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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Using bo4.


    We are looking to consider a procedure whereby a simple report will run each time say 10 minutes anytime the service intelligence agents have started.


    We would then e-mail a group if the job fails.


    What is best way to achieve this?


    At moment everyday report runs at 4.30 a.m. and the service desk have instructions to restart the servers if an e-mail not sent out by 5.00. a.m.


    However, if second restart fails have no knowledge of this until user alerts us after which we would restart servers.


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  • 05/18/15--03:40: 4.1 SP05 Patch 5
  • Hi


    After upgrading from Patch 4 to Patch 5 we are experience problem in Crystal Reports 2013 using Universe that contains Stored Procedure in Oracle.


    We get the following error:

    The viewer could not process an event. Error in File [the filename, which I have removed]:

    Unknown Database Error []

    ---- Error code: 0 [CRWEB00000119]


    By downgrading one of the servers to Patch 4 and run the Crystal services on it, we could confirm that this was related to the Patch 5 installation.


    Anyone experienced this?


    Best regards, Torfi

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    We have move to BI 4.1 version from BI 3.1 version. We are updating our .Net code for migrating Webi reports from one evironment to another(say QA to UAT). We need some samples or Links for the same.


    Thanks in advance.




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    Hi Experts,

       We are contemplating to move SAP BO 4.1 from Cognos. We are worried we might not be able to get same performance with bo as with cognos cubes based reports. What is the best approach to keep customer happy and migrate o BO 4.1. Could you let me know about options to migrate Cognos cubes to SAP BO 4.1 Web Intelligence reports or dashboards.



    Nanda Kishore

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    I plan to migrate all of my company's dashboards, which are currently produced by a custom legacy software to SAP tools.The data sources for them are excel files produced using WEBI or database connections.


    Researching a little bit on Design Studio (and knowing that the use of HANA is prohibited in this case), it's data restrictions of 5000 rows makes it impossible to recreate all the present dashboards there. So, I'm looking at all 3, WEBI, Explorer and Design Studio in order to redistribute the dashboards, perhaps eliminate the heavier ones, or change the way information is represented to make the given data and available SAP application compatible. S


    So, when analyzing the current dashboards, how should I be deciding which dashboards should go where in the SAP BI tools?

    (For instance, the size of the underlying data, the complexity of operations needed to be performed on the data, etc)


    Any kind of comparative analysis on these 3 tools and suggestions are welcome!




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    Even though , i have pointed to new database , but still while refreshing its trying to fetch data from old database and throwing error as "Database Name or database Alias could not be found ". help needed to resolve this issue . Thanks a lot

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    Hope you guys can help me with some issues I am facing while doing platform content migration from BO 3.1 SP2 to BO 4.1 SP5.


    Source platform:


    - about 480 users

    - 80 universes

    -  300 Deski reports

    -  480 webi reports


    The source BO 3.1 platform is setup as Single Sign-On.


    I wanted to do a test incremental migration via UMT tool live-to-live.

    I scoped this migration to just: Users and Groups (all) , all Universes and just one test folder with 5 Deski reports.

    I run the migration as administrator on both ends.


    During run of UMT reported errors related to user migration (various type of errors, some related to licensing of concurrent users, etc.)


    In the end, all Universes are imported, some of the users but more disturbingly the test folder with 5 Deski reports has not been imported.




    1. Any idea as to why this report folder has not been imported to the destination ?


    2. Can UMT tool migrate Deski reports to BO 4.1 at all ? I know that deski is not supported in 4.1 and that they need to be converted. But is it just possible to migrate them first and then convert them later ?


    3. Does Single Sign-On on the source platform somehow affects the migration as I have not setup Single Sign-On on destination platform yet ?


    Your feedback is badly needed.


    Many thanks.




    Davor Mitrasevic

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    I have some macro to recalculate the total page number for all Sheets / Reports in my document.

    The macro was coded After_DocumentRefresh.


    I am able to run it on Desktop Intelligence but after exported to Infoview, it can't run.


    Understand that the macro might not be executed due to compatibility with the web server. Tested schedule it, not able to execute the macro either.


    Just wonder any other alternative / settings that I could miss out so that my macro can be executed in Infoview so I can get the total pages for my entire document ?



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    I am faced with an issue for some documents using the translation management tool.


    Environment BI4.1 SP4.7


    Whenever the document is selected from the CMS and added in the TMT, error appears without any obvious reasons.


    Error message is: Failed to read document UTM 20070



    Can you please help.




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    Is there a way I can search for all users which have a certain authentication type e.g. enterprise in SAP BI 4.1?




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  • 05/19/15--03:35: BO Vulnerabilities
  • Hi Experts,


    Attached are the list of vulnerabilities that has been sent across from the security team when scanning the BO XI 3.1 SP 3 Fp 3.6


    Could you please let me know if these vulnerabilities are resolved in later versions of BO ? Probably BI 4.1 SP5 Patch 2?


    I believe it could be as BI 4.1 SP5 is bundled with Tomcat 7. But if you could confirm I would really appreciate .


    When searching for it I found the following discussion, but did not understand much about it

    Upgrading Apache Axis2 component of Tomcat in SAP BO???


    Please advise.



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    Hi ,


    I am going to Install clustering for the Information Platform Services .  This is same as BI system and called as mini BI use it for SAP Data Services and Information Steward .



    I have Installed on one system . I want to make the FRS location to both servers .  I created one shared folder from server 1 and gave this path in the  Configurations  in CMC for both servers .



    But it is throwing error in the InputFileRepository & OutputFileRepository of the 2nd sever.



    I am getting the error as shown below .



    There is an error with the current configuration. Correct the configuration and restart the server.

    The requested directory does not exist.



    I gave the File Store Directory and File Store Directory as \\SAPDS\FileStore\Input and \\SAPDS\FileStore\Input\temp for InputFileRepository  and  \\SAPDS\FileStore\output and \\SAPDS\FileStore\output\temp for outputFileRepository


    I can access the location from my second system using windows explorer.



    Please help me how to resolve this issue.


    Thanks & Regards,


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  • 05/19/15--06:40: Publishing report in CMC
  • Hello Experts,


    I am facing this issue in Crystal Server 2013. Is there a way to update an existing crystal report file published in Central Management Console without deleting. When i try to upload the same report with updates, it throws an error, duplicate report exists it cannot be added... I know we can do it from crystal report client by connecting through a repository and saving it there. I want to know if its possible without using the client repository as we don't have the connection setup from client.. Please share your experience.




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    We are trying to change the default document title when it's sent to BI Inbox. For example, the title of a Webi document appears in the BI Inbox as  "My_File : 12345" and what we want is the title to be like "My_File".


    Is there any option to do this by default?





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    Hi ,



    I want to use two servers as active & passive. If One server is up then another server will be down . 



    In this scenario I want use same CMS & Audit DB for both systems .   If one system is down , I need to start the 2nd system use the same .



    How Can I give the same CMS & IPS DB to second BI system .



    Please provide me the steps , If possible to give.



    Thanks & Regards,


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  • 05/20/15--06:34: Restore User security
  • Hello Experts,


    I need your expert advise on restoring the User securtiy groups and permissions and access rights for the folders and groups which are lost. Is there a way to track the user who might have deleted them. How to restore them? Any inputs will be appreciated.

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  • 05/20/15--07:38: IOMS download location
  • where can I find download for IOMS?

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    Need some help from experts. Our BO installation detail is


    BOXI3.1 SP5

    OS: RedHat Linux 5.3

    [boadm@phxdfsdbos01 ~]$ uname -r


    DB: Oracle 11g


    BO need to support Oracle 12c.Therefore we planning to upgrade SP7 for Business Objects. Now my question to expert are


    1. Can we directly install SP7 to our current installation BOXI3.1 SP5?

    2. SP7 installation guide it says OS need to be minimum patch level "RHBA-2007:0619-3" for RedHat 5. Do we need an OS upgrade? I tried to find the patch level but dont know how to look for "RHBA-2007:0619-3"


    Thank for help in advance.

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    My WEBI report has the following query filters that displays more than 2 date prompt selections for users when ran the report. Is it possible to bring it down to 2 date prompt selections?


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    I noticed that in a Cross tab table report format, #Multivalue is displaying on Last Log Solution column and after researching I found that the service desk Analyst entered 2 log solutions in the same ticket within few seconds after submitting the first one. Is it possible to display only the last one by using a relevant formula rather than having to tweak the current SQL query using max() query ?

       alg.time_stamp  =  (select max(alg.time_stamp) from alg where alg.call_req_id=cr.persistent_id

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