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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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  • 06/04/15--01:10: BO4.0 Rich Client issue
  • Hi,


    I got Rich Client issue, please check the detail in below screenshot.


    and I turned off the windows firewall, but can't open it. and also check some notes in, can't fix it. please help. thanks in advance.




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    I have gone through all the recommended processes to rebuild the Search Index & am still having issues where a search for '10' will only return results against the Report 'Comments' field from the 'Summary Info' section, it WILL NOT however return any results from the 'Report Title'.


    I am trying t find a report titled 'GPCR0010Act – Cost of Sales (Actual) Report by Delivery Note’  and get the following results only ('Issue 10' comes from the Comments field).


    It will only find my report if I am much more specific with the search criteria (i.e. I have to use 'GPCR0010*' as a leading wildcard returns an error)...


    Even more frustrating is that if I search for '20' it DOES return results from the report title...


    Any assitance would be much appreciated.

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    We have data in both Oracle database and SQL server. Is it possible that CMS can connect with both databases? So that WebI can pull data from both data sources?


    Thank you very much for your help!

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  • 06/04/15--11:53: .Net SDK Code?
  • Hi All


    Can someone help me with the my queries regarding SDK development :


    I need to create web Pages using . Net for getting the below deatils by creating the SDK:


    a) Find Groups having access to Folders and Universes and Connections

    b) List members in any Group.

    c) List all folders any Member is having access to.


    Can you please help where i can find the sample queries for those.





    Kindest Regards




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    Hi experts,


    Hope you can help me with this question.


    We have a deployment of SAP BI 41.1 SP5 on Windows Server 2012. We configured SSO.


    We would like to install SP Integration Option (IOMS) and configure SSO.

    The target SP server farm consists of 3 servers:


    • SP Application Server
    • Web Front End (WFE)
    • Database Server


    We will be configuring and installing IOMS as per SAP article:


    "Configuring Active Directory Authentication with Kerberos into a SharePoint 2010 Site Created Using IOMS" by Morgan LeJeune, 2013




    As per article, we need to create SPNs as per below image:





    Does above means that I need to create SPNs for both SharePoint Application Server AND Web Front End (WFE) servers ?

    What about database server ?


    Also, where do I need to Install IOMS and execute all configurations as per article ? On both SharePoint Application Server AND Web Front End (WFE)  ? Or just SharePoint Application Server ?


    Many thanks. Looking forward for your feedback.

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    Hi experts


    Is this document the most current one?…


    I would also need a document for BI security in the context of using BO 4.1 for SAP BW.




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  • 06/04/15--22:51: BI Upgrade
  • Dear All,


    I need to know the effort,time & steps for a BO 4.1 upgrade from 4.0. approximately we have 300 webI reports, 40 Dashboards & some OLEDB,ODBC Connections are there. Kindly help me to figure this.


    Suman Thangadurai

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      I am developping a set of aplication using SAP Jco and I would like to know if there is any forum that can allow me to present the applications I am developping and if possible excahnge new with other developper on the possibilities offered by SAP Jco and what kind of application can I do.

    Kind Regards


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    I have a requirement for a European company to use SAP BI 4 which is in the UK. There is a concern that the system is in the UK rather than locally and we may have performance issues.


    We would rather have one system to maintain and look after.


    Are there any best practices around this?


    A thought came to mind is that we could cluster the system and have a server in Europe? In turn the people in Europe would connect to the server there and the people in UK connect to the server in the UK?


    The SQL DB though where would that be held? Can that be clustered?


    Would that work?


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  • 06/05/15--03:43: 'Could not reach CMS' error
  • Hi Everyone,


    I am using the SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0 Edge edition on a virtual machine with Windows server 2012.

    I am able to call RESTful services from a remote system but while trying to use the Java SDK, I am getting the following error:


    Could not reach CMS. Specify the correct host and port and check for network issues. (FWM 20030)


    I am getting this error while logon:


    enterpriseSession = sessionMgr.logon(username, password,  cmsConnection, auth);


    • cmsConnection is in the format "hostname:port"
    • auth is 'secEnterprise'


    I have made sure that the ports 6400-6410 are open on the Virtual machine. I also tried to restart the servers. But nothing helped.I am unable to find a solution from existing forums. Can someone please help me out?

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    Dependencies are not displayed while doing promotion management for Design Studio Report; i mean i can't find Connection (Relational or OLAP) / Universes etc. but folders and Design Studio file i can see. Please find below scree shoot of Manage Dependencies of New Promotion Management Job.




    Here i want to tell one point i have different controls of different data source from OLAP connection , Relational HANA connection and Universe also as the source. Since dependencies are not transported to destination i can see no component is initialized with data in destination and showing error.


    Then how to transport i mean Promotion Management for Design Studio Reports from Dev to QA or Prod with dependencies (Connection (Relational or OLAP) / Universe) etc.



    Saurav Kumar Suman

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    We have a known bug in our environment . Explorer master server is stopped state intermittently. We have monitoring setup whenever the master server is stopped state, to send out the email. Sometimes we cannot take immediate action to start the server espicially during off hours.


    So we are planning to automate the process using SDK.


    We know we get the status of the server using querybuilder. We need help in starting the explorer master server , which one to look in the service area or any other way of finding the master server and start using SDK.


    Please suggest options.

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  • 06/05/15--07:56: BO 4.1 on AIX
  • Hello everyone,


    Currently our BO version is 4.1 SP4 P4 on Windows servers (VMs). Based on the stability issues, we are thinking to move on to other OS platforms and considering AIX. Has any one encountered any road blocks with Windows vs AIX, like Pros and Cons ?

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    I am having issue with the CMC login. I am able to login and it works fine when i login from the app server. When i try to access it from outside the app server the login page opens but i am unable to login. Error "Could not reach CMS FWM 20030"  this is the known error but the problem is i dont get it when i login from the application server. Can some one please share your experience.

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  • 06/05/15--22:28: SAP BI 4.1 Authorization
  • Currently we are implementing SAP BI 4.1 and we have the following situation concerning our webi document authorization.


    We have approximately 30 groups with users and 120 webi documents.


    The 30 groups all have privileges to a different set or group of documents from the total set of 120. There is overlap so we cannot create folders for all the different sets of documents because then we need multiple copies of those documents used by more than one group. We also don't want to set rights on individual documents, only (document)set based.


    In BO XI r2 we created a group for each individual document. Authorization to the documents was done by membership of those documentgroups. However this creates unwanted loops in the groupshierarchy.



    The use of categories seems the correct way to go but unfortunately when we use promotion management every once and a while the links between documents and categories are removed.


    Anyone, some idea on how to accomplish this kind of authorization (apart from the use of categories)?

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       I have noticed that my report times out because of the special field Page N of M that I have to use in the report.Is there anyway to generate it programatically?The report has 417 pages and used 4 subreports.


    Please advice




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    I was following the instructions to add multiple domains, that was provided to me in a previous conversation.  However I'm unable to login to the Central Management console.  I receive the below error, whether I remove the domain or not, I receive the same error.


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    I have a user, there is an icon next to some reports, with arrow going up to right side.when they are ok (when she can open ) the icon is the Crystal reports symbol (green/ blue)


    but some others are an icon white background with arrrow but no blue green, when she clicks nothing happens.


    When I go into CMC as my id and go to her folder, they all can be run.

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    Does anyone here know about how to clear (initialize) the cache for Analysis (OLAP) and Web Intelligence?


    --> Or rephrase the question as 'how to trace its performace?' if it has nothing to do with the cache.




    I am running a KPI report performance test which includes Bex, analysis (OLAP), analysis (Office), Web Intelligence, and Lumira.


    By using re-generating report in 'RSRT' (Query Monitor) to initialize the report cache before report execution, and by recording and tracing the performance in 'ST05',

    I was able to get the tracing result (running duration) for Bex, analysis (Office), and Lumira.
    However, I failed to trace the performance about analysis (OLAP) and Web Intelligence, which actually turns out that nearly nothing is displayed.

    It seems that it is because I didn't clear the cache for the web-based ones, am I right?

    If so, how to clear the cache so that I can trace the performace?


    Or, if it is not the right way to trace its performace by ST05, then please give me any advice on how to test its performace.


    Sorry that I am a green hand in this field. Thank you guys in advance.

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    We are using SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 Support Pack 1 (Version:


    Our Java application is retrieving Crystal Reports by querying CI_INFOOBJECTS.


    The query:


    SELECT * FROM CI_INFOOBJECTS WHERE SI_INSTANCE=0 and si_kind='CrystalReport'


    Seems like it only works with the Administrator account (or if a user is joined to the Administrators group), if we use a normal account, it doesn't work.


    I confirmed this by using the query builder tool: http://hostname:port/AdminTools/querybuilder/ie.jsp


    If I run the query using Administrator account: Number of InfoObject(s) returned: 104


    If I run using a normal user account: Number of InfoObject(s) returned: 0


    So is there any right I can assign to the normal user solely for querying CI_INFOOBJECTS, other than using the Administrator or joining that user to the Administrators group?

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