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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    We are getting the attached error when trying to view a Crystal report published to our Crystal reports web server. The web server version is 2013 ( and The report is in Crystal 2013.  The report runs fine when run through Crystal, just not through the web server. The report has several subreports that return data but again, they all work fine through Crystal Reports. The full error is:


    The viewer could not process an event. Error in file ps_4208d84299d053.rpt: Parameter has invalid structure size. [] --- Error code: 0  [CRWEB00000119]


    Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Hi Guys

    I need to track the progress we have made in facilitating the use of SAP Webi for our end users.

    Is there a query I can run to track the usage/no of users for year to date/Month do date etc?

    Would also be handy to see if the no of Webi reports per user have increased as well!




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    Dear All,


    Is there a way to get the webi sql statement using .net SDK?

    I know it is possible by using java sdk, i checked below links.

    Viewing WebI SQL Using Java SDK

    Re: Extracting SQL statement from a Webi document's data provider using SDK.

    But we want to using .net SDK, is anyone know how to


    By the way, our requirement are get the universes name and tables name for webi.

    etc. we want list webi report name, universes name, tables name.

    Maybe there is an easy way to get this info? could you please provide some guidance? 

    thanks in advance.




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    I have install the Crystal Report Server 2008 in the computer,During the install, these is not error.When I open the Center Management Control that will pop a error,which is show :http://win-6e2t32smeq1:8080/CmcApp  can not find the program.

    Please help to find why the error will out. and how the server can work normal。

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  • 04/06/16--06:20: SAP BI 4.1 Deployment
  • Hi,


    Requesting your guidance. We're planning to install SAP BI 4.1 SP7 on Windows Server 2012 R2 and use an existing Enterprise WAS 8.5.5 (installed in Solaris).


    We understand all this technologies are in Supported platform guide.


    We have seen the deployment guide for Unix and Windows and it seems it talks about Unix (BI) to Unix WAS and Windows (BI) to Windows WAS via wDeploy.


    Ours is a mix combination, Windows (BI) to Unix WAS, will this work? Has anyone been able to make this combination work?




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    Hi everyone,


    We're trying to manage overloads through a .NET application with SAP BI4.1 SP4.


    We've managed to create the overload in a universe but we're lost in how to assign an overload to a certain user or a group. I've checked the SDK documentation, in the overload class, but can't see any method as to assign an overlaod to a user.


    Has anyone been faced with such a need ? Or has anyone have some tips on how to do that ?


    Thanks !



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    User sessions  should expire after a maximum of 20 minutes of inactivity by a user.


    Please let me know how can we do it

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    We are on BI 4.1 SP06 in Windows 2008 server R2.

    I have publication which is on CR2013.


    It runs for eight hours and sends e-mail to 100 users.


    Is there any way to find out how long it took to get the actual report done from the Database and then total time it took to send e-mails.


    I checked some of the audit tables but not successful so far

    Please advice.



    Thank you,


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    Hello All,


    I have just setup a clustered enivornment  between our linux and the our new windows box because of Lumira deployment. In order to complete the installation on the windows box, we had to disable ssl on the linux box. Now that the install is complete, we have to enable ssl on the linux box and also on the new windows box. I am having problem configuring ssl on the window box. In the business objects admin guide is states how this is done but still unable to get this setup. Can anyone guide me through this process of setting up ssl on my windows box.




    Thanks in advance!!



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    Hello Guys,


    I've been working in the migration BI from version 3.1 to version 4.1.

    Usually to migration the BI content I export it with the "Import Wizard" and then import it in the new system with the UMT (Upgrade Manament Tool).

    Maybe you are asking why don't I migrate in a "live-to-live" way. The answer is because, usually the new systems are in "isolated networks".

    But so far, so good.


    My question to you is: Have you ever need to install a new system platform (BO version 4.1 SPx) and import data from the same major version (with smaller SP)?


    At first I thought using UMT, because the systems are in different network.

    But according SAP documentation, I cannot use UMT to perform this kind of upgrade.


    "You cannot export a BIAR file generated using the BI platform 4.x upgrade management tool into another 4.x deployment. Use the promotion management application in the Central Management Console (CMC) to promote content between two 4.x deployments."


    But another problem is that my FRS have some GBs of data.

    In this case, I don't think the best way is to create the LCMBIAR with the PMT.


    What would you suggest?



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    Hi All,


    SAP BO 4.1 SP7


    I have a deski report with filters, new data is load into this report every Wednesday.

    The weekend date starts on Saturday, so today's load date was 4/2/2016

    l converted it to webi and all filters where remove, which is OK.


    In Webi l add the filter into the report but when l refresh  does not change the date with the filter

    when filter is remove the previous week date is show.



    Note: when l refreshed the deski report it populate the date 4/2/2016


    when filter is remove and report is refresh date show 4/2/2016

    without filter.PNG




    When filter is added  and refresh no date is populated

    with filter.PNG


    Please any solution out there




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  • 04/06/16--22:56: Operating system reg.
  • We are unable to install SAP BODS & BI 4.X in laptops with Windows 8 (or above) OS. It works only with Windows 7.1. May we please know the reason (or) is there any way to overcome this.


    Hope you would agree that Windows 7 is going to be obsolete from the market soon! Hence, we are requesting for a solution. Please guide.

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    I have created region wise sales report in webi, which content North, South, West and East region, we have four users as user1, user2, user3 and user4.


    I have to publish or schedule the report to all four users but user1 should get only North region data, User2 should get on South, User3 should get West and User4 should get East region data.


    How can we publish the same report to multiple user with there respected data.




    Kashif Ali Khan

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  • 04/07/16--04:54: Cluster name with server
  • Hello,


    How to retrieve cluster name with server details using Java SDK.




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    We are running Business Objects Enterprise 12.1.0 (XI 3.1 with no patch).

    Please can you advise what version of Oracle database this is supported up to?


    We are currently on 11.2.0 and want to patch up to or higher.




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    Please confirm that Setting BI launch pad preferences for a user group doesn't work any more (BI 4.2 SP02)


    I have tried with multiple accounts and groups, even with administrators, but all users are landing on default pages, except if they have manually change (specific user) their preferences. Of course this is not the case at an enterprise environment.

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    Hello everyone,


    I'm having an issue with a webi repport...  in the body of the report I am using the next formule  ='A'+[object], because I'm interested to add the letter A at the beginnig of the field. everything works fine in the repport, however, if i try to export it as a CSV file, the column where i have the formule, only shows the information of the object,  no matters if i create a variable before or add the letter "A" in the body of the repport.


    This situation happens if i try to make a planification or i if try to export the document direct from the Webi interface.


    do you have any explanation of this behavior? what should i configurer in the webi server in order to fix this problem?


    thanks in advance.



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    I have a trail version of SAP Crystal Server 2013 SP1 and am trying to connect our existing web application to CMS.


    I've included the required jar files mentioned in the dev docs but receive this Exception when I try to login to CMS.

    The doc mentions jar file wxts-asl-3.2.1.jar but I'm unable to find it in the installation.  There is a jar file called

    wstx-asl-3.2.9.jar which I have included.


    10:40:26,083 INFO  [com.wellscap.equity.crystal.controller.CrystalReportsManager] (EJB default - 1) username = Administrator

    10:40:26,084 INFO  [com.wellscap.equity.crystal.controller.CrystalReportsManager] (EJB default - 1) password = ********

    10:40:26,087 INFO  [com.wellscap.equity.crystal.controller.CrystalReportsManager] (EJB default - 1) cmsServerName = *********

    10:40:26,087 INFO  [com.wellscap.equity.crystal.controller.CrystalReportsManager] (EJB default - 1) authType = secEnterprise

    10:40:27,538 ERROR [stderr] (Thread-86) Exception in thread "Thread-86" java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError

    10:40:27,566 ERROR [stderr] (Thread-86)     at com.businessobjects.bcm.BCM.<clinit>(

    10:40:27,572 ERROR [stderr] (Thread-86)     at

    10:40:27,572 ERROR [stderr] (Thread-86)     at

    10:40:27,573 ERROR [stderr] (Thread-86) Caused by: java.lang.SecurityException: Toolkit not encapsulated by a jar.

    10:40:27,573 ERROR [stderr] (Thread-86)     at Source)

    10:40:27,574 ERROR [stderr] (Thread-86)     at Source)

    10:40:27,574 ERROR [stderr] (Thread-86)     at com.rsa.cryptoj.f.nd.b(Unknown Source)

    10:40:27,575 ERROR [stderr] (Thread-86)     at com.rsa.cryptoj.f.nd.c(Unknown Source)

    10:40:27,576 ERROR [stderr] (Thread-86)     at com.rsa.jsafe.CryptoJ.isFIPS140Compliant(Unknown Source)

    10:40:27,577 ERROR [stderr] (Thread-86)     at com.businessobjects.bcm.internal.BcmRsaLib.initialize(

    10:40:27,579 ERROR [stderr] (Thread-86)     at com.businessobjects.bcm.internal.BcmRsaLib.<clinit>(

    10:40:27,580 ERROR [stderr] (Thread-86)     ... 3 more


    Any help would be appreciated!




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    Hello all,


    We are using the demo of crystal server 2013 as we need to upgrade from our old XI version. I tried my existing reports using the xbase driver but got an error that was not in english. Another post shows this very clearly,


    I did the workaround  using the dll from our old XI server, and did get crystal reports writer working, but it does not work on the server. Anyone have any suggestions?


    Already tried all the crystal database drivers that handle dbf files. Tried an odbc connection, using the 32 bit odbc manager.  Still not having any luck getting the server working.



    Server is 2012 R2 64 bit.

    Client running the crystal reports writer is Win 7 64 bit.


    Thank you all for any help.

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    1. 1. Running Crystal Server 2013.


    1. 2. Published Reports that fetch data from SQL server. Verified that reports run in Client.


    1. 3. When I log into CMC => Folders and "View" report in browser, the new browser simply "waits" (see attachment).

    Steps Preformed:

    1. Created a new report that had no data. Simply added a text box the behavior was identical - ran successfully as RPT but would not allow viewing.


        2. Tried restarting and recreating all the All the Crystal Report Serves. No Luck.


        3. Configured trace High on the Document Processing Server and Cache Server.

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