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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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  • 03/28/16--03:12: Run-time error'91'
  • Dear All,


    I am using laptop  with

    OS: 8.1 64 bit,

    MS office 2013  32 bit

    SAP gui 740

    BEX 7x


    when i try to run the business explorer analyser, system is showing the error " runtime error'91'

    object variable or with variable not set.


    can some one help me how to resolve the issue.




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    In ECC password policy will be changing  like one letter small 0ne special cahr etc.

    BI system is connected to ECC system  . So could u pls guide me whether it will effect on current BI system

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    BI 4.1 SP6, Windows 2008R2 servers.

    Viewing the history for certain reports in BI Launchpad takes much longer to open than other reports.  I have at least two Crystal reports (each with only 100 instances in history) that takes almost 30 seconds to view the history and see the instance list.  Most other reports (some with much more than 100 instances) only take a few seconds to see the history list.  Any ideas?  I'm stumped.

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    I need to remove the dropdown list(FTP Server and FTP System) from report destinations while scheduling the report. I made changes in the webireportdestination.jsp file. But it is not reflecting in the even after deploying the war and restarting the tomcat.


    1. Can we edit and make changes in jsp files in 4.2 ?

    2.How to remove the destinations (FTP Server and FTP System) from dropdown ?


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    We are facing an strange issue that I detail below:


    We have modified the structure of a database table (column has been moved from a table to a view). After change has been applied we have updated the change on UNX universe (business layer and data foundation).


    One change has been applied problem that appears is the following:


    The reports that contain references to UNX object based on modified column works fine when refreshed (or when an instance is created)


    But when the report is refreshed using JAVA API ReportEngine the query generated is still referring the old object definition.


    How is that possible? It does seem that when using JAVA API query is not updated prior to WebI execution (it used the query contained when document was saved). Does it exist a way to fix that?


    I know this API is already deprecated and we are planning to move our ReportEngine SDK based developments towards new restFul API but at the meanwhile would be very useful to us to find a workaround to fox this annoying issue.



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    Hi Team ,


    while installing sap bo 4.1 , in my laptop(OS: Windows 10 )  Iam facing issue


    Issue : server not found .



    Could you plz help me in installation . I need to install trail version in my laptop

    can i install both client and server in my laptop





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    I have yet issue with upgrading from BO 3.x to BO 4.1.


    Some of our Webi Reports contain paramter (prompt) names containing a forward-slash.


    If I try to open these reports, by logging into BO, then creating an OpenDocument URL containing these parameter name+values and the token, I get an (almost) blank webpage.  No errors, nothing.


    However, if I remove the "sInstance=Param" part of the URL, then it will successfully open the report (but obviously, without the parameter values I want).


    Here's the BO 4.x OpenDocument documentation:



    I realized that the forward-slash was the problem when I tried adding "NAII=Y" to the URL.

    When I did this, the webi report page did start to appear, but with a modal dialog asking me to enter values for 3 of the parameters which it thought I hadn't provided values for in my URL...  and these parameter names all had the / character in them.


    So.... how do I specify a forward-slash in the URL ?


    Right now, my URL looks something like this  (simplified, and split into seperate lines, to make it more readable here):












    Notice how it attempts to set the value of our "Global / NA / CMG / Whsl or ALL" parameter.

    But when I add "NAII=Y" to the URL, it shows this as being one of the parameters which I didn't set a value for.


    One last thing: the length of my OpenDocuments URL is under 1300 characters, so I don't believe this is the cause of the problem.




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  • 03/29/16--05:44: auditing - split audit data
  • Hi Comuniti members!


    I have one question related to auditing.

    Audit data looks as a mess at the first glance so I was very happy when i found Sample Auditing Universe and Reports for SAP BusinessObjects_4_x

    It works fine, but I wanted to prepare reports myself (webi reports) using provided universe. But I have a little problem related to those data.

    I want (not sure yet if its even possible) to show audit database data for some users to show statistics of their reports.

    Because data in our environment are split into three I don't want to show all statistics to a user, but just a part - reports that he is responsible of and also logon statistics.

    Reports can be filtered using report path, but can i somehow limit logon information to users that are members of certaing user group?

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    Hi the community,


    We are with a SAP BO 4.1 SP6 Patch 2: when we create an enterprise user via the CMC, we add it to the Administrators group, and then we try to log in to the CMC via this user, we have the following error:


    You do not have access rights to log on to the application



    Do someone already faced that type of issue ? Or are we missing something ?



    The only way to be able to connect to the CMC is to add the security for each user on the CMC Application directly. But after when trying to promote from Dev to Qas, it does not work. We have the same problem on each platform (Dev, Qas, Prod).


    Thanks for your help!

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  • 03/29/16--06:30: MD5 Encryption In BO
  • Hi Experts,


    We are currently looking for a Functionality where in we can mask some sensitive data through MD 5 Encryption at database\ BO level.

    Query is can we run something from BO to encrypt the data on the database.


    If lets say we have a  possibility of  running and Encrypting\Masking the  data through MD 5 from B) \ Data base.

    Do we have a Functionality of decryption or reading the MD5 masked data from Business Objects   ??


    Database Can be Teradata or oracle


    Let me know your views on this




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    Hello Experts:


    We have two Tomcat servers for which we are trying to set-up a cluster. We configured F5 as the load balancer and a common name.


    We have it configured as:


      (Common Hos/VIP Alias)

    <host 1> <host 2>



    1. We can reach tomcat using each individual host AND the VIP alias we distinguished.

    2. I can reach and login to BOE/CMC by calling each individual server without an issue.


    The problem, when trying to logon to to BOE/CMC using the VIP Alias, it throws a null pointer exception:





    Could someone guide me on the configuration steps I may be missing in this process?





    Uzair Rashid

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    Similiar to the other authentication wizards it would be great to have a SAML to HANA wizard.

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    Hi guys

    My Webi server is showing 'Red' as status in CMC. Here are the server metrics as below:

    Any idea why?


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    Hi All,


    I'm expecting a new business function to move to BO soon(50 Webi reports approx.), the development of these reports is underway and go live is approaching soon. As an administrator, I'm trying to be prepared ahead of time, in terms of server availability and resources required for day to day operation and schedule of these reports. Currently, the Production server is a standalone system that runs on VM and has enough resources to run daily operations smoothly but with 50 more reports and their schedules running on daily/weekly/monthly basis the current set up will need to compete for resources and create chaos later. Here are my questions :

    1) I'm trying to find out a way to calculate how much RAM, CPU do I need to assign to the server to ensure it is prepared and ready to take on these new batch of reports?

    2) Also, because all 50 reports are Web intelligence reports, would I need to re-size Webi processing server, Adaptive job server seperately ?

    Please share your thoughts and any best practices that would help me prepare this system for upcoming load.



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    Hi there,

    I'm trying to create a Relational Connection based on SAP Netweaver BW, but when I try to select the driver the option is not there:




    However, this step by step How to create a SAP BO Explorer Information space using a SAP BW Bex Query as a datasource

    should be possible to select the BW driver:


    Both pictures are from BO 4.1.

    Could it be some installation problem? is something missing?


    Thanks in advance,
    Narciso Rodrigues

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    We are on SAP Bi 4.1 SP7 starting to use Live Office Add-On.  When I try to select a particular UNX universe following error message appears


    There is an error in XML document (1001, 105).


    Error only arise when trying to use this universe. For the rest we have tried tool works foine, so probably is some issue related with UNX definition.


    Any idea?





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    Hello everyone,


    i have a BI 4.1 SP7/AIX Environment together with a SAP Lumira Server 1.29/Windows. The installation was successful without any errors. After the installation all SAP Lumira entries in the CMC where missing. There were no application rights and no SAP Lumira Application inside the CMC.


    A repair and re- installation didnt solved the issue.


    I was able to fix that by copying all "*lumira*.XML" and "*lumira*.XSD" files from the Windows Host to the AIX Host. I copied them into the "packages" folder on the AIX Host and restarted the SIA. After that all entries are there and i can use SAP Lumira successful.


    The only thing missing the the SAP Lumira icon under CMC -> Applications.


    Does anybode has an idea where this icon is located, whats the name of the icon and how do i populate it into the CMS DB? (I guess the process is the same as for the XML and XSD files).


    Thanks and Regards


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  • 03/30/16--04:54: XML Reader Error
  • Hello all,


    From Webi intelligence , when I try to publish a report block as a web service, I m getting this error.


    Unexpected error: XML reader error: ParseError at [row,coij:[1 1]Message: Premature end of file.




    We are using https secure URL and I have uncommented the line in axis2.xml file.


    - <transportReceiver name="https" class="org.apache.axis2.transport.http.AxisServletListener">

      <parameter name="port">8443</parameter>





    I tried these below steps but still no luck.


    1)  Regenerated the file using the below


    http://<hostname>: <port>/dswsbobje/qaawsservices/wsdlGenerator


    2) Restarted the server by removing the catalina folder in tomcat


    We are currently on 4.1 Sp06 patch


    Thanks in advance.




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  • 03/30/16--06:08: Bursting
  • I am running Crystal Reports Server 2011.  I want to implement report bursting, but the options to do so, or steps required to set this up, are not available to me.  I do not have the option to create profiles or publications, the options simply aren't in the menus.  Is this a licensing issue or do I require additional software?

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  • 03/30/16--06:48: BOBJ - Connect to SAP system
  • Hi folks,


    I need to connect the BOBJ to SAP BW system but there is a catch, the systems are in different datacenters and there is a firewall between them.

    Do you know which port is used to establish the connection between BOBJ and SAP BW system? It is through message server, sap gateway.....


    Thanks in advance,


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