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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Using bo4 and would like to delete an object from universe - object used in some reports but would be good if could identify which reports used the object.



    Is this possible?


    We have the audit universe downloaded from the sdn forums.



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    Hello SAPBO/BI4.1 experts ,

    I have installed BI4.1 SP5 complete suite and when i try to log into Information Design Tool with windows AD authentication,getting the below error ,

    But with other authentication types like SAP and Enterprise its working fine .


    Please note that i have been tried with Username@DNS_DomainName ,but no luck and its not working .

    Please let me know with detail steps as solution ,

    Thanks a lot in advance ,

    Pradeep Gorpadu

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  • 05/28/15--04:14: BI inbox notification
  • Dear all,


    If you send a document to the BI Inbox is it then possible to let the end-user know that he has a new document in his BI Inbox?


    Or can the system automatically send an e-mail to the e-mail address of the end-user with this notification?


    And we do not want to use the Home page of the BO platform where you have the unread messages in My Inbox (because our platform opens automatically on the Documents tab).


    Kind regards,



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    Active CMS(s) found without cluster link   



    Hi All,


    Server cluster broken last sunday. I see several errors under event viewer "Active CMS(s) found without cluster link. Attempting to reconnect with "



    I noticed CMS.exe is up running and listening at 6400(via telnet). But not able to cluster.


    I worked with Windows team,we verifed ips and NICs,Firewall etc could not find any issue.


    Under logs i found  |||||||||||||||assert failure: (.\oblistenermgr.cpp:1013). (false : Error registering the local listener to server),


    Any suggestions..




    BOXI3.1 SP5.4

    Windows 2008 server





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    Hello Experts,


    We are using BI 4.1 SP3 with Tomcat 7.


    We have 2 dev servers - Dev 1 & Dev 2 with the same setup of Business Objects.


    The problem is with DEV 2 server where after logging into BI Launchpad, the "Home" page keeps on loading and the refresh clock goes on for more than 2.5 hrs. But if I click the "Document" tab it shows up correctly and quickly within 5 sec.

    Also, I have notices some error on Home tab at the task bar which is as below:



    Also, it's a surprise that the same configuration is done on DEV 1 server and "Home" tab is displaying correctly over there. I searched the forums for errors but couldn't find anything relevant.


    Please advise.

    Appreciate your help & time.




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  • 05/28/15--10:12: Email Content Customization
  • We are on BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 SP5.


    Basic email content configuration within CMC only support text based emails and does not support HTML. We would like to send out HTML rich emails to our users when a report is completed as a result of a schedule execution. In addition, we would also like to include additional information in the emails that isn't available through the placeholders but only through the SDK API. We are creating schedules through the API and users are not going through CMC or Launchpad.


    I am interested in hear solution ideas. My research is just starting but for now the only ideas I have are following:


    1. Create a Crystal Reports processing extension - this option requires C++ programming and only applies to Crystal Reports. Further, processing extensions while supported in 4.1 do not seem to be in use much and support for future is unclear.
    2. Use File System (or FTP) destination and post process - this requires us to save users email information (to, cc, bcc, subject, etc.) somewhere and not as part of the destination (I think).
    3. Implement customization on the email server - we can look into this but not sure what options are available yet.


    Thanks in advance for your time.


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    Hi Gurus,




    I have scheduled a report that send out mail on weekly basis with an attachment as pdf. I have applied sections and for some of the section there no data to display. I have used webi tool to develop the report. One of the requirement of the project if email shouldn't go out to users if there is not data to display. I have searched everywhere all solutions are there for reports based on universe but I couldn't find anything for reports on top of BW.  Users are not at all ready to receive blank pdf. I have created publication to schedule these reports.


    Can you please help me with this ? it is very urgent request and I have spend enough time researching on this.


    BO version : SAP BO 4.1 SP04


    Thank you in advance.




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  • 05/28/15--23:16: Version Management
  • Hello Team,


    One of our business is looking for Version Management. We cannot give end users access to CMC due to security reasons. Is their any possibility to provide access only to version management , I mean provide individual link where user can view their only folder and use the features of version management.




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    Using bo4 sp08 and we wish to remove some objects from universe which no longer required.


    They are used in some reports.


    What are the implications of removing them (this is a unx universe).


    Will existing reports which use them still run e.g scheduled ones albeit with any forumals which use them invalid.



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    I am currently have an issue with one crystal reports for enterprise that I am getting the following error when I open the report in the launchpad


    Failed to connect to OLAP Source Please contact the maintainer of the data source to solve the problem [JRC 00004624]

    --Error Code:0 [CRWEB00000119]


    I am using crystal reports for enterprise 4.1 SP2 with SAP BusinessObject 4.1 SP2 connected to SAP BW 7.3


    The reports contains about 9 sub reports


    I already checked in sm04 transaction and I found that when the report initially opened in Launchpad is generating about 41 RFC connection and these RFC still opening


    The issue when I am trying to open the report again or other user it will generate the above error

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    I have strange situation with maintaining SAP authentication in our SAP BI Platform.


    After we imported BW role in BO i try to logon under BW username, input system credentials, but get the folowing error:

    "Account information not recognized: Access is denied."



    Accidentally i discovered what if add the user as principal to any group (it could be newly created group or group of imported bw role) and assign him security " Edit objects" or "Edit objects that the user owns"


    Then the user successfully logged in.


    Can anybody explain why it happend?

    And why i can't enter the BO without these dances with a tambourine?

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  • 05/29/15--06:09: SNC configuration
  • Hi All,


    Currently we have configured SAP Authentication and it is working fine for logging in to BO. The Problem we are facing is as follows


    Users are logging in to BI Launchpad with their Windows AD credentials and cretaing a Report based on a BICS Connection using SAP SSO. But getting the following following error while selecting the BICS Connection on BI Launchpad and WRC


    SSO token or User password is empty


    The user aliases from Win AD and SAP are mapped properly with simplename Format using the registry key method.


    This seems to be a very well known error. I would like to know whetehr the error is due to SNC configuration. Currently we have not configured SNC on our Server. I understand that SNC is required only for .UNV universes connecting to BW.


    But we are using only BICS Connection, so I understand that SNC configuration is not required for us. Is this correct ?


    Our aim is to achieve SAP SSO whereas users are logging in using their Windows AD usernames.




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    Hello Guys,


    I'm here again beucase sometimes BO issues are really tricky, and hard to understand its behaviour.

    So here we go, the scenario that I have is:


    • BO Version: BO4 SP1
    • A connection was created based on a excel sheed (JavaBeans 'driver')
    • Then a (stored procedure) universe was created with this connection.


    • It is possible to use the universe in a Web Intelligence report, data appears. So far, so good.



    But the problem:


    After the report is created and the data is captured from the data provider, the data from the excel will never be refreshed again.

    I mean, we push the "refresh" button on the report, but the old data remains there.


    Even if I delete the excel file, the old data from the very first execution will remain there.


    I was thinking about some parameters that manage cache in both services (servers) and Universe, but I found none.

    In fact there is no possibility to change parameter for that stored procedure universe: the fields are disabled.


    So, do you know how can I force the report to be refreshed when I'm using a stored procedure universe?


    Note: I have the same behavior in both stand-alone and client-server universe.


    Thank you very much in advance.



    Message was edited by: Marcos Morais

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  • 05/29/15--08:27: BI 4.1 Installation error
  • I am getting the below mentioned error while installing business objects 4.1 SP1

    14:46:12.195 *#*_*FWM 20030|Could not reach CMS 'localhost:6400'. Specify the correct host and port and check for network issues. (FWM 20030)|Could not reach CMS 'localhost:6400'. Specify the correct host and port and check for network issues. (FWM 20030)*_*#*


    Installation type : Full and not expand installation


    Server details: Windows server 2008 R2 Enterprise, 24 GB RAM, approx 600 GB in the installation drive


    DB Details: Oracle 11G


    Tried installing by disabling firewall/antivirus. - No luck


    Tried installing with default database - No luck


    Our go-live date is getting impacted as we are unable to install Business Objects on time. Your earliest help is much apprecated.


    Thanks in advance.

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         Hi All,


    In CMC  i had Created user :


    When I Log In to BI Launch Pad with That User  I am Unable to See My Applications


    : BI work Space



    What are All the rights to Give In order to Access


    Please Advise



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    This is relaetd to BI 4.1 SP1.

    I have three connection in IDT going to -





    All is working fine. Now the server3:6400 has new cluster name now and it is @newcluster. When I logon to CMC i see the new cluster name in the login screen rather than server3:6400, which is good.


    Now I cannot connect to BO system from IDT using server3:6400 but when I enter @newcluster instead of server3:6400, all works well.


    The issue is that this it replaces the server1:6400 and server2:6400 with @newcluster, which is incorrect. It should not touch other connections.


    Anybody came across situation?

    Please advice.

    Thank  you,


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  • 06/01/15--11:51: SL SDK help required
  • Hi,


    I am new to SL SDK.  I am able to successfully retrieve an unx from repository and save it in local.


    Now I want to extract its metadata.


    Is there a way to identify whether the universe uses Multisourcedatafoundation or Monosourcedatafoundation other than verifying number of connection files getting downloaded.


    If I have more views other than Master view in my Businesslayer how identify and access them through SL Sdk.




    Subramanian S.

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    Hi guys,


    Hope you can help me with this issue.


    I have a test deployment of SAP BI 4.1 SP5 on Windows Server 2012. It is configured as Single Sign-On deployment.


    My client wants to use Live Office (LO) to integrate MS Office with SAP BI content from the installed platform.


    I understand that there is a LO client component which is installed on user desktops that have MS Office.


    I have some questions related to LO server components:


    1. Is there a special process to enable LO server component ? SAP documentation implies that LO is enabled once you apply the SAP license for the  LO product. Is this correct ?


    2. I have applied the LO license key on the server . Is this enough to get the LO server component enabled ? How do I verify this ?


    3. Basically, what is a correct process of enabling LO server components in Windows environment (with SSO configured)?


    Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.




    Davor Mitrasevic

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  • 06/01/15--20:45: Documenting BO reports
  • Hello Experts!


    I have a requirement to study over 500 report templates to make a project decision

    The below needs to be documented


    • Universe(s) used
    • Objects used - object & filter pane
    • Custom SQL (if any)
    • Report created date
    • Report last refreshed date
    • Reoprt last updated date


    While some of them can be obtained via Query Builder, most of them cannot be.


    We are running on BOXi R3.1 SP7, and we need the above for WebI , Crystal & Full Client reports

    I know I am being greedy, but is there a utility which we can run to achieve this?

    Any suggestions would be helpful



    Thanks in advance..!


    - Srini

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    Hi guys,


    Hope you can shed some light here.


    We have a new deployment of SAP BI 4.1 SP5 with Tomcat on Windows Server 2012. We have configured SSO for BI Launchpad and it's working.


    We have a need to modify behaviour of OpenDocument URL so that a user does not have to log into the platform when he/she selects OpenDocument URL from an EXPORTED or EMAILED document.


    Usage Scenario:



    For example, on my client's BI 3.1 platform, a user gets an emailed report in Excel format with a hyperlink to a platform report. At the moment, when user clicks the link he gets prompted to log onto the platform (through Enterprize authentication). We want to avoid this behaviour.



    What we want in our new BI 4.1 platform, is a silent SSO via OpenDocument so that user gets to the URL-ed report in the platform without any prompt.


    Is this possible in BI 4.1 ?


    Would you be able to provide some pointers as to how to configure this in my environment ?


    Are there any SAP notes on this process in BI 4.1 ?


    Your input will be greatly appreciated.




    Davor Mitrasevic

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