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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    I used the BI 4.0 , I just begin learn to it. I coding in java, I follow the sample to export the RPT from BI, but I do not know the java how to connect the BI server. Please help.




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    We have a multi node setup for BO BI and we are planning to install 4.1 or 4.2 on NFS or iSCSI storage volume.


    Mainly we want to put BO binary and FRS both on storage.



    Abhishek Jain

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    Hi All,


    We have Transport issue when
    transporting the deletion of process chain. If anyone faced similar issue and
    you had a solution for this, Can you please let us know the resolution to move
    the deletion successfully?


    Below are more details on the
    Issue with the logs:




    When we transported for the
    second time we deleted the process chain logs and re transported the changes,
    still it failed. Let me know if you have any clue..


    TR failure:

    Short dump in the target





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    We want to connect to HiveServer2 from IDT (SAP BI 4.1 SP7). The standard connection to hive works. But we need to add some parameters to the url of the jdbc connection to HiveServer2. From other applications that uses hive driver of hadoop, the url to connect to hive is this:






    We have tried to add those jdbc parameters to the connection to HiveServer2 in IDT, in the connection panel (as JDBC propierties). It fails, with this error: "CONN_PROPERTIES".



    We have changed the jdbc.sbo and simbahive.sbo files to add those parameters to the url of the hive connection, but it has not work:


    (adding parameters transportMode=http;httpPath=cliservice; we have tried with this sintaxis: hive.server2.transport.mode=http;hive.server2.http.path=cliservice. In any case, the error is the same)


    (connection in IDT)


    (test connection)



    Do you know if is there a way to add those parameters so that the connection works? Or, simba driver doesn´t allow it?



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  • 04/14/16--04:05: Information Design Tool
  • Hi Everybody,


    sorry for the stupid question.


    I have installed BI suite 4.2 version and I'm looking for Information Design Tool

    Is it in a different installation? Is that in SAP Data Services Installation?


    Any help is really appreciated



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    Hi BW Experts,

    I am facing an error in Production server "infoobject USITM does not fulfill ref.integrity in record" at DTP loading in Process Chain.

    As In Transformation, There is check mark in the reference integrity option but error records are not present in SID table of Infoobject.

    Can you please give the permanent solution of this as this issue is critical for me.





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    I have created a folder myfolder and uploaded reports in it. I have created a group reportviewer and a user rptviewer. This rptviewer user is member of reportviewer group. Now I right clicked on myfolder and clicked on user security and then clicked on Add principals. In the window that got open I have selected the group reportviewer and moved it to the selected users and groups and then I clicked on Add and Assign security. Then I selected view

    from Available access levels and moved it to assigned access levels and then clicked on ok.


    After this I logged out and logged in from user rptviewer expecting to be able to see the myfolder folder containing the report but I don't see any folder.


    Can anyone let me know the reason for the same? Kindly reply.




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  • 04/14/16--07:00: Report viewing on WebI 4.1
  • Hi guys,


    We have migrated from Desktop Intelligence XI 3.1 to Web Intelligence 4.1 recently and I found one thing a bit annoying - not sure if there's a workaround for it on WebI.


    Reports are displayed on separate pages in WebI whereas on DeskI everything was conveniently displayed in one single page. Ok you had to scroll down but on WebI you have to go through different pages.


    Is there a way where you can set WebI to display reports like DeskI or it's just how WebI software is designed and nothing can be done about it?



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    Question Please on the Host Agents - I'm installing Introscope 9.5 stand-alone monitoring using Toby's blog ( At Step 3 - installing the diagnostic Agent on each BI node.  I've already installed the SAP Host Agents across nodes for the BIPST.  Is the Diagnostic Agent 7.4 referenced on the Introscope install a new version?  Does it take the place of the Host Agents already installed?  Can you provide more guidance on the Introscope Diagnostic agent and the Host Agents installed for BIPST? Thank you Kim

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    We are in the process of selecting a vendor to help us move from XI 3.1 to BI 4.x, and I wanted to get a jump start on Web Intelligence 4.x learning.


    I've been doing WebI XI 3.1 for about 10 months, decent exposure during that time. In consideration of the following courses, I was thinking maybe do some book training (which I like) for the first course

    BOW310 - Web Intelligence - Report Design I (2 days)

    BOW320 - Web Intelligence - Advance Report Design (2 days)

    I found this book which looks decent. Any ideas if there is a 4.2 book coming out soon ?

    I'm at the point where I need to start looking at this, so waiting is not an option, unless the 4.2 book is out in a month or so.

    Thoughts ?

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    I need some help on configuring SAML SSO in BI platform.

    I’m in the process of externalizing our BO(4.1 Sp4 patch 4 with Sql 2008 DB) so that it can be accessed from outside company network. We're using default tomact 7 bundled with platform package.

    Our BI server is traditionally connected with single sign on to SAP netweaver portal and BW.


    For this initiative, I need to connect our server directly to siteminder, so that any LDAP user will click an external URL. The user will be authenticated by IDX server and will be redirected to BO with SAML SSO. They don't have to log in again to BO again.

    We’ve different kinds of contents like webintelligence, xcelcius dashbaords, design studio applications, analysis office applications.


    I went through the admin guide, still not clear about the steps. It neither explains if SAP and SAML SSO can stay side by side. I also had a look at SAP note 1795949. I coudn't find anything relevant to my requirement

    I basically need to know

    • Keeping SAP SSO intact, how can I configure SAML SSO in business object. I’m looking for some step by step instructons.
    • For SAML, what are the steps to be done in siteminder part. For ex, in case of  SAP SSO, the keystore needs to be imported to portal and BW and connection to be created for BO.
    • Do I need to again configure LDAP authentication on top of SAP and assign aliases?
    • Will SAML support all applications mentioned above?


    SAML is very new to me, please help.

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    Hi everybody,


    iam still new in my company and the SAP Bo Administration and got the first real big Problem. Since Monday all Publications are stuck in the "Pending" status and dont start working. I have already read about this problem but none of the Solutions work for me. I added already a new JobServer, restartet the whole Server, but nothing.


    I hope you can help me with my Problem. I can send E-Mails from the WebIntelligence without any problem.


    Here are some Informations about the System:

    Windows Server 2008 R2

    SAP BO BI 4.2 SP 2 updatet vom 4.0 SP7.

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    we move CRS 2013 to an other Datacenter and have to change ip address and CMS Database server.

    Installation (virtual machine) has been moved.


    After ip change all services in CMC are active and running.


    Exporting Reports with Crystal Job Server into filesystem is ok.

    But we can't send Reports via email with Job Server.


    I can send out emails via telnet from server sucessfull.

    It allways failed. In the history of the report instance found the reason > Error in Report processing <

    E-Mail Server settings in Job Server are correct.



    What could I check?


    In Processingserver Log I've found:

    *** LOG Q0I=> NiPGetHostByName: '$SMDAgentHost' not found: getaddrinfo  [ninti.c 897]

    *** ERROR => Main agent fail to be initilized due to incorrect host setting! [ncsmtdatasen 20]

    *** ERROR => Main agent fail to be initilized due to incorrect host setting! [ncsmtdatasen 20]

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    It always shows '0 data records selected' for all the LO datasources in RSA3 in ECC. Can you tell me what could be possible reason.


    Note: Our ECC system is not yet linked to any BW system.




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    Hello all,


    I have an installation of SAP business Objects 4.1 SP05 on a linux suse machine. I am using sqlanywhere default database for my BO Platform.


    The database server  stopped without a reason. And when I try to Start it doesn't go up. please find attached the crash log file.


    when I run the command , it throws no error. and when I run the command  it throws  the following error Unable to stop database server -- Database server not found, I tried restarting the machine but that also did not work.


    Can some on help me with this Issue ?



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    We want to ensure that no one mis-uses the Administrator user in BO,


    while one option is to reset the password to something that no one knows (steps of password reset as per 1679970)


    but we are considering that can we disable the Administrator user.


    Will it impact the system ?

    are there any background activities which can only be run under this user. 

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    Hi Gurus,


    There was an unexpected server restart,  after the restart i am not able to see the server pids.

    i can see the sqlrule.llr and sqlrule.dfa in <BI_install_folder>\SAP Business Objects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\win64_x64.

    it was working before restart of server.


    The DSN were configured with Windows Authentication,  i changed them to DB username and Pwd.

    i check the DSN's they are working fine.

    i stopped SIA and restarted it still the serverpids and not coming up.


    SIA error.png

    SIA error 2.PNG



    Thank you for the help !!!!!!!!

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    I've noticed a large number of documents instances listed in the Temporary Storage in the CMC.  Some of them are quite old.  I was looking for documentation that would explain the function and the cleanup process of the Temporary Storage.  I also want to know when it is safe to delete all the instances listed. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Dear Team,


    We have BI 4.0 SP4 windows server, Dev environment.We have Dashboards in the BO sever.The server C drive space, reaches full and I couldn't able to login to the CMC/BI Launchpad(Error: Server PSAPBOD:6400 not found or server may be down (FWM 01003) null).

    What is the best way to cleaning policy.

    Where Can I check the core dump unwanted files in the C drive.

    Please suggest the ways to get space and what are the log files can be deleted.




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    Hi All,


    Out Environment & setup Setup:



    Clustered Environment.

    SAP BO version : 4.0 SP8 (No Plan to upgrade soon).

    Server OS : Wnidows

    CMS & Audit Repository DB: Oracle 11G (Same Database, but different schema's).


    We've been seeing excessive audit records as "Invalid token" in our audit database with user name as null.  Attached the screen shot of the Logs.

    The IP address (1 & 2) logged are the Central logger IP addresses of the windows server, which logs the server information to another server.

    This started very recently. What could be the reason for this.

    We've tried stopping the our Platform search and Central logger but still the 'Invalid token" keeps on growing.

    The frequency pattern is within seconds.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Chandra Sekhar L.


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