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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hi All,

    I am working on a report and I need to find the no of days in the month according to the date entered by the user.

    I am using User Response function to get the date.


      if user has entered the date as 4th March 2016 then it means that month is march ,so I want no of days in month as 31(March has 31 days ).  Similarly, for April it should come as 30 days.



    Please help.I need this formula.

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    Dear all.


    i am recently upgrade our BO development server from BO 4.1 SP 6 to BO 4.2 SP2 all the upgrade done successfully and all are working fine only thing which is not working after upgrade that is Administrator Cockpit. not able to see Administrator Cockpit tab in CMC. it is shown in the application please see attached images



    Please advice what i need to done  ?





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    Hi All,


    We are using BI4.1 version.When we deploy universe from UAT to Prod it also carries universe connection so after deployment  we need to open the universe & change universe connection to point it to prod & export it.I would like to know is there any way to avoid this activity that is only universe should get migrated & not its connection & after migration universe should take current environment connection(here it is prod). Thanks in advance.




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    We have custom java programs that were written to gather user inbox contents and notifying users on daily new reports delivered to their BI Inbox. We current use BOXI 3.6. We are upgrading to BO XI 4.1.


    When we schedule custom java program we get error regarding Report Service not running on Client. It does not tell us where this custom java program is running on. we have set of servers that participate in our BI system. In Bo XI 3.x version it used to tell us where scheduled java program is running, see screenshot below,


    BI Java Custom Program 1.PNG


    Within BO XI 4.1, how can I find out where custom java programs are running?




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    Hi experts,


    I will replace the existing license of  BI platform 4.1 with the new one received as our license type and customer name has been changed.


    As see from the admin guide of BI platform, I need to do the step below:

    If you have received new license keys following a change in the way your organization implements BI platform

    licenses, you must delete all previous license keys from the system to maintain compliance.


    What to be considered addtionally before and after license key changing?


    Thanks and Regards,

    Ning Tong

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    Hi Gurus,


    When i am searching the report name in BI LaunchPad it is not giving the correct results, it was working fine early.

    Settings of Program Schedule are: Scheduled crawling

    Indexing happens every night @ 10:45 PM, Success


    tried search with %Reportname%

    tried search with Reportname*


    still not showing the report name in the search window



    SAP BOBI Platform 4.1 SP5 Update




    Kindly help

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    Hi All


    We encountered this error whenever SAP: InfoProvider is taken into report level object or as filter. It throws an error like below


    Database error: Error getting hierarchies for dimension 0INFOPROV (Cube ZMPXXXX/YQB_XXXXX_XXXX): System error in program CL_RRHI_INCL_CREATOR_TID and form _FIND_DOUBLICATES-1-. (IES 10901)


    When we refresh universe structure also this error appears. But in analysis report this object does not show any error.

    Environment:SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 Support Pack 4 Patch 7

    The universe[.unv] is based on BEx query.


    Please help if you have encountered this error earlier




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    We have installed our BI Platform 41. SP6 version sometime back and while installing (in clustered mode) we setup CMS 1 with default port number 6400 and CMS 2 with another port number (7425) for some testing purposes. It is working fine and we are using this server as our UAT server and so far so good. we are planning to change this second CMS Name server port number from 7425 to default 6400 port number (for various reasons).


    Any Idea on how should I do this? Also, if any one has experienced issues while changing this please let me know. That would be a great help and really appreciated.



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    We recently upgraded our Business Objects Platform servers from 4.0 sp4 to 4.1 sp6 fp3. We also had to upgrade the Business Objects Client.


    Together the base version (4.1 sp6) and sp6 fp3 combine to be over 2.5 gbs. Its a large update to a machine.  It takes about 40 minutes to update a machine.


    Our deployment team found a method to deploy as one package instead of deploying the base version and then installing the patch.   They do this by only copying over the files that are different between the patch and the base install. They used beyond compare to do the comparison.


    As a result of doing this and removing language files, the single install patch is only about 1.5 gbs and takes less than 20 minutes to remove the old program and add in the new program.  It does seem to work. We have not had any problems with the software deployed through this method yet.


    My question is has anyone else done or tried this? I have not found anything in the SAP literature or this merging or "slipstreaming" with Business Objects Software.

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    Hi Team,




    We are using BO 4.0 SP4 Dashboards version. In the Dashboard while using the Query Prompt selector, we are getting only Text of the Material.Does it has any working around to get the Key instead of Text in the Query Prompt with the BO 4.0 SP4 version.






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  • 05/03/16--01:44: SIA is not working
  • Hello All ,


    i have BI Platform 4.1  and keep giving me this error , when i log in on CMC :

    Account information not recognized: Could not reach CMS 'BOBJ:6400'. Specify the correct host and port and check for network issues. (FWM 20030)


    Moreover  the server intelligent agent service (SIA) Doesn't start and when i click on its configuration it failed to get data base connection string from  the system .



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    Hello everyone!


    I use Eclipse to write a small program to open in the Crystal Report XI Server encountered a problem! The Java code is as follows:


      IReportAppFactory rptAppFactory = (IReportAppFactory) enterpriseSession.getService("", "RASReportService");



      ReportClientDocument reportClientDocument = rptAppFactory.openDocument(infoObject, 0, Locale.ENGLISH);


    And then in the JSP page to call this method!


    The console to print:




    Eclipse progress bar has been stuck motionless! Debugging display has been waiting for the openDocument () the method return value!


    The bookTest.rpt statement can access InfoView through the browser address, browse content!


    The Crystal is the new Report Crystal Report XI Server, is this what configuration? What steps are needed? What is the specific?

    Please master answer, thank you!!!


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  • 05/03/16--03:31: 4.0 to 4.1 migration
  • Hi All,



    We need to move our existing Business Objects content in 4.0 to 4.1 .

    The 4.1 will be hosted on a new server different from existing 4.0 server.


    However, the DB server will remain the same where the CMS and Audit DB is hosted.


    Which is the best migration strategy for the above scenario?

    The 4.0 environment is a clustered environment with 2 WEB servers and 3 CMS servers.


    Since DB server  remains same , will Promotion management tool be a recommended approach?





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    Some users have bo4 client tools installed and when look in control panel shows for some users as


    #product.nameandversiononly# rather than SAP Business Objects BI Platform...

    and then a patch update which shows normal name.


    Any reasons for this - version looks o.k just name on control panel.



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    We have an issue where some reports, when exported to any file format and saved on disk, hang and later on crash the application pool.

    This issue started to appear more frequently in the last month event though no major changes were done to the report mechanism.

    It manifested itself a few day ago one again but disappeared as unexpectedly as it appeared.


    I wish to see if an update to the product may provide a more permanent solution.


    Does anyone have any idea (a) how to determine the exact version of Crystal reports server 7 (running on Windows 2003) and more importantly (b) are there any accessible patches/updates for that version?

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    in previous versions it worked ok - it created  "a ,cap" file.


    But in version2 its saying that its recording ,but no cap file is created ?





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          I'm running a bunch of crystal reports from crystal enterprise and I'm I'm experiencing some unexpected issues.


    When I use a command for the main report, and a stored procedure for the subreport, the stored procedure is run by the crystal service's user (in this case crystal.adm).

    This does not occur if the main report uses a stored procedure.



    Is there a way to get the subreport to use the credentials I provided from the Central Management Console, instead of running under the service's user?





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    Hi all,

    I'm trying to create a relational connection on IDT using ODBC driver, however, when I pull up the connection middleware driver window to select the driver I only see all JDBC drivers only, surprisingly not even a single ODBC driver listed. Here are some steps I took so far including my observations:

    1) I added the ODBC driver as System DSN on my machine, it passes the test and let me Add the driver without a problem.

    2) I made sure the host server has the driver added as System DSN on both 32 and 64 bit ODBC administrator.

    3) All ODBC drivers show up fine in IDT on the host server.

    I'm now started to realize that adding ODBC driver as a system DSN does not directly relate to drivers showing up in the middleware driver selection window in IDT . Is there an option to enable drivers to appear in IDT that might be the issue. Does anyone has had any experience like this ? I would really appreciate your thoughts on this or atleast point me in the right direction.




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  • 05/03/16--20:56: inventory tab issue
  • hi

    all please help me asap


    when i am doing lo extraction on inventory data source 2lis_03_bf with a feild anln1




    after fill the setup table it will pop up with two screen





    What is the use

    when i select both asking for run name and time aon fill up its will for long and but end up with same screen please help me

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    Hi Experts


    I have a report with about 70 data providers - yes, I know that's a lot but i have been able to run such report in the past.


    Whenever i try to run this report, i get this error message


    "An internal error occurred while calling ProcessDPCommandsEx API (Error: ERR_WIS_30270) (WIS 30270)"


    I get the same error when I try to run it as a scheduled task.


    I have checked every query and refreshed it in the preview pane and they all worked fine.


    I have also tried to change the Idle Documentation Timeout (Seconds) from default 300 to 10000, and restarted the BI server several time, still get the same error


    I have BI version:



    Thank you for your help in advance



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