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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Is there a way to change the font size in the SAP BI 4.1 Launchpad? The font size in BI 4.x is smaller than in XI 3.1. I haven't found anything in the BI Customization Guide. We're on Tomcat 7.


    I have a ticket open for this, but I was advised to Google the solution


    Thank you,



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    Hello community,


    we are currently struggling with Setting up SSO on BI 4.1 SP6 P2.

    Our landscape is a Standard BW/BO-Setup with a seperated Tomcat-WebTier.


    We have configured STS according to those guides:


    SSO is working with IDT, WebI and Crystal Reports 4 Enterprise, but not with Design Studio. I can see one error in the Service, that contains STS:


    |8554C61059BE49A18515B23E9B55EC22d|2016 01 28 16:02:18.106|+0100|Error| |==|E| |aps_SEDCASBI0200.APS_OtherData| 7712|95910|Transport:Shared-103/40| |24|0|0|0|.getSAPAssertionTicket|sedcasbi0200:7712:95910.101198:1|-|-|.getSAPAssertionTicket|sedcasbi0200:7712:95910.101198:1|CkEHZ1jVv0ffm4mmfPnT0gA17a1|||||||||||STS: A occurred; original exception message Error decoding PKCS 12 input. 


    When opening a Connection in DS, I get the error "Incomplete Logon Data. Check SSO-Configuration."


    Could anyone Point me into the right direction? I already double-checked all the steps from the documents above.

    Is there a Chance the keystore was not generated correctly (checking the error message above)?


    Any hint would be helpful.


    Thanks and regards


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    Hi all, I would like to ask a quick question regarding Aliasing a windows AD account to Enterprise account. We have done this aliasing and provided some security (access to few objects/applications). But now we are required to removed enterprise accounts as we are moving away from enterprise account as a part of policy. But our tests indicated that as soon as we remove enterprise account, it's AD Security is also removed. Now AD accounts will not have any security and does not belong to any group. So, how do we move ahead with our requirement and remove enterprise accounts , without erasing security?

    Any ideas? btw, we are using BI4.1 SP6)


    Thanks for any help you can provide

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    We are trying to map users from a remote forest in BO CMC.


    We have read SAP note 1323391 and we think we satisfy all the requirements.


    First we tried to get the users inporting GROUP1 in a structure like this


    GROUP1               (Forest 1. Domain A)

         GROUP2          (Forest 1. Domain A)

         GROUP3          (Forest 1. Domain B)

         GROUP4          (Forest 2. Domain C)


    And users from GROUP2 and GROUP3 are imported but not users from GROUP4. No errors have arised.


    We thougth that the problem could be on this sentence from note:


    "Groups that are mapped in the CMC should only contain users from that forest. Do not make remote forest members of domain local groups"



    So we tried to import directly GROUP4 but the plugin couldn't find the group. Netbios name have been correctly entered.


    Does anyone have worked with a similar scenario?



    Carlos Castrillón


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    Hi experts,


    I found the parameter in SAP BO isSharedSecretNotEmpty. What is it ?

    I cannot find info about isSharedSecretNotEmpty in google..


    Help me

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    We are using bo4 + oracle


    Sometimes users complain about speed reports run one-day to the next same sql.


    Has been suggested to us if business objects can use bind-variables.


    As I understand it, business objects uses literals and hence new explain plans can be generated causing difference in behaviour.


    The only way I believe we can get business objects to use bind variables is to set CURSOR_SHARING parameter on oracle database to FORCE.


    What is best practice in this regard?


    Thoughts on what wider community does?


    Have heard that can make queries quicker but have heard other users can cause problems as new execution plans not being generated when woudl be better for them to be.



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    Hi Experts,


    I have issues with Design studio 1,6, I have created a simple dashboard with single dropdown, I am using Bex queries to populate the data in dropdown, I am just using getmembers on startup to display the data, but when i execute the application my dropdown does not contains any data, neither the application throws any error.


    I crated a crosstab just to check the data, the crosstab shows the data as expected, then why dropdown does not?  I did edit intial view even there i see the data, i checked with dimension filter, this also does not shows the data, has anybody faced this issue before?



    Rohit Mathur

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    I recently applied SP7 to our sandbox that used to have BO 4.1 SP3 and after installing it, the Crystal Reports Processing Server shows as Failed.

    When opening the properties, I see the following message:


    This server is considered failed because it has stopped 5 time(s) in 60 minute(s)


    I enabled the logs and rebooted server, here are the logs attached.


    Is there a way to prevent this for happening or any workaround for this?




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    Hello All,

    Recently we are facing some unique issue

    Some of the set of reports are failing with SMTP error as below

    "write error. [Error sending mail message to SMTP server. Return code: [4].]: [CrystalEnterprise.Smtp]".

    some of the failed reports while we try to reschedule are sending 2 email copies to users. Opened a case with SAP and as alway they are taking hell lot of time to provide a solution. No of retried after failed instance is set to 0 which will not trigger schedule once its failed

    Also logs are inconclusive, while we check with SMTP admin, they see 2 email request for same instance has gone and it was processed(emails sent)

    now we are clueless on how 2 requests are going to SMTP while we only trigger one email schedule report

    Environment : SAP BO 4.1 SP3, Windows 2008 R2, Baracuda SMTP


    Any help on above is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance




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    I was trying to find a "viewer" that we can use to display reports created in Business Objects (web intelligence) and then want to display them in a browser window of a .NET application.  Is there such a thing?


    We want to allow the user to have some of the functionality like drill downs, etc.  would there be a viewer that installs on web server to provide this functionality

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    Hi All,


    Im converting 3.1 deski to 4.1 which is based on a universe., I was successful with all except two which is generating

    error missing reference / variable reference another variable.


    And the other FHSQL connection problem.



    I have unlinked all variables and still getting this error.

    Please see the below screen shot








    Another conversion FHSQL to  webi and lm getting  the below error









    Please help



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    Hi All,


    I've been tasked to resolve an ongoing issue with Crystal reports parameters on BI Platform, a certain user group is unable to see the list of values drop down on the prompt screen and only see a box to type the value into on the prompt box. I tried to access the report with Administrator credentials and am able to see the parameters drop down just fine but when I log in as one of the users in that group, it does not show the drop down. At this point, I was certain it has to do with the user/group rights so I tried assigning several access level (one at a time) both at the folder/report as well as user level (to test the effect I assigned "Full control" too) but no success.

    Is somebody familiar with what specific right am I missing for the group that's restricting the users to see the LOV's in this report ?


    Please share your thoughts and ideas around this folks, any suggestion on this will be very much appreciated.




    Gaurav B

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    HI team - using build version


    When I try to Save Preferences (File -> Save -> Save Preferences) getting the error: config.xml The system cannot find the file specified. 


    Thank you Kim

    1-30-2016 9-49-26 PM.png

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    While creating Functional specification document for a report which has got English description of the column/ KPI used how to identify which table in ECC this field exists. From this ECC table how to identify specific field.




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  • 01/31/16--10:47: Distributed deployment
  • Hi Experts,


    Have a few questions regarding distributed deployment -


    1) We are planning to have following deployment :

    Server 1 & 2 - CMS & other core services

    Server 3 & 4 - Webi processing services

    Server 5 & 6 - Crystal, Dashboard, Explorer services


    While doing custom installation, can you please let me know what should be exactly selected ?




    Below is what I could think of. Please confirm if below is okay / else correct me -

    Platform services (all services under that section) - Server 1 & 2 ONLY

    Connectivity services - Servers 1, 2, 3, 4

    Data Federator service - Servers 3,4 ONLY

    Analysis Service - Servers 3,4 ONLY

    Crystal services - Servers 5,6 ONLY
    Webi services - Servers 3,4 ONLY

    Dashboard services - Servers 5, 6 ONLY

    Integration servers - ???

    Administrator tools - ???

    Developer tools - ???

    Database access - ???


    2) Also, what about Job servers, how do I distribute them across 6 servers ? what selection will have to be made ?


    3) Once the custom installation is successfully completed on 6 servers -


    a. will we have ONE APS server on all 6 servers OR only on servers 1,2,3,4 ?

    b. because this was custom installation, can we still use System config wizard to split the APS ?


    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Do let me know in case of any queries.




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    Hi Guys,


    I am working on SAP BW 7.0 version. I need to display a value of a infoobject characteristic which contains 240 characters in length.

    As we all aware the max limit is 60 characters.


    I have seggregated the data into four info objects and now in WAD i want to concatenate four info objects into one single object value and display.


    Or anyone have a idea on how to enhance the table in wad with the help of ABAP.


    requirement is - use the data provider data(Bex Query) to merge the two or more columns into one single column value.




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    Hello to everybody,


    I am trying to make the configuration AD/SSO for a BI 4.1 SP06, I did not have any problem genereting the ticket, kinit works. However, once I added the options in TOMCAT, the manual authentification does not  work, when i try the manual authentification ()


    I receive the next message from the BI launch Pad:

    Informations de compte non reconnues : L'authentification Active Directory n'a pas pu vous connecter. Veuillez contacter votre administrateur système pour vous assurer que vous êtes membre d'un groupe mappé correct et essayez de nouveau. Si vous n'êtes pas membre du domaine par défaut, saisissez votre nom d'utilisateur sous la forme NomUtilisateur@NomDomaine_DNS et réessayez. (FWM 00006)


    From file stdout:


    Debug is  true storeKey false useTicketCache false useKeyTab false doNotPrompt false ticketCache is null isInitiator true KeyTab is null refreshKrb5Config is false principal is null tryFirstPass is false useFirstPass is false storePass is false clearPass is false

            [Krb5LoginModule] user entered username: beaubreuil@france.cfpb.intra

    Acquire TGT using AS Exchange

            [Krb5LoginModule] authentication failed

    Cannot get kdc for realm france.cfpb.intra


    Here is what i've configured:


    My Java settings\Windows\bscLogin.conf\Windows\krb5.ini


    My bscLogin.con{ required debug=true;



    My krb5.ini


    default_realm = FRANCE.CFPB.INTRA

    dns_lookup_kdc = true

    dns_lookup_realm = true

    default_tgs_enctypes = rc4-hmac

    default_tkt_enctypes = rc4-hmac

    udp_preference_limit = 1


    .france.cfpb.intra = FRANCE.CFPB.INTRA

    france.cfpb.intra = FRANCE.CFPB.INTRA


    kdc = frcfpargdcdns13.FRANCE.CFPB.INTRA

    default_domain = FRANCE.CFPB.INTRA








    My SPn







    Any ideas, i am really open to try any kind of suggestions.


    btw... the client told me about the protocol NTLM (they are not quite happy with kerberos) and they don't work with this protocol. I have to questions, there is a procedure to make the configfuration AD/SSO with NTLM instead of kerberos?, and there is a ppossibility that the client dones not have the right kdc configuration?


    Thanks in adavnce!!!!!

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    Hi All,


    We are planning to scale out our bo servers. Rather than adding a node to existing cluster can having a new seperate environment be feasable?

    What would be prerequisites to manage the session and data same as the existing environment?

    Is there a failover we can configure for this setup ?




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    Hello Guys,


    Here I am again with a tricky issue.

    Currently my customer has upgraded from BO 3.1 SP3 to BO 3.1 SP7.


    The problem occurs during the execution of a Web Sercive (generated by QaaWS).

    When I test the web service straight in the QaaWS tool, a result is displayed.



    When I call the web service from another system, I get a "NullPointerException":



      at com.businessobjects.dsws.WebIntelligenceReportEngineManager.getLanguage(Unknown Source)

      at com.businessobjects.dsws.WebIntelligenceReportEngineManager.getValue(Unknown Source)

      at com.businessobjects.qaaws.internal.xml.XmlQueryParser.parseOperand(Unknown Source)

      at com.businessobjects.qaaws.internal.xml.XmlQueryParser.parseItem(Unknown Source)

      at com.businessobjects.qaaws.internal.xml.XmlQueryParser.parseQueryCondition(Unknown Source)

      at com.businessobjects.qaaws.internal.xml.XmlQueryParser.parseQueryBase(Unknown Source)

      at com.businessobjects.qaaws.internal.xml.XmlQueryParser.parse(Unknown Source)

      at com.businessobjects.qaaws.internal.webi.WIDocument.createQuery(Unknown Source)

      at com.businessobjects.qaaws.internal.transport.QaaWSServlet.invoke(Unknown Source)

      at com.businessobjects.qaaws.internal.transport.QaaWSServlet.doPost(Unknown Source)


    I understand that the method "getLanguage" received a "null" value from the method, which is generated by a method "getPvlLocale".

    So that we have the stack of errors.



    Below I present part of the XML generated for the QaaWS.

    I noticed that the problem occur, when the values of the "Operand" fullfills the rule "NativeFreeValue".



    <QueryCondition QueryConditionOperator="And">

      <Item xsi:type="Filter" FilterOperator="InList">

        <FilteredObject Key="UnivCUID=M1M_RHwAAGleAbIA.gAAKzb.AqwQBuYAAAA;UnivID=112632;UnivName=MY_UNIVERSE.DO102ff">

          <Name>MY_OBJECT (List)</Name>


        <Operand xsi:type="Values">

          <d1p1:NativeFreeValue xsi:type="xsd:double">1</d1p1:NativeFreeValue>






    As a workaround, I noticed that a "query filter" (PreCondition) works differently than a "local query filter" (Filter, with flag NativeFreeValue).

    And the "query filter" works.

    OK that this workaround can be used, but for me doesn't make sense such wrong behavior.


    Does anyone know if there is any solution for this problem?

    I checked that there is a Fixpack available for this major release, but I found none release note of the fixes.


    Any help would be highly appreciated.




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    Hello everyone,


    I created and scheduled (run every Friday evening) a job in Prod env to take backup of content (Universes, Reports, Folders & Connections) to a BIAR file and I named the promotion job as BO Prod Env Backup. I'm using Promotion Management to do this. Now, when I try to recover some content from a BIAR file to the same env, I go to Promotion Management, click Import file & select appropriate BIAR file. I see the content from that file and the job name which is going to be created as BO Prod Env Backup (same job name which takes a backup). Finally, when I click Create, I'm prompted to I want to overwrite Yes/No, as there exists a job already with a same name, and here's what happens when I select Yes/No:

    1. Yes: It overwrites the existing job and will allow me to recover content (with Source as BIAR file & Destination as Prod Env), but the downside is, remember the existing job was scheduled to run every Friday and take a BIAR file backup, that job is lost now.
    2. No: It created a new job as BO Prod Env Back_ Copy <Datetime stamp>, but the downside is, this job doesn't help me recover content, because its created with Source as Prod Env and Destination as BIAR file.

    Please let me know your thoughts.


    I've thought of a workaround, let me know if that sounds good & if that can be considered as a best practice. I'll select Yes to the question and overwrite the existing job, but as I've an earlier version of that job in Version Management, I'll rollback to a previous version, make sense?



    Mahboob Mohammed

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