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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    How do we call the Exchange Rate service from BAPI using C# ?


    Is there any document out there for this., ?

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    Hi experts,


    I have created a UI add-on and i would like to ask you if it is possible to pop up a completed invoice before added or updated.


    More specifically, the add-on will fill the information in the A/R invoice form and i want to see the filled form before it is added in the system. Any ideas?

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  • 05/24/16--04:50: Date intervals
  • Hi all,


    Please help


    I am creating a dashboard using a bex query, now I have a date field that is an interval, I want to get a query prompt selector to refresh the data that the query brings back to the user using the date interval. The problem is the the dates selected on the query prompt selector bring back the 2 dates as a julian date data type that looks like this "42509" and the dates on the interval dates looks like "2/3/2013 12:00:00 AM-2/10/2016 12:00:00 AM", I have tried converting the julian date to the normal date and refresh the query from a date that I pick up from the excel sheet but when previewing the dashboard I get a message asking me to enter the required prompt.


    If anyone has an idea of how I can fix this please help.


    Thank you

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  • 05/24/16--05:37: Webi #MULTIVALUE issue
  • Hi


    Two of  the columns is returning value  as #MULTIVALUE for certain rows in webi report .

    I assume it's because the report is not able to handle multiple values for certain columns .



    What could be the issue .

    Any input will be helpful.(Let me know if further details required )






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  • 05/24/16--05:38: Webi #MULTIVALUE issue
  • Hi


    Two of  the columns is returning value  as #MULTIVALUE for certain rows in webi report .

    I assume it's because the report is not able to handle multiple values for certain columns .



    What could be the issue .

    Any input will be helpful.(Let me know if further details required )






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    Hi Experts,


    I tried executing a report from RSECADMIN, the user has authorization to open the report and also to select values in the variable screen.

    But when I click execute, I get an error 'you do not have authorization'.


    The user has necessary role to access(open) that report.


    I tried analysing through SU53 Tcode, it says, in authorization object S_RS_AUTH, OBI_ALL authorization is missing.


    I checked the data access of the user(through RSA1 T code), it seems to be fine.


    Can you please suggest me what is missing in this or am I doing something wrong in analysing?


    And what does it mean by OBI_ALL authorization missing?


    FYI, I just have to find out what is missing and provide the user with that access, I cannot create/modify any roles(because my organisation doesn't allow me to do that).


    Please explain in detail as I am a fresher to this field.


    Many thanks in advance.

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    I have this requirement to disable the Java Deserialization Remote code execution on one of our Tomcat Web App servers.

    Can you please guide me how to execute/disable this on the Tomcat Web App server and then have to test Business objects Webi reports etc to make sure if this has any impact.




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    I am trying to figure out the best way to clear my repository on my test 4.2 server and start from scratch.

    I've migrated a bunch of content from our 4.1 system, but I want to remove all of that and start fresh again.


    I do not want to lose CMC configurations (FRS directories, custom request ports, etc), I just want to drop all of the reports/dashboards, etc.


    I do not want to drop the built in samples, if possible.


    I don't want to delete the FRS directory straight away because I understand that there are system files in there that should not be deleted, and are created by default as part of the install.


    Has anyone attempted this and/or have scripts for the CMS database, and then maybe subsequently run a REPOSCAN to clean up the FRS?


    Thank you for your input.

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    Hi, may be somebody has an idea:


    We have the following problem. We have SAP Dashboards 4.1 on SAP BW 7.4.


    A user executes a dashboard query with a selection screen and fills the screen and executes the Query. The Dashboard is displayed without a problem.


    Now he calls the dashboard again and fills the selection screen with other variables and executes it..., but he gets the data from his last choice...


    Seens to be a cache problem...



    Any ideas ??

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    Hello Experts,


    I am trying to add Email massage in Publication originally which is look like




    As you see in above image in that all MTD,FTD values and E-APP table are dynamic which is coming from report.

    please suggest how can i add massage in publication Email.



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  • 05/25/16--03:26: AADMining.bin
  • We have a BOXI 3.1 SP7.


    I'm looking for some info about the AADMining.bin process.


    We had some problems and we must restart backend and appservers. After the restart, the AADMining.bin appears stopped, but the behaviour seems ok.


    So... I don´t know whats the aim of this process.


    Any idea?

    Best regards.

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  • 05/25/16--05:04: Universe design tool error
  • Hi All,

    Recently we migrated webi reports & universes from 3.1 t0 4.1SP5, completed successfully.


    I tested one universe, in 4.1sp5  Iam facing below issue

    Tool:Universe design tool

    universe error.JPG


    Do i need to change any setting . Advance thanks bit critical

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  • 05/25/16--05:21: Bex report report into Prod
  • Hi gurus,


    I have created a Bo report in prod with Bex query now want to get new fields in the Query can i change the same query or report that query which in dev so that query name and technical name  not get change.


    once i tried to do the same i am getting a error in Bex Query  error is : bex query transport request is not suitable not available..


    and suppose i create the new the query name getting change which is again to remap the object in Bo report further.

    Please help..



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    Hey Folks,

    Looking to see if anyone else has experienced this. We have our Development BOBJ system split out according to processing and web tiers:


    Server1 - Processing tier (SIA and CMC are here)

    Server2 - Web Tier - Tomcat is here.


    We are using the Design Studio and when attempting to build a connection to our backend BOBJ system. However, unlike say Analysis Office, we do not have a spot to specific a system string (system1:6401). As a result, the connection from design studio fails as it attempts to find the CMC on the web tier (system2:6400). Since the design studio only allows you to build HANA connections manually and store them, we're a bit stuck as to how to make this work.


    Has  anyone solved this before? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.





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    Hell all,

    I am new to BI Platform.. I have  the 4.2 installed (last week I installed it).

    when I go to ODBC Data Source Administrator, I was able to add an SQL Server Connection there... what is my next step in the CMC to have this connection show up?  

    if I go to connection in my CMC, it only allows me to add folders, and when I go to Universes, same thing it lets me add folders only!.


    Any help please?

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    Hello everyone,


    After a LDAP configuration, im  trying to set this option as a default option in the BILaunchPad interface. I've created a file BIlaunchpad. properties in \Tomcat\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\config\custom and with the options :





    Besides the dropdown list is ok!, i still have the option "enterprise" as the default authentication. I've alread move the file to

    the warfiles folder where BO is installed.

    am I missing something?

    thans in advance fr any response


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    We are on SAP BI 4.1 SP6 On Win2008 R2 server on SQL Anywhere.


    I have a BI 4.1 already installed on server1 and I open the CMC using the below link -



    I have build another standalone node on server2 and I open the CMC using below link



    Now I have added the node on server2 to CMS running on server1. It is added successfully. I have disable the SIA on server2, I logged on to the link "" and I can see the new node added under CMC - Servers - Node.

    The issue is that when I open the CMC link for server2 then it gives following error -


    "Account information not recognized: All the servers with CMS server2:6400, cluster @server2:6400, kind cms which host service null, are down or disabled" I was assuming that it will open the link.


    I also want to state that the launchpad link on server2 "" has no issue and it is opening and working fine. Is it normal behaviour?


    Please advice.




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    We are planning to install SAP BO 4.2 in a distributed environment. We have 4 different servers


    1. Server 1 : CMS
    2. Server 2 : Tomcat
    3. Server 3 : Design studio
    4. Server 4 : Database Server


    As CMS and Design Studio are on different servers and have common Tomcat server, I was looking to have some insights on integration of these 2 servers (CMS & Design studio)

    Please help me with some helpful links on this if possible.

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    Hi All, Our BW system is on BI 7.0 sp10 & we plan to upgarde sp18. An BW person should do in order to test them?

    Any checklist or tasks that I need to do?

    The BI support pack task checklist doesn't mention anything except Basis steps.

    Are there some things to keep in mind?


    Thanks All!

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  • 05/26/16--01:50: Control excel uploading
  • Hello community,


    Is there any change to control how the excel documents are uploaded to the BO platform? Such as a limit over the size, or over the number of excel documents a user could upload.


    By the way, could we control via security policies where a user could upload a local document, or which users could have to do it?


    We have worried about how users will use this feature to use it in webi reports. We don't want BO platform becomes an Excel repository.


    Thank very much in advance,

    Best regards.

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