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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    My newly installed Lumira addon 1,29 on Bi 4.1.7 is creating dfo.....xml temp- files  one or two per second !

    and not deleting them.

    Stopping the lumira Service will remove the temps of this session...

    But we had to delete 2.000.000 files  manually !!!


    So since there are no config options at the LUMIRA APS what could cause this behavior?


    - Wobi

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    Hi all,


    During the last pentest we have a finding on "SAP Crystal Server 2011 SP4"  with the following description "Apache Axis2 1.4.1 Remote Directory Traversal Vulnerability via 'xsd' Parameter", is there any fix to solve this vulnerability?



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    Workspace layouts not displaying consistently in IE 11.0.27 / Java 1.8.0_45-b32 (SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 SP5 ver Has anyone observed this behavior when viewing workspaces?  Open a workspace and note the far right side’s edge and it’s position to the Summary tool tip icon.  After viewing, close and then re-open the workspace in the same browser/workstation and notice it occasionally move back or forth (randomly).  We have noticed that location moves (on the same workstation) in no consistent manner.  Is this a bug, is there a browser version/java version/screen resolution dependency for this odd behavior?  Is it something to log a case or finding on? Admittedly this many not seem a ‘big’ issue but there none the less – our testing showed this behavior and so wanted to share the finding to see if there was a way to address this behavior. Many thanks for your consideration/thoughts ~joe

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    Hi Experts,

               Could you please confirm if there is a specific way to integrate BO contents in Fiori Launchpad? What I am planning to achieve is, a tile will be there in Fiori Launchpad which when clicked will open a WebI report or a Design Studio Dashboard or a Lumira Storyboard  which are published in a BI Platform in a different server in the same network domain. Will OpenDoc link work here also and it is possible to display as a tile in Fiori Launchpad ?


    I am planning to achieve this using SAP BI4.1 SP7 and latest version of Fiori environment.




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    Hi guys

    In CMC, I have got 4 universes grouped together in 1 folder called 'Marketing universes' . There is a group set up for the universe roles and this role is added to the 'Marketing universes' folder and NOT to the individual universes in that folder. Which means people belonging to this group will have access to all 4 universes. Now I have a requirement where I need to grant access to just 1 universe from this folder to a group of users . What is the best approach for this so that I do not muck around with the permissions etc for the rest of the people who are set up already with this permissions structure?




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    We have some Live office(LO) report that getting data from WebI report.

    Now we cannot refresh LO report, after several minutes of refreshing we getting error:


    Live Office encountered an error. (LO 26000) (LO 26000)




    but WEBI report works fine.

    We enable full LO trace on the client machine, and there logs:




    Also we reduce LO timeout on the client machine(via regedit), but it didn't help.

    Can you help me please?


    SAP BI Platfrom Server 4.0 sp4.



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  • 03/16/16--15:09: Unable to use Tomcat manager
  • Hi Experts,


    This is not the first time, but I had struggled quite a bit to make Tomcat manager page for the Tomcat 7.0.55 which comes bundled with BI4.1.


    Is it intentionally disabled?


    I had used earlier versions and was able to configure the settings just fine.

    I had also visited the blogs and documents mentioning the new roles for manager introduced with 7.x series.


    All is tried but no go.


    Please share your expert comments to let me know if its intentionally disabled due to some reason.

    If not then please suggest some solution.


    I am welcomed by a 401 error page after providing credentials.


    BI4.1 SP06

    Tomcat 7.0.55 bundled


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    Hope someone of you experts can shed some light on this issue.


    We have a client with SAP BI 4.1 SP7 . There are 2 virtual server nodes and the CMS sevice is split across those two.


    We want to setup SSO for such clustered environment consisting of 2 server CMS nodes.


    I am familiar with setting SSO over a single server, but never attempted to do it for a cluster?


    Does SSO setup needs to be done for both of these servers in the cluster?


    If yes, is the process the same as for a single server ? Or it differs ? If it differs, what part of the process is different ?


    Many thanks.




    Davor Mitrasevic

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  • 03/16/16--23:37: Re: AD SSO implimentation
  • Hi Gurus,


    Our client is planning to implement AD SSO in their environment.

    They are on 4.1 SP5



    Kindly help me in what things to be considered before starting the implementation of SSO.

    do we have to take any backup ?

    will there be any downtime for doing..?







    Thank you !!!

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    Dear All, we need to migrate webi reports saved under categories from dev server to prod server, using Promotion management tool(PMT) utility. Kindly provide soloution

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  • 03/17/16--06:04: BO4.1 BI Launch Pad crashing
  • Hello experts!


    I have a mysterious problem with my BO environment: sometimes (usually 1 time per day) BI launch Pad stop to work. By the browser is possible to load the login page, but after to put the credentials and click on logon, the page enter a loading loop, keeping a blank page. To solve this problem is necessary to restart the SIA service.


    Some points about this problem:

    1- This occurs only with BI Launch Pad, so, is possible to logon on CMC and OpenDocument for example.

    2- After to problem occurs, verifying on CMC, there is a active session created for that logon on BI Launch Pad, so, the logon occurs but the page don't load.

    3- There's no error log on Event Viewer of Windows, and there's no exact time to occurs, sometimes occurs at morning, sometimes occurs at afternoon, sometimes occurs more than 1 time by period, some days don't occurs. I did a study with the log on Event Viewer and I didn't found a relation between others events and the BI Launch Pad fail.

    4- This problem occurs in my both environments, development and production.

    5- To restart Tomcat does not solve the problem. The mysterious is: why BI Launchpad stop to work and CMC continue working?


    My environment is:

    - SAP BO 4.1 SP5

    - Tomcat 7

    - Repository and Audit database Oracle 11G

    - Windows Server 2008

    - Those servers are virtualized (VMware)

    - I work with SAP authentication and my reports work over BW (This problem occurs with Enterprise and SAP authentication)

    - My BI Launch pad is customized like this tutorial Branding and Theming of BI launch padand official documentation SAP BusinessObjects BI Customization Guide.



    Gustavo Oliveira

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  • 03/17/16--06:24: SUM for JAVA patch
  • Hello everyone,


    Im use SUM for update patch SAP JVM version 4.1.046 to SAP JVM version 4.1.059, but im stopped in Select Target System Version:



    The directory contains invalid archives.


    I put SAR file (i havent UNCAR SAR files) /usr/sap/trans and choice Manually prepared directory.



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      I am attempting to update the rights for users on a few different reports in BOE Xi R2.

      When i click on the rights tab in the CMC the site hangs.

      Can someone point me in the right direction to get back the ability to update the users and groups who have rights to selected reports?




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    Hi  Team,

    In one of the environment environment, we have allocated Maximum Memory AllocationPool -Xmx10g for  APS- DSL services and -Xmx2g for APS data access services . When we check the metrics value in the respective BOE services,it displays that 491.MB only. But the metrics vaues are matching for all other BOE services in the same node. We are having this issue with only one node in the cluster. We have also tried to recreate the affected services and cloned from the working one however there is no change in the memory and it is still shows 491 MB


    could you please kindly suggest the possible causes for this issue



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    We are at BI 4.1 SP06 on Windows.

    I have read multiple links on sdn and a note as well.


    Portal System ID - POR

    BW ABAP System - BW1

    BI 4.1 System ID - BOJ



    1. There will be user Authentication between BOJ and BW1 using CMC configuration - done.

    2. The UME for POR is BW1, hence UME needs to be configured in POR - done.


    I have few questions -

    Is it must to have SSO between BW1 and BOJ?

    Is it must to have SSO between POR and BW1?


    If we just a add a LaunchPad link Portal iView and exchange the certificate between POR adn BOJ, will it work? The process flow will be as follows -

    User log in to POR using the BW1 authentication. User opeb link of the BI LaunchPad. It reached the BOJ system and in turns authenticate it using BW1, once the certificate is verified. We want to avoid the import of iView tempelate import from BOBJ and as there will be dependency.


    I hope my question is clear.


    Please advice,




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  • 03/17/16--13:51: how to find report CUID ?
  • Hi All,



    when I am running the query in Audit data base


    select distinct   e.Object_Name,e.Object_Folder_Path,e.Object_ID

    from ADS_EVENT_A as e

    where e.Object_Folder_Path like ('/GFS - Global Finance Systems/QTC/') and e.Object_Name='Failed Reports'

    order by e.Object_Folder_Path asc



    it is getting both Repot CUID

    and from each instance it is creating  one CUID


    when retrieving records I am getting results of both

    how can we get only report CUID but not he instance CUID



    Please advise




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  • 03/17/16--13:54: Parameter Issue
  • Dear Experts,


    I have a command that lets user select 3 levels of grouping and there are 42 possible values to choose from. Here is the basic setup:


    Grouping 1       - single value drop down selection from 42 possible values

    Grouping 2       - single value drop down selection from 42 possible values. The value selected in grouping 1 will not repeat and a new value "None" is added.

    Grouping 2       - single value drop down selection from 42 possible values. The values selected in grouping 1 and grouping 2  will not repeat and a new value "None" is added. If value "None" is selected in Grouping 2, Grouping 3 will only allow "None" value.


    The code works perfectly however uses temporary tables. When I create this parameter on Business View Manager, the scheduling fails with the message Error Message: Query Engine Error. File ~tmp75748d21d1d8c72.rpt.




    1     Does business view manager does not support temporary tables? Can I use CTE instead and rewrite the code?

    2     I added the code with temporary tables to the command on the main report and created a dynamic cascading 3 level parameter. The query returns 77K +  results. I have modified the registry to increase the LOV from 1000 to 5000. In my grouping 1, instead of seeing 42 different values, it lists only 3 values. I figured from excel output that column 1 (populating grouping 1 values) from the query results lists only 3 unique values up to first 5000 records.

    I thought registry edit to increase LOV from 1000 to 5000 was for business view manager and not for dynamic prompts on crystal reports. The report has not been deployed on the repository but I am connected to the repository from CR since there are other parameters that I am consuming from the repository. Do I have to edit registry again? Any other workarounds?


    Sorry for a lengthy post.



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  • 03/17/16--19:12: CrsytalReportViewer Error
  • Hi folks,


    Currently, I am using BO 11.5 and we are migrating to SAP BO BI Platform 4.1 SP5. Somehow, our application hit an error (CR_ERROR.txt) whenever we want to view report via the API CrystalReportViewer. The report seems to throw exception whenever the following method is reached (CR_CODE.txt):


    viewer.processHttpRequest(((HttpServletRequest)pageContext.getRequest()), (HttpServletResponse)pageContext.getResponse(), ServletActionContext.getServletContext(), null);


    From the error, seems like there is an issue with the token. Initially, I can logon without creating any tokens using BO 11.5. I was thinking that maybe a token is needed to be manually created but it is still not working for logonTokenMgr.getDefaultToken(). For BO 11.5, I did not face any issue with token. I can use the CrystalReportViewer without creating any tokens at all.

    Is there any settings needed to be done at the CMS to cater for this API? Or am I using the wrong authentication method?

    I would appreciate all kinds of help rendered. Thanks.

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    Hi experts,


    Hope you can help in this respect.


    We would like to replicate existing SAP BI 4.0 SP5 Prod environment and after replication perform in-place upgrade to SAP BI 4.1 SP7.

    Current Prod environment consists of 2 separate nodes with  CMS  service present on both of them.


    The plan is to:


    1.Create two new virtual servers

    2. Copy/Restore CMS database to one of the new servers and also copy/restore FRS files to corresponding new servers  

    3. Install and configure same version of SAP BI 4.0 SP5 Prod to new servers and point them to restored CMS and FRS

    4. Verify and configure installation 

    5. Perform in-place upgrade to SAP BI 4.1 SP7 on both new server nodes.

    Will the above work to achieve our purpose ?


    I have some questions regarding point 3 in the above process:


    1. How do I perform expanded installation on these 2 new servers ? I want to have both servers active i.e. this is not failover cluster. I also want to install Tomcat on both new servers.


    2. The client has SAP BW which they will continue to use after the replication and subsequent upgrade. What specific steps/configuration during installation need to  be performed so that SAP BW can be used as in current Prod environment ?


    3. If I have some load balancing server in front of the new servers what sort of configurations need to happen on my new and/or Loadbalancer server ?


    Many thanks.




    Davor Mitrasevic

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    I want to be able to create a Data Security Profile by restricting rows using a where clause for a universe that has a BW Query as its source. Is this possible?


    I have read that this may not be possible and we can only create Business Security Profiles in which case, could I create multiple Business Layer views that have a mandatory filter to achieve the same thing. I could then restrict the Business Layer View to a user/group of users?

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