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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    I am getting this error when i perform the below steps in the WEBI


    My version is 4.1 SP5 Patch 3


    After connecting to the universe in WEBI I am able to include anything in Result Object the query runs fine but as soon as I enter Version in the query filter i get this errorr.


    Let me know the solution if someone has already seen this issue.





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    Existing system already installed on SERVER-1



    SERVER-1 has -

    All the the components (Tomcat, CMS etc.) are installed on this server locally. The I/P and O/P file repository is shared mount.

    The cluster name is sapbiBO1. The cms.default is set to @sapbiBO1 in and

    In the CCM - right click on SIA Node - Properties - Configuration tab. I can see the cluster name as sapbiBO1.



    Now I have a server SERVER-2. I have to add another node to the existing Cluster sapbiBO1 on SERVER-1.



    I am assuming that during install, I just have to uncheck "Integrated Database" check box so that it can ask for existing CMS DB

    connection details. I have to choose the "Expand the existing SAP BusinessObjects......." option.



    It will ask me the cluster key of the system installed on host SERVER-1, login credentials of CMS DB, which is on SERVER-1.



    Once the above steps are done, it will install and it will automatically pick up the cluster name and add it to existign Cluster on SERVER-1.



    Once the installation is done, I will adjust I/O and O/P File repository as per the SERVER-1.



    Question -

    - I need to adjust the cms.default to @sapbiBO1 in and on SERVER-2. Correct?


    - We have Cisco Hardware load balancer. I will give the URL of SERVER-1 and SERVER-2 and it will do the load balancing for logins.

    No need to do anything for load balancing on SERVER-1 and SERVER-2?


    - Is it going to have one CCM, which will be on SERVER-1?


    - Do I have change anything to manually? If yes then is it on SERVER-1?



    Please confirm if I have anything missing here.

    Thank you for advice.



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    Hi There,


    Am looking for below dll to work on my desktop version application.


    1. BusinessObjects.ReportEngine

    2. BusinessObjects.Enterprise.Sdk

    3. BusinessObjects.Enterprise.Desktop.Universe





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    We are asked to build a prototype to hook up HTML5/CSS/JS front-end page and read data from database.


    What are the possible option available using SDK?


    Option 1: Is it possible to access Universe (UNX) / Semantic layer and read data using SDK? If so, how can we achieve and what are the SDK's available to achieve it?


    Option 2: Using Weblogic to read data from database and hookup HTML5 page?


    Environment : BI 4.1 / 4.0 SP6

    Database     : Teradata


    Any other options. Please advice.



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    Hi Experts,


    We have 4 windows servers and on all 4 servers, BIP are installed.


    Installed lumira on all 4 servers (all features of lumira on all 4 servers).


    Now, RESTful service has url of only one server. (in all 4 installation). In case if this server goes down (server which is being used by lumira ), how can I make use of other 3 servers so that if one server goes down, I can use other 3 servers for RESTFul.


    we also have on load balancer.






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    Hi Everyone,


    I have created a new workspace and saved it in a public folder. Now I want my user group called "Read" to have access to this new workspace. To do this I went to CMC, right-click, BI launch pad preferences and selected the new workspace to be the default homepage.


    The problem is that when I log in as a user who is in this "Read" group the new workspace is not shown, but I'm shown the default workspace.


    I also checked that the "Read" group has access to the public folder where I saved the workspace.


    I'm using SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 Support Pack 7.


    Thank you.

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    Hi everyone,


    I want a particular user group not to see the web intelligence icon in launch pad in the my applications section. But I want this group to be able to open reports on launch pad NOT through the java applet.


    I tried denying rights to "Log on web intelligence" and the icon is hidden but then the users can't open reports on launch pad.


    What can I do please?



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    I was using in 3.1 SDK an VB.NET application to manage the JobServer Destinations (SMTP, FTP, ...)

    I try to migrate this application in 4.1 but I have a problem to manage the AdaptativeJobServer.


    The Plugininterface seem to doesn't work properly, I 'am using the 32bits runtime SDK and I try with the 64bits also.


    The exception is always the same with Visual Studio : Class not registered ...


    The activation work properly but the SmtpOptions always failed.

    Have you got an idea ?

    Thanks a lot.







    Imports CrystalDecisions.Enterprise

    Imports CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.Desktop

    Imports CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.Admin

    Imports CrystalDecisions.Enterprise.Dest






                Dim MyServeurAdmin AsNewJobServerAdmin(myServeur.ServerAdmin)


                Dim MyServeurDest = MyServeurAdmin.Destinations.Item(1)


                MyServeurDest.Enabled =True


                Dim smtpOptions AsNewSmtpOptions(MyServeurDest.PluginInterface)



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    Platform Support Tool Version 2.02

    Installed SAP Host Agent: see hostagent_version.txt

    Having a vanilla system with BI 4.1 SP7

    Created Lanscape configuration. See xml file from data dir?

    Unable to gather information using Administrator account -> see the last entries inside the log.Attached as txt because zip or glf are not allowed.


    I an also unable to create this report from other machines. Unfortunately on this machine the host agent 721 ist installed


    PS: Using the Support Tool to create this issue I am unable to use the clipboard to paste information inside this window

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    Hello dear SAP Community,


    the purpose of this post is to ask you if the new Webi Update 4.2 gives the possibility to developinside of Webi using Java and to add new functionalities which will run all-time like a Java plug-in.


    I will try to explain more detailed what exactly I mean and intend to do:


    Generally I am planning to make Webi understand what data it shows in reports and hence represent them effectively.


    For instance:

    when the user adds some chart, lets say Line Chart based on data which he/she chose from the universe and these are monthly incomes from his sales, the user sees from his chart that the linerises significantly in the first 3 monthes and the rest part of the chart remains on the same rate, what means that the start of a year/1st quarter shows some "interesting" information/trend to user.

    This "interesting" information I would like to be represented automatically in some other form, not like a Line Chart, but like a Pie Chart for instance or like some other new type of visualisation offered by new Custom Elements in BO 4.2.

    With "automatically" I mean that nearby/under the chart defined by user will dynamically appearthe new one, which will show all relevant information in another form. It can be several forms of visualisation offered and user can choose the most appropriate one by clicking on it.



    To implement this:

    I want to develop some sort of a rule-based system, where I will predefine all possible rules/charts for different kinds of data. This system will be written in Java and in my imagination will be connected to Webi like a Java-Plugin. In such a way it will be independent from the loaded universe. For understanding what kinds of data are chosen from the universe it will read metadata from the report and further perform some action by choosing the appropriate visualisations.



    In my searching through the SAP Documentation I found out that the SAP BI Semantic Layer Java SDK API allows to develop a Java application that performs creation and publication tasks on universes and associated resources.


    At the same time the SAP BusinessObjects BI Developer’s Guide for Web Intelligence and the BI Semantic Layer 4.2 says that it is possible to customize the DHTML and Java interfaces of SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence and the Web Intelligence Rich Client interface using extensions on Microsoft Windows and Service JavaScript API ---> "You make the extension interact with the application by using the Web Intelligence Application and Service JavaScript APIs." (Article 7: Customizing Web Intelligence with UI Extension Points)



    I am very curoius about the possibility to implement this idea in a current Webi Update 4.2 and I ask those of you who are experienced with developing on SAP BO Web Intelligence with Java or somehow else, please let me know if I can implement this functionality in that manner as I decribed above.


    Maybe I need to refer to some other technologies as REST SDK for instance? I would be very thankful for any support from your side.



    Kind regards


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  • 04/04/16--07:44: BI Auditing 4.1
  • Hi All,


    I have a query here on doing Auditing with BI4.1.


    We have HANA as datasource with database on which BOBJ resides is Oracle.


    So, when I import the universe, will I use a Oracle based universe or HANA based as we have different BIAR files for each.




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    Need advice re authorization aspect of BOE / Salesforce connection. We've successfully prototyped connecting to and getting data from Salesforce using SAP Salesforece ODBC driver (which is re-branded and slightly out of date version of SIMBA Salesforce ODBC driver) using two methods:

    - fixed user (where user id/password+token are built into Relational Connection details)

    - credentials mapping (where user id and password come from BOE user record, so we can map BOE user XXX to his/hers user id/password+token in Salesforce)



    Both method have significant drawbacks:

    - fixed user does not allow any validation of Salesforce security context (i.e. BOE user can view any Salesforce data, whether he/she has access to it or not)

    - credentials mapping while solving "security context" issue (because login will be done under proper Salesforce user id), adds significant maintenance overhead. Here are some problems with credentials mapping:

    - we're using ADFS-based single sign on into Salesforce, so majority of end users don't have Saleforce password or token

    - even if we ask users to setup password and request token, users will have to somehow maintain it in BOE user record (which is part of CMC or will we need to develop a special page for them to put this information in)...




    Did anyone has experience resolving similar issues?

    Any advice will be appreciated!

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    Hi there,

    We are on BI 4.1 SP7 currently and have Audit enabled on the server. I am looking at a few out of the box Audit reports but don't see a report that will show me the number of users logging in to BI Launchpad. Please note our users also have Webi Rich Client installed on their machines so the report needs to be able to differentiate between the two applications. Any ideas?



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    I am using BIP Support Tool 2.0.2 on a BOBJ 4.2 SP2 with some WebI reports directly on HANA SPS 10 without via UNX universe. Those reports are coming under Semantic Layer -> Orphaned Reports even though they are not actually orphaned but not a universe at all.



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    Hello everyone,


    I have scheduled one crystal report before 6 months for Every week(Recurring).

    After 5 month of successful scheduling from last one month the status comes 'FAILED'.




    address error. [CrystalEnterprise.Smtp]: [Error sending address(es) to SMTP server. Return code: [SMTP 530 - Authentication required.]. Reason: [].]



    PS: No parameter has been changed.


    And when I scheduled for once, [Not weekly ] It is successfully scheduled.

    The same person / Recipient is getting other report regularly.


    What can be the problem with that scheduling ?!!?

    I am not able to trace the problem, Please Help.


    Thank You.

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    My latest woes.


    When upgrading our .Net app from BO 3.x to BO 4.1, here's what happens.


    We're now using the BO 4 SDK .dlls.

    Our .Net app can schedule a report, passing it a set of WebiPrompt Names and Values  (the code hasn't changed since using BO 3.x)


    In the BO 4 Launch Pad, I can see that the correct Parameter values have been passed...

    But, the WebiPrompt values don't seem to get passed to the BO Report itself.


    And if I right-click on one of these reports in Launch Pad, and select Reschedule, there's a Prompts tab, but it shows the wrong value for my Prompt Name.


    Why would it be that the Launch Pad shows the correct values in the Parameters column, but then fails to attach the WebiPrompt values to the appropriate Names ?   This all worked in BO 3.x.


    Do you have a decent, up-to-date C# example of using the BO 4 SDK with Visual Studio ?

    I did ask this in a previous thread, and it was duly ignored.

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    BOE 4.1 SP5 patch 2

    I am having trouble when trying to format a cell which holds a string which can be up to 9000 characters long. The string holds free text so it has line breaks included.

    The problem is that if the size of the cell is bigger than the space left on the page it starts on a new page (I can live with this) but if the cell is bigger than a page then it is split. On the first page you get a the cell showing data up to the end of the page and then on page two you get the rest of the data. All good so far but the problem I then have in some cases is that on page one the last line only shows the top half of the text and on page two the first line is the bottom half of the text from the previous page. This is further compounded when in some cased the last line of the cell only shows the top part of the text. There could also be cases where the last part of the data is not shown at all. Example shown in attached file.


    When in Webintelligence the formatting seems to be OK but in InfoView or PDF you get these issues.


    Any help in how I can correct this formatting issue will be appreciated.



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    Dear All,


    I need to install SAP BI BO for a new customer. However I am not sure about availability and stability of SAP BI BO 4.2 version. I understand that SAP has come up with lot of features in it but; that creates worry that the version may not be stable enough.


    SAP BO 4.2 version also have installation folder structure changes; so upgrading from 4.1 to 4.2 could be challenging. So can you suggest the latest but most stable BO version for now?




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    Hi all,

    We are experiencing what's becoming a critical issue for us in our company.

    We have started experiencing performance issues in our Business Objects since two weeks. Last week we could still work with, and users run some reports, even if it took ages to open any webi; after webi was open, it run without problems. But since the last days it's almost impossible to do anything, as BO hangs quite often.

    We are working with our Basis team and they have restarted the BO server several times. As soon as they do it, BO works fine... during 5 - 10 minutes. After that, we have the same problem, and performance is so slow that it's impossible to do anything and to work with.


    We have webi reports, and Crystal Reports, and none are the issue as we have done several tests and verifications. We can also confirm that problem doesn't come from interfaces, RFCs, or any kind of connection to other system, and there is no critical report that may cause this incident, specially because there are no users now running any reports.


    We have followed the following: SAP BusinessObjects 4.1 Performance issue  We deleted 21 Gb of old logs and traces, and issue persists.  We have no clue what to do, besides that opening an OSS Note with SAP (which actually is already done).


    Our system: BO 4.1 SP3 Patch 7


    I don't know if some of you has experienced something similar. If so, any suggestion will be more than welcome.



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    Hi Team ,



    BI 4.1 SP6 (Distributed environment on VM-Wares , 2 Application servers and 2 Tomcat servers)

    BW 7.4


    We got an error saying "Error max no of 100 conversations exceeded" in Webi built on .UNV .


    As error says ,we thought issue is with BW connections and followed below thread to change BW settings .


    In BW  , max connections is set to 500 .


    In SMGW t-code we observed there are nearly 100 connections running under BOBJ systems service account (service account is different from the user used in SAP authentication tab) .I believe service account is used to  generate keystore and certificate .

    we have deleted all the connections running with BOBJ service account and refreshed report , it was still giving same error.

    After some research from logs we restarted Connection server 32 ,which made reports refreshing .

    at first place why so many connections created under service account ?

    Do we need to restart connection servers after deleting the connections ?

    I would assume ,connection server is the one causing the issue and the webi error message just misleading us to look at BW end.

    In this case , we are curious to know what could be the issue and what made the resolution ?

    Thank you.

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