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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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  • 04/09/15--01:11: Management Promotion Issue
  • I have several servers and all the servers work's fine except for one server. Whenever I do a promotion management it takes approximately 4hours in other servers it takes only 20min to run the same LCMBIAR. This LCMBHIR contain 167 Reports. I google it but didn't get a proper article about it.

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    Hi all,


    I have customized my home page as default page and replaced SAP ikon with my company ikon also.Now i have a few more customizations like follows...

    If any one have done this before,please help me out on this???


    1.How do i remove my "Documents" tab near to the "Home" tab?

    2.Is there any option to remove "Application","Preferences" and "help Menu" buttons from top right page?

    3.I would like to customize my navigation list ikons.Now it is showing folder ikons as attached in below figure.I would like to replace folder ikons with "Right arrow" ikons.


    Thanks in advance to the gurus...




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    I am going to undergo a BOXI upgrade from BOXIr2 to BOXIr3.

    Do we see any change to be done in Universe and Reports  to make it work?

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  • 04/09/15--02:53: Domain migration
  • Hi,

    We have some BO products: BI 4.0, BODS4.0, BOFC10, BOIC10, BOFIM10.

    Our company will change domain name A to domain name B.

    Anybody can share your experience about that?(at least something of that)

    I cannot find any information about this (notes,  guides). Thanks...

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    Hi all,


    Do you know if it's somehow possible to get a report send to mail as PDF only if the report changes?

    I don't want to schedule reports and check them on changes, I only want to receive a report via mail if the report has changed from the last time it was send.


    As I cannot find a solution in the standard scheduling feature, I wonder if this could be archived by the SDK?


    Any ideas?

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    We have been successfully running a CR 11 server to automatically generate reports for several years now.  It runs on a virtual XP machine, now one of the last 2 in the company, and we'd like to phase it out.


    Thanks to a related project, we also have an SAP Business Objects Enterprise CR 14 server independently up and running.  I've been asked to start porting our existing reports from the old server to the new.


    The reports themselves pull their information from DBF (dBase) files -- this has to do with the agency management software that I'm accessing for the data.  Most of the reports are emailed to the end users as PDF files, a few are emailed as XLS files.  We currently do not use any other format for the report output.




    The problem I'm running into is that I can't seem to get a test report running on the new server.


    I have the UNC path to the actual location of the source DBF file mapped correctly.

    I'm logged into the CR 14 server as the Administrator.

    I've set the database type using the ODBC driver, and we know that the Microsoft drivers for dbf are installed.

    I've tried multiple users, including the actual Network Admin and several system accounts that have Network Admin rights.

    I've verified that all of these users have full rights to the folder containing the files on the network.


    Yet I continue to get failures, most of which give me the error message "The database logon information for this report is either incomplete or incorrect."


    I must be missing something.  But what?


    I can be reached at

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    For example,  user logged in infoview and refresh the report. And idle for some time. Can we track the idle time? We have session time setup to 120 minutes.


    Our users login to deski using 3 -tier mode. Is there a way to track users coming from 3-tier vs Infoview sessions?

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    Hi Experts,


    This is my first upgrade as an Admin. I have referred a lot of notes and discussion forum for the upgrade. I have got lot more variant solution and process for the upgrade.

    Since, I have lot more questions to be shared with you all experts for upgrade. I hope I would get proper guidance for the upgrade process.


    1. What are the system and database that needs a backup before installation other than CMS, Audit database, FRS?  Do we need to backup the previous Installation Database, the present Reporting Schema( along with table and data)?

    2. What are the important consideration for Pre and Post installation?


    Please do guide me in this processes.


    Thank you,



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    How to user SAP BO webi or Designer studio reports in WPF or any other windows application?


    for web portal we can use open document link but one of team want to use webi reports in windows base application like with C# WPF. Any idea about this kind of requirement.



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    Hi experts,

    we are implementing Monitoring for our BO-platform on AIX.

    We did the configuration steps and installed the Agent with the newest PL (7.20 205).


    Now we are facing the error in the e2emai.*.log:


    HTTP Call failed: http://<hostname>:80/BOE/InfoView


    Details w'll be found in the attached log.


    Where is the configuration to be done to correct the port (8080).


    Kind regards + thanks for any hint!
    Peter Lintner

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    We currently have setup our 4.1 SP4 server in a clustered environment with Web Application Server (Tomcat- Bundled with BO) on one machine. It currently has 10 GB and 6 Cores CPU. We did a small load test last week with around 25 users (or less) but when I was monitoring my CPU and Memory usage on this server, it was almost 100%. it was most of the time 70-80% but reached to 100% soon. Other servers (including CMS) are looking much better with well under 10% CPU and 20-30% Memory.

    I have requested for memory upgrade since then but questions are

    1) Why is there 100% consumption of memory on web application server when no other services are on this box

    2) What else I should monitor to make sure this will perform better for big load


    Does anyone has any ideas or sugggestions?



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    There have been few crystal reports have been deleted from crystal environment and i would like to know how to recover them. please advice the best possible ways to recover them. CMS repositoty in SQL server database


    thanks in advance




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    we are re-using our SAP BW authorizations roles for folder authorizations in SAP BO.

    Therefore we import roles from SAP BW source system and add these roles to different BO-Groups. Folder authorizations are maintained for these BO Groups.

    Import of roles works - but all imported roles / Groups start with a prefix "<SYS-ID>~<CLNT>@"

    So if we promote groups/authorizations to qa and prod system we have to add BW roles in each system.




              DEV~001@BW_ROLE --> added to BO Group "BW"

         Promotion to QA-System:

              BO Group contains Role DEV~001@BW_ROLE and QA~002@BW_ROLE has to be added.


    How to avoid this?


    There is a similar issue with user which has been resolved by maintaing registry setting.

    HKLM\SOFTWARE\SAP BusinessObjects\Suite XI 4.0\Enterprise\Auth Plugins\secSAPR3\SimpleUsernameFormat


    Thanks and best regards,




    P.S. we are using BI 4.1

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    Is it possible to bulk open webi reports using SDK and save it again.




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    My application use Crystal RAS 2013. can you please let help me how I can create a cluster with multiple RAS servers on the same physical server?

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    We are trying to use Amazon Cloud Email servers with SSL encryption for email distribution with the Adaptive Job server in Business Objects4.1, i have also followed a guide that i found online for setting up SSL encryption email distribution and was unsuccessful. The error that i get after i make the changes from the below document  which is a very generic error. " Object failed to run due to an error while processing on the Job Server."



    I used Authentication as 'Login' and provided it with Amazon Email server User ID and Password on the Adaptive Job server Destination Email configurations.


    The scheduled reports fail and email distribution doesn't happen. If any of you has performed the same in your organizations, please share your experience to help me. Your help is greatly appreciated.



    Arun Chanda

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    Hi All,


    We are in the process of upgrading our BI environment. Last time, we tried the migration with below options - but it failed after 22 hours.

    -> Complete Migration

    -> Live-to-Live


    Source System:


    BO XI R2 SP2

    No. of Universes: ~150

    No. of Reports : ~28000 (Webi + Deski reports)

    File Store : 55 GB


    Target System:

    BI 4.1 SP5 (New server)


    When we analyzed the repository data, out of 28000 objects we have only 8000 reports (Public Folders + User Favouries) - it looks like rest of them are like instances. So, appreciate if you provide your recommendations/suggestions on the below points


    1. We don't want to migrate the instances to Target system. Can we go with incremental migration option (Live-to-Live), by excluding the 'Instances' in the 'Options' or any other settings required in UMT?


    2. If we want to exclude User Favourites' (wants to migrate in before going live), can we unselect the 'User Favourites' folder in UMT or do we need to select any other options?


    3. Our users only refresh their reports during working hours - only IT team can create any new reports. In this case - is it recommended to do this Live-to-Live migration during working hours (i.e) when source system is active? This is important because getting longer downtime of source system (BO XI R2) in our organization is very difficult because of business criticality.


    Appreciate your response on the above queries as it will be really helpful for us to plan accordingly.


    Thanks in advance



    Syed Basheer

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    Webi job failed email notification for daily scheduled jobs, email count goes more than 2000.

    Operating System Details:

    • Windows 2008 R2

    SAP Business Objects Details:

    • SAP BO 4.0 SP6

    Database Details:

    • CMS DB Oracle


    Issue description:


    On daily basis 100 jobs are scheduled using event file. All 100 jobs start after BW data load completion.


    Below is the process for webi job schedule start.

    1) BW job complete

    2) Event file update on shared location 

    3) Webi job scheduling starts.



    Till april 1st week all 100 jobs were scheduled succesfully  and we recieved 101 notification, 1 extra mail for event file notification. 



    But from last week we recieved more than 2000 mail and on subsequent retry all jobs were scheduled succesfully.



    We check the CUID in query builder, but only data for 16 jobs was available, and in instance manager we got 300 failed instances of 16 jobs, but those jobs were executed successfully after multiple reattempt.


    Below is the error mentioned in instance manger for all 300 instances:


    "Object could not be scheduled within the specified time interval".



    Note : Due to unavailablity of trace log, we cannot enable the trace log in enviornment.



    Vizit Yadav

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    Hi Friends,


    Can you please help me to understand how can i send the .txt format file to AL11 server. I know trhough .csv format it can be sent. But the user requirement is to send the file in .txt format.Please help

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    I used to be able to create a user using the following:


    EnterpriseService boEnterpriseService = s.GetService("", "InfoStore");


                    var boInfoStore = newInfoStore(boEnterpriseService);


                    var newBoUserPlugin = boInfoStore.PluginManager.GetPluginInfo("CrystalEnterprise.User");

                    var userList = boInfoStore.NewInfoObjectCollection();

                    var newBoUser = (User)userList.Add(newBoUserPlugin);


                    newBoUser.Title = user;

                    newBoUser.Aliases.AddNew("secWinAd:" + user, false);





    Unfortunately, it now fails with this error:


    Additional information: Failed to commit objects to server :

    Create operation failed.


    If I omit the alias creation, the user is created normally, but is not linked to an AD account like I need.


    Can I achieve the same in 4.1?

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