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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    We have a report scheduled to run at 7:00AM every morning Monday - Friday. In the last week we have noticed that this report will show as running in CMC's instance manager more than an hour after it is scheduled to run. When this happens, we need to stop/start the print spooler and manually run the report from CMC. If we don't recycle the print spooler other jobs will stack up and show as running without indication they will complete or fail. Other reports may not show as running, but we will receive the failure notification we set up for them when restarting the print spooler.




    r BI platform runs on a single node. Windows 2008 R2 64 bit. Our print servers are also running on 2008 R2 64 bit. Most printer are using the HP universal driver - HP Universal Printing PCL 6 (v5.4).


    Has anyone else had similar issues? What did you do to resolve it?

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    Can all SAP BusinessObjects documents that are working in SAP BI Launch Pad also work via the SAPGUI?  I have a customer that wants to have a single area for all of their reports.  They will be using several ECC reports, which are exposed through SAPGUI.  Therefore, any reports that we create in SAP BusinessObjects (i.e. WebI, CR, Lumira, Design Studio, etc.) will need to be available to them from SAPGUI.  Is this possible?  How is it done?


    Thank you,



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    Hello everyone,


    as the headline already tells you, I'm facing an issue with the crystal reports (2013) application server not starting. The status only changes to "stopped" if I stop the server or "being started" if I start or restart it. It never gets the status to "running" and remains "getting started" without assigning a PID to the server. There is no error message being shown in either the server overwerview nor in the logs.



    This problem has just recently and suddenly appeared. I've already tried the follwing troubleshoots with no improvement:


    • starting / restarting the server
    • stopping the server and starting / restarting the server
    • force stopping and restarting the server
    • cloning the server
    • recreating the server
    • restarting the apache server the platform (BO 4.1) is running on


    If anyone has a solution for this problem, please tell me.





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    Hi guys. Here's a situation. We have a folder called "Chicago office" in WEBI. This folder can be accessed by many employees with view on demand access and inheritance to any sub folder. But now there is a need to have some HR (Human Resources) data for Chicago office. And this data is quite sensitive, so only few employees can see these reports. Logically would be to place HR folder inside "Chicago office" folder as this is Chicago office HR. However I have a real headache to figure out how to grant access to this HR folder only to few employees.


    Solution 1: I remove the inheritance on HR folder for any existing employees/groups. And then set required permissions to those few employees.

    Problem: If a new employee is required to have access to "Chicago office" folder, then setting this access would automatically give access to HR folder because of inheritance. So administrator would need to remove the inheritance from HR folder for every new user. Which is prone to errors...


    Solution2: I put HR folder outside "Chicago office" (under top level) folder. Grant required access.

    Problem: Could become a messy structure if more of such cases would come out


    Solution3: any suggestions?


    Goal: I want administrator to ALWAYS have to grant EXPLICITLY access in order to see that folder ("HR")

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    The 'Send To' button is disabled for non-Admin users to send WebI reports from within the BI Launch Pad:


    I'm not sure which rights to include, but have the granted the following access rights so far:

    • BI Launch Pad:  Send to Business Objects Inbox
    • BI Launch Pad:  Send to email destination
    • General:  Schedule document to run
    • System:  Inbox
    • Web Intelligence:  Desktop Interface - send by mail


    I've also set the Top-Level User Security for Everyone to 'View' on all of the CMC Job Servers.


    Any advice would be much appreciated.


    Regards, A. Cook

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  • 09/02/15--22:13: How to Resolve the error?
  • how to resolve the error faced during Refresh of a report in webi 4.0?



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  • 09/02/15--23:31: Unable to connect database
  • Hi Gurus,


    We installed SAP BI 4.1 SP05 on RHEL 6.5 linux server with default SQL Anywhere Database for CMS and Audit Database.

    Installed drivers for UnixODBC and Microsoft SQL Server ODBC in Linux.





    The problem is we have two odbc.ini files in two different location we added the MS SQL ODBC Data Source Details in both odbc.ini files

    1. /etc/odbc.ini
    2. $BOBJEDIR/enterprise_xi40/odbc.ini



    When we are trying to connect a Microsoft SQL Server Database from Linux Server it is working fine.


    Created one report using Web Rich Client and is working fine. We published this report on server and tried to access it from BI launchpad.

    We are unable to refresh the report and getting below error. Not sure why this is happening. Is there any problem with odbc.ini file or anything else?





    Akhilesh Kiran.

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  • 09/03/15--03:45: Message for User's
  • Hello Experts,

    I want to give some message or some type of warning message to user's who want to login to SAP BI launch Pad if user's exceeding the number of concurrent user's logged in.

    Can anybody tell me how to give that message into CMC or SAP BI launch Pad ?

    waiting for reply.

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    Hi All,


    We are using SAP BO server 4.1 SP5 patch 2 update and we tried to create a webi report using IDT universe in BI launch pad but we were receiving an unhelpful pop-up that simply says “21”. In IDT we were able create the query and able to see the data as well.


    Could anyone please help us in resolving the issue. PFB error for your reference.



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    How will I get list of active session / user /connection in the server?


    We have 20 maximum connection.

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    We would like to activate the tracelog so that we can check what is going wrong with a publication in the Analysis add-on.

    In the AdaptiveJobServer service i changed the status to HIgh instead of Unspecified and restarted the service.

    When we do a test the files as specified in the documentation (Analysis_Precalculation_[Jobname]_[InstanceId].log ) are not created in the logging folder.

    Is there anyone who has allready had this problem ?

    Thank you for your help.



    Marc Cockmartin.

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    Hello all!


    I am very very very new to the BI Platform, and BusinessObjects in general, and I am in the processing of customising a workspace for the Launch Pad.


    I've noticed there is a built in Module as part of the BI Launch Pad Modules called "My Recently Run Documents" and was wondering if it is possible to either customise this module or create a new one in a similar fashion.


    What I want to be able to do is create a list of all documents in a folder, and display them in the same way the "My Recently Run Documents" does, with links to the files inside the folder. Basically the same as the "My Recently Run Documents" module, but using files that are in a folder that I've created instead.


    Is this possible through creating a BI Workspace or a Module, or is there a different way to achieve this?

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    Hi everyone. I'm having a problem creating a new OLAP connection on CMC. When i do all the steps and type the user, the system gives me this message:



    How i can solve this? Thank you very much for the help that can give me.



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    I have a Crystal Report with many sub reports in it. It consists of stored procedures. When I try to schedule it from our Dev environment it works fine. But when executed from Prod it takes really long time to finish. The database(SQL Server) for both the environments is same.


    When I look in SQL Profiler while executing from Prod it runs all the suppressed sub-reports as compared to DEV.


    I talked to SAP Support and they couldn't figure out yet.


    Any one has faced this issue.




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    Is there any document or steps to set up BO Launch pad as role menu in BW?


    Thanks in advance.



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    Unable to schedule crystal report in crystal server 2011 sp#6

    Server populate "Error in the report processing unit." error in report history.


    Client using TLS based encryption for authentication for email setup.

    but when i configure my company email id in Adaptive job server  it is successfully scheduling crystal report.

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    I am SAP BI 4.1 and connecting to SAP BW which has line item authorisations for users setup. I have been able to setup a publication which emails each user a copy of a report to their inbox.


    The report is held in folder in which i dont want users to be able to change/amend/refresh.


    When carrying out the scheduling it fails unless the user which i am scheduling for is able to add or delete items to the folder in which the report i am trying to schedule? Is there any way around this and I doesnt make sense why this is the case? Any user could just delete the report which we are scheduling!



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    Hi Team


    I am trying to set the sort direction to no sort for the sorts using the below code and getting the exception followed.


    Error: "Invalid sort direction"


    for (int i = 0; i < count; i++)


                   m_ReportDoc.DataDefController.SortController.ModifySortDirection(m_ReportDoc.DataDefinition.Sorts[i],                     CrSortDirectionEnum.crSortDirectionNoSortOrder);



    I am doing this to handle removing sorting on Groups. I am getting error if try to delete the default sort provided on the groups. Getting the invalid field error and SAP agreed that there a bug. So as an alternative when user tries to delete sort provided on group I am setting it to NoSort and not showing it to the user if the sort direction is no sort.


    Please let me know how can we set the sort direction to No sort or how can we remove the sorts on the groups.




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  • 09/04/15--04:25: SIA Missing?
  • I had to completely uninstall and reinstall Business Objects XI 3.1.


    The installation appeared to be complete successfully but now when I try to log into the CMC I get an error:


    ServerName:6400 not found or Server may be down (FWM 01003)


    So I immediately had a look in the CCM to check on the SIA.

    But it is not listed there.


    When I try to add SIA in the CMC it cannot connecto my server.


    Can anyone please advise?

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    Hi Experts,


    I would like to extract the list of Tables used in a Webi report using Java SDK in BI 4.1. I am able to get the Data Provided/SQL Query of a Webi report successfully and I got stuck in getting the Table names from the Data Provider/SQL or from Webi Report.


    Is there any way to get such information using Java SDK. I have gone through Report Engine SDK but I didn't find any such method/class to fulfill my requirement.


    Kindly advise me on this.


    Thanks in Advance.




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