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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hi Experts,


    This is quite unique one for me.

    Auditing is all setup as expected and working almost fine.


    Except for the long folder path (>255 char), which make me ask my 2nd question, but let me ask my 1st question first.


    1st question:


    Why is the 'ADS Last Updated On' doesn't change, and it keeps utilizing more than 50% of auditing thread and pooling interval of 180?


    Basically all three details are green.

    Thread utilization does change indicating its working fine.

    When we check data from DB side, its getting updated.

    I am just not sure why would the date not change. SIAs is being bounced monthly and was recently done.

    When SIA was bounced, it did changed to something else (more recent) with 100% audit thread utilization. Then audit thread utilization came down to usual ~50% and the date went back to this date.




    If anyone can give any hints on items which we can check, that would be great. We checked logs, auditing folder, services, ADS connection etc.


    2nd question:


    Can we change the auditing table to only increase char for one column?


    As said above, we have some long folder names and about 7 level folder depths too.

    Though we have requested the owners to reduce it, we are not getting any commitments.

    So I would like to know can we stop all SIA, change the column char length to something higher as per analysis, and start SIA?

    Will this impact any way?

    Had someone already done this and confirm it works normally?


    Our system:

    RHEL based 3 CMS 8 Node 4 Web server based BI4.1 SP5.2

    CMS and Audit DB on Oracle 11.2 and connectivity is using Oracle 11.2 client OLE driver.




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    Hi All,


    I used to have VBA macro to pull these information in XI R2, but seems like it's not compatible with 4.x.

    Is there a Java sdk sample to pull list of recurring scheduled instances in BO 4.0 with prompt,destination and To/Cc Email Address?


    Appreciate your inputs.




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    We are running Crystal Reports Server 2011 on a Windows machine. We would like to upgrade to the latest version of Crystal Reports Server (either 2013 or 2016). The problem is we would also like the new version to be running on Linux.


    Is there a direct upgrade path for this? Or would we first have to upgrade 2011 to a windows version of 2013, and then move it to a Linux box. If that's the case, what is the protocol for moving boxes?

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    Hi All,


    We are in BOBJ 4.1 SP04 Patch 08.


    I am getting below error message while running Explain Query in Data Federation Administration tool.

    The query is from a multisource universe combining BW and SAP ECC RFC.


    Cannot explain query

    org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 1; columnNumber: 1; Content is not allowed in prolog.

    Content is not allowed in prolog.





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    BI Support Tool the way it is shaping is really superb.
    Good to see new features coming in release on release.


    This is a enhancement request to include summary table to have a quick view of Server State and whether enabled/disabled.


    Similar Screen of CMC --> Servers --> Servers List screen showing Servers with State and Enabled/Disabled would be a great add to the tool


    Thanks and Regards,


    SAP COE India Team

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    great tool ... but ...


    when comparing analysis reports I found that changes that were made to say a WebiProcessingServer after the first report was made were not picked up in the second run.


    This is because the server was not running and the changes required a re-start.

    Its would be good if the tool picked up these pending changes.





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    Hi all,


    we are running DS applications on the BI Platform 4.1 which is connected to a SAP BW system (7.31). The users access the reports from a SAP Portal by means of the special BO iViews which open OpenDocument-URLs.


    We are wondering, how many users can concurrently execute reports and which parameters on the BI platform are relevant for that. We have observerd the session count metric in the APS. Once a user opens a report from the navigation menu in the SAP Portal, a new browser tab is opened. The same time, the session count metric is increased by 1. If the same user opens another report, which opens another browser tab, the session count metric is not increased. So I assume, there is one APS session per user - is that correct?


    My next question is, for how long such a session remains "open"? From our observations, it seems, that the APS session remains "open" for the user as long as he sees the report and until some timeout (seems to be 20 minutes) is reached. We assume, that the APS session is "occupied" during that time - even if the user is not doing any navigation steps in the report (that is, he is just looking at it).


    Let's assume, we have configured a maximum of 20 for the APS maximum session parameter and we have just one APS instance. What would happen, if 21 users all open just one report all at the same time? Would the 21st user be "blocked", if he tries to open a report and what would he see in the browser tab? We had situations, where some users complained about "white browser" windows when they tried to open a report.


    Any support that sheds some light on this topic is highly appreciated!


    Thanks in advance,

    Philipp Hinnah

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  • 03/24/16--02:14: MySQL ODBC configuration
  • I am new to Crystal and need some help getting a basic report available on Crystal Server.


    I've create a report with Crystal Reports connecting to a remote MySql db. I want to move that report to Crystal Server running on redhat 7.  I understand that I need to create a ODBC DSN. Where is this documented? The server install guide mentioned DataDirect connection. Is this just an ODBC connection? Can anyone point me to some documentation that specifically deals with MySQL on redhat?


    The Install guide points me to modify




    and a sample file - odbc_dd_7_1_5_sample.ini


    I do not see anything related to MySQL. The samples seem far more complex that the typical ODBC dsn. Once I create the dsn, what are the next steps? All of the docs that I am reading just give a few lines with not a lot of details.





    - Mark

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  • 03/24/16--08:59: BO 4.2 / Tomcat8 Cache Size
  • Hey SCN-Community,


    i was wondering why the deployment of the WebApps is very slow within the new 4.2 release. Just checked the Tomcat log and saw many of the following Errors:


    WARNING: Unable to add the resource at [/WEB-INF/eclipse/plugins/webpath.zenwebclient/web/zen.res/zen.rt.components.recorder/resources/rt/sap/zen/messagebundle-preload_vi.js] to the cache because there was insufficient free space available after evicting expired cache entries - consider increasing the maximum size of the Cache


    Any idea on this? Maybe this is the reason why it deploys so slow (30 Min. for a fresh Installation).


    Kind regards


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    Hi All,


    I am getting attached  below HostAgent error while connect from SAP BI Platform Support Tool to BI Server


    I am placing right password while connecting and  BI server reachable from my local command level and other service are good for me,





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    I am on 4.1 SP4. If I create a user, by default user unable to see his Inbox, I have to set up manually for each user. I know if it its Active Directory you don't have this issue. Since I am using Enterprise authentication, wanted to check Is it rectified yet?

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    I'm learning to use BI Java SDK to get the data of Webi-reports, such as file properties/location, as well as edit report somehow....


    I've noticed that lots of com.businessobjects.rebean.wi have been deprecated, such as ReportDictionary.   Some people suggested to use Restful web service, which I'm not familiar.  So I wonder if there are any other solution within Java SDK that can help me realize my goal.  Thanks very much!




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  • 03/25/16--08:56: Webi is returning wrong date
  • Hi All,


    DB: sql server

    SAP BO 4.1

    Im running a webi report against a universe

    The date format on the DB is 08-FEB-16
    but when l run webi report im getting wrong date 1/24/16


    Please below

    Results from webi








    Please Help



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    My company is currently running 4.0 SP10 (



    And we'd like to upgrade to 4.0 SP12, do I install the download from "Installations and Upgrades"? Or is this considered "Support Packages and Patches"?



    Installation and Upgrade version


    Support Packages



    I would assume just install the SP12 from "Support Packages" would be good, and then the SP12 patch 1 here






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    I am trying to restrict users from uploading executable files using New -> Local Document Options. I have achieved this by denying "add objects to folder" for content type "agnostic" in our QA environment but it's not working in prod for some reason. It looks like something is overriding that setting in prod.

    Here is what I did in QA to block executable files

    CMC --> Personal Folders--> Manage --> Top Level Security --> All Personal Folders --> Everyone (group) -->Assign Security -->Advanced-->Add/Remove Rights-->Content ->agnostic --> Checked Deny add objects to the folders that user owns and Deny add objects to the folder


    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I need to extract from the BOBJ 4.1 sql server back end  a list of users and the Groups currently on the System to show them in report webi.


    Please could anyone tell me about the way extract them from the Repository Database or how to extract the through sdk and insert the to a database.





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    Hi Techies,


    I am using query level filter and setting it up as a prompt with INLIST as an operator.


    - I have tried creating a query both in IDT (in .blx layer) and running the query.

    - Also tried creating a query in Webi Rich Client.


    In both instances, I am getting errors that says :


    processdpcommandsex' api. (error err_wis_30270) - Rich Client Error

    Query Filter Object contains too many values for the objects to be used in a query filter. IDT error.

    We are on BO BI 4.1 SP6. and datasource is unx based on HANA calculation view.

    Recommeded solution:

    I have tried setting up MAX_INLIST_VALUES to -1 in universe, however .prm file is not changed.


    Deepesh Puri

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    Hello All,


    One of the user is getting this error while performing publication. This publication has 4 reports inside it and this publication gets triggered based out on a event.


    He is seeing the below error "An internal error occurred while calling 'initInstance' API. (Error: ERR_WIS_30270)

    We are at BI 4.0 SP6 on the client tools and Server (BI Launch Pad) at BI 4.1 SP4 patch 4. 

    Issue persists because we are not on the same version on Server & client tools ?

    Best Regards


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  • 03/28/16--00:56: Regression : 4.1 SP2 to SP08
  • Hello Experts,


    Do you have any idea if there are any regressions in BI 4.1 SP08 ?


    Please share if any




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  • 03/28/16--02:38: Concatenation Issue
  • Hi,



    I have requirement where i need to concatenate State D & E and display as D and also their corresponding values should be added and displayed. Like val1 becomes 12+15=27.

    Can anyone suggest me how to do this?

    And the States can be in any order like A D B E C.I need to combine D & E and their corresponding values should be added and displayed.

    Awaiting Response!!

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