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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    We have Crystal Server 2008 SP3 connecting to Windows 2008 64 bit server and Oracle 12C.


    We are seeing error "Incorrect Logon parameter".

    It seems Crystal Server 2008 SP3 doesn't support Oracle 12c, so we have to update to Crystal Server 2008 SP7.

    For this we have to install Crystal Server 2008 SP5 first and then Crystal Server 2008 SP7.


    While installing Crystal Server 2008 SP5, we are getting error " The version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows you are running. Check you computer's system information to see if you need an X86(32 bit) or X64(64 bit) version of the program".


    2008 SP5 doc says it supports 32 bit and 64 bit OS and also supports Windows 2008.



    Can anyone help in answering following questions

    1. Does 2008 Sp3 have any issue with Oracle 12C and Windows 2008? We have Crystal 2008 SP3 working on Oracle 12c and Windows 2003 which is 64 bit.


    2. Any insight what can be wrong for getting "Incorrect Logon Parameter"?  The database can be connected from out
    side crystal


    Appreciate any suggestion. This is a very critical issue for us. Thanks in advance!





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    Hi All,


    We have a dashboard where we are reporting measures in terms of minutes and currencies.


    The raw data from the universe is showing complete values including all the digits beyond the decimal point (Example : 34.9823423).


    Since this is been directly fed as a source to a dashboard, I am getting the same full values in the dashboard.


    I don't want to convert this into a TEXT and do the formatting as users will perform sorting operations.


    Kindly suggest an option which I can do here to achieve proper number formatting.



    Ganesh Krishna C

    +1 716 237 0145

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    I want to change the date of SI_UPDATE_TS based on each ReportId using Java SDK.

    I tried the below code,date is not updating.Please anyone give me the correct code to update the date.


    IEnterpriseSession enterprisesession=null;

    IInfoStore infostore;

    IInfoObjects boInfoObjects=null;

    String destDate="1/11/16 11:40:30 PM";

    enterprisesession =CrystalEnterprise.getSessionMgr().logon(username,Password,cmsname,authType);


    int max_id=0;

    int docID=670223;

    boInfoObjects=(IInfoObjects)infostore.query("Select * from ci_infoobjects where si_kind='WEBI' and si_id="+docID+" ORDER BY SI_ID ASC");

    for(Iterator boCount=boInfoObjects.iterator();boCount.hasNext())

    IInfoObject boObject=(IInfoObject);"SI_UPDATE_TS",destDate);

    System.out.Println("Update date:""SI_UPDATE_TS").getValue());





    Kavitha S

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    i have some folders in my BI Platform that contains reports. I have users taht have all rights for one of the folders and so they can change description etc or do an automatic run into the schedule. But there is no option for input a database login as this option is not shown.


    Is this option just avaible for the administrator of the bi plattform?


    Kind Regards


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  • 01/14/16--03:46: loggin failed logon attempts
  • Hi Community Members,


    does anyone know if i can find somewhere failed logon information? What our problem is, that there is a user who cannot login using LDAP authentication, while all the others can. I think their can be something that varies this account from the others in LDAP, but I can't find it.

    In audit database i can find entries without user_name when the logon fails while using LDAP authentication, and just information, that login is incorrect.

    Maybe I can find somewhere else some more information?

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    It seems adding a category to a report is considered by Webi as an editing action on categories. Therefore setting up in categories security "edit objects the user owns" doesn't help me in letting people add any categories to their own reports but limits people on adding to any report only owned categories, while I would like to let people add any categories (both owned and not) to only owned reports. In security, checking on "edit owned report" doesn't help because, as I said before, adding categories to reports is seen as an editing category objects and not as an editing report objects. Did anyone manage to let users add and take off categories (any) only to owned reports?

    Many thanks


    webi reports created with free hand sql in SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 Support Pack 6 Patch 3

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    I am customizing BI launch pad home page. How can i customize the Module "My Recently Viewed Documents" of  Module Library in BI workspace for exemple i want to display the list of the 5 Recently Viewed Documents in a web document .Is it possible to do this exemple without using the module in bi launch pad ?

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    In the SAP authentication at BI Launch Pad, how to hide the options highlighted below?


    I would like that was necessary "user" and "password" only.


    sap authentication.png


    My regards.

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    I would like to run a repository diagnostic on my primary system.  I have read multiple warnings about not doing that while users are accessing the system.  I have over 500,000 objects in my CMS.  My scan is going to take a very long time.   questions,    What is the actual risk if user access the system while it is running over a weekend when the tragic is pretty low?   Can I increase the threads significantly to speed up the process?  I have a lot of CPU and RAM available.  

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    Hi guys

    I am working on BO 4.1

    I have a situation where I want to include a user to a new pilot group for testing a Webi report with 'input controls'

    Now this user is already a member of a group where some restrictions are put in place for these members where they cannot view 'input controls' in a Webi report.


    Is there a workaround for it using Custom - access level?



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  • 01/14/16--18:18: BO RFC Account
  • Hi Team,


    We are facing an issue with BO RFC account that will created to have an link with BW system. we are using this account for past 2 years.


    Yesterday while checking the BO report I came to know that this account has been locked due to issue, once I have unlocked and reset the account passord. I managed to replace the new password in Entitlement tab (SAP Authentication) and could able to import the roles from BW to BO.


    But when I trying to refresh some report in BO the same BO RFC account is getting locked.


    so could anyone guide me that do me need to use this BO RFC account other than CMC SAP Authentication.


    Platform BI 4.1 SP05.


    Note: BORFC account has been created as an System account in BW, so we can’t login in SAP GUI.

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    I am trying to get the failed report instance using jsp. Is there a way to limit the output only to last 2 days some thing like sysdate()-2. Currently it displays all the failed instances.


    I tried the below and it says Not a valid query. (FWB 00025)


    SELECT * from CI_INFOOBJECTS WHERE si_instance>=1 and si_schedule_status=3 and

    si_kind in ('CrystalReport','Webi','FullClient','ObjectPackage') order by si_creation_time > sysdate()-2


    Any suggestions appreciated.



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    Hi All,


    We have upgarded our system from BO 4.0  to BO4.1 SP05.


    When the Crystal Reports (4.1 Enterprise) is connected to the BO 4.1 QA server in citrix , The connection is established.

    But while opening the documents from that server,I am getting the following error

    "The End Point Reference(ERP) for the operation is not found".


    But from the Crystal Reports application which is installed in Xenapp server, The connection is established.

    The window to select the documents is opening.But could not select and open any reports.


    Note:We dont maintain EIMA Adaptive processing Service. All other applications are working fine. Crystal reports can be connected to BO 4.0 QA server(old QA) from which ther are migrated.


    Anyone has solution for this issue? Any idea where the problem will be? Our process is in the state of pending because of it.


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    We have a office 365 Distribution List(DL) created on the office 365 sever on the cloud. However  the users in this DL do not appear  on the group , once this group is added through the LDAP authentication on the SAP BO4.1 SP6 environment. Could some one let me know what could be the possible issue.

    Am attaching the file which shows the empty users list for the particular group.


    regards ,


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    Hi Experts,


    We have recently done a fresh installation of BI4.1 Sp6

    OS : win 2012 R2 standard


    1) Using Webi Rich Client :

    a] When a user tries to create  a new document and selects "analysis view" as a data source, it is giving below error


    java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: com.businessobjects.sdk.core.server.CommunicationException$UnexpectedServerException: Unknown Error in SL service


    b] But when an "Administrator" tried a create a document it works fine.


    2) Using Web Intelligence (web app in the BI Launchpad) : It works for both the normal user and the Administrator.


    Initailly, it seemed to be an access issue, but since it is working with WebIntelligence in BILaunchpad, we are not sure what exactly is the issue here ?


    Thanks in advance,




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    Looking for suggestions on a BO Server configuration change.


    Current Environment BOXI 3.1 release 6.2


    2 BO Servers each with:

    Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1

    4 CPU’s Intel Xeon

    16 gig of memory

    2 Deski Job Servers

    2 Webi Processing Servers


    We are having issues with the Webi Processing Servers – mostly memory related.  The reasons are “memory is full”, “maximum connections”, “unresponsive job server”, “webi server is busy”.


    We know why we are getting these errors.  Additional Webi Processing Servers are obviously needed. We are going to add Webi Processing Servers to our environment.


    We are thinking about either:


    1. Adding 2 Webi Processing Servers to each of the existing Servers while also adding 8 gig and 4 CPU’S to each Server.




    2. Adding an additional BO Server with a configuration like the other 2 - running 4 Webi Processing Servers and possibly more Deski Job Servers.


    Our connection limit is right now set to 80 on each Webi Processing Server – so we also plan on lowering that figure back to the default of 50.


    Just looking for suggestions on whether we go with upgrading resources on the current platform (#1) or add another BO Server (#2) to manage the load.





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    Hi All,


    SAP BO 4.1 SP7



    We have a report crystal that is schedule to run everyday which runs fine,but

    it fails with bad password on Sundays but it logon again


    I'm trying to find what is triaging the failed to generate bad that it would be fixed


    Below is the error



    The table below shows instances where your EDW application ID has been used to log into the system using invalid passwords. Three or more login attempts with an invalid password will result in your application’s access to EDW being revoked. Please research these invalid login attempts and provide the root cause and your steps for preventive action in the future to the following email distribution –


    Application Id's whose Password has been entered Incorrectly and possibly Locked.

    Application id

    Logon Date



    2015-12-27 15:48:54

    Bad Password


    2015-12-27 15:48:55

    Bad Password



    Below is what l got from the DB team









    Bad Password


    (TCP/IP) 9cf7     25000 BOBJEPRD  BOE_CRYSTALRAS  01 LSS



    Bad Password


    (TCP/IP) 8c22     22400 BOBJEPRD  BOE_CRYSTALRAS  01 LSS





    (TCP/IP) 8c2d     22400 BOBJEPRD  BOE_CRYSTALRAS  01 LSS





    (TCP/IP) 8c35     22427 BOBJEPRD  BOE_CRYSTALRAS  01 LSS













    Please Help





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    where do i download and install the free trial version of SAP BusinessObjects Bi 4.x ?


    In the software free trials, for Business Objects i do see a  Contact Us which on lick doesn't respond .


    Appreciate your timely help.!




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    Hi Folks -


    We have a case where we need to change the file name of the PDF output of a scheduled instance. (Each time it runs, we add the execution time, and then keep a number of historical instances which are copied off to another location.) When setting up the schedule, the option to change the destination file name/extension is only available if you do NOT use the "default enterprise location". This appears to be the case in both XI3 and BI4.


    So, my question is two-fold:


    1. Is there any way to use the default enterprise location but somehow change the file name/extension when setting up the schedule?


    2. If not, if one schedules to a file location, what path could one use (ON LINUX, NOT WINDOWS) to indicate that default enterprise location? We tried simply putting '.' (without quotes), but that actually caused the output to be saved in the server's root installation directory, not the Output FRS.




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  • 01/18/16--01:08: SAP BO AJS server
  • Hi,


        Could you please help when any scheduled report is executed on the Unix AJS server the report status remains in Pending.

    But if the same report is scheduled to run on Window AJS server the report executes successfully.


    Its a clustered environment with Window and Unix server.  Please let me know if any more information required.




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