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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hi Experts,


    Can any one advise is there automation tool to extract webi used objects top on SAP Bex query.


    We need to document webi changes and Bex changes but manually it is very difficult to update manual method ,I would request you any one suggest how to archive it using automation.


    Thanks in advance.


    Thanks & Regards,

    Gurappa Chemuduru

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    Hi All,



    We are migrating from BOXI 3.1 SP7 to SAP BI 4.1 Sp6 and we have huge amount of filestore data. We have 107 GB of data in file containing all the object(reports, users, universe, instances etc).


    Could you all please let me know best way to achieve this(.BIAR or Live to Live) and how much time it will take to create .BIAR file or Live-Live.


    Old System:: BOXI 3.1 Sp7, File Store Size:: 107 GB

    New System:: SAP BI 4.1 SP6


    Thanks in Advance!




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    I'm working on a program that schedules reports based on information from some tables.  A single report can go to several destinations in different schedules based on the data.  Included in the tables is the full name of the file that will be output/attached.  However, when the report is scheduled from the Java code, it always has the "Add File Extension" box checked when I look at the schedule. 


    I need to turn this off because the final file may have an extension that has nothing to do with what the output format of the file.  For example, my test data has an output file in CSV format that has an extension of ".CST", but BO wants to put ".CSV" after that - when I look at the schedule, the file name is in the format:




    How do I turn this off when scheduling from code?  I hope it's something simple that I'm just missing....





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    Hi all, we are using BI 4.1 SP6 version of Business Objects and were planning to use JMeter for load testing. I have gone through this document by James Raap (very useful and nice document)    .  But , when I record my scripts with JMeter Tool, I am not getting the exact information that this article talks about. for eg:

    1) I don't see an option "HTTP Proxy Server, but see "HTTP(s) Test Script Recorder" under Add->Non-Test Elements. I am guessing this could be a JMeter version specific Change and "HTTPS(S) Test Script Record" is latest , we should be using in place of HTTP Proxy. Hope I 'm thinking correctly here

    2) Following "Performance Testing in BI 4.1" article mentioned in same document,  I don't get a request "ViewDocument.jsp" to look for "sEntry" string like it talks in this article. I don't see "sEntry" anywhere in the script file (jmx) if I open this in notepad and search. what am I missing? I am trying to browse to a web intelligence document and right click and VIEW and then do a "REFRESH" in the View mode and close the document.

    I might find more differences, but for now I am stuck at getting sEntry or Viewdocument.jsp in my request list. Any help you can provide in identifying what's the issue, would be a great help


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  • 02/16/16--11:08: LOOK THROUGH LIMIT
  • HI ALL,

    Getting "Look through" when login using ldap.

    The size of the group is fine.

    Any Help




    look through.png

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  • 02/16/16--10:28: Crystal Server 2013 JDK
  • We are currently using Crystal Reports Server 2008 and have run into a Crystal Server/Web Application logging issue when upgrading

    to Java 1.8.  ie.  We access the Crystal Server using a JBoss Application Server.


    What JDK is packaged with Crystal Server 2013?


    Will Crystal Server 2013 work with Java 1.8?


    Thank you,


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    We have a publication which publishes a crystal report for set of users like normal user and admins.

    The difference is the admin gets data combined for all the users where as normal users gets data belonging to him alone.

    The issue what we are facing is, for a particular user the report instance showing "no Data to display" i mean blank page.

    Where as in Admin report for this user data is there.

    And when we run the report query for this user there also data is available.


    this is randomly happening. the publication runs every month and this issue happening once in a while for a particular user.

    there is no error in the publication.


    What could be the  reason? how to debug?

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    Dear Experts,


    Reference to below scn conversation


    The difference SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite and... | SCN ...

    which states...: Edge BI Suite does not allow you to do clustering of nodes, but the BI Suite does.  This flexibility is restricted in Edge - so it's a single server setup."



    We have "SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence, EDGE edition 4.1, standard package"  as the procured license.


    Q:  With this EDGE edition are we allowed to install this BO EDGE software in DEV, QA and PROD servers (as part of our IT Landscape)

    (or) is it that we can install the software in only one single BO server (irrespective of Dev, QA and PROD Environments)





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    We have an issue with with hanging connections on Crystal Reports Processing Servers.

    From time to time we get an errors on CRE reports in LaunchPad


    The viewer could not process an event. An error occurred while creating a subprocess in the processing server. [RCIRAS0602] ---- Error code:0 [CRWEB00000119]


    What helps is the restart of Crystal Reports Processing Server. What can be seen in Metrics are some hanging connections (Number of open connections is 2 or 3 while no Jobs are opened).


    Anybody can help to solve it permanently or where I can find the root cause?

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    Is it possible to report on the file system metrics for the filestore used in our case on a shared location, instead of the local filestore alone

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    Hello everybody,


    I'm currently trying to optimize some of our workflows. Currently I'm working on a little java tool which creates copies of crystal reports with different parameters and insert them into a publication.


    What is not working is setting the parameters for a publication extension. Adding the extension to the publication works, but I'm stuck on the extension's parameters.


    When I create a publication in the CMC, I would go into the publication's properties, select "publication extensions" and add the extension there.


    Can somebody tell me how to set those Parameters in my java programm/ which is the correct class/method to use from the BI platform Java SDK?




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    Hi All,


    Need a query to get a list of SPECIFIC REPORT in eg.(ABC FOLDER)  in the Public folders/ABC folder/subfolders




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    Hi All,


          I have a question regarding job scheduling and alerting. BOBJ has the capability of using alerts, events and triggers for a success or a failure state. But we seem to be having an issue where reports scheduled occassionally fail to tigger. The recurring job never seems to be creating an instance. When we restart the BI services on the servers manually, this issue seems to be fixed. However, we don't have an alert that notifies when the report does not trigger at the shceduled time.


    My question now is if BOBJ has an alerting capability that would check if a report has been triggered at the scheduled time and sends a notification if it hasn't triggered? I've checked a lot of notes and SCN discussions but all seem to be addressing the Success/Failed state but nothing relevant to my case.


    BOBJ 4.1 SP6 P2

    BW 7.4 on HANA


    Thanks & Regards,

    Vijay Balagopala

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    Hey guys


    could you send me some links or info about the SAP next release for SP 7?



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    We are using Business Objects 4.1 SP5:


    A number of our objects' CUIDs in our Development and Test environments are out of sync with those in our Production environment, causing Promotion Manager not to work as designed. We would like to overwrite the Universe, Folders, and Reports in our Development and Test environments with what is in our Production environment so we can implement best practices (using promotion manager to move reports and objects from Dev->Test->Prod)


    Has anyone had experience doing this? Do we need to delete our folders and reports from Dev and Test in order to ensure a complete refresh takes place? Can we simply export our Prod universe/folders reports to a BIAR file and load that into Dev/Test? Any help on this topic is appreciated!

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    Hi all,



    I am looking for an overview that shows which tool can access what source and how and best case with a recommendation.


    Does anyone know where to find such an overview?



    Thanks & regards,


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    HI Team,


    I'm using  SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 Support Pack 6 , Version:,
    Currently I'm facing some issues in transporting the Lumira Documents from Dev to Qa.


    I created Lumira documents using Desktop and Saved it in the Dev BOE Server. So for transporting the file from Dev to Qa.
    I'm Using the Promotion management and gave Source & destination of BOE servers, then selected the Lumira Documents to be promoted to Qa landscape.


    While accessing the Lumira Documents in Qa it is still pointing to the Dev HANA connection. "I'm unable to change the connection,
    Can you please guide me resolving this issue.


    Thank you.



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  • 02/18/16--03:03: BusinessObjects 4.1 SP4
  • Hi All


    We are in BusinessObjects 4.1 SP4


    At the moment we are experiencing two problems

    • Problem with platform search
    • Manage space


    Can someone please help me on how to resolve BOTH issues


    Platform Search



    Will Patch 14 resolve the issues






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    if you edit a query in Web Intelligence (whether it is with the applet or the DHTML-interface), the "Data Preview Panel"  is always visible.


    One can hide it be clicking on

    data preview panel.png


    Does somebody knows if this one can be hided by default ?


    PS : I know the properties of the query panel itself (like the size) can be adapted by changing the file symbolicQP.js at location <InstallFolder>\tomcat\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\eclipse\plugins\webpath.AnalyticalReporting\web\webiDHTML\viewer\language\en\scripts (or equivalent)


    So I guess there must be a way to disable this "Data Preview Panel" as well. maybe in this file, or in another file in the same folder.


    Maybe somebody has experience on this ?


    Many thanks.

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    I though I remember I read somewhere that PM actions/jobs are inserted in the audit-database. Or that it will come in a new (4.2 ?) release. But after a lot of searching on SCN, ... , I cannot find it anymore. maybe it was just wishful thinking of me.


    Does somebody knows about this ?





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