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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Im configuring SSO, before that i have to map groups and sub groups with same groups/sub groups in BO.


    Example :


    AD Level                                 CMC

    [ROOT/OU] - bo users

    1.Finance    -->                    1.  Finance

    2.HR           --->                         2.HR

        2.1 Training dep                     2.1 Training dep     


    Requirement --> ONE TIME CREATING GROUPS./ SUB-GROUPS AND MAPPING TO GROUPS IN CMC. So the admin team next time add/eidt/delete any users in AD, it should automatically reflect in BO[currently using "+update" plug in option in CMC]


    My requirement is I need to map groups in AD with groups in BO along with any sub groups. How do I achieve it? Another related query is there are existing groups in BO which i need to map too. How do i map existing groups with the groups in AD which is going to be created now with same names. Is there any way i can merge existing groups on BO with same group in AD. I tried adding the users from existing groups to group which I added though plugin[same name], i get an error saying "cannot add users to third party group"



    Please guide me.



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    I work in the federal government and we're trying to determine if the version of BO XI we are running contains the appropriate coding for Section 508 compliance. We are currently using BO XI, SP 7.  We've utilized a couple of different Assistive Technologies (AT's) and found problems with the interface between the AT and BO.  After some reviews in the community I have not found the answer I need to determine how we proceed.  While this isn't a new requirement, the need to validate compliance is necessary.  Any information provided would be very helpful.  Thanks.

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  • 12/28/15--13:00: EDW HELP
  • Hi All,


    I need help with EDW, I know this is only BO, but any solution to the below issue:


    The table below shows instances where your EDW application ID has been used to log into the system using invalid passwords. Three or more login attempts with an invalid password will result in your application’s access to EDW being revoked.

    Application id

    Logon Date



    2015-12-27 15:54:59

    Bad Password



    Please any info links will help or direct me to the right platform.





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  • 12/28/15--22:17: Promotion Management
  • Hi Experts,


    I have the following scenario's. Please let me know if its possible


    Version: BI 4.1 SP5 Patch 2


    1. Is it possible to promote content from one environment's public folder to other environment's user personal folder using promotion management ?

    2. Is it possible to promote content from user's Personal Folder to another user's Personal Folder ?

    3. Is it possible to promote content from My Personal Folder to My Personal Folder in another environment ?


    I tried Scenario3, but it failed to promote with the error "Must create object under defined root folder" when scheduled, although the test promote was successful. I have read one thread where it was mentioned to try to promote objects with dependency and security, but that is not the option I was to avail. I only require to promote Webi Reports without universes and connection.


    I have tried searching on this topic, but all the documents I have witnessed so far are to promote content from Public Folders.




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    Hi Everyone,



    I am using Information Design Tool to create my Universes.


    I create an Universe and after that i needed to add a table to my Data Fondation.

    No problem with that, the issue arises when i tryed to publish again the Universe.


    Even if I publish with the same name all the reports i created before did not are updated with the modification I need to erase the business layer, create a new one (with the same name) and then publish the Universe again.


    The question is: How can i change the data fondation without the need to erase all the work (business layer and reports) ?



    Thank you and best regards



    João Lages Fernandes

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  • 12/29/15--03:33: Update IPS
  • Hello Folks,


    I had to install the IPS in a distributed landscape. In the node A the full IPS was installed and in the node B only the Webtier.

    My question is about updating the IPS. I have to update it from version 5 to version 6 and patch 2. Should I update the IPS on both nodes or it does not matter on node B?



    Thanks in advance,



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    Hello SSO experts ! ;o)



    Is it possible to get SSO for WebI Rich Client 4.1 in 3-tier mode ?


    Env. : Windows Server 2012 R2, BO BI 4.1 SP7, Tomcat7, JRE 8, Windows AD, SQL Server 2014


    I get SSO+WinAD for WebI RC in "2-tier" mode but not in "3-tier" mode.

    SSO+WinAD is OK for BILP.


    I start WebI RC from BILP but it seems that "...\Documents\My SAP BusinessObjects Documents\LocData\VM-BOBI41_cloud_xyz@6400_j2ee.extranet" file is not updated correctly (in bold) on client:















    I've tried this:















    but without success.



    Any idea/solution to make SSO work for WebI Rich Client 4.1 in 3-tier mode ?



    Thanks in advance.






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  • 12/29/15--07:42: Report problem in BOXI
  • Hello everyone,


    I got a problem with a BO XI report when you open it via BO Web Intelligence (web client).


    The problem seems to be linked to one query (when I execute all the other ones, the report is running fine). When I execute this query, I wait at least 20 minuts and then I get an error message related to to answer prompts (I do not remember it exactly).


    No modifications were made to this query and it worked fine about one month ago, but since then a new connection to the universes has been created.


    The query works fine (even thought quite long...about 5 or 6 minuts) when you open it via BO Web Intelligence rich client. It is also long but running well inside the core database, so I assume it is a lack of performance on the server. However, I do not know how I could solve it?


    Best regards,



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  • 12/29/15--10:21: IPS - Backup
  • Hi folks,


    I am having a hard time to understand the IPS Backup. I read the Information Plataform Services Administrator Guide that has a Chapter about Cold Backup and Hot Backup.


    Unfortunately, I could not understand the procedure to backup BI Content. It says:



    "It is recommended that you use the Lifecycle management console for SAP BusinessObjects Business

    Intelligence platform to regularly back up your Business Intelligence content, such as reports, users and groups,

    and universes "

    I downloaded the guide:

    Lifecycle management console for SAP BusinessObjects Business

    Intelligence platform 4.0 User Guide and it mentions about Backing up Subversion files but nothing about reports, users and groups.


    The other point is the LCM, I cannot not find it on CMC -> Applications. The IPS is version 4.1 SP6.




    Thanks in advance,

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    Dear Friends,


    I have upgraded around 200 reports  from Crystal 2008 to Crystal 2013 and converting Crystal enterprise version. In IDT we have created OLEDB connection and  converted some reports.Database used for Sql server 2008.


    We have installed Sql native client 10.0 for OLEdb.


    I am not much familiar on Crystal Enterprise.If I promote the reports how can I use the same connection in other environments(test,UST,Prd..etc)




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    Please help...!!

    We are on BO XI 3.1 SP5

    Server OS: Windows 2008 R2

    Server Internet explorer version : IE 8

    Client Internet explorer version : IE 11


    When I am trying to right click on a report to schedule the report on a client machine I keep getting an error (See attached image)


    Please help me fix this error.

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    our company is moving from 4.1 sp2 to sp6 and rather than upgrading we are taking the re implementing approach, we have new 4 tier environment for sp6 which are installed and configured and now we have to migrate all content from 4.1 sp2 to sp6 and we are trying to decide whether to use UMT or promotion management. folllowing are my questions:


    1-  our content contains crystal, webi , explorer, universes,connections,Access levels, security, users and groups and folders, open doc, short cuts etc, what is best for us to sue UMT or promotion and why?

    2- for the first intial bulk migrate should be use live to live or export to BIAR and why?

    3- If we want to do incremental migration, then what should be the sequence of content to be moved,e.g. should folders and access levels be moved first and so on? what is good sequence to do incremental migration for future?



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    Hi All


    We having issue password failure and lm trying to capture this in the audit log

    In audit logs on the BO servers where can l locate the  right job that triggered the failed password attempts.


    I run some audit report against event type and document name but no results.



    Please Help



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  • 12/30/15--17:10: OLAP Connection Not working
  • Hi Experts,


    I am facing an issue in using the OLAP Connection with SSO based login.



    The OLAP Connection is not working suddenly with SSO based, whereas the user could able to login to Launchpad via SSO Authentication.



    Our platform is connected with two different BW systems, among that one is working fine in both SSO and predefined.


    System: BI 4.1 SP05


    So could you please help me on this.

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    I am working on BO 4.1 and getting the error "ReportEngineType cannot be resolved to a type". I know some jar files are deprecated in 4.1, any idea what is the alternative to this issue? Can i use SI_ProcessInfo in place of ReportEngine?



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    Our BI platform is 4.1. SP4 Patch1. I want that users are able to use freeze feature in Webi when they are in Reading Mode. So I have enabled feature of "the Reporting - Enable Formatting" in Web Intelligence on Applications for Everyone Group.


    But this time users can see modify tab in webi report. I don't want them to see modify tab.


    Can you help me please?


    Best Regards,


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    Can you please help me as how to create generic credentials in BOXIr2?


    Thanks a lot



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    Our team is facing some issues when exporting reports using BO 4.1 via ASMX Web Services. When we export some reports to excel, the columns are merging, see screenshot.




    Unfortunately we can not switch to RESTful services (at least not now)


    Here is a snippet of the report retrieval code:


                boViewSupport = new BusinessObjects.DSWS.ReportEngine.ViewSupport();

                boViewSupport.ViewType = BusinessObjects.DSWS.ReportEngine.ViewType.BINARY;

                boViewSupport.ViewMode = BusinessObjects.DSWS.ReportEngine.ViewModeType.DOCUMENT;

                if (ExportType.ToUpper() == "PDF")


                    boViewSupport.OutputFormat = BusinessObjects.DSWS.ReportEngine.OutputFormatType.PDF;


                else if (ExportType.ToUpper() == "EXCEL" || ExportType.ToUpper() == "XLS")


                    boViewSupport.OutputFormat = BusinessObjects.DSWS.ReportEngine.OutputFormatType.EXCEL;




                    boViewSupport.OutputFormat = BusinessObjects.DSWS.ReportEngine.OutputFormatType.PDF;




                boRetrieveBinaryView = new BusinessObjects.DSWS.ReportEngine.RetrieveBinaryView();

                boRetrieveBinaryView.ViewSupport = boViewSupport;

                boRetrieveData = new BusinessObjects.DSWS.ReportEngine.RetrieveData();

                boRetrieveData.RetrieveView = boRetrieveBinaryView;



    Any assistance is greatly appreciated!



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    I am trying to get the list of users and groups they are associated with it but could not iterate or loop through all the users and groups. Code is displaying only one user (login user) and its details. I need to get all the users and the associated groups. Any suggestion on how to modify the below code to display all the users and groups?


    ISessionMgr sm = CrystalEnterprise.getSessionMgr();

              ies = sm.logon(UserName, password, cms, auth);

              IInfoStore iStore = (IInfoStore)ies.getService("","InfoStore");

              String Query = "SELECT top 10 * FROM CI_SYSTEMOBJECTS WHERE SI_KIND = 'User'AND SI_NAME = '" + UserName + "'";

              IInfoObjects iObjects = iStore.query(Query);


              for(int i=0;i<iObjects.size();i++)



                  if (iObjects.size()> 0)



                    iObject = (IInfoObject) iObjects.get(i);     

                    user = (IUser)iObject;

                    java.util.Set usergroups = (java.util.Set)user.getGroups();                

                    Iterator iter = usergroups.iterator();

                    out.println("<tr bgcolor = lightblue><td>" + user.getTitle() + "</tr></td>");

                    String groupName = null;


                    while (iter.hasNext())




          id = String.valueOf(;

                                 String Query1 = "SELECT top 10 * FROM CI_SYSTEMOBJECTS WHERE SI_KIND = 'UserGroup' AND SI_ID = '" + id + "'";

                                 IInfoObjects iObjects1 = iStore.query(Query1);



          for(int j=0;j<iObjects1.size();j++)




                                 iObject1 = (IInfoObject) iObjects1.get(j);

                                 groupName = iObject1.getTitle();

                                 out.println("<td>" + groupName + "<br></tr></td>");



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    Hi Team,


    We are in BO 4.1 SP2  and we want to have a option to export the report to PPT, i have checked the forum but not able to find proper results,, i have checked WEBI, Explorer, Crystal reports, Design studio, SAP Lumira, Xcelsius, OLAP, without any success.


    We want an option at browser were the users can download the report to ppt . Pls share your thoughts regarding the same.




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