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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hello everybody


    Can anyone help me with this issue:


    We have a job in SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services Versión and it's execution is scheduled daily at 8:00 a.m. It's required that this job be invoked and run automatically from SAP BusinessObjects when the user updates a report. Is that possible? Does anyone have any idea on how to do this?




    Mery Godoy

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    Login is extremely slow for LDAP users for SSO. When user tried using BI launchpad it's working fine taking only 5-6 seconds to login. But when user use opendocument to open report using SSO it took around 50-55 seconds. 


    This behaviour is only for some bunch of users it's working fine for other user id like my id.


    Below is my finding from Fiddler.

    for response it took 50 seconds.


    Request Count:   1

    Bytes Sent: 641       (headers:641; body:0)

    Bytes Received: 2,880 (headers:244; body:2,636)




    ClientConnected: 15:25:04.380

    ClientBeginRequest:  15:30:00.520

    GotRequestHeaders:   15:30:00.520

    ClientDoneRequest:   15:30:00.520

    Determine Gateway:   0ms

    DNS Lookup: 0ms

    TCP/IP Connect:      0ms

    HTTPS Handshake:     0ms

    ServerConnected: 15:30:00.313

    FiddlerBeginRequest: 15:30:00.521

    ServerGotRequest: 15:30:00.521

    ServerBeginResponse: 15:30:50.438

    GotResponseHeaders:  15:30:50.439

    ServerDoneResponse:  15:30:50.439

    ClientBeginResponse: 15:30:50.439

    ClientDoneResponse:  15:30:50.439

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    Hi Everybody,


    We have developped an ASP.NET Application that shows Reports with the CrystalDecisions.Web.CrystalReportViewer (using the SBOP BI PLATFORM .NET SDK RUNTIME 4.0 SP11 WINDOWS 32B64B).


    The Reports are stored on a Crystal Server 2011 SP11.


    We are Using the ActiveX PrintControl to print the reports.


    We have a few Reports that are in A5 page size. We want the PrintControl to be set to A5 by default for those Reports.


    The Printcontrol detects the Page Size of the reports but the default Printer Size remains in A4:




    Is there any possibility to set the default page size of the printer to the page size of the report (so the user doesn't have to change the Printer page size each time he wants to print a report)?


    Thanks for your help





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    Hi All,


    We installed SAP BO BI-- 4.1 SP6 on windows server 2012.

    after installation in CCM  (Central  Configuration Manager) Server intelligence Agent (SIA) node is not created.

    we are unable to login to CCM.

    what to do now please suggest me.






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    Hello all,


    My colleague and I tried to add Lumira to My Applications in Launchpad, but it was not available as an option. Is there any way we can add it there for a quick access?

    Thank you,


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    Hi Friends



    We are currently using BW 7.4 & BO 4.1






      We have designed Web Intelligence Reports on Top of BW-BEx queries   and are running fine.

      Say in BW We have already defined 10 users and these users are accessing   BO Applications using SAP Login user Name only


    Requirement to be implement


      Currently Our requirement is to create a new set of 10 Users in BO-Server

      and grant access to these BW-Report Folders & Grant access to create new BO Reports based on  these BW-Based BEX Queries



    Please share your experiences





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    Is there a way to import multiple users into Crystal server 2011? I can log into the central management console and add single users to the user list but I'm looking for a way to import around 600 users hopefully via csv or XML. I would like to be able to set usernames and passwords and have the accounts be activated on import.


    Is this possible or do I need to import the users by hand one at a time?


    Were currently using Crystal server 2011 (help says SAP business objects enterprise product 14.0.0) with Business Objects 4? (help says SAP Business Objects BI launch pad product 14.0.0)





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    We are setting up CS 2013. The set up was done on windows server 2012 , Intel Xenon CPU E502630 , with 6 cores (12 logical cores), 32GB RAM. We have the latest server installed with all the latest patches until 20136P_3. After installation, we used the deployment template as M in the system configuration wizard tool to split the APS. We have a C# code to create instances on the crystal server. We expect around 75K instances with output size around 100 kb written to file system . This is the only purpose of our implementation. So, basically we need to get the best performance to output the files. After reviewing the sizing document, I am not able to conclude and need help to figure out the following.



    0. Can I disable and stop servers like webapplicationcontainer server, dashbaordprocessing server, search, auditing, lcm, webi?

    1. Max current jobs- What is this setting in AJS? I have set this up as 30 since we have 6 cores. Is this correct?

    2. Max Child requests -What is this setting in AJS?

    3. Servers split - After the tool splitting the service, APS CORE services has services  like monitoring services, translation service, publishing service , translation service etc under one bucket. Can I move the publishing and publishing post processing service under one bucket?

    4. Java Heap Size : What is the optimal value for this for all the enabled services? Since publishing service is meant to be used more, can I give 8gb as java heap size to this?

    5. Thread Pool Size : Does it really matter if I increase this setting under APS core? The default and current value is 0

    7. Crystal Report Services: There are multiple servers under Crystal Report Services like CrystalReports2013ProcesingServer and CrystalReportsProcesingServer which as settings like Max Concurrent Jobs, Java child VM arguments, Max Cache Size. What are the optimal values for these settings?



    I find the ram utilization and CPU utilization has been low and so, I believe the settings can be tweaked for better performance.




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    I have two BEx queries, which I have merge with 2 common dimension in my report  WEBI 4.1 sp5. I need to add the value of two merge dimension from Query 2 to Query 1, as my Query 1 has other unmerged data element I need for report. I have created a two 'detail' variable for above two merged dimension. When I place the variable on Query 1 , I am getting blank value for that row instead of getting value which I see in Query 2.


    Has anyone experience similar issue.


    Appreciate any suggestion.



    BI Developer.

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    I need some help on the below issues


    We have a Database called Interbase (similar to Ms ACCESS). We have installed it in one of the windows server machine. Created some tables with some data.


    We have installed the ODBC drivers and can able to connect to this database from BI 4.0 SP5 machine. We have created universe (called TRAMS) using this database and exported to repository.


    Issue is : when we create a webi report based on TRAMS universe we are getting the attached error message. SAP mentioned there is no support for this database as this is not compatible.


    We can able to create reports using webi rich client also


    Please help

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    Hi All,

    We have oracle DB and MSSQL DB Connections, used below drivers.


    Oracle – Oracle client and MS SQL – JDBC


    Connections are working fine, if we use single Source while creating Data foundation.


    But when I use Multi Sourcing with one is oracle and other is MSSQL – Oracle always showing TNS error timeout when I expand the table and MSSQL showing all the tables.


    If I use both MSQSL DB’s its works fine.


    Error screen below.


    TNS timeout error.jpg






    Nageswara Polaka

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    Hi Community members,


    i have little problem with promotion management, I've already sent incident to SAP, but also i have a little querstion related, but not beeing part of my problem. What rights user has to be granted to see successfull/failed promotion jobs from promotion manager. User that has full controll on promotion management application and also on the content being promoted can't see status of promotion in instance manager.


    Is there any detailed documentation about rights management? Most of things i have to do by testing the rights given, and like in this case I'm not sure which rights are resposinsible for the instance manager, because i can't find it in cmc->applications.

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm havingthe following problem:
    I created aUserExitthat takesasrangewhentheautomaticday before(no inputat the prompt) to generate the dailyreportbyemail, however I woulduse the sameQuery/ UserExitto generatean accumulatedof the month,or actuallygoing to have tocreateanotherQuery/ UserExitto generatethis accumulatedof the month?

    Sorry for bad English

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    I looked all the posts that have a simmilar error but they all suggest to add this attribute.

    I am using jdeveloper  I have added it an verified in the run log that java command has this directive. My error is as follows:

    The code is:


    Project classpath includes SL_SDK.jar  and

    C:\PROJECTS\SL_PROJECT\bin\dataAccess\connectionServer\java\* (all the cs_*.jar files)


    Also, the java argument is set like this"C:\PROJECTS\SL_PROJECT\bin\dataAccess\connectionServer"


    LocalResourceService service = context.getService(LocalResourceService.class);

         // universePath =  “C:\STUFF\TMP\retrieval-2015-10-15-08-04-55\DART- Data Analytics & Reporting Tool.blx”

    RelationalBusinessLayer businessLayer = (RelationalBusinessLayer) service.load(universePath);


    *Note* the computer this is running on remotely connects to BOBJ,  and uses

    1. cmsService.retrieveUniverse()

    to retrieve the  universe files  .blx and .dfx etc


    There is not actually a bobj installation on the machine so the folder C:\PROJECTS\SL_PROJECT\bin\dataAccess\connectionServer is just a copy of the folder from the installation directory.


    Then I get error:


    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException

    at com.businessobjects.connectionserver.ConnectionServer.getInstance(

    at com.businessobjects.connectionserver.ConnectionServer.getInstance(




















    at gov.gnma.iopp.service.bobj.SL_TEST.useSemanticLayer(

    at gov.gnma.iopp.service.bobj.SL_TEST.main(

    Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException

    at com.businessobjects.connectionserver.ConnectionServer.getInstance(

    ... 22 more

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    Hi Experts

    Im using BO Information design tool, then I need to create adimensionof age based on theemployee's date of birth. Any ideahow?


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    Hi all.


    I have the following issue: I created a set of 23 CR reports in a QA environment which have worked smoothly. Then I promoted them to a PROD environment, but while I'm trying to view them on demand, I get the following error:




    The viewer could not process an event. Error in File xxx.rpt: The table could not be found. []  ---- Error code:0 [CRWEB00000119]


    It happens to any of the 23 promoted reports


    All these reports are based on Oracle tables (and CR Commands) which I access via an ODBC connection





    I've learned from the QA implementation, that both versions of Oracle Client (32 and 64 bits) must be installed in the BOE server (or servers if your BOE works as a Cluster )  and that, in the Path Environment Variable, the install path that must come first is the 32 bits version and then the 64 bits version, which I did in my BOE PROD Cluster. I created TNSNAMES.ORA and SQLNET.ORA files on each server, with the same entries as the original files in the QA cluster.


    Besides, I generated ODBC System DSNs for both cluster's servers (each server has 2 ODBC System DSN: One for the 32 bits client and another for the 64 bits client. ) I tested all these ODBC configurations and they seem to be set up properly. These ODBC System DSN have the same name as the ODBC System DSN in the QA environment, as I am pointing the


    When the problem came up, I thought the it could be related to the Oracle installation in the PROD Cluster, so what I did, was to locally create a simple CR report which uses data from a single Oracle table. Then I published it directly into the PROD environment and set up its Database Configuration



    The same way as for the 23 CR reports that have the problem. However, I can view this report properly and refresh it from within the BOE server.


    So I am a bit lost regarding this behavior


    The technical details of my deployment are these:



    Oracle DB version : 10g Enterprise Edition Release

    SAP BOE server: 4.0 SP 10 Patch 01

    Crystal Reports: 2011


    Any advise will be greatly appreciated



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  • 10/15/15--12:23: Problems with schedule
  • Hi everyone. I have some questions with the schedule theme from CMC. I have an user that created some schedules for some reports. The user was deactivated from SAP BW and the CMC, but the schedules are active. Can i pass the administration of those schedules to another user without create it from zero?


    Sorry for my english. Regards.

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    Hi does anyone know of anyway you can have version management integrated with client tools in BOE?  I would like to be able to check in and check out versions from SVN of a certain universe.



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    Hello All,


    We are getting Java Security warning while Viewing and modifying an existing Webi report in Applet(Java) mode. We tried by reducing the java security level from high to medium but in vain.


    We are on BO 4.1 SP5 and we tried with Java 7 update 45, 79 and 80 versions. Every time we are getting the same Java security warning. Attached is the screenshot of Java Security Warning.

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    Hi All,


       Please provide the Document / Notes information on  'How to Integrate SAP Liquidity Risk Management (LRM) to Business Objects ?'


    Detail Description:


    I comes to know that, we can connect SAP LRM with Business Object tool. I wanted to develop some dashboard on top of LRM by using Business Object. Please help me on this.




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