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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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  • 03/14/16--01:07: Delete Enterprise alias
  • I have windows AD configured with BI4.


    I have windows AD users\groups alias scheduled every 15mins.


    I also have Enterprise alias script scheduled daily to create a enterprise alias for any AD user created on AD side.


    so, once the user created on AD and mapped to the BO Group then its AD and Enterprise alias is automatically created in BO.


    Now the issue is if the AD user is deleted on AD side i still have its Enterprise alias present in BO once its AD alias is removed.


    Can anyone share a script to delete Enterprise User based on the condition which does not have any AD alise associated.

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    Reports are generated from crystal reports using VB.NET code from DB2 database. In our existing system, we use ODBC dll CRDB_ODBC.dll. Below are the configurations of the current system, Server - 64 bit, BO SDK 4.0 32 bit, ODBC - 32 bit, .NET framework 4.0


    Now we are using, server - 64 bit, BO SDK 4.2 64 bit, ODBC 64 bit and .NET framework 4.5.1


    Without any change in the code, if we run the existing application in the server we get the below error.


    Logon Failed. Error in file..rpt. Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters. Error occurs at 'SetTableLocation'.


    Help us solve the issue.

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    We have a particular report based on BEx that prompts user to select single / multiple authorization values, like Super user or particular business line etc. However, this authorization is exit variable in BW system and not as a BO Prompt / free char field in our report. We need to pass the authorization selected in the parent report to the next drill down / child report if clicked on a particular field, say Business head. We are using linking concept with multiple parameters already passed to the child report.


    Child report consist of optional prompts, so as to obtain the parent report parameters. I tried using userresponse to track the value in parent report and I am able to see the values selected. However, I am still not able to pass on these value to the next report.


    Please help!


    BOE Version: BO 4.1 SP6

    BW Version: 7.4

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  • 03/14/16--05:16: Limiting FRSOUTPUT usage.
  • Hi,


    I have been through multiple housekeeping blogs and data directory space reduction threads but sadly none corresponds to my situation.

    Disk is getting with CSV files in FRSOUTPUT.

    Is it possible to search for the reports consuming the maximum space or sort with size. Also can security changes for a list of users directly(Eg: revoking Save permissions from multiple user groups.)


    Warm Regards,


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    We randomly the following error message when planning a report to 470 users :


    Could not save the file <filename>.wid to the File Repository Server. File already exists.


    Here is our configuration:


    OS :

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.11 (Tikanga)

    Kernel \r on an \m

    Version : BI4.0 SP2

    @(#)BOBJVERSION: boe_cmsd release 12/05/07 linux_x64 vclnxc30b12

    Cluster Mode:  2 Node



    25 - Synthesis Form

    Document Type:

    Web Intelligence







    Creation Time:

    3/12/2016 1:18 PM

    Start Time:

    3/12/2016 4:03 PM

    End Time:

    3/12/2016 4:03 PM

    Server Used:




    Parent Object Path:


    Remote Instance in Federated Cluster:



    3/12/2016 5:35 PM


    Web Intelligence



    Error Message:

    Impossible d'enregistrer le fichier a_204/062/029/1916620/fpznflawswuajteaaed5zkuaafbwhzcw.wid dans le File Repository Server. Le fichier existe déjà.


    Does anyone have any idea what does this mean?


    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi All,

    One of my schedules keep failing due to incorrect log on parameters, It seems like the database credentials for this report are incorrectly identified by the system when the schedule runs.The credentials entered are absolutely correct and there are other reports using the same ID, never had a single fail run.


    When I enter the same database log on information and manually run the report (run now) it runs fine. However, when trying to schedule it to run at a later date, it would fail due to incorrect log on parameters.


    Has anyone experienced anything like this before ?? Please share your thoughts on what might be causing this and what can I do to resolve it, any insight on this will be very much appreciated.


    Screenshot attached




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    Hi BI experts,

    We suffer from very slow Workbook Load in Analysis 2.2 and it does not depend on the report complexity. Workbook load meaning the time elapsed from report "View" in BI Launchpad till "Prompt" in Excel. By running Analysis for Office Profiling it seems half of the load time is spent in BI Platform and webservice, not RFC: BICS*. Below si an image of profiling and XML log file is attached. Please advise how can we optimize our BI to get better workbook loading times. Thanks!



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    Does anyone know of a way to delay or postpone the execution of the backlog of scheduled documents when BusinessObjects is started?  There are times when we do system maintenance and BusinessObjects is down during times when scheduled docuemnts would normally run.  When I start BusinessObjects up after maintenance is complete, the backlog of schedule documents gets executed which prevents me from confirming the system is functional before the schedules are executed.


    Any ideas?


    Thanks ~ Mickey


    BOB4.1, SP6, Patch 4

    Windows 2008 R2

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    Hi All,


    I'm trying to resolve an issue with a crystal report, that does not show a list of value to select from to the user, instead it shows a box to manually type the selection at the parameter level. When I try to log in as an administrator, i can see the values, when the user logs in they only see the empty box to type the value(s) in.


    I've tried to assign full control on CMC to the user for testing purpose, it still would not show the values. Has anyone ever come across such a problem or would like to share some thoughts around this.


    Any help n this will be greatly appreciated.




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    I'm doing some book learning on Sizing BI4, in anticipation of our upgrade from XI 3.1, in an attempt to spec out our (virtual) servers, and in advance of the consultants rolling into town.


    So I have a couple of questions:

    - on page 28 is the grouping of APS Services, one of which is "WebI APS". But if you look at it closely, it's WebI MONITORING Service, not Web Intelligence PROCESSING service, which is discussed on pg. 39. So I'm not sure about the difference. Same thing with Crystal - on pg 28 Crystal isn't listed at all, but then on pg 37 and 38 the "Suggested Service Settings" refers to Crystal Reports Cache Service and Crystal Reports Processing Service.


    - also, on pg 38, there's a calculation for Crystal Reports for Enterprise that bumps up memory, BUT this seems detached AND different from what is described on pg. 20.


    - Then there's the Web Application Server (pg 42), which is neither listed on pg. 28 nor in the Steps 1-5 to calculate SAPS and memory, so where does that fit in ?


    So yes I'm all new to this but I've been tasked with sorting it out.

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    Hi guys


    I am about to make some changes in my universe but before that, I want to check the impact of a particular universe object in the reports.

    Is there a query I can run in query builder to achieve this?

    I know I can see the related webi reports on a particular universe in CMC but I want to drill down to a particular object...




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    We have a user who has scheduled a lot of reports who is leaving.


    Is the following correct?


    If user deleted, reports revert to Administrator ownership but recurring scheduled instances don't run.


    If user name is simply changed, do reports in public folders continue under the ownership of new user and recurring scheduled instances run o.k.


    We want to simply change name of user and all reports and recurring scheduled instances continue as normal - what is best way of achieving this?



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    Unable to see options to Cut, Copy or Paste for Folder/Objects. I can see only Delete option under 'Organize'. I logged in as Administrator.


    Environment: BI 4.1 SP07 new install/windows 2012


    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    We are in process of migrating contents from XIR2 to 4.0 and ran a query in XIR2 Querybuilder to determine number of reports tagged to a particular universe.

    The query returns only 1 report but there are 10 reports tagged to the universe.


    Any pointers on why the query is returning wrong information.


    I am logging to Query builder using Administrator account.

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    I created a publication that uses a Webi report (that uses a BEx query) as the data source, and the Dynmaic Recipients is a Webi report as well that uses an Excel file (that is saved on the BOBJ server) as the data source. Both Webi reports run as expected and produce the correct data. When I run the publication, the recipients receive a blank report. I ran the publication in Test mode and I get one file that has all the correct data, but the Dynamic Recipient files are all blank. I've tested with the users both subcribed and unsubscribed and get the same results. I have set the destination as both email (the users get the blank excel file) and default and get the same results. I verfied the set up of the Dynamic Recipients and Publication properties and don't see any errors.


    Anyone know what is going on here? I am usiing version 4.1 SP4 Patch 4.













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    Hi All,


    I am installing SAP BO 4.1 on Linux.


    The installation screen closed at 95% and loss the details of installation.


    Please let us know how to continue the installation from 95% on wards.


    Please advice.




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  • 03/15/16--12:59: Issue with Prompts
  • Hi ,


    We had migrated from 3.1 to 4.1 post migration we are seeing issue while refreshing report in BI launch pad.


    in 3.1 below it shows as


    Start Date:

    End Date:


    Post Migration in 4.1  shows as


    End Date:

    Start Date:


    Any help would be great





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    Is there a way to block certain times of the day to prevent users from setting document schedules to run during certain times of the day?  Or on certain days on a recurring basis?

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    Hi Guys,

    I am attempting to schedule  a report using the java apis.

    Have reached a point where I am able to create a "ReportEngine" instance.

    However when I try to create a DocumentInstance using the code :

    DocumentInstance documentInstance = reportEngine.openDocument(1234)

    I get an exception -

    com.businessobjects.sdk.core.exception.common.AssertException: An unexpected error has occurred. (Error: RWI 00014)

    Cause - java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: PVL

    which means


    You cannot retrieve more than one report part in DHTML output format simultaneously.


    Enter a single report part reference.


    Not sure how to resove this.


    SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 Support Pack 2




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    I need to know, how can we manage recurrence scheduled instance limit stored in the Output FRS. I know, we can set limit on Folder, globally and object level and that are working well after monitoring through "History". I set limit for 5 at CMC on folder level, and history can hold up to 5 scheduled instance, but output FRS growing. Please see below link, this can automatic delete session on hourly basis from CMC, not from FRS.


    How to Delete Stale BI4 User Sessions with biUserSessionKillScript



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