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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    I am trying to find some further information on this for one of my customers.


    They are looking to implement Crystal Server but have a query in regards to integrating it with SharePoint. If they integrate Crystal Server with SharePoint how does the licensing work?

    There will be over 100 users accessing SharePoint but not all of them will need access to Crystal Server. If Crystal Server is integrated with SharePoint does this immediately mean that we will need to license it for all the SharePoint users regardless of whether they are using it or not? What would happen if an unlicensed user logs onto the SharePoint site that Crystal Server is integrated with?


    I have tried to speak to a representative on the online chat for SAP but they didn't seem to have any specific information for this scenario so I am wondering if anyone here has this setup implemented or have any information at all that I can pass back to my customer please?


    Many thanks,


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  • 08/11/15--05:56: Error on Report Creation
  • Hi,


    I am getting a strange error message when I try to generate a Crystal Report from my application.

    The error says:


    "String index out of range: -1"


    I am pretty sure that all of my configuration, connectiosn etc are properly set.


    Can anyone please advise as to how I might go about troubleshooting this issue?

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  • 08/11/15--06:52: BI 4.0 Clustering Issue
  • Hello Experts,


    We are trying to cluster new Node (4.0 SP9) to existing system Testing Environment (4.0 SP8). After clustering, the CMS of New machine is not coming up.


    while trying to find out the issue we found the below error message in trace.


    \DatabaseSubsystem_impl.cpp:3501). (0 : Unknown ISubsystem::Error caught: The index info object with id 108 does not match the type of the index already in the database. The requested property type is string and the one in the database is datetime. The requested property size is 32 and the one in the database is 32. Index info object does match what is already in the database


    Whereas after clustering the Old CMS is coming up..


    The same clustering process is working fine in other Environments(DEV)


    We have checked the CMS DB Version and in both machines .. all are same. The Database drivers version are same.


    We tested the System DB connectivity from new machine . it also works fine.


    Please suggest the possible root cause for this issue.


    Thanks in advance !


    Environment Details

    Old : BI 4.0 SP8 , Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

    New : BI 4.0 SP9 , Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1


    CMS DB : Oracle 11g





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    Hi Experts,


    I am trying to figure out if there is a alternate way to get to Preferences options may be by using opendoc url without using the navigation from BI launch pad landing page as shown in the image below


    any tricks or tips that you can suggested would be very helpful.



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    we upgraded our BI-Platform from 4.0 to 4.1 SP6. We had already iViews with Crystal Reports and Dashboards (Xcelsius) in our SAP Portal (7.31 SP 15) and they worked fine - before we upgraded. Now it is not possible to open an iView with a Dashboard using IE11, there is only a blank page (and a JavaScript-Error). With Chrome and Firefox we are able to use this iView. Also an iView with Crystal Reports works with IE11. We installed the latest Patches for Portal and BI, but the error still occurs.

    Does anyone get a similiar error (and solved;-))?


    Is it necessary to import the Portal integration kit into the Portal, after a BI-Upgrade?


    Best regards


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    Hi all,

    I am looking for a Best practices Guide for SAP IQ, Edge Edition/BO Edge analytics Edition. I didn't found anything on scn and I need some Information about Installation, sizing, Scenarios. Thank you very much for any links and documents.




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  • 08/12/15--04:46: Attachments in SAP BO
  • Hi,


    I have one attachment file which i need to open it in SAP BO reporting tool.


    Currently I can only view the File name and file path where it got stored but I am not able to open the attachments in SAP BO reports. Data type of that attachments is BLOB.


    Please help me to access the data in the attachments i.e I need to open the attachments in SAP BO reporting tool.


    Thanks in advance




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    Hi Folks,


    I would like to request your help as I'm getting a bit confused with configuring the AdaptiveJobServer in CMC.

    I've read in some forums that for us to successfully setup a scheduled report to a File System,

    I would have to configure it in CMC's AdaptiveJobServer.


    Then, what if I have several File System destinations?


    Kind Regards,


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    Hi Experts,


    We are on BO4.1 SP5 windows with 2 servers clustered. we have Tomcat on both servers and using a network load balancer for load balancing.


    The BI Launchpad is taking very long to show the login page during the peak hours (more than 200 sessions on each tomcat). and today the page never opened and we are forced to restart the tomcat on both machines which impacted the business.


    I have set the following parameters in the JAVA tab of TomcatConfigiration :


    Initial Memory 4GB , Max memory 4 GB, Thread Stack Size 1024, MaxPermSize 512M, -XX:ParallelGCThreads=1024 (SAP recommendatation)


    In the server.xml added maxThreads ="500" to the HTTP connector.


    The session timeout is set to 15Mins.


    There is no issue with the CMC application.


    I raised a ticket with SAP and they said Tomcat is not supported by them and asked to go for consulting.


    Please help me resolving this issue...




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    I am trying to find a way to control how many concurrent sessions a given user or user group can consume in BusinessObjects.  For example, I would like to limit a particular user group that tends to consume many Web Intelligence sessions to 3 per user.  I don't think that standard config exists to do this and was thinking there may be a way to do this via a script.


    Has anyone done this?

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    I HAVE setting SSO Hana SP 9 REV 97 with SAP bi4.1 SP5 when I test the connexion It work fine.


    But when I try to create a connexion in Information designer with SSO, it throw me an exception !!!



    can you explain me what I missed.



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    We have setup Windows AD Authentication on our servers and it works fine as it is now. we recently moved from one domain to another and want to remove this SPN and add new SPN in CMC. However we are not able to delete SPN and Default Domain details. anytime we try to delete it keeps coming back and doesn't go away with a message (Since the AD is disabled, any changes made are disregarded)


    Not sure how to clean this up for another SPN. any ideas? we are in 4.1 SP4



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    I have created a wrapper of your Report Viewer Control and am running into an issue when adding the control on the pages initial load. I've pasted the settings of the control below. I've used the community network to resolve a couple issues i had with the bobj file, but at this point am at a loss as to why the control can be added on postback, but not on the first load of the page.


    The only error i've received is the following. This error leads to crv.js not able to find some __CRYSTALSTATE object, but that is code I do not control. Also this error is raised when adding the controller on postback and the report renders. So very confused and looking for any help on different things to try or look for as I've spent a couple weeks on this with little progress.


    Runtime error

    Crystal Error.png


    Code of controller (happens in page load)

          ReportSource = _reportDocument;        EnableViewState = false;        _reportDocument.Load(_inputReportPath);        ReportSource = _reportDocument;        BestFitPage = true;        Enabled = true;        AutoDataBind = true;        Font.Names = new[] { "Verdana" };        Font.Size = new FontUnit("8pt");        ToolPanelView = ToolPanelViewType.None;        HasGotoPageButton = false;        HasCrystalLogo = false;        HasDrillUpButton = false;        HasDrilldownTabs = false;        HasExportButton = false;        HasPrintButton = false;        HasPageNavigationButtons = false;        HasRefreshButton = false;        HasSearchButton = false;        HasToggleGroupTreeButton = false;        HasZoomFactorList = false;

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    I am unable to create delegated administration for Users and Groups in BO 4.0 SP6.  I followed the steps in the Administration Guide and relevant KB's, but I continue to get the screen below, which shows many more options than Users and Groups (Created group with Restricted CMC Tab Configurations, denied all access except Users and Groups, added TestUser to group.)


    I created a message with SAP and the support engineer followed the same steps in his application (Enterprise) and the results were as expected - only Users and Groups option was visible.  While he watched, I followed the same steps on my application with different results as shown on the attached.  He was unable to help be any further, as he does not have access to an Edge machine.


    In an effort to remove the Folders, Connections, and Universes options, I set top-level security on these folders to No Access for the TestGroup, which TestUser belongs to.  This resulted in no change to the screen options.



    Has anyone been able to set this up successfully in Edge?

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  • 08/12/15--09:43: BI4.1 Windows AD SSO DMZ
  • I wondered if anyone has any information on settings up Windows AD Single Sign on, to work over a DMZ webserver. If I search for BI4 Windows AD SSO DMZ, nothing at all comes back and can't find any definite details on it.


    I've configured it inside of a network before now, but never through access from the internet, and a customer has raised the question as to the intricacies of it.


    I really just wondered if anyone knew if it was possible, had any white papers etc


    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi experts!


    I started to use the Monitoring tool of CMC. I want to create a watch to verify the memory use of the APS servers. I'm creating a study to do a resizing in my environment (SAP BO 4.1 SP5 over BW 7.0).


    My APS.Analysis is configurated with 8 GB (-Xmx8g). I want to verify how many time this APS use all memory configured (-xmx8g), if this APS really use the memory configured. I would like to know what the difference between the metrics Free Memory, Maximum Memory and Total Memory.


    The numbers do not add up:

    (Free Memory + Total Memory) <> Maximum Memory

    (Free Memory + Total Memory) <> -Xmx8g

    Maximum Memory <> -Xmx8g


    I believe there is something about the memory especified and memory allocated and memory allocated free...


    So, somebody could explain the details of this metrics?



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    We are migrating from BOXIr3 Sp5/6 to SAP Bi 4.1.6 - which supports FHSQL nowadays! - yep!

    But the conversion tool does not convert teradata FHSQL - so far we could convert Oracle and Access FHSQL.


    Is teradata FHSQL not supported? - I could not find any reference.

    Do you have any insights on FHSQL and Teradata with RCT


    (RCT = Report Conversin Tool) to convert Deski Reports to webi!


    - Wobi

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    HI Experts,


    I have a question related to accessing the reports into Multiple Groups.


    Scenario1: I have Different  Warehouses situated in Different states. Each state equivalent to one Warehouse.


    I have two types of users  one is State wise specific users and  another one is Business groups who looks all states information.


    I have created standard queries on  one Universe ( For all states Universe is same, I am replacing the connection run-time) by implementing the Universe security profile concept.


    Scenario2 : Business group want to see the data based on States Warehouse, we are not maintained any table for states.connection properties.

    If business Users runs query the report should prompt the connection, based on selection that perticular state connection data should pass into  BO report. Logic required is dynamically it should prompt user to select connection name.


    Please help me some good ideas to implement this scenario. I am facing issue with Scenario 2.



    Prakash Vadla

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    Hi Experts,


    Is there a way to push the files in the auditing database ? It seems that some files are not being written.


    Env: XI 3.1 SP3 FP 3.6




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    Hi Experts,


    May be my query is simple to you, but I have googled a lot to get the answer to this.NO Luck.


    I have two folder structure.

    1) Standard Folder : User should not allow to edit/ Should not enable design mode option

    2) Custom folder: Users are copying the reports from standard folder and can rework on pasted reports from custom folder where in they need to enable Design mode option in this case.


    Below are steps I have done but not luck its not working for me.


    1) First I have  provided  on  Application level for  WEBI Full control for this group and  on Standard query folder I have provided the right as Schedule access and  explicitly denied the edit query option for WEB Intelligence under content on top of folder. The problem is even though I denied Edit query option the " Design mode is enabled" because I have provided full control on Application level. Which is not worked for me.


    2) I have tried to achieve another way is :


    Right to application level for WEBI is  provided Schedule access and  for Standard folder I have provided as  Schedule assess and for content I have disabled. It is fine for standard folder, But custom report folder design mode is not enabled even though I enabled as edit query for reports.


    Your help is highly appreciated.

    Please give me some ideas to implement.



    Prakash V

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