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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    When creating my own APS containers to run specific services, such as Platform Search or Monitoring, I had to manually go through every APS that had been created by the Wizard to find out if that APS was running the service that I wanted to move to it's own container.  It got me thinking - is there an easier way (other than manually stopping an APS and going to Select Services) to see if a given service is running in multiple APS?


    I don't mind doing this through the AdminTools, but while I'm configuring the system, knowing that I had multiple platform search service running for example, would have helped speed up my configuration.


    Ideally, I would like to be able to know that if I look do a


    That I can easily extract that I have, for example, 2 APS that contain this service, and that the SI_DISABLED flag is set to 1 on one of them




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    HI Experts ,


    I am trying to connect to Bex queries through a BICS connection, I looked into the Service categories/ web intelligence services /APS_DSLB_1 server - right click on the server / edit common services - I see 4 services hosted by the server. one of them being DSL bridge service . I clicked it and it said - "the properties of this server can be modified under the properties tab"


    I went to the command line arguments under properties and added this parameter at the end.

    I didnt modify any of the other parameters on the command line.


    I rebooted my servers and logged in back to web intelligence connected to a BW BICS connection - i do see the same error again.


    What have i done different ? Please suggest a way out. I didnt have a problem to connect to a universe before adding that argument. But now connecting to a universe also causes a error.


    environment - BI 4.1 SP3 connecting to BW 7.3 SP11 - bex queries.


    please let me know




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    Does universe design tool sp3 support oracle 12c connection?




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    We're trying to determine what reports, dashboards etc. uses a specific OLAP connection.


    Do you guys know a way to do this?



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    Can the Crystal Server 2011 Tomcat redirect be configured to work with IIS? We currently run Crystal Reports XI on IIS Windows Server 2003. We need to upgrade our server to Windows Server 2012 and need a version of Crystal Reports that supports Windows IIS Windows Server 2012. I understand I can create a redirect on my IIS site that references the application on the Tomcat server but have been unable to get that to work. I do not find any postings related to this issue on the BI Platform SCN.


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    Hello Experts,


    We have upgraded our both test and prod to BO SP 5 Patch 6. and also the client tool Crystal report for enterprise.


    Now when we try to connect to the repository from CR4E it gives version mis-match error.



    We have opened a high priority case with SAP. Could someone help in this topic..





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    Hello All,


    Could someone provide me the download link for latest crystal report runtime sdk along with viewr.


    Thanks !!

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  • 07/24/15--07:41: SQL Server to BO connection
  • Good day Masters


    We need extract data from SQL Server (ECC database) to BO 4.1 server. The data needed are from MSEG(Document Segment : Materials) table of ECC 6.05 system


    Best Regards and Nice Weekend


    Erick Verbena


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    Will BI 4.1 SP05 works SSO with Window AD Authentication on multiple forests and multiple Domains?


    Any do we have any documentation on how Windows AD Authentication works will be great help.



    Thanks you all for being great help for BI community    




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    HI ,


    This is regarding Data is duplicated in report after migrating from BO 3.1  to BO 4.1 in 3.1 i am getting  43 rows but after migrating 2383 records .please could any one tell what is the issue .what is procedure to follow .it would be  very helpful.


    Please find the attachments  SQL of both 3.1 and 4.1


    Thanks & Regards,

    Varun G

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  • 07/25/15--05:37: Hi
  •      How to find a particular datasource fields in SAP BW  for example (2lis_11_VAHDR) .how to find fields from which table.








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    Hello Experts,


    We are currently using BI 4.1 sp5 . After the initial deployment we enable port 8443 and deployed SSL based https url .


    As a result URLs were appearing as https://<hostname>:8443/BOE/BI

    After that We have successfully implemented apache tomcat split .


    What I am observing that while the split is working fine but the URL on apache port 80 only works with http right now .


    The url is appearing as http://<hostname>/BOE/BI however I am looking forhttps://<hostname>/BOE/BI


    Can someone please enlighten me what need to be done to enable https based URL again . I believe it has to something to do with SSL information passing from tomcat to apache .


    Thanks !



    Sourav Roy

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    Hi all, we are using BO 4.1 SP4 and have our CMS installed in Oracle 12c Database. our TNSnames.ora file for CMS is on the same server as BO is. We recently moved our file to c: Drive (for testing) and pointed our TNSNames to look for file on c drive. it works fine. So, it doesn't have to be exactly at same location as default path provided by Oracle. Now, we are planning to take this file and move it to a shared server. Idea is to have multiple Business Objects servers look for TNSNames.ora file at one location (easy maintenance). But we are facing issues with CMS. we keep getting " unable to login to CMS" message. But if we change it back to tnsnames on c drive , CMS login works file.


    After moving to Shared server, we tested logging to server as Business OBjects User and try to tNSPing and it works great. it doesn't time out. But BO doesn't like it for some reason.


    Does any one ran into this issue and found solution?



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    Hi All,


         I have developed a report metadata extractor using Java SDK. It was working fine till yesterday. From today, I am getting a strange error "The maximum connection limit has been reached. (Error: RWI 00000)" when I am extracting the data using that tool. What is this error and how can we rectify this error ?

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    Hi All,


    We are using Hyperlinks in some of the reports that open ups another report


    the problem here is Hyperlink Report  is opening in New Session we have 20 Concurrent User License


    if the one user opens all the Hyper Link Session all the 20 concurrent users are used any other user not able to Log in to the reports




    Please advise how can we resolve this issue





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    We recently upgraded our Crystal Reports Server 2013 installation from SP3 to SP6, and now when you open a pdf instance and select the Save icon, and press the Save button on the Save As dialog box, it fails. This only happens when using the Chrome browser, not Internet Explorer. If you disable the Chrome PDF view in Plugins, it opens the instance in Adobe instead (from which you can save it), but we really would like it to work properly without changing every users browser settings.

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    Hello All,


      I have seen many articles but still could not understand what is the issue so starting a new discussion. I am not able to open the

      BI launch pad in safari from my Iphone and error MOB 06031 from SAP BI app when trying with administrator id to SAP BI app, but can access CMC from the browser. Below error comes while accessing BI launch pad.




    HTTP Status 500 - javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: while trying to invoke the method java.lang.String.equals(java.lang.Object) of a null object returned from com.businessobjects.bip.core.web.internal.jsf.component.UILogonComponent.getAuthType()


    type Status report

    messagejavax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.Error: java.lang.NullPointerException: while trying to invoke the method java.lang.String.equals(java.lang.Object) of a null object returned from com.businessobjects.bip.core.web.internal.jsf.component.UILogonComponent.getAuthType()

    descriptionThe server encountered an internal error that prevented it from fulfilling this request.


    Apache Tomcat/7.0.55


    Thank you in advance




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    I need to urgently solve a problem with the count mismatch.


    After narrowing down to the smallest dataset (it's a big report)


    = Count ( [ NP: NFM Plant Number ]; All )


    At the bottom of a table and in a separate table on its own produce different results.


    The bottom of the table produces 179, which is correct, it's also the number of rows but placing the same formula in a separate cell in the Totals table gives me 180. I am off by one but I have no idea, what's causing it.


    Input controls affect both tables.


    Making the formula in a variable doesn't solve the problem, still getting the same result.


    The table has four columns, including the one that's counted, no formulas, drill-throughs


    I am using SAP BO Webi and Rich Client 4.1



    Any help is highly appreciated!

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    just a short question:


    If i set up an automatic report with a sender adress then the sender adress gets an email when the automatic report is not working correctly.


    How can i set up such a notifaction for automatic reports that are transferes with ftp?


    Thanks a lot


    Kind Regards


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    Hi all


    I had created dash board and Crystal report


    in Bi work space we have to pass the parameters from dash board to crystal reports



    so for that i had created FS Command In Dash Board but it is not showing any parameter in Bi work space in content linking



    in the crystal reports i had created one parameter


    Through content liking in Bi work space i have to connect these two





    how to link the parameter of the Crystal report to dash Board




    Please Advise,





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