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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    We are in the process of migrating existing Crystal Reports from CR Crystal Reports XI to CR 2013 SP1. But we facing issue on production environment, CR server getting change the state from Running to Starting,

    I am unable to find out the root cause, did not get any help from logs,

    Anyone can help on this issue.

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  • 04/20/16--23:23: Requesting license ?
  • Hello,



    I could not say I am new on BO, but requesting license is not really clear.



    a customer has mixed license (CSBL and Named) 15 CSBL and 50 NU


    A development environment is being installed and we have to ask for a license.


    What should we do ? Request the license for NU and CSBL and use all the available ?

    If we do that, does it imply that the production system will have enough licenses free ?



    I added this screenshot just to explain.


    thanks for your answers.




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    Hi everyone,


    When clicking on View Script on Webi (both web and rich client) we are getting the following error:


    An internal error occurred while calling 'getSessionInfosEx' API (Error: ERR_WIS_30270) (WIS 30270)


    Can anyone help please?

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    A customer of ours has been using a .NET aspx page in IIS for several years now, which does the following :


    • Log on to a BO XI R3.1 server
    • Find the mentioned report
    • Perform a refresh (with the eventual prompts filled out)
    • Stream the result as a PDF to the browser


    Basically, this RunWebReport aspx can be called as follows :




    We recently installed a new BO XI R3.1 SP7 server on a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine,

    and since that moment, we have an issue with the PDF stream.


    We tried different browsers (IExplorer, FireFox, Chrome, all different versions) and different PDF plugins (Adobe, FoxIt, PDFViewer).

    They all give back the same type of errors :

    • Failed to load PDF document
    • File does not begin with '%PDF-'
    • The PDF document might not be correctly displayed

    In some cases, you can then download the stream to an actual local PDF file, but when opening this file with Acrobat, you get the error that the file might be damaged.


    So, it seems the stream is recognized as a PDF allright, but the content does not seem to be ok.

    When downloading the "corrupt" PDF, I see that the size is much smaller than it normally should be.


    When we open the same report in a InfoView session, and download it as a PDF manually, this works fine.


    The application runs through all the steps just fine, and does not generate any error.

    It's just that the stream is not ok in the end.


    Here's the function which finally streams to the browser.

    Does anyone see something which might be missing here ?

    Or could it be an IIS 8 issue ?


    Thanks !



        Private Function VisualizeReport(ByRef MyDocView As IBinaryView, _                                   ByRef MyDoc As IDocumentInstance) As Boolean        Dim gLog As ILog = log4net.LogManager.GetLogger("VisualizeReport")        VisualizeReport = False        Try            MyDocView = MyDoc.GetView(OutputFormatType.Pdf)            gLog.Debug("DocView set ...")            Response.ClearContent()            Response.ClearHeaders()            Response.ContentType = "application/pdf"            Response.AddHeader("Content-Type", "application/pdf")            Response.AddHeader("Content-Length", MyDocView.ContentLength.ToString)            Response.Expires = 0            MyDocView.WriteContent(Response.OutputStream)            Response.Flush()            Response.Close()            gLog.Debug("OutputStream written ...")            VisualizeReport = True        Catch ex As Exception            gLog.Error("Error during report visualization : " + ex.Message)            VisualizeReport = False        End Try    End Function

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    Our client business has the hierarchy as below:


    Fig 1.png

    We have restricted the filtration in BEX query and same is working as required. But when the same BEX query is used in Dashboard the restriction in filter is not working.


    Problem Statement: - When a particular Zone is selected, then filter for Circle should display only those Circles corresponding to the selected Zone, Currently it is displaying the circles of other Zones as well.

    • Data Source : Data is being fetched from BEX Query.


    For example:

    Zone ABC has Circles 123, 456, 789. So on selection of Zone ABC in filter, Only Circles 123, 456, 789, must be displayed in filter of Circle whereas currently it is showing Circles of other Zones.


    Fig 2.png


    • Dropdown List for Circle:  Above the Zone Selected is BORDER, whereas circles displayed are showing all Circle, for Example, PATIALA is under SOUTH Zone.

    Fig 3.png

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    Dear experts


    We face a strange issue that we were not able to solve by ourselves. When we want to create a new report based on a BICS connection we receive the following exception:


    com.businessobjects.sdk.core.server.CommunicationException$UnexpectedServerException: [[error.openSapBwBrowsingSessionFailed] 0] <<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><ConnectionString>


          <Initial Catalog>*</Initial Catalog>


          <Data Source>*</Data Source>

          <Cube Type>Query</Cube Type>

          <User ID />


          <Password />

          <Initial Cube>*</Initial Cube>


          <Authentication Mode>2</Authentication Mode>













    This is a very generic error and we didn’t find a solution for this problem. Funny thing is that we only face this problem in Rich Client. If we create a new report in the browser (WebI applet mode) selecting a connection works fine. I am not sure if it has something to do with our SSO setup. I think it shouldn’t since it works with WebI. But we also have a test installation of BI 4.2 SP2 without SSO. There it works without problems. So maybe a SSO problem anyway?

    It also does not make any difference if we change the authentication type to pre-defined. It seems to be a communication error between our client system and the bo server. I also came across other threads where the problem was the DSL bridge not being active on the APS. But I checked ours and we have both STS and DSL bridge on the same APS.


    We are on BI 4.1 SP3 P2. Thanks for your help.




    ** EDIT **


    I found another useful information within the tracelog of the DSL APS. The Error is the following:


    STS: user *** doesn't have any alias for SAP system ***

    Exception raised from SecurityTokenService.getSAPAssertionTicket


    Seems like the STS configuration is causing the problem.

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    I have downloaded and installed SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 Support Pack 1 (Version: but am having an issue when I try to run the Web Intelligence applet.


    The following is what happens:


    1. A Security Warning popup appears asking if I want to run the application. I accept the risk and run the application.


    2. I then get an error "Your session timed out. Close the Java interface and log on again."


    I have gone through so many articles about this error and nothing seems to be fixing it. Please help!

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    Hi All,
    I had created one new BI4 environment by using temporary license key.Now that license key has been expired.I got new permanent license key but not sure how to add it.I know I can use CMC/License key section to add license key(but don't know exact procedure & its impact).I never did this before so don't want to play with it without 100% sure about what exactly I am going to do & its impact else will loose all my BO content.
    Please let me know how can I add it & what are precautions I need to take while doing that activity.Thanks in advance.

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    Hi All,


    I have set up Trusted Authentication in our system using QUERYSTRING method.


    Post that, I am able to login to BI Launchpad as well. But, I am unable to run the report.


    Shows errors like "Failed to connect to OLAP"


    But when I login using SAP Authentication using Launchpad URL, I am able to run all the reports,


    Is there any other step which needs to be performed with respect to security post making changes with respect to Trusted Authentication.


    BI Version - 4.1 SP P6

    Back End- BW 7.4 and Hana Live.




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    I've just gotten introduced to Hana, and trying to wrap my head around it. So as I understand it, Hana is a great big in-memory database. Oracle on steroids if you will.


    In this presentation, Prof. Hasso Plattner talks about the revolution that is Hana. Because it's an in-memory database, performance is fast as lightning, thus opening up many possibilities because of the speed.


    But he talks about not needing to pre-aggregate totals (because of the speed) and so therefore no redundant data. Ok, I kind of get that this reduces the data footprint..


    But then he says "all the complexity is gone", we only need 1/2 the code etc. What I'm not seeing is, how does not storing pre-aggregated data remove the complexity ? One would still need to aggregate the data on the fly, no ? So the complexity moves closer to real time than in batch. So I don't get how the speed translates to less complexity.


    Also, I'm really motivated to bring his vision ("boardroom of the future") to my company. But where do you get a screen this size ???

    SAP boardroom of future.PNG

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    we want to change IP address of SAP Crystal Reportserver 2013.
    Hostname and domain won't change.


    What we have to consider?




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    I would like to know I can I migrate a exiting SAP BO 4.x from AIX to Linux SUSE? 



    Andres S.

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    Our current BO XI4.1 SP7 locates on a Windows server 2008.  I wonder if we need to reinstall BO when we upgrade the server from 2008 to 2013 or even 2016(upcoming)?  Is there any related document to refer?  Thanks!


    Btw, another quick question: what's the text length limit on webi report's Description field in report properties. Say, how many characters we can input as report description?  Thanks!



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    Crystal Report 2013 report based on MS-SQL Database where Data-Source is a single Stored Procedure.


    All works fine in that state running on SAP-BO-BI-4.1 Platform


    For SAP-Security purposes needed to update the format to Crystal Reports for Enterprise 4.1 - opened file in CR4E and used "Set Data Source Location" to move everything to the Target of the Relational Connection to MS-SQL DB as configured on the SAP-BO-BI 4.1 Platform.


    Data Source Move & Map went to OK - so uploaded the CR4E file to the Platform to TEST it.


    When running as View-On-Demand get the Prompts OK for the Stored Proc - but then it throws an FailedToFetchProcedureFields[CRC00000337]error. The Gory details of that error are in the attached TXT file.


    When running as a SCHEDULED Instance - it FAILS with a similar error FailedToFetchProcedureFields (CRS 300003) below




    Based on the way the CR-2013 report runs - and the way that other CR4E reports run on the same Platform against the same MS-SQL database, I don't think the issue is with the Reports or the Database.


    The error is pretty-specific in this being an issue with a CR4E relational Connection on the Platform calling a StoredProc.


    Anyone seen this before, and know a FIX...?

    Thanks in advance for the advice

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    Dear All,


    I'm confused.


    There are several services in CCM, as following,


    I stop all of them, but after some time, they will start automatically(I don't restart the computer).


    As I know, if we set windows service automatically, they will start along with the OS.


    Could you tell me the reason why BO services can start automatically?


    Many thanks!

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    Hi Experts

    Can someone please help me with Multitenancy (CMC)


    I would like to assign AD users to Multitenancy but it is only currently possible to assign an Enterprise user


    Can someone please help me on how to assign AD users


    my product is SAP BOBJ BI suit 4.2



    Best Regards


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    When change the recipient list of users who receive a recurring instance , by default it then runs the report even when next run of recurring instance would be a different day.


    What is best way to prevent this automatic re-running of report immediately after change of recipient details?


    Also, is it safe to delete an already running instance of the report using Instance Manager?  Assume leaves the recurring instance and the document/report itself intact?  Can anyone confirm this?



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    We recently migrated from  SAP BI 3.1 to 4.0 SP9.


    We have scheduled report on daily   at 03:59 PM But after completion of report execution. If we go to history/Schedule and click on recurrence

    Sart Date/Time are showing with current time stamp instead of Scheduled time.

    Please find attachment for reference.



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    When I am running the sample the lodConnection method gives error "Invalid network layer: OLE DB". Any idea what is going wrong?

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    Hello everybody,


    I'm currently setting up a single sign on with the Active Directory for our BI platform servers and applications. Our Goal is to enable the user to view a dashboard/report in the browser without the necessity to enter some kind of credentials.


    After following the set up described in the BI platform administration guide, our users can access the BI Launchpad directly with their active directory user without entering credentials. However, when opening an open document link in the browser (right click on a report/dashboard -> document link), a login form will appear and ask the user for credentials. This login form can only be passed with enterprise credentials, an active directory user won't work.
    Because of this behavior, I guess that AD SSO in general and for the BI Launchpad application works fine, but something is wrong with the configuration of the Open Document application.
    Here are some of the configuration files we modified during the SSO setup.









    *Please note that I replaced some information by placeholders. I checked that the servername, domain name and service-account name are correct.


    I also checked the stderr.log and stdout.log of the tomcat but didn't found an entry regarding any errors / this issue.


    Can anyone help me here? Thanks in advance and best regards,


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