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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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  • 09/08/15--03:55: Error in Open doc after SSO
  • Hi


    We have enabled SSO and it works fine.



    However we are facing below error once in a while.



    Please advise the reason and solution



    SSO error.png

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    Due to disk space issues, I would like to delete promotion jobs(mainly backup jobs) older than a certain date (15 days) for a SAP BI 4.1 platform. At the moment I do this manually once a week, but is there a way of automatizing this process, either by an automatic process in the CMC, or maybe using the RESTful API or the CrystalDecisions.Enterprise libraries?



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  • 09/08/15--05:15: Questions about licenses
  • Hi.

    First of all, I speak Spanish, so try to understand me, please.


    For the start of a project implementation, I am analyzing the client licenses and emerged a doubt that they SAP Channel Partner could not clarify further, and would need to know in order to limit the use of the SAP Business Objects Suite.


    In March 2011, they acquired BOBJ licenses. The Licensed Software is the “SAP Business Objects BI Package”. Metrics license says "CPU" and level says "2".


    They understood, that gave them the ability to have unlimited users.


    Currently the partner told them that now, the Suite is licensed by users type (Analyst or Viewer). But contractually, the license remains the last one.


    I found a note (1285639 - What license types are available for Business Objects Enterprise?), that says:



    3 user license types are available with BusinessObjects Enterprise / Crystal Reports Server:


    Named User license: 

    • Typically associated with specific user names
    • Allow 'physical users', that are named to access the system based, typically each 'physical users' will have their user name and password
    • One named user license is occupied for each physical user accessing the BI Platform, typically this is one user account per 'physical' user.


    Concurrent license: 

    • Specify the number of sessions that can connect to BusinessObjects Enterprise at the same time.
    • Each physical user can consume more than one session, for example the same user could use both the browser on a PC and a mobile Application on a mobile device. This would create 2 sessions for the same physical user.
    • Flexible since a small concurrent license can support a large user base.


    CPU license: 

    • Indicates number of CPU cores that can be run, or potentially run, the BusinessObjects Enterprise server
    • There is no license limit to the number of 'physical' users that can access the BusinessObjects Enterprise server”


    Actually, they have BOBJ 4.1 SP2 installed.


    The partner insists that they have to have licenses by user (Analyst / Viewer)


    The questions we have are:


    • Is it true that if they had licenses for CPU, are now required to use the "per user"?
    • How can you determine the number of Viewer / Analyst users, if I can set up such a classification?
    • When the SAP Channel informs them that the difference between Viewer and Analyst is the ability to update ... “to update” we must understand “the refresh against the database" or "modify and add new dimensions to the report."


    Thanks in advance.


    Kind Regards.



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    Due to disk space issues, I would like to delete promotion jobs(mainly backup jobs) older than a certain date (15 days) for a SAP BI 4.1 platform. At the moment I do this manually once a week, but is there a way of automatizing this process, either by an automatic process in the CMC, or maybe using the RESTful API or the CrystalDecisions.Enterprise libraries?



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    Hi Guys,


    I need to know in which task you face much difficult in BO Admin and how you got resolved.


    Please mention your experience that will be great help for me.


    Thanks in Advance.

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    I've created a promotion job to backup to an LCMBIAR file the contents of two folders located in the root of Public Folders. I'd like to schedule this job to run (say) weekly...and have all the contents of those folders be backed up. Unfortunately, the job doesn't seem to include all the current contents of the folders; it backs up just the contents that were present when the job was created; i.e., a week ago or longer.


    Is there a way to configure the job to include the current contents of the folders, regardless of when the job is run?

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  • 09/08/15--23:34: How to export BO licesnse
  • Dear Gurus,


    I want Bussiness object license.  How to export BO license can you help me ASAP.


    BO version is:- 4.1 sp5

    DB:- Oracle

    OS:- Linux




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  • 09/08/15--23:43: Customization of UI
  • Hi,


    Please anyone help me on below requirements:


    I have a tables with data in it. Now I need to do the UI Customization in reports. My question is,


    1. Is it possible to do the UI Customization in SAP BO?


    For ex: creation of text fields, textbox, drop down, check box, radio button, date fields, search button, hyperlink etc in reports.


    2. If it is possible then let me know through which software I can use to do the same?


    3. Also let me know the reference for the same.


    Thanks in advance.




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    As I'm starting a new BI project, I want to define a specific default Template for Webi. I already used css to customize header, table columns fonts and colors and deployed it on the server.


    I want to go further in the default Template :

    - remove reportname that is automatically added to each report.

    - add new automatic fields like "print date", "person who printed the document", etc...


    Thanks in advance for you help


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    Is the there a way to prevent the "skip function" once you insert a datasource from the Analysis for Excel application.


    I want the users to use the proper Web Service URL to logon to the BI Platform and also gain the Single Sign On solution between BW and the BI launchpad.


    If they press Skip they have to logon to the BW server (choosing the right system..) and by that they will never get the SSO working properly once they save their workbooks.


    Any input is highly appreciated


    Kind regards

    Bjorn Bergbom

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    I have recently looked at introducing a reverse proxy into our Production Business Objects landscape. I used apache and I have seen an uplift in performance of the reports.


    When using the URL of the reverse proxy for the Olap analysis tool we have found SSO does not work.I logged a call with SAP and the response I got is:


    "The issue is out of scope of Product Support as Reverse Proxy is not a licensed SAP Product." - Note 2164972

    The concern I have is that I was under the impression SAP encouraged the use of the reverse proxy and provided instructions for using apache. If the reverse proxy is not supported then I would be of the impression we should not use it in a productive environment. For us if SSO does not work then our users won't use the product. We are also starting to see some issues when editing reports that only happen when using the reverse proxy to access them.

    Have other people had the same issue/concern over using a reverse proxy in the BI environment ? Should I move away from apache and look at putting in the SAP Webdispatcher with SAP Netweaver. My concern was in 2012 when we tried to use netweaver the support was terrible from the Business Objects perspective since they were all used to using apache.

    Appreciate any customer views/opinions on this.


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    Hello Community,


    today i found out that there are two folders under ..\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win64_x64 after installing the SAP Lumira BIP Add-On:

    • sapjvm
    • sapjvm_7


    SAPJVM7 is only used by SAP Lumira, but not from the other APS servers including Tomcat 7 which are still using SAPJVM6.


    • So why do not all servers utilize SAPJVM7 or better SAPJVM8 like SAP HANA does?
    • Are there plans for 4.1 SP7 to allow SAPJVM7 or 8?
    • Why does SAP Lumira use SAPJVM7 but still the old GarbaceCollector +UseParallelOldGC and not the the new Garbage First +UseG1GC for faster response times?

    As the BO Platform is for SAP "the" BI Platform, i am a little confused that SAP tells us admins how to do a split deployment or Admins get ready for Java 7 in order to improve the performance, but as an administrator you have to double check the PAM to still have a supported platform..

    So i would more likely phrase it like:

    "Hey SAP get ready for Java 8 and deliver a performant and fully supported BO Platform for us Admins out of the box without manual tweaks!"

    Maybe someone from SAP can provide some insights ;-)



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    I am trying to import into IDT a .unx universe that I had created earlier. I browse for the folder on my network drive where the project is stored but the section showing the available projects is blank and the finish button is greyed out.


    What am I missing?





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    My Webi report is geeting failed with the error

    "A database error occured. The database error text is: ORA-29275: partial multibyte character . (WIS 10901)"

    may i know the root cause of the above error and how to resolve it. I am using BO 4.1.


    we have setup environment variables .


    can  anybody explain me it would be helpful.


    Thanks ,


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    we are on BO 3.1 sp6 with 5 named user liscences and 50 concurrent user liscenses.

    does this mean that i can only install client tools on five machines or i can install client tools in any number of machines but only 5 named users will only be having unlimited sessions?



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  • 09/09/15--11:10: BO Planning Guide
  • Hi Guys,


    I came to know that there is BO Planning Guide in SAP Market Place and I tried looking to that I can't able to locate exactly.


    Can anyone help me where I can get BO Planning and Installation Guide.




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    While performing sizing excersize, How do you find size of type of reports and their percentage.  i.e Webi reports size and how many are large/medium/small?


    Thank you

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    I'm in the process of upgrading my BO v4 SP2 to SP11.

    Installation of SP11 has been completed and now I'm in the midst of deploying EAR file.


    Below is the command that I used to deploy :-

    $ ./ websphere7 -DAPP=AdminTools deploy


    However, unable to deploy due to below error msg :-

    "Unable to connect to websphere, please check the administrative user name and password, and the administration port, if specified (DEP00297)"


    Few things have been checked :-

    • Ensure followings in "config.websphere7" are correct :-








    • Run below command as stated in SAP KBA "1570456"

    $ ./ -conntype SOAP -port 8880 -user username -password password

    WASX7209I: Connected to process "server1" on node branchcrnfrapp02Node01 using SOAP connector;  The type of process is: UnManagedProcess

    WASX7029I: For help, enter: "$Help help"



    To be surprised that I've no issue to deploy EAR file in WAS console via :-

    Applications > Applications Types > WebSphere Enterprise Applications


    Anything that I left out ? To successfully deploy via command line instead of WAS console... Thanks

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    I was reading this post and I follow the instructions to create the watch for session monitoring.


    We currently have 2 CMS so I create the derived metric but there's something I don't fully understand.

    Assuming I'm looking metrics in BO right now I got for example:

    CMS derived metric.jpg

    Derived metric is adding up both so number is ok.


    But If I go to "Sessions" is only showing 49.


    CMS sessions.jpg


    What exactly this means?

    From license point of view (CS) which number is the correct one to follow?

    Is this normal or sessions are been duplicated on each server?


    Btw,  we're using F5 load balancer

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  • 09/10/15--04:15: Reports are in Pending State
  • Hello All,

    I have done migration from BO 3.1 SP2 to BO 4.1 SP3 now

    Our recurring jobs are triggering as scheduled but Reports which i try to run on demand are always in "Pending" state

    not getting any error or any issue but dont know why on-demand schedules are not working

    Also when we try to run report now,it takes (current time -1 hour) which is weired as it should take current time


    Please advise

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