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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hi Experts,


    In BO 4.1 SP6, while creating the OLAP connection to the backend BW system, we are unable to retrieve the Cubes information from BW server when we do a connect and give the backend username and password.    It just stays in the same screen  where it asks  username and password.



    Note : The user already has got the SAP_BC_...COMM_RO role and we can see it connecting successfully from the logs in BW system.


    Any inputs ?





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    Using Restful web-service i wrote code to generated a logon token.


    Now using this token I am trying to use open document to view a report in a browser, but I am being promoted for credentials. How can i skip this.

    My url looks something like below.





    I tried giving the token in quotes etc but none of them worked.

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    Hello all ,

    I am new user try to lean BusinessObjects BI reporting and I have downloaded  SAP BusinessObjects BI, Edge Edition evaluation  and received trial version product key from SAP to my e-mail. Initially I was not able to install , but other thread  ( Installing SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 on Windows 7 (for evaluation purpose)) helped me to continue installation, but could not continue installation due due my CONFIGURE PRODUCT REGISTRATION, is not allowing me to go further.

    Pls ref the scree shot for your understanding. Pls note I am first time user and never registered to SAP and never obtained free trial product key .

    Pls help me




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    I am facing the problem to implement Kerberos SSO on a BO system which is running on a windows server.

    For some technical reasons, the server is not part of a AD domain.


    In general, I found documentation to implement Kerberos SSO for a scenario, when the windows server is running in the same damain as the endusers.

    In our scenario, it is not possible to integrate the server in the domain.

    Therefore, I can noch implement all steps of the Howto guide (AD plugin Configuration is not possible)


    I managed to implement LDAP authentication.

    But then, users still need to login with the AD account.


    Is there an other possibility for an SSO scenario, which does not require direct AD integratio or the Login in an other SAP System (Portal) to get a SAP Logon Ticket.




    Philipp Kiefer

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    In BOBJ CMC, I've setup my Email Destination using the server settings my email admin suggested.  When using no authentication, scheduled report emails get sent to individuals listed without issue.  Sometimes the list of emails that some of our reports get sent to are large.  Luckily we have distributions groups set up. 


    The issue is that these groups are locked down, so email authentication must be used on the BOBJ server.  Every setting my email admins has suggested, results in the "Error in the report processing unit." error.


    Does anyone know of anything that could be causing our scenario?  Works fine with no authentication, does not work when using either Plain or Login authentication.

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    Dear Members, I have a requirement to set the user preferences in bulk and this SAP note# 1659566 mentioned is useful to accomplish.



    However, we keep getting new users added into our systems, so would like to know if we can automate this preference change process?



    If someone here has attempted so, please guide me how to set that up?





    Thank you.

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  • 02/09/16--03:32: WEBI prompt times using BICS
  • Hi all,


    I have a doubt about what affects the time it takes the WEBI prompt to pop-up.


    On the same BO server, one WEBI takes 5 seconds to prompt for the variables, while on another document, it takes around a minute.

    If I execute the BEx query in RSRT, prompts show up inmediately.


    What affects this times to vary so much?


    Thanks in advance for any help!


    Felix Ortega

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    Hi All,



    We want to retrieve complete scheduling information for all recurring schedules :-


    • Name of the Schedule
    • Schedule Frequency
    • Recipients
    • Report Owner Name
    • Schedule Owner Name
    • Format of the report (pdf/xls)


    We tried using RESTFul API but we are not getting the schedule owner information.


    We used the below RESTFul API URL of Raylight:-




    The ids shown are specific to our environment. Please let us know if thr is a way to do it using RESTFul API or Java Enterprise SDK.


    Environment Details:

    Server OS : Windows 2012

    BO           : BI 4.1 SP07


    Came across a SAP Note (SAP Note 2055164 - How to get Schedule Details using RESTful Web Service APIs.pdf) which mentions "The webi raylight XSD is not designed to get detailed information about the scheduled instance." It also says to refer to BusinessObjects Enterprise Java SDK for more schedule details.


    With a lot of APIs being deprecated, is their a way in BI 4.1 SP07 currently to get the complete schedule details?


    We basically want all the info which is present in the screen which comes up when you click on Recurring link in History of the report.




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    Hi Gurus,


    Kindly help me in getting the connection string used in the Crystal Reports.

    Crystal reports coung is more than 350 reports.


    Will the Query Builder will split the results by connection string.


    how can i find the different connection strings used for these reports.

    is there any work around....





    Kindly help me

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    Hi BI Team,


    I have been searching the SCN for an answer for the inability to login to BO XI 4.0 Launchpad without success. The customer provided a screen shot of what she sees and states that there are no other error messages. Forgive me if this has already been posted but can anyone guide me in the right direction for a resolution to this?


    Side note: she did not mention TomCat and noted that she'd have to reach out to her IT Team if resetting of the server is required. Any help would be greatly appreciated.





    Thank you,

    Valerie Rose Cadag

    Customer Care Specialist

    SAP Americas, Phoenix AZ

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    I was viewing a video on SCN created by Tammy Powlas regarding setting global BI Launch Pad Preferences by setting the BI Launch Pad Preferences for the Everyone group.  We are using BOB41, SP6 and I no longer get the BI Launch Pad Preferences link in the CMC when I right click on the Everyone group.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Is this a correction/feature in later SPs?  I use to be able to do this with SP3/SP4.  My account is a member of the Administrators group.

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    Hi Team ,


    We have a requirement wherein we want to have User Info and there corresponding groups in LDAP directory to be displayed  on a webi report.

    This Information is not stored in any of the databases.


    Requesting expert views on this If this is achievable in  BO?


    Environment Info.


    BOXI 3.1  SP 5 Clustered On Tomcat.

    Enterprise Authentication.



    Kultar Pathania 

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    Hi All,


    Apologies if this has been asked before.  I have done some searching for the above topic but haven't run into a something or a document that outlines what exactly is required for our use in BOP V4.1.


    Frankly, we as a company under utilize BI BOP.  However, there are no plans to expand its usage as far as I can tell.  We migrated from Crystal Enerprise to BO BIP v4.1 and were surprise how much more resources (server) are required from the platform.  However, it has so many bells and whistles that I wish to consolidate it to just features that we need.


    Basically I am looking for documentation that will let me know what common services/servers are required to run in order to use BOP like we did in BOE.  We use the Open Document to navigate users to reports for external apps, and we use email/pdfs for scheduled reports.  All the reports are based in Crystal Reports.  Now a few users might use the BOE/BI launch pad as well but I dont think it is used by many anymore.  Most use the opendocument or the scheduled reports or just the CMC for running reports.


    Of course, not knowing everything about BI BOP, I let it configure the setup and we have everything running BUT it is problematic.  Memory becomes an issue on the 8GRAM 1 CPU server.  Can anyone please point me in the right direction where I can find the documentation?


    We currently are using BI BOP V4.1 SP6 p2 Enterprise edtion....



    Ryan Bellow


    Contractor to the US Department of Energy

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    We've just migrated from BO XI 3.1 SP 6 to BI 4.1 SP 6.

    Users are authentifed on a portal from which they reach BI launchpad. When they try to open an existing report or when they click on "Web Intelligence" link, a new page is opened but it's blank. This issue occurs for some users, but not all of them and it doesn't when users connect to BI launchpad "directly" (without portal).

    After reading some discussions here about "blank pages", we tried to clear tomcat cace and redeploy webapps too, but the problem remains.


    Where this problem can come from ?

    We see no message in log files (yet we started tomcat with "debug" logging level) ; how is it possible to get more logs ?



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    We have recently installed of BI 4.1 SP07 with Lumira for BI installed on a second server but connected to the same CMS.


    Post installation we moved the Monitoring Trending database to the Auditing database as recommended. The switch was largely successful but I have noticed that every time the SIA or APS linked to the monitoring service is restarted then the monitoring configuration effectively resets itself too, it looks like it is resets the configuration along with a new set of rows in the Trending tables.


    So if I run the following SQL on the Auditing Database:-


    select * from dbo.MOT_TREND_DETAILS where Name = 'Number of Sessions Established by Concurrent Users' ;


    The result is two rows with different DetailsId values instead of the one you would expect:-


    DetailsId CUID MetricName Type Name
    13665 AVzakd5obTZCqegrMLXdJxs                                        Number of Sessions Established by Concurrent Users                                                                                                                                                                                                            Metric                          Number of Sessions Established by Concurrent Users                                                                                                                                                                                                            
    14542 AVzakd5obTZCqegrMLXdJxs                                        Number of Sessions Established by Concurrent Users                                                                                                                                                                                                            Metric                          Number of Sessions Established by Concurrent Users                                                                                                                                                                                                            


    If the SIA/APS is restarted then an additional row for this Metric would be created.


    The table MOT_TREND_DATA is being populated, but because the DetailsId keeps changing on each restart the results in the Monitoring Application are disjointed and do not provide a proper history of the metric, just the since the last restart.


    Some important extra details:-

    • The APS in the Lumira install has had the Monitoring Service disabled, to ensure just one is running and it doesn't switch to running on the other server when restarted on the main server
    • When I switched to the Auditing Database I did not migrate the Derby Database. We didn't need the history as it's a new install and the restart post switch seemed to recreate/populate everything OK
    • Servers are Windows Server 2012
    • Auditing Database is SQL Server 2014


    I've tried stopping monitoring, clearing the tables and starting everything again but it doesn't help. Any ideas?

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  • 02/10/16--02:46: Audit report:
  • Hi Gurus,


    Kindly help me...    

    Can we know the reports that were never used using Auditing universe, (BO 4.1)






    Thank you for the Help !!!

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    Hello everyone,


    First time posting here. If I am doing something wrong please let me know.

    I have a problem with setting up a SFTP location for my BO 4.1 SP6 P3 test environment.

    In order too make a SFTP location I have set-up a local SFTP server (FreeFTPD). Created a user for this server and tested with FileZilla that I can connect with the user to the server (should be easy since its local).


    Now the next step is to get the SHA-1 fingerprint of the public/private key that I have attached to the SFTP server. This key is made with PuTTY.

    I`m trying to do this by getting the fingerprint from the trace file of the Adaptive Job Server Destination Service, as is described in this post:

    Fingerprints for SFTP Destinations in SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1.


    The steps that I have taken are:


    - make a jobserver for SFTP with the services:

        - Publication Scheduling Service

        - TraceLog Service

        - Program Scheduling Service

        - Platform  Search Scheduling Service

        - Destination Delivery Scheduling Service

        - Destination Configuration Service


    - Set the tracelog to high for this jobserver


    - Filled in the destination of the jobserver:

        - Host: localhost

        - Port: 22 (same as SFTP server)

        - Username: sftp01

        - password: ********

        - Account: -

        - Directory: VM-JH-BO/C:/Program Files (x86)/freeFTPd/sftproot/sftpuser01

        - Fingerprint: NEEDFINGERPRINTHERE


    - Created a servergroup with the folowing server in it:

        - SFTP jobserver

        - InputFileRepository server

        - OutputFileRepository server


    - Checked the rights of my BO account such that I can schedule documents


    Next I`m scheduling a report to the SFTP location. Tell it to use the servergroup and the default SFTP settings/location. Now the strange thing is that the scheduling process never goes beyong the status "pending". I have also tried it without the specific SFTP server group and the scheduled report fails (as it should) with the folowing error:


    Destination disabled. []: [CrystalEnterprise.Sftp]. Please note the name of the job server used for your request and contact your system administrator to make sure the specified destination is enabled. (FWB 00031)


    unfortunately I can`t find the fingerprint in the logfile. There is nothing in the trace.glf that gives me information about the SFTP server being approached or about the fingerprint. I will attach the logfile if anyone wants to look into it. My question is, what is going wrong? Did I miss something in the configuration of the (job) server (group)? public/private key? Please let me know if anyone has an idea !


    With kind regards,



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    I am able to run the Basic Server and Services Platform Report on one of our clustered environments, but get an error follwed byu an empty report result when trying to run the same report on another environment. (see attachments). We are running BI4.1 SP6 Patch 1 on both.





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    Hi All,

    I'm looking for ways to keep a count on BO product licences as part of regular administrative activity. In the past we ran into issues where we were coming close to the maximum number we could distribute. Is there a better way to keep a track of licences you can distribute, does SAP provide a tool that would help a BO administrator with licence keeping and raise a flag when getting close to full consumption.


    I'd really appreciate if you can share some of the best practices for a BO Admin.   




    Gaurav B

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    We are trying to change/modify arguments in program generated by BOE scheduler. We can modify and save the program. However, when the program executed it's not working as per changed settings.


    Here is the background on this requirement:


    We were on BI 4.0 SP5, recently upgraded to BI 4.1 SP6. BOE scheduler program generated prior to the upgrade use to have additional arguments, which we think is right. This works perfectly event based dependencies to run in sequential execution of jobs.


    After the upgrade program created by scheduler is not having those arguments.



    Old Program arguments as below:


    -w "inet:XXXXXXX:3500" "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----



    New Program arguments as below:


    "inet:XXXXXXX:3500" "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----




    We have added and saved manually "-w" to the program. Still it's not working as expected








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