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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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  • 04/11/16--18:04: Mobile apps in BO 4.2?
  • HI Guys

    We have a requirement here view Webi or Dashboards on the mobile devices as well...

    Just wondering what the new BO 4.2 can offer in terms of Webi reports on mobiles?


    What about the Dashboard upgrade? Do we have a new dashboard designer now?

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  • 04/11/16--18:06: SAP 4.1 PlatformSearch Issue
  • Hi  Team,


    We have configured Schedule Platform Search in our env for the "Platform Matedata"  Indexing.

    Also as recommended by SAP the Master index location is set to a shared drive.


    We are observing some issues with the platform search in our env's, we ran a landscape report for the "Platform Search" in the BI Support Tool and observed the below warning message in the Queue #1 "To Be Extracted Queue"





    Also as stated by the SAP, the documents exists in 6 queues (Queue 1 to Queue 6 ) , we observed in the landscape report some of the queue is having 0 documents and some had few documents.Does this indicate the platfrom search is not running completely?


    i would like to check your inputs if we have to make any changes so that we do no recieve these warning messages.


    Thank you in Advance.




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  • 04/11/16--22:32: STRUSTSSO2 - Binary Option
  • Hi Team,


    we are facing an issue in SSO authentication for OLAP connection in BO 4.1.


    recently in our tst system we have done an DRP activity in which the SSO certificate imported in STRSUTSSO2 is not working now, when I try to re-import the certificate we cant able to see any option called binary or base. so we tried to import the certificate directly but still we cant able to use the OLAP connection in SSO authentication.


    so could you please suggest that what could be the issue here, does the issue could be due to certificate bite like 1024 or 2048? whether we need to generate the cert.der file in some bite version?







    Ramesh Jothimani

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    Hi Experts,


    We have a  SAP BO 4.1 SP6 environment with a single node.


    In Adaptive Job server properties tab the Destination Configuration Service displays This service has no configuration property..


    I am not able to find any particular issue as the File system and Email are properly configured as destination and working as expected.


    However while scheduling report to the share point the reports are failing with source file error.




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    We just did an upgraded our Design Studio from 1.5 to 1.6. We install was done to our Dev Box. After the install, we are unable to log into design studio using the Web Service URL for Dev. Every other environment that are still on 1.5 works fine. Any suggestion. 

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    Hello Everyone,


    Is it possible to have have AD SSO setup via LDAP for Analysis For MS Office, when CMC is running on Linux?

    We have configured the AD SSO via LDAP plugin for BI Launch Pad.




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  • 04/12/16--11:21: SI Dependencies
  • I am getting an error when trying to schedule a Crystal Report from Crystal Server 2013. I believe it has to do with a missing event that no longer exist or does not match up with what the MetaData for the RPT is.

    My question is how do I dig in and find what dependencies a report is looking for?


    Here is the Error: "Object failed to run because its constraints refer to missing objects. Please confirm that the server group, calendar and any dependencies are valid and that you have View rights on these objects."


    This is the part from Query Builder that I want more info on:



    Any Ideas?


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  • 04/12/16--12:12: IDT ConnectInit Parameter
  • Hi all,


    Our DBAs are trying to gain a bit more insight into who/what is running a webi report that contains a poorly formed query, long-running query, etc.  Currently, they can't do this without looking at their Oracle tools to identify which webi server the user is running on and reaching out to me to use the (unsupported SAP) Webi Admin Tool to identify the user and report, based on the server name.


    We came across this link:

    which discusses adding values to the Connection for the ConnectInit Custom Parameter.


    We added it as shown and it sort of works.  For one, they can now see the user running the report.  However, instead of the report name, it only shows/provides them with the universe name, though both are identified in the parameter value.  Additionally, if the report name has an & in the title, running the query or refreshing the webi report will fail - it seems like Oracle wants to interpret the & as a parameter being passed in.  We tried adding a 'translate' into the mix, but then it fails on the word translate saying it's not being used correctly.


    Wondering if anyone has successfully implemented anything like this or an alternative that has worked (providing the username and report name back to the DBA... like via grid control, query via Toad, etc.). We are on BO 4.1 SP6 Patch 4.




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    When I try to login to SAP Crystal Server 2013 SP1 from our Web app using the following method:

    CrystalEnterprise.getSessionMgr().logon(username, password, cmsServerName, authType)


    I receive the NoClassDefFound exception for:   (stack trace is attached)



    I've included all the jar files that are in the development docs for deploying Crystal with an application and I

    have been unable to locate this class in any of those jar files from the installation.


    Where may I find the jar file that contains this class?




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    Is 250 the limit for automatically published emails that a 10 CAL crystal server can send? When does that amount go up?

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    We upgraded from Xi4.0 sp3 to xi4.1 sp7.  Now APS is split into four servers, then APS.core frequently crash due to java outofmemory error. After getting 32GB RAM, we changed heap maxium size in APS.core from 2g to 4g. APS.core gets less heap dump file, but still crashes on outofmemory, and  each log file size also increases from 2.5GB to 4GB.  The error now is GC overhead limit exceeded.


    Meanwhile, /PlatformSearchData data is growing in a abnormal speed, 3GB per day. We've deselected some index item, kept webi and universes only. Don't see any difference.


    Please advise if we should change aps.core heap size to 8G? or anything else.  Thanks very much!



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    Dear community


    I would like to change the logos in the BI LaunchPad. I already read the following papers:


    Tutorial: Branding and Theming of BI launch pad

    Tutorial: Customizing BI launch pad name


    These links are very helpful but do not solve my problem. In the installation file exists the com.businessobjects.webpath.InfoViewBranding.jar-File which has an orange design. And that is my problem.


    I would actually like the standard BI LaunchPad design (white) and just change the company logo. But in the actual dirctory "tomcat\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF\eclipse\plugins" does not exist this kind of jar.


    Does have anyone a solution for that?


    Thanks for every hint.

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  • 04/12/16--23:20: BEx query in BI/BW
  • Hi,


    I have a bi/bw system and i am using windows 8.

    Now i want to start Bex query but didt find the path Program Files\sap\business explorer\bi        in my system.

    How can i start BEx reporting?

    My bi/bw system is 7.47 version.

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  • 04/13/16--00:20: Java support for BO 4.0
  • Hello Experts,


    We are using BO 4.0 SP9 platform and only having Crystal reports as objects.

    Currently we have java 1.6 on our server for which public support is already ended.


    i have few questions:

    1. can we get rid of java from server as we are only using Crystal Reports , No Webi..what is the recommendations..

    2. If Java 1.8 is supported by current environment (4.0 SP9).

    3. what would be recommendations related to Java upgrade with respect to our BOE platform..


    thank you in advance!




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    Can you help me with

    1. How to segregate raw material and Product in SAP BW from standard datasources. I guess both stored as material in ecc in MARA master data table.

    2. How to calculate production quantity in SAP BI using standard datasources of module sap pp?

    3. How to calculate consumption of raw material cost in SAP BI using standard datasources of module sap pp?




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    We have a number of WebI reports scheduled for generation once a day. However, when our users are on the Home tab of BI Launchpad and click some of the documents displayed in the "My Recently Viewed Documents" part of the window, that particular instance opens, even if newer instances were already generated in the meantime.


    For example, the following timeline occurs:

    - A user views a report instance created on April 1st.

    - The user then has a few days off. In the meantime, every day a new instance of the report is successfully generated.

    - The user then returns on April 8th, opens the BI Launchpad, he sees the report he last opened in the "My recently viewed documents", and he clicks to open it.

    - The instance from April 1st opens, even though newer instances exist.


    Toggling the "Smart View" setting to "View latest instance" in CMC -> Applications -> Web Intelligence only works for reports accessed from the Documents tab - we would have to "force" the users through the folder structure.


    So, my question is - is there any way to make the My recently viewed documents automatically look for and open the latest existing instance of a clicked document?


    With best regards,


    Petr Götz


    EDIT: I forgot to add - we are using BI Platform 4.1 SP6.

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    Hi all


    On my platform I have multiple schedules on Webi & Deski documents, the destination is set to multiple BI Inboxes. This is working fine. But I am searching a way to know / to link the document generated in BI inboxes to the original document that have generated the document... I don't seems there is a link present in the document present in the BI Inbox (no reference to the parent doc when I check that on the iinfoobject via AdminTools).


    Do you know if there is a way to achieve that ?


    THANKS for your help !

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    I'm working to migrate our Java Web application from Crystal Report Server 2008 to SAP Crystal Server 2013.


    I currently have a trail version of SAP CS 2013 SP1.  It's been installed and I'm having an issue finding all the jar files

    that are referenced in the Dev Docs that need to be deployed with our Web application in the CS installations.

    ie.  java\lib and java\external folders


    The Dev docs mention running the following to obtain the SDK jar files:

    SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform Client Tools 4.0 installer.


    Where do I obtain the above Client Tools installer ?




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  • 04/13/16--09:23: BO 3.1 Webi Report
  • Hi


    When I am building new webi report in 3.1, it showing error message "Unexpected error. If you cannot reconnect to the server, close Web Intelligence and start again". Please advise, how to resolve this issue.



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  • 04/13/16--11:36: load balancer logon server
  • Hello,


    We are on BI 4.1 SP6 on Windows 2008 R2.

    We have a hardware load balancer and BI 4.1 has two nodes.


    Is there any way to tell which server it is on when the loadbalancer link is run.


    Please advice if this is something possible.


    Thank you,


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