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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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  • 03/04/16--11:59: Keytab file creation failed
  • Hello everyone,


    I'm trying to setup Windows AD SSO for BusinessObjects 4.1 SP7, followed Josh's blog which helped me all along. I'm stuck at the keytab file creation (step 11 in that blog). The SSO works fine, its just that the service account's password is currently hard coded in Tomcat Configuration -> Java -> Java Options. Obviously, when the keytab is created, I'll remove that hard coded value from Java options and a create a pointer to the keytab in the file.


    Env details:

    • Windows Server 2012 R2
    • BO 4.1 SP7
    • Service account properties include 'Password never expires' and, Delegation rules as 'Trust this user for delegation to any service (Kerberos only)'
    • Service account is in Local Admins groups on BO server.
    • Service account has the rights 'Act a part of operating system', 'Logon as a batch job', and 'Logon as a service.'
    • Tomcat & SIA running under Service account


    Snapshot of Josh's ktpass command results:

    Josh ktpass results.png

    My ktpass command results:

    C:\>ktpass -out serviceaccount.keytab -princ serviceaccount@DOMAINNAME -pass <Password> -kvno 255 -ptype KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL -crypto RC4-HMAC-NT

    NOTE: creating a keytab but not mapping principal to any user.

    For the account to work within a Windows domain, the

    principal must be mapped to an account, either at the

    domain level (with /mapuser) or locally (using ksetup)

    If you intend to map serviceaccount@DOMAINNAME to an account through other m


    or don't need to map the user, this message can safely be ignored.

    WARNING: pType and account type do not match. This might cause problems.

    Key created.

    Output keytab to serviceaccount.keytab:

    Keytab version: 0x502

    keysize 63serviceaccount@DOMAINNAME ptype 1 (KRB5_NT_PRINCIPAL) vno 255 etype 0x17 (RC4-HMAC) keylength 16 (0x51170bf7e07e9d02bcbff669f9725f6e)

    ** 0x1   Failed to create file!

    Failed to write keytab file mbdbouat.keytab.

    Good news: I see the Key created line in my results.

    Bad news (& the difference): I see keysize 63 when compared to Josh's keysize 59. Is that an issue? Or I'm looking at the wrong place?

    And obviously, the last 2 lines in my result where it says, Failed to create file and the next line (in red)


    Any help is appreciated.


    Mahboob Mohammed

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    We are currently using SAP Business Objects 4.1 SP 5. Our organization is switching to Office 16 in the coming months, and I've been trying to determine if there are any known compatibility issues between Office 16 and Business Objects 4.1, whether it be with exporting reports, using client tools, etc. I've searched the knowledge boards but cannot find any information on this topic.


    Thank you!

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    Hi All,


    After migration to BI 4.1 SP6 ,we noticed following issues


    1.Pie chart not appear when no data,where as in BO 3.1 at least pie chart borderline displayed.


    2.When webi report exported to excel,graphs converted to images.


    3.Line chart.values repeats several times and 3D look is not good.





    BI 4.1 Sp6





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  • 03/07/16--02:20: SAP Dashboards runtime error
  • Hi,


    I am trying to preview a dashboard based on BEX queries. I get the below error. Could you please provide your comments/solution this.

    "Could not  generate the Flash file(SWF); the cause is not known.Try again, If the problem persists, contact your customer support representative."


    I am using version 4.1 SP1

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  • 03/07/16--02:32: BO4- Length of backups
  • Hi,


    Our server team do daily backups of our Filestore (under 40gb and under 70,000) files - the backups are taking approx 3 housr which seem excessive considering the oracle backup of separate 18tb ero system takes approx 6 hours.


    Whilst coudl look to do some houskeeping on Filestore, it always subject to growth.


    Filestore windows server and filestore on a networked drive \\<server>\Filestore which actually resolves back to the d drive of server concerned.


    Just this way to allow the server team to move Filetsore if necesssary.


    Are there any recommended quick backup tools fro bo Filestores believe they use ibm tivoli?


    How long does everyone else's backup take as way of comparison? 

    e.g so many mins per x files/gb on average?



    Realize everybody will have varying but given relatively small size of ours (which also backs up when services stopped) so nothing should be slowing it down from that point of view.


    Things which have asked them to possibly explore is backup direct on fileserver possibly if backup over network taking so long?



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    We have a problem with some users working on shared network folders with Rich Web Client (BOXI 3.1 SP7).


    It manifests in two ways:


    • When attempting to open a report from the network drive, the message:

    "Your security profile does not include permission to refresh lists of values. (WIS 30254)"

    After appearing this message it is not possible to update the report or edit queries.


    In these cases even an user administrator can't update or edit queries. To unlock it is necessary to do a similar procedure to unblock Deski reports that appeared FRM0008 by the administrator.


    • When trying to update a report the message: "ORA-00937 not a single-group group function (WIS 10910)" and it is not possible to update the report.


    In these cases it is necessary to close the Webi Rich client, delete the local universe (the file on the user's computer), and try again.



    The workflow is:


    1. Create a report Web Intelligence Rich Client
    2. Saving on a network shared folder (ie: saving no-local folder)
    3. Close the Web Rich Client
    4. Trying to open the Web Intelligence Rich Client
    5. Errors appear


    Are there any limitations to the use of shared network drives?

    Is there any permission that may be granted in the CMC to avoid this situation?


    Best regards

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  • 03/07/16--04:52: CMC Dimensioning server
  • Dear Everyone,


    I do not know to solve this question of  CMC  Dimensioning server  for a not real company.





    Characteristics and needs:


    - 3 full-time consultants who are dedicated to creating DWH and ETL process management with


    - 2 full-time analysts dedicated to the operation of the databases mediantes tools


    or Web Intelligence


    or Xcelsius


    or Crystal reports


    - There are 2 main business areas in the company:


    or small customers


    or Large customers


    - The business areas are made up of average per


    or 15 users with profiles each information consumers. These users are assigned a sales area which they are responsible.


    or a business manager in each business area




    - General Directorate should receive information from all areas and both business areas


    - Daily schedules to all users of the platform are made with the previous day's activity. Each user should receive information from your area and business area.


    - The commercial director must have all the information in your business area


    - The company's level hardware limitation that only has a physical server (which can be virtualized) that adds 1 TB hard drive and 60 GB of RAM.




    TO DO ............



    1) Dimensioning server / servers and distribution of resources in services BO


    2) Proposal security


    3) Proposal for distribution of information


    4) Proposal backups and back up



    1. Given the hardware resources


    2. Groups to create different levels of access and folder structure


    3. Execution on-demand, programming, publications, mobile?


    4. What we need to copy our backups in the platform?

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    Hi Experts,


    We are having an issue in our AD configured BO 4.1 Deployment ,started Last week Only , was fine before that.

    The sceduled Job which ia set to Update users and grups ( AD) is failing with error


    "The Active directory plugin failed to verify the domain"  Please Make sure this Domain Exists and is acceisble "

    Altogh i can still can login throgh AD SSO in this enviroment.


    Additionally the domain name is also  correct since the same is configured in other enviroment and teh jobs ar erunning ok there.

    Just like they run from a different service account ( AD)


    Not sure where to look and start this, CMS logs shows no related errors.

    Can this be a Service account acess Issue , Not sure if a Specfic right\process is required to check in the AD domain and then update in the CMS database..


    Requseting your views.

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    Sometime, during execute Crystal Reports through Cold Fusion portal, the "Connection has time out" message display. But on Crystal Server 2013 CMC, the Crystal Reports are up and running. Please see attached message.



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  • 03/07/16--07:19: SSO on Linux webtier
  • Hello,


    I'm looking for a solution to use SSO on a Linux webtier for Business Objects 4.1. Our BO server is running on Windows and SSO is working fine. We've also installed the webtier on Linux (tomcat). Is it possible to use SSO on this server? And which settings do I have to use? I've tried to copy the Windows settings to Linx but this doesn't work.





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    While uploading Crystal Reports (2013 SP07) with dynamic parameters to BO 4.1 CMC the following error occurs:


    Adding Crystal Report Failed. The server with kind rptappserver returned an error result.

    Failed to copy the report file to the report object. Refreshing the report object properties might have failed.

    Failed to read data from report file. Reason: Failed to read parameter object


    The dynamic parameter has been created in the Crystal Report itself and the report seems to work fine locally.

    I have read in several forums that I need to configure the dynamic parameters (LOVs) using the Business View Manager in order to be able to use them. However, as I can't add these files on the CMC, the LOV fails to appear on the BVM.


    How can I overcome this without major changes to the existing reports as I have quite a few reports using dynamic parameters?




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    Hi Gurus,


    I am trying to generate a report on Auditing Universe on MS SQL,

    i am not able to find the "Number of Successful Jobs and Number of Failed Jobs" in the Auditing universe.


    Kindly help me build the report.





    Thank you for the help !!!

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    Hi guys

    Just wondering the possibility of creating backups of old UDT universe using promotion management... Ho will I retrieve these universes in UDT?

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    Hello Everyone,


    We have created a Dynamic Variable on the Bex Report, which filters the Data based on the Previous week in the report. In Analysis For Office(AFO) we want to use this variable to schedule the reports Dynamically. We created a Report initially on lets say 15th of Feb(Monday), so it brings the data for 8th to 14th Feb, which works exactly as we want i saved the Report on BI Platform (BOBJ Launchpad).

    Then i created a schedule for the Report to run on next Monday that is 22nd Feb, the schedule shows Success but when we open the AFO report we find the Data for the initial week with which the report was saved (for 8th to 14th Feb) and not for 15th to 22nd Feb. I opened the Report and refresh it again, but it still gives the Data for the Initial week with which it has saved. So basically the Dynamic Variable seems to be not working with the AFO Scheduling, has anyone faced the same issue before. Any suggestions will be welcome.




    Amit Parab

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    Hi All,


    I aim re posting this from BI session as i couldnt get enough updates...!


    i am looking for an script to run in QB that would retrive the user's details like username, user DI ,user mail id and also other details like the user's member of(need  know the groups which that user has).



    currently i have  one which will say how many users are there in a groups. like wise i am looking for list of groups the user is associated with.


    ultimate aim is to look the user's security setup without viewing the users profile in the CMC.


    please let me know if you still need any info on this.


    Thanks in advance!!

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    I need to export Business Objects Folder Security Export that should include Folder Name, Group Name and Access Levels.
    I switched to Query Builder to get Business Objects Folder Security Export (that include Folder Name, Group Name and Access Levels) but I am not able

    to find any relationship b/w Folder's, Groups and Access Level.

    I used below queries to find:

    1. Folders:


    from ci_infoobjects where si_kind='Folder'

    2. Groups


    from CI_SYSTEMOBJECTS where si_kind='UserGroup'

    3. Access Level:






    Now from Access Level Column "SI_OBJECTS_ASSIGNED_ROLE" I am able to

    get the values for SI_ID corresponding to FolderName.

    So I am confident that same can be used as relation b/w Folders and

    AccessLevels. But that too not given any information about inherited





    Jatinder Singh Bhatti

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  • 03/08/16--05:01: SFTP private/public keys
  • Hi experts


    We implemented SFTP as described in SAP Note 2183131 and sftp not working.


    Is there a way to use insted of the password of the sftp user keys (private/public)


    thanks and Kind Regards,


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    We are in the process of planning and upgrading our Crystal Reports Server 2008 running on Windows Server 2008 SP1 to SAP Crystal Server 2013.

    Intel Xeon CPU 2.40 GHz  6 Cores,  16 Gig RAM,  64 bit.


    I've received a free 60 day trail download of 2013 from a sales rep but it's only SP1.

    Where may I download the latest version/Service Pack of Crystal Server 2013 ?

    ie.  I do not have credentials to login to the SAP Marketplace.


    I've been reading the Installation/Upgrade documentation on this site.


    It states that CRS 2008 and Crystal Server 2013 may run on the same machine and the only issue is with the CMC console port.  6400

    Is that correct?

    I'd like to install 2013 on the same machine, port all the data/reports over to 2013 and then shutdown 2008.


    Once I shutdown 2008, would I be able to change the CMC console port for 2013 back to 6400 ?


    Could you point me to any other helpful links/documentation for the 2008/2013 installation/upgrade process ?


    Thank you,


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    BI4.1 SP6


    We have BusinessObjects configured so that users authenticate via Windows AD with SSO enabled (although I don't think SSO is relevant to this).


    Up to now we have only had named licences, so all users that are added to our associated windows domain group are being added as Named users when I synch BO with AD via the CMC Authentication app.


    We now have a number of concurrent licences and I'm unsure of how to map users to be concurrent users.


    I had thought that we would create a new domain group and add our users marked as concurrent users to that group. Then back in the CMC, map that new group to the concurrent users. However I can't see a way of mapping multiple domain groups to the different licence types.



    So we have group domain\BOUsersNamed which is mapped to Named Users because I set the New Users Option to "New users are created as named users"


    now I want to add group domain\BOUsersConcurrent but that will still be mapped via the New Users Option setting above and the users will be added as Named users ... at least until we run out of named licences.


    I can't believe we are alone in having a mixed licence setup via Windows AD authentication so hoping someone can point me in the right direction.




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    I have configured server.xml file after generate key store, but still URL pointing to http: and 8080. Any suggestion.



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