriseSession.getService("", "InfoStore");



      IInfoObjects reports = (IInfoObjects)infoStore.query("SELECT * FROM CI_INFOOBJECTS WHERE SI_CUID LIKE '"+ request.getParameter("SI_CUID") +"'");

      String oldowner = "";



      for (Object o : reports) {

        IInfoObject iObject = (IInfoObject)o;

        oldowner = (String);


        // Change the owner, "Administrator");

        out.print(iObject.getTitle() +" - "+ oldowner +"<br>");











    When I use the Query Builder to capture the information, the SI_AUTHOR property is set to the correct one, but when I open the WebI document the author displayed is the old one.


    Do you know how do I force to update the document?


    Thanks a lot in advance!

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  • 02/24/16--20:57: Problem with URL iview
  • Hi Experts,


    We have created a URL iview for Business intelligence.when we click on that iview it should display in separate tab with business intelligence URL. But it is not working as we expected i.e., When we click on business intelligence iview it is displaying in a separate window it is pointing to portal URL instead of business intelligence URL.


    Your response will be appreciated.




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    HI All, my company has started encounting this issue for all users that use Crystal Reports 2008.

    Unable to logon to InfoView. Please contact your system administrator for assistance. Please close your brower before continuing.

    This happens after the user enters in there logon credentials which are gathered from AD.

    This issue has came up before for the company and the resolution would be to restart the Central Configuration Manager services, on the server hosting Crystal Reports Server 2008.

    The services are Apache Tomcat 5.5.20 Ver: and Server Intelligence Agent Ver:

    I have done this and it has not helped fix the issue. Could someone please provide me assistance?

    Thank you


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    I am getting error(Attched) while executing macro to find out user details. I have downloded this macro from otherBOB  forums.

    I am not able to find the user on CMC so little bit surprise on that.


    Please let me know how can I bypass it.



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  • 02/25/16--04:57: Log file location in SAP BO
  • How to find-


    Log file, input and output file location.


    I am able to find the location from CMC-Place holders-%default ;ogin dir% but in that location log file not generated.


    Any idea?

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    Is it possible to write a query using Query Builder to find WebI reports that have custom query script?


    What do you say, Mani?





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    Are the Javadocs for the DSL InfoObjects (IDSLUniverse, etc.) published anywhere?  I can't find them.


    Note I am not asking for the Semantic Layer SDK, but the InfoObjects interfaces in the enterprise SDK.

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    am looking at the Auditing Reports pretty much for the first time, found "Last Login for User" and thought, oh, that sounds good.



    - it's as is says, for "user", one user only . . . I would like all users, to gauge who's using the system frequently or not

    - the drop-down prompt for the user isn't sorted alphabetically - who does that ?


    So this is a standard (Crystal) report from SAP, can it be modified ? We don't have Crystal Reports for Enterprise yet, so when we get that, could I then modify this report ?

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    Hi, I am new to business objects sdk Implementation. Can anyone tell me the how to get started. I need to get list of objects used in a web intelligence report in BOXI 4.0? I believe Restful sdk can be used. Kindly list out the steps I need to follow.

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    Can someone guide me thru the steps in using the SDK I found below for Auto Purge I am a novice to using the SDK and would like to implement the Purge option in my report


    WEBI - BusinessObjects Report Engine SDK (REBEAN) Applications


    This is a .jsp page I see code at the bottom to reset last used prompt values, not sure where/how to write this code and what do I need to make use of the SDK (Enterprise XI 3.1 SDK.02)


    My webi is on 4.1 SP 4 Patch 2, does above SDK work on this


    Thanks in advance,


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    Hi everybody,


    one of our costumers periodically creates publications with many crystal reports. The reports are based on a few reports which are copied and set with different parameters (for example a report is copied 50 times for 50 different departments). The output format of the publication is pdf.


    I'm writing a tool in Java to automate this process. Everything works fine, but the bookmarks in adobe reader are not named after the titles of the report copies, but are named after the name of the original report.


    What my program does so far (abstract, pseudo-code):


    IInfoObjects objects = Infostore.query("Query to get the reports");

    for(report : objects) {

         IInfoObject new = objects.copy(report, copymode); 

         new.setTitle("new Title");

         setParameter(new, parameter) // method which sets the parameter in the report copy

         //go on with creating the publication



    Changing the title of the InfoObject doesn't change the bookmark in the created pdf. To set the report title (which will change the bookmark), I can do the following:


    ReportClientDocument rcd = reportAppFactory.openDocument(new; OpenReportOptions._openAsReadOnly, java.util.Locale.GERMAN);

    ISummaryInfo s1 = rcd.getSummaryInfo();

    ISummaryInfo s2 = s1.clone(true);

    s2.setTitle("new title");


    rcd.saveAs(new.getTitle(), parentFolderID, ReportSaveAsOptions._overwriteExisting);



    The problem here is that when I save the ReportClientDocument instance (rcd), the InfoObject (new) will be changed and the parameter (set before)and database logon information (username, password (is entered via CMC in the report before the copies are made)) are getting lost.


    Can somebody help me how to change the title of the report so that the bookmarks will be named correctly and now information is lost in the infoobjects?




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    Hi all,


    I try to copy a bo system to another  sytsem by promotion management but i lived a problem while pormoting user hierarchy and groups


    in our source system we have an hierarchy like this for example:

    1.level        YEB_FI                                                      

    2.level               YEB_FI_AP

    3.level                   YEB_FI_AP_ACCOUNT_DIR

    4.level                                  P02~300@YEB_FI_AP_ACCOUNT_DIR



    i promoted first user hierarchy with dependencies, then i promoted user groups but

    in target system 1.level, 2level and 3. level is ok they have relation


    but 4. level is not related with hierarchy


    and i cant solve this. icant carry again:


    could you please help me to seolve this problem, i dont knwo what to do


    2) also how i can delete user gropus thjat stra with P02~300 that i promoted former


    bets regards

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    Dear Experts,


    One of our costumers has two Crystal Server(development, prod) same version and working on same JDBC driver with same name. We transfer reports from development to prod by a promotion job. This job is successfully working. But, when we transport reports to prod system, some of report doesn't work. I notice that the all reports which don't work include more then one SQL Command and these are all parametric.


    Please help me or share your idea about this problem.


    Kindly regards,


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    Hello Experts,


    We are implementing the OLAP connection with SSO Authentication for Business Objects with BW back end. We had the certificates exchanged between BW and BOBJ. The Key store file is generated and uploaded(SAP Authentication). I have created a connection with SSO as authentication. Now, I have a test user with Enterprise and SAP authentication in BOBJ. The test user is having full rights and full access to roles in BW. When I try to login to business objects and create a new report with this OLAP connection with test user. It is throwing an error.


    1) We have the APS with Token service in it.

    2) User from BW has full access to roles and BOBJ enterprise account with Admin group.

    3) Cetificated exchange between BW-BOBJ is done(We tried it 3 times)


    I tried to search all the SAP notes and couldn't find the answer.


    Really appreciate your valuable suggestions here or Am I missing anything here.




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    Hi Experts,


         I have an issue with the report throwing WIH 444444 error. I checked the SAP Notes and there are bunch of issues and resolution related to this error. But not of them responded my issue. There were some patch related fixes but based on that I have higher SP and Patch than those mentioned there.  I have the Summary Report that has the open doc functionality and drill function in it. We have the User Prompt input for Start date and End Date to select for the report. The user can go to the detail report using open doc that takes them to another window and can drill down and drill up within Summary report with the hierarchy from State-Region-Unit.

         The user spend their time for analysis in the detail report in next window.After sometime they go back to the Summary report window, tried to click the User Prompt input in the report to change the Date parameter, the WIH 444444 Error popped up. The report didnt even show the Timeout message. The Strange thing is its not preventing or stopping anything from working like clicking in for the Detail report. The detail report in the next page opens fine. So it means the report hasn't timed out yet.  But when you click User Prompt Input button on left, it throws that error.

          We have SAP 4.1 SP 5 Patch 6 client installed.



    Prompt Error.JPG


    Any help would be appreciated.


    Thank you,


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    BI4.1 SP4 or newer.


    I'm working on a program where I'm pulling a bunch of information about universes, the connections they use and the reports that use them.  I know that for non-OLAP unvs, I can pull the connections with kind "CCIS.DataConnection" which has a property called SI_CONNUNIVERSE that gives me the SI_ID values for unvs that use that universe.  However, that list doesn't seem to include unx universes and that property does not exist for OLAP connections (kind = "CommonConnection"). 


    So, without using the Designer SDK for the unvs, here are my questions:


    1.  How do  determine which OLAP connection an OLAP unv is using?


    2.  Either with or without the Semantic Layer SDK, how do I determine the connection(s) for a unx?





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    We are in the planning stages of migrating from XI 3.1 to BI-4, and currently trying to spec out the machine(s) for BI-4. To do the sizing exercise, we need the number of active concurrent users.


    I tried some of the SAP Audit reports, then tried to get something myself from the Activity Universe. I got the data formatted the way I want to, but the data itself is a little confusing.


    My goal is to get a rough view of the number of active users per hour. (The screen shot below is total per day, but I can break that down later).


    At first I just reported on "Number of Actions", and I thought that looked good, but upon closer inspection the numbers seem way too high, they don't match my expectation. So I then looked at Action Name and Action Type.


    We are a small shop, so I'm thinking I just want how many times the report was run, but not sure how to do that. I don't quite get what the "Action Type" is telling me.

    Auditing report by Peck.png

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