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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hello All,


    When tried logging into the BI platform , we are getting the "Transport error: Communication failure.(FWM 00001)" , on webi and dashboards tools(4.1) .

    This is happening only on some laptops while some are working fine. We have checked the hosts file, disabled the firewall and antivirus on our laptops but still the issue is there. Though we are getting the replies for the pings to the server, this error pops up when tried logging in from the client tools.


    I have tried searching the forums for the resolution, but could not find the solution yet.


    Kindly help.

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    Hi Expert,


    We have following environment:-


    SAP BO 4.1 SP3 patch9

    BO DB- Oracle



    When we are trying to publish webservice (in the last step of publishing when clicking on publish button) in WEBI

    "Clent receive SOAP fault from server" error  showing.We are unable to publish webservice and because of that we are not able to make dashboard.

    error scrren shot is pasted below:-


    THE error coming in last step of publishing





    Thanks & Regards,



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    Hi People,

                             I am new to Netezza DB system, I want to know how to connect Netezza DB to SAP BO XI 3.1 Universe Designer Tool to build an Universe on it.

    Please need help urgently. Any kind of assistance will be highly appreciated.


    Thank you,

    Best Regards,


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    Dear Experts,


    When I am scheduling a Webi report as a PDF through CMC, I am getting following error.


    address error. [Error sending address(es) to SMTP server. Return code: [SMTP 501 - Syntax error in parameters or arguments.]. Reason: [%SI_EMAIL_ADDRESS%].]: [CrystalEnterprise.Smtp]


    I am guessing this error is cuase by place holder  [%SI_EMAIL_ADDRESS%]  when i use it at from option in destination.  If I hardcode my email address in place of place holder, scheduling works fine.


    This error only occurs in my production system, development system works fine.



    I am using - SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 Support Pack 4



    did anyone else has faced similer issue? how do I resolve it?





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    To promote items i use the following process


    1. Check in item into version management - 1 table in report

    2. Developer makes an update to the report - 2 tables in report  (at this stage we do not want this to imported)

    3. Create promotion job and add report to the job

    4. Check in the promotion job into version management

    5. Developer makes an update to the report - 3 tables in report (at this stage we do not want this to imported)

    6. Promote job to TEST.

    7. report is tested

    8. Promote job to PROD



    In this process the report as it stands as of step 2 (2 tables in report) that is has been changed gets imported into the promotion job and into test/prod. I maybe thought wrongly but the item that gets promoted should be the item in step 1 - the one in version management - 1 table?


    The update in step 5 is not imported - report with tables which fine.



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    I need to disable scheduling to “ Default Enterprise Location” for end users.




    I can delete other destination in CMC in “User and Groups” but I cannot find right in CMC to disabled “ Default Enterprise Location”.

    Any idea or help please?


    Thanks and  best regards



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    Hi there,

    Can we  add a hyperlink and custom message in BI launch pad home page.

    We need to add a Help link into the Launch Pad home page after user logs in.

    Please advise if you have any ideas on how to do this.


    Thank you


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  • 08/24/15--11:43: f5 load balancer ss0
  • Hi,

    The kerberos based spn is completed for sapBO which runs on the tomcat server.

    tomcat1 url  http://biserver:8080/BOE/BI

    tomcat2 url  http://biserver:8080/BOE/BI

    f5  url

    currently when i understand from the network team  f5 just redirects the URL and authentication happens on tomcat url.

    Issue is SSO working perfectly for tomcat1 url and tomcat2 url.

    Through load balancer SSO doesnt work and it asks for username and password.

    Network team informed no configuration to be done on f5.

    They informed they are not using APM.

    Please let us know if specific activities to be performed on f5 ? if yes please provide link


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    Hi, I'm working on an SDK application where the contents of the SIA command line, found under Properties in the Central Configuration Manager, needs to be applied as an input.  Currently the only way I know to do this is to go through the CCM, but is there a way to access the contents of the command line directly without the need for the user to do anything?

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    I installed BO 4.1 SP 06 then bw publisher disappeared, I tried to restart the service. whitout success.

    I tried to apply note 1620791 - BW Publisher Service Missing from Central Configuration Manager(CCM)  without success.


    Some Ideas?

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm working on a project of SAP BI, which is why I ask what are the InfoCubes and extractors most used in modules FI, CO, TR, PS, MM, LO, SD, PP, HR?

    Thank you so much.

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       In BI Launchpad, I want to delete the "Mobile Properties", the "History", and the "Categories" so this use wont see them.  Does anyone know how I can do that?  Look at the picture below and you can se what I am talking about.  Just to be clear, I don't want the use to see those three things when they click on "More Actions"





    BI Launchpad screen.png

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       In BI Launchpad, I want to delete the "Mobile Properties", the "History", and the "Categories" so this use wont see them.  Does anyone know how I can do that?  Look at the picture below and you can se what I am talking about.  Just to be clear, I don't want the use to see those three things when they click on "More Actions"





    BI Launchpad screen.png

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    I have been searching for a solution but so far each result from SCN searches doesn't quite match my situation or it provides a solution I seem to have already covered. Posting here hoping to get some help with the latest version of Business Objects 4.1 SP06.


    Right now I am doing the initial installation of BOBJ 4.1 SP06 on a Windows 2008 R2 system (64-bit O/S). The database for the CMS is on another host and it is running Oracle 12c. The 64-bit version of the Oracle Client was downloaded from Oracle and installed using the Administrator option.


    During the installation of BOBJ, when entering the CMS information to connect to the database, I am getting the following error:




    SAP BusinessObjects BI platform CMS: Unable to connect to the CMS system database "BOPWDEV.WORLD". Reason: ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied

    (FWB 00090)


    The system cannot verify the database logon information.


    Would you like to correct it?

    Anyone have any thoughts on why this is happening?



    Here's what I've done for troubleshooting so far:

    - connecting to the database using tnsping works

    - using sqlplus to connect to BOPWDEV works (i.e. username and password works)

    - using SQL Developer Tool to connect to the database works, and I can freely create/drop tables (i.e. no access/authorization issues)

    - creating User or System DSN to create connection to database is successful in Microsoft ODBC Administrator

    - probably unecessary, but created the environment variable ORACLE_HOME to point to the installation directory of the Oracle client

    - C:\Users\<my user>\.businessobjects\logging contains log files that add a new file every time the error appears


    Logfile contents:







    SEVERITY_MAP: |None| |Success|W|Warning|E|Error|A|Assertion


    .\OracleDatabase.cpp:119:-: TraceLog message 1

    |83ab918d-38c2-cc74-2b79-f98ee9c3200b|2015 08 24 22:28:47:126|-0500|Error| |>>|E| |dbcheck| 2936|3040|| ||||||||||||||||||||||assert failure: (.\OracleDatabase.cpp:119). (0 : Programmer error: OCI_INVALID_HANDLE).

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    Hi All,


    Have a publication and a number of users that are currently subscribed to it. Even view access to this publication is limited to Administrators, so users only receive links to their reports in BI Inbox.
    Key users would like to maintain the list of the users subscribed themselves, but neither granting rights for complete editing of the publication - title, reports, formats, destinations, events etc (viewing these options would be still OK) nor CMC access is desirable, also it is not planned to change a destination for e-mail, BI Inbox is enough.

    Is it possible to grant rights for the key users to subscribe other users with the limits above?


    BO 4.0 SP06, publication contains WebI based on BICS and only enterprise recipients.


    Thanks and Regards


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    This code is part of printing SQL from WebI report


    DataProviders dps = widoc.getDataProviders();

    DataProvider dp = (DataProvider)dps.getItem(0);


    if(dp instanceOf SQLDataProvider){

         SQLDataProvider sdp = (SQLDataProvider)dp;

    ** ArrayList<TreeeNode> nodes=getListOfTreeNodes(sdp.getSQLContainer(), true);


    public static ArrayList<TreeNode> getListOfTreeNodes( TreeNode root, Boolean onlyLeaves){

               ArrayList<TreeNode> node=new ArrayList<TreeNode>();

              treeNodeTraversal(root, nodes ,onlyLeaves);

             return nodes;



    private static void treeNodeTraversal(TreeNode  node , ArrayList<TreeNode> nodes ,Boolean onlyLeaves)

    if(!onlyLeaves || node.isLeaf() )


    for( int i = 0 ; i < node.getChildCount() ; ++i )

    treeNodeTraversal(node.getChildAt( i ) , nodes, onlyLeaves) ;



    Getting Error at this line ** above as


    Exception in thread "main" com.businessobjects.sdk.core.exception.common.NotImplementedException: This Feature is not implemented.  (Error :    RWI 00013)


    Can u all please help to debug the following Exception.


    Thanks in advance. Responses will be appreciated.




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  • 08/25/15--09:49: Getting Started with BI4
  • I have written a view in SQL Developer, and I want to look at the output in WEBI.  Can someone give me a brief step by step process I need to go thru?


    Thanks in advance

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  • 08/25/15--10:23: Root CUIDS
  • Hi we want to make t CMS browser and we need the root cuids of the SI_INFOOBJECTS and SI_APPOBJECTS

    In there any constant list for BI4.1 in XI31 I had this


    Constant Field Values (Business Objects Platform Web Services Java API)


    Thanks for your help

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      I'm looking to write an app that extracts info from the CMS.  This will get just all the users and user groups, and it will get all the reports and their paths.  I can worry about getting more later.  Maybe I can deploy it once and it will update nightly.  I was going to write it in Java and not .NET, I feel a bit more comfortable in Java. Although I do love Visual Studio, the last couple times I set it up it was a real pain if I didn't have the latest and greatest MSDN subscription to go with it.


    1.  I know I can just create an application that sits on the BOE box and schedule it with windows scheduler.  Has anyone done this before with an SAP BI SDK app?


    2.  While I appreciate knowing all the possible ways of doing something, I'm not looking here to get all of the ways to do this.  Unless there is a single best practice that pretty much everyone does.



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    HI - one of the managers left the company. I would like to get a list of all the reports she was getting. Is this possible?

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