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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Just wondering if anyone else facing this issue ??


    In Launchpad when i right click on any report instead of opening the Report options it opens browser options rather report options are opened in background which im not able to select.


    I can get around by right clicking couple of times to avoid the browser options and get to report options . Just wanted to understand how to resolve this issue.




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  • 06/09/15--01:46: BO Server Scheduling Details
  • Hi Team,


    How do I get all recurring instances of Live reports .I am very much Interested in Server used for particular report.


    I ran the below Query but couldn't able to archive  below screenshot






    Many thanks in advance






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    Hi Experts,


    We're currently facing a blocking issue with our project.


    We have users set in different Active Directory groups ; every time we add an user to a group, the user is created in BO.


    The problem is when we switch users to a different Windows AD group : they should move to the corresponding BO group. However, even if they do appear in the target group, they do not disappear from their origin group. in BusinessObjects, they appear in both groups.


    We checked on the Windows AD, and the users are no longer in their origin group, as wanted.


    Did anyone ever face this behavior ?


    We're working on the BI 4.1 SP04 Patch 8


    Thanks a lot for your help

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    I have developed a dashboard that uses BICS connectivity. While trying to save this dashboard to BI4 CMC from my desktop PC, I am getting below error. Please help me to fix this issue.

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    I have a BI 4 server installed with Tomcat application.


    WACS has been installed by default.

    I did some research on WACS usefullness and I saw some information saying WACS is useless when using Tomcat.

    If so, I can deactivate WACS server on BI 4 to save RAM.


    Can anyone help me on this?

    Is there any KB for this ?


    Thanks a lot


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    Hi Experts,

    Getting same error while i click on Pur_Grp's search from list button. when i run the report in RSRT or Analyser or Portal


    Any help is appreciated.




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  • 06/09/15--09:48: Default Excel Format
  • Hi Team,


    We have a situation wherein we have to schedule webi reports in excel format in BI 4.1 environment. We used to do the same in BO XI 3.1 SP3 version.


    - The reports were scheduled in BO XI 3.1 SP3 in excel format (.xls)

    - This excel was sent as input to a macro

    - The macro is used to process the excel


    However, in BI 4.1 region, the report is scheduled to excel format(.xlsx) This report cannot be sent as input to macro, as macro fails to process the excel.


    Is there any way which will help us to schedule the webi report in .xls format. (We tried renaming the report to .xls format while scheduling, however, this did not worked.)


    Thanks for your help in advance.



    Mitesh Joshi

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    Hi all,



    We have Microsoft Office 2007 and How to Add in BO Live Office to it ?


    I was unable to Add Any Plug In to it


    How to resolve this issue






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    I'm looking for a way to automate the BAIR backup, without havign to go in and make all the selections. Is there any instructions for this kind of action?

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    I am new to SAP BI.

    I tried creating a simple report in Query Designer.

    For that I did the following,


    Created 2 Info Objects for Material (Material Name and Material Group as display attributes) and Customer (Customer Name as display attribute)

    Created an Info Cube with Material and Customer Dimensions and 2 Key figures.

    I loaded data into the info objects and info cube using a flat file data source.


    When I tried accessing the report that I created using BEx Query Designer, the data for display attribute is not displayed on the report.

    I am not sure whether I have done something wrong with the Info Object and Info Cube or is something wrong with the Query that I created.

    Kindly let me if anything is wrong.


    Please find the screen shots in the attachment.


    Material And Customer IO.pngInfo Cube.png




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    Hi guys,


    Hope you can provide some insight here.


    I have deployment of SAP BI 4.1 SP5 on Windows 2012. We configured SSO through a service account.


    We have a particular Webi report with data source configured as an Excel file on a network share.


    When I run the report from Rich Client , the report runs with no problems.


    However, when I run the report from CMC ->View I get below error:


    Excel Access Error.png

    Could this be due to my SIA running under service account which does not have access permissions to this share ?


    If this is the cause, is this just the matter of adding my service account to the AD group that have permissions to this share ?


    Which access permissions on the shared folder and its files is then required here.


    Many thanks.

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    I am trying to figure out how to set the style of BO Analysis (for Office) to fit with client's UI standards.


    From the materials I have read, it seems the steps are: Open a report in analysis (office), and modify the cell style gaven by SAP, such as 'SAP Data Cell' and so on. Then save it, export the style set, and provide it to users for import.


    I have 3 questions about it.


    1. Is there any way to standardize and customize the style set so that the style don't need to be imported by every user? cuz applying the style set seems a littble bit tiring.


    2. in the 'Cell style', sap provides many cell styles such as  SAP Data Cell, SAP Dimension Cell. How can I tell that I have modified all the necessary cell style?. If I missed some of them, in certain report, the layout may turn out to be strange.


    3. How to set the background color of 'SAP Data Cell' as zebra style? (the first row and the second row in different color). Somehow, it seems like to be a 'Excel question'.... The setting in 'Table style' can not be saved and exported as report style.



    Thank you in advance.

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    I am trying to create an OLAP connection in CMC, it is giving error as "The system could not connect to the cube with the information provided. Verify that the information you entered is correct and that the target database server is running".


    But I am able to create same connection in IDT.

    Now, when I try to access this connection using BICS (Dashboard) , it gives error : Request processing failed, cannot get the cube from the connection:


    I think the BICS issue is arising due to error in CMC.

    Please help with these errors..

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    I have been asked by our security management team to confirm whether or not SAP has an active Extended Support contract with Oracle to continue to provide vulnerability remediation for newly discovered JDK/JRE6 vulnerabilities.  Since SAPJVM 6.1 is a modified Oracle Java 6 stack, and BI 4.1 currently uses SAPJVM 6.1 (any plans to move to 7.1?  but since Oracle Java 7 is no longer receiving public updates, the same issue applies!!!) one could infer that at least some of the vulnerabilities discovered in Java 6 apply to SAPJVM 6.1.


    If this is not the correct forum for this question, any guidance would be appreciated.


    Thank you!

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    Hi expert,


            how to transport BOBJ reports using solution manager?

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    Hi Guys,


    Hope you can shed some light here.


    We have a deployment of SAP BI 4.1 SP5 on Windows with Single Sign On configured.


    We want be able to prevent users to save their new Webi reports to public folders. However, we want to have them save their Webis either locally or to My Favourites folder?


    What are the steps required to achieve this outcome ?


    Many thanks for your help.

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    Hi Everyone,


    I have created web service in webi report, the same i call in dashboard and it is working fine and i am able to access data through web service. But i want to access filtered data only(As i select branch in combo, only selected branch's data must fetch from web service instead of All data)


    Please let me know if it can be possible.




    Kashif Ali Khan

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    HI Experts,


    We have upgraded to server to 4.1 SP5 patch 5, but we are not able to sync all of LDAP group into BO server. Can anyone please help on this issue?


    1. Any restriction under BO 4.1 SP5 patch 5 for LDAP?

    2. Figure 1. shows that we use LDAP to logon BO server and connect correctly, but only few LDAP group can sync to BO server. Figure 2. shows that the update function didn't work for our situation.


    Figure 1.



    Figure 2.



    Thank you,

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    Hi Everybody,


    We developped an ASP Application that displays reports from a Crystal Server 2011 (.NET SDK 2011 SP04 and Crystal Server 2011 SP4 ).


    We had some printing issues with IE11:


    • Printing the reports in IE 11 (from crystal viewer) opens the export Window (see attached printscreen). When switching IE11 into compatibility mode the print control works


    After we noticed that Crystal Server 2011 SP04 was not compatible with IE11.(…)


    We chosse to Upgrade to SP11 that should be compatible (…).


    This Upgrade works on my development computer. I Upgraded the .NET SDK to SP11 (SBOP BI PLATFORM .NET SDK RUNTIME 4.0 SP11 WINDOWS 32B64B) and Crystal Reports (SAP CRYSTAL REPORTS 2011 SP11 WINDOWS (32B)).


    But when I deploy the Application on our Server (Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard with  .NET SDK SP11 the print dialog doesn't work.


    Did I miss to Install something on the Server?




    - Adrian

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    We have the following:

    1. Integration of - SAP BI 4.1 SP05 + SAP BW 7.4 + NW Portal 7.4

    2. SSO is configured for- SAP BI 4.1 SP5 to SAP BW 7.4

    3. We call OpenDoc links (Webi reports) from the portal, so that we view the reports from portal, and that we achieve SSO

    Our issue :

    is that even after Login into the Portal, it prompts for the username and password once, and after that until the life of the token it doesn't ask for the password again.  It has happened after our recent upgrade from BI4.0 to BI4.1 SP5

    I am trying to figure out why is it prompting for the password?  Any ideas or suggestions?

    Thank you in advance.

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