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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hi there,

    I am very new to business Objects, I am using BO 4.1 SP03. My business requirement is as below but I am not sure how to set this up in.

    I have Universe built in IDT sourcing data from SQL database. I have field in database called Sales Cat type with 4 types 1,2,3,4.

    I have build Webi report on top of this universe with optional prompts - prompt 1, prompt 2, prompt 3, prompt 4.

    When prompt 1 is Null then I want all the sales category data. But when Prompt 1 is not null then I want only 1.

    I want this to be dynamic and not static, I know that in static mode I can set filter on table itself.

    It is very urgent and thanks so much for your excellent expert advices in advance.




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    Hi all,

    i am doing a fresh install to BI Edge Platform 4.2 , i downloaded part 1 and part 2.. extracted them.. and i am not seeing any .exe or any other executable file to initiate the install? did i miss anything?

    the attached image is what i see inside the extracted folder.



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  • 05/11/16--06:39: OpenDoc error
  • I have two Crystal Servers, A production and test server.


    I built my production server first and i have 200 reports running.  I link to these reports using OpenDoc.  After clicking the Opendoc URL,

    the server changes the address to



    these links work 100% of the time.



    On my test server, which I recently built, I migrated all Production reports to the Test server and checked the OpenDoc behavor.

    After clicking an Opendoc URL to the test server, for the exact same report as on the Production server the behavior is different for URL Opendoc.

    Everyone in the company, except me, gets a I.E. 400 error.  The URL, after clicking the Opendoc link looks like this :




    Why is the Test server adding BIPCoreWeb/VintelaServlet?vint_backURL=%.  ?  No one can use the Test Server links at this time.



    we use CrystalServer sp4patch5

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    I've setup a Destination Email in the AdaptiveJobServer as per this article

    Configure SMTP server in SAP BO and Schedule webi Reports for Email as Destination


    I've tried different all the different authentication methods but every time I run a report it fails with this message:



    I can telnet to the Mail Server (Exchange 2010) so I'm pretty lost.

    Any advice would be great.





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    Hello everyone, I hope you're good,


    I have the next scenario,


    I have a sap bo server, let's call it server1, also my CMS name is server1.domain1:6400 and my cluster name is @server1.domain1:6400,


    I need to know how can I change my domain name to domain1 to let's say domain2,


    How can I get that?,


    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi All,


    I have about 200 crystal report(boxi3.1) saved on user local drive  and want to migrate to boxi41,

    I know UMT will not work, what other procedure l can apply to create a biar file and then use UMT to migrate to 4.1



    Please help





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    Just configured the BI Platform Support Tool to connect to our new 4.2 SP02 production server, but when creating reports, am getting the error:


    Failed to extract application server data from xxxxx on JMX port 8008.


    Action: Confirm that Hostname, JMX Port, HTTP Port and JMX authentication is defined correctly under Landscape Configuration then re-run the Web Application Server Analysis report.


    The web application server is set-up and validates ok, JMX is also set-up and validates correctly.

    Host agent is installed on the server using the default sapadm account, no authentication, no NAT, no firewall.

    Tomcat settings updated.

    Verified SAPHostControl and SAPHostExec services are both present.


    Originally using 2.0.2, updated client to 2.0.3, still getting the same error.


    Tried uninstalling the Host Agent and reinstalling, same error.


    Followed the same configuration steps used on our QA server, which works ok.  Not sure what I've missed or what could be wrong.

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    Hello All,

    Today I came to to see that there is an installation file for the "Crystal Reports for Enterprise" as part of the platform installation files for the Linux version. Can anyone throw some light on why do we need to install the "Crystal Reports for Enterprise" on the linux version as part of the platform install when this tool is used to create reports which needs a GUI.


    Thanks in Advance.

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    Hi All,


    Can someone please help me retrieving list of reports that is scheduled to a particular email address.


    For query builder it falls under a different property bag and hence I am not sure about how to retrieve it.


    eg: Retrieve list of all WEBI Reports scheduled to


    Thank you in Advance.




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    I have a requirement where i want to list all the reports in Inbox using Java SDK just like we have in Business Objects Infoview.



    Thanks in Advance,


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    Hi All,


    In BO when we schedule a report for to view on Excel getting below error.


    exception raised: com.businessobjects.sdk.core.CoreException



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    Hi All,


    We have recently migrated the reports from XiR2 environment to BO4.0 environment.


    But the WEBI reports are taking longer time to run in 4.0 compared to XIR2.


    eg: A report that takes 3 minutes to run in XIR2 are taking 10 minutes in BO4.0

    Please note that data source for these reports are not changed in 4.0, and they all are pointing to Universes with datasource as Oracle.

    The reports were migrated using UMT


    Any reason for this performance deterioration?


    We were expecting improvement in performance after moving to 4.0 but it has happened the other way .





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    Recently patched form SP5 To SP7.  Now any scheduling of the platform search fails  with the generic error message of


    Object failed to run due to an error while processing on the Job Server.




    The continuous crawling works ok  , and also similar job server scheduling jobs - such as Webi reports -work ok.


    It just the scheduled platform search that cannot run on the jobserver.



    Tried the usual restart of the server and same error.







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    Our BI department is using Crystal Reports 2011 and they are experiencing issues that they believe a newer version (2016) of Crystal Reports will solve.


    We are currently running Crystal Server 2013 (BI 4.1).


    Will Crystal Reports 2016 work with Crystal Server 2013, or do I need to upgrade Crystal Server first?  (We have the maintenance contract to upgrade the server, I just don't have the time to upgrade it right now.)




    Jason McKenzie-Smith

    System Administrator

    Supreme Office Products Ltd

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    I have been facing this issue from two days, I have set schedules for 5 webi reports to be refreshed after a certain period of time, it was working fine, But now all jobs are getting failed and not even a manual refresh of document is success.


    Please tell me where this issue can be resolved at CMC level.




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    I have a simple merged dimensions task, to display all data from query 1 and show missing corresponding data from query 1 (classic left outer join).


    I merge two queries on LOGIN name:

    merged dimensions3.png


    Here's my data from individual queries

    merged dimensions1.png


    Here's the Merged Login field, to which I added "Last, First, MI", but then it's not a left outer join ! I do have "Extend Merged dimension values", which (based on this attempt) I don't understand.


    I did some homework on this (Dave Rathbun, Michael Welter, SAP, video) - all seemed understandable, but my it's not working for me . . . .

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    Hello experts

    There is now a requirement in my company to use Webi reports on Mobile devices..

    Now I want to understand the installation part of it... Does the mobile app need to be downloaded to individuals' mobile devices or Citrix?

    These device users normally don't have anything built on their devices. They just use RDP to our network.


    Will the app work if its just installed on their devices or do they have to RDP to connect to the mobile App??




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    Good greetings to you. We have BI41 SP06 running on AIX platform. We are using the Tomcat web application server. We have implemented Trusted authentication using http_header. The Single Sign ON is configured using IBM Tivoli access manager. The SSO is successfully configured and is working well. But when the session timeout happens, the users are prompted with user account and password prompt.

    I noticed that when we clicked  the session timeout pinger warning it adds a parameter called skipSso=true in the url. Can it be configured to false? If so in which config file?


    The steps to reproduce is as follows

    1. Launch the Launchpad using url : https://host/tam/BOE/BI/login.jsp

    2. Wait for the session timeout warning

    3. When clicking OK at session timeout, the Launchpad renders the following url asking the users to enter their user account and password



    (1602041119 is the date and time when BI41 SP06 was installed)

    I am guessing that the parameter value skipSso=true is the cause of asking user to logon.


    The users do not know or remember their user account and password. So I need to make sure that users should be reconnected without asking for user account and password.


    I tried using url.exit to connect back. But whenever the user click logout, they are getting connected back too. This adds additional concurrent license burden. Do you folks know how to turn off the skipSso to false?


    Appreciate your help on this

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    Hey Guys


    We are in the process of upgrading from BO 4.1 SP6 to BO 4.2 SP2. So far testing is going well. But I'm sure as all of you know, BO needs to be tested very extensively and it's easy to miss something, especially testing very specific use cases or scenarios, the combinations are infinite.


    Here is an example of an issue someone has picked up in BO 4.2 SP2:


    Cannot change BEx query if there are variables (user input) in 4.2 sp02


    I'm still busy with testing and will write back if I pick up anything strange.


    In the mean time, is there anyone who have been through the upgrade and found something worth sharing?


    PS- I have already gone through the release restrictions (SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.2 – SAP Help Portal Page) It was last updated in March.




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    I have one customer who has this issue with BI4.1 SP6:


    Date format in First logon and last logon is different in CMC --> Sessions. For example for one user session:


    First logon: Mar 9, 2016 10:39:18 AM


    Last logon: 09.03.2016 10:40



    I could not reproduce on BI4.1 SP6


    Thanks a lot for your help.





    Best Regards,


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