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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hi all;

         As my new requirement,I should export the PDF from the RPT in Java project. If someone used to do this,Please give me some advice.

    I used to get the report from the BO, but the new requirement, I do not known to do.

    Thanks all.



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    Hi All,


    We have recently upgraded our BI system from 4.1 SP6 to BI 4.2 SP2 and post upgrade when we are trying to access BI administrator cockpit in CMC, it is giving the following error.



    I tried the option of renaming local host file to .old after stopping the Tomcat server and restarting the same. But this is not working. If anyone has come across similar problem. Please suggest how to resolve this issue.

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    Hi all,

        I have a java project .In the project these are two server, one is web server,and other is Bo server (I use Bo 4.0/ BO server 2008 ). So the RPT will save in the BO server. then the requirement ,the RPT should export the PDF and export to the web server. If someone has done before,please give me some advice.



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  • 04/28/16--02:58: Corp Model Data being Double
  • Hi gurus,


    Corp Model data in BPC Cube is getting double for the same process chain but finance model cube is same ..please suggest.




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    Hi Exerts,


    My Table is like below in Data Foundation:

    User Time Material Keyfigure
    A 08:00:00 1000001 100
    B 08:00:00 1000002 200
    B 08:01:00 1000003 300
    B 08:01:00 1000004 300
    B 08:01:00 1000005 300
    C 08:00:00 1000006 400


    The keyfigure values are same per user/time and I must divide it to count of same user/time. So I want to see in the Business Layer just a new dimension "Hours" : {00-23} and a KF total of "Keyfigure" (100+200+100+100+100+400) = 1000 for 8am. How can I change the Keyfigure code. Thanks for your quick help.

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    Hi Community,

                          I have created a custom hierarchy in universe(IDT). that is country--->region--->Area.

    In webi,that hierarchy is working,but in design studio that hierarchy is not working.



    How can we use universe hierarchy in design studio?

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    Hi All,


    Could some one please throw some light on the recommended disaster recovery model for a BI and DS landscape.


    I have a distributed installation of BI with Web, BI Application Services and DB on 3 different servers. Also the BI Application is clustered in 2 physical servers . I also have 2 web servers with F5 load balancer.


    The DS landscape is a simple one with Web, IPS, DS, IS and DB all running in a single machine.


    Any help appreciated.



    Heinz Kappan

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    Hi There,


    We are working on BI 4.2 Upgrade from BO 3.1.

    We installed BI 4.2 on windows server with 64 GB memory


    We are working with IT department to prepare access for user accessing BO via IE11

    Currently IE11 is packages with 32-bit Java and we are suggesting to use also a Java 64-bit java


    It Department is asking us in order to use a 64-bit java the minimum memory required per user, so they can identify how any users on each citrix server and therefore assess how many additional citrix servers may be required


    Anyone out there experience with BI 4.x installed on a Citrix


    We have 110 users using 20 concurrent licenses


    Thanks in advance



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    We have recently deployed a F5 load balancer on our system and we suffer the following issue when using QaaWS/Bi services:


    At the time of configure the Bi service host we are trying to use the name of the load balancer, but following error appears



    If we use the web app server name connection goes fine, but therefore all generated BI services includes references to web app server (soap address location) in its WSDL file (instead of refering the F5 name). This implies that when this web services are used calls go directly to web app server (instead of LB)





    Any idea about how to configure BI services to use LB name instead of web app server one?


    Note: we have already updated the Access URL (CMC) on App -> Web Service -> properties



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    I had BOBJ running on my server and removed the /usr/sap/SID user & group from OS (AIX) and installed new BOBJ I can open the login page but facing the following issue:


    AIX 7.1

    SQL Anywhere

    BOBJ 4.1


    I am badly stucked and need urgent help.



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    Hello Experts,


    Currently we are running  BOBJ XI 3.0 SP3 environment on Mysql 5, we are planning to upgrade this environment to BOBI 4.2 (Latest SP).We cannot use UMT (Upgrade Management tool) as there is no direct upgrade path for this particular scenario. We are planning to move the entire BOBJ XI 3.0 SP3 content to BOBI 4.2 using BOBJ promotion development, Is this feasible and and will this technique support migration of all BOBJ content?


    Thank you in advance!!!


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    Hi All,


    We are using BI4.1 version.When we deploy universe from UAT to Prod it also carries universe connection so after deployment  we need to open the universe & change universe connection to point it to prod & export it.I would like to know is there any way to avoid this activity that is only universe should get migrated & not its connection & after migration universe should take current environment connection(here it is prod). Thanks in advance.




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  • 04/29/16--05:09: Re: Audit reports
  • Hi Gurus,


    I have a requirement to find out:

    What changes have made to the Security.

    What changes have been made to Universe.


    We are using the Sample Audit Universe (we have not configured the latest Auditing Universe by Matthew Shaw )

    we are BO 4.1, SQL 2008





    How can we achieve the above using the Auditing universe>>>

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    The security analyser reports the users it has found - in our case a long list from the LDAP authentication and the enrterprise users in our system. Its not very easy to find a particular user , it would be helpful if this could be ordered. I am also not completely sure it has retrieved all our users - it would be helpful if the tool could indicate the number of users it has retreived

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    Hello Community,


    we have a clustered and split (Web- and Application-Tier) Setup of BO 4.1 SP6.

    Since our Windows-Servers have a Backup-LAN Adapter as well, we need to fix the IP-Adress of all Services.


    So far we have done:

    - Fixing IP for Tomcat in Server.xml

    - Fixing IP for all single Services in CMC


    In the SIA-Logfile I can clearly see, that it's still running on the wrong IP.

    I've tried Fixing it by entering the Parameter -port XXX.XXX.XXX:64000 (of course with the real IP-Address), but the configuration disappears when starting it.

    Does anyone know how to do this?

    Do you maybe have more spots where we need to configure the IP?


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    best regards


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  • 04/29/16--07:43: Session Auto Clean up in BO
  • Experts/Members,


    Off late we noticed that the sessions in Business Objects(CMC > Sessions page) does not seemed to be auto cleaning/killed. We are on BI 4.1 SP06 and would want to understand if this patch/update have or have not the session clean up feature?

    We have been seeing sessions which are around 2 days old(~24 hours old) still in CMC > Sessions page.



    Does anyone got a clues?

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    Is there a point at which the system resources need to be increased, are there benchmarks for the number of reports or concurrent accesses within the minimum resources?

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    Could someone provide the system requirements for Crystal Server 2016?

    Windows OS, Processor, RAM, etc.


    Or a link, I've been searching but haven't found any information.


    Also, do you know what Java version CS 2016 uses?

    Is it Java 1.8?


    Thank you,


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    Hi everyone,


    I am currently building a report which uses a derived table (found in data foundation) and normal queries on BO.


    Now I want to create a prompt for users to enter a mobile number but I want this prompt to appear only once when the report is refreshed.


    If I include the same prompt with the same exact name in the derived table and in the report will I have only 1 prompt when the report is refreshed? Do you think this will work?


    On DeskI 3.1 it used to work for me, not sure on WebI 4.1 as I'm new to it.



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    Hi Folks




    I am finding a big problem in my Design Studio 1.6 with SAP BO 4.2.2 Linux



    If I execute my Dashboard in Client Design Studio, It execute perfectly but I save in BO server and try to execute in Lauch Pad

    i have that error bellow



    Cannot load InfoProvider "   ." (data provider "DS***": Exception occurred during creation)




    I tried to build my connection again but the error continue


    Have you had that same error?

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