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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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  • 03/30/16--07:21: BOBJ 4.1 sizing question
  • Hello friends,


    Now that we have Windsow 2012 that can support 8 cores, how does it affect our sizing?

    In the past you created another CMS service for every 200-300 active users or so, can CMS now

    support more users with 8 cores or the amount of cores doesn't really change this equation in any way?




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    Hi I am newbie in SAP,

    No any of report open from CMC >> Report Samples only a popup appear with loading message of  (Please wait while the document is being processed)


    Some of solution I have already tried

    Removed crystal report from server and installed in client pc (



    URL: http://localhost:8080/BOE/CMC

    SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.1 Support Pack 1


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    Our clients have asked us to provide the ability to make comments on webi reports that are persistent from one report instance to the next.


    Without presenting it to us in technical terms, what they are asking is to be able to literally use the report as "input" so that their comments are attached to line items as data.


    We are not very deep in our understanding of Webi reports, but we have seen the comment control.  However this seems more like "markup" so that the comments will be attached to the instance of the report, and not persistent as data that is related to the record (line item).  So to begin, we were just wondering if that is the case.


    If so, we would then be wondering what approach we could take to enable 'input" from an existing Webi report.  Is that even possible with the standard BI tools?


    Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



    Jeff Henke

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    We currently have a Windows 2008 Server SP1 that is running Crystal Reports Server 2008 from physical drive C:\.....

    We have limited space on C.


    I would like to install a new full installation of SAP Crystal Server 2013 on drive D and have both up and running while we

    migrate to 2013.  I realize that I'll need to use different CMS and SIA ports.

    Will I need to change the Tomcat ports ?


    Also, from reading the Installation documentation, it sounds like the CR2013 installation program is going to force me to

    install it to the same location as CRS 2008 on drive C.

    Is this correct?

    Is there anyway around this?


    Thank you,


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    We are converting all BEx workbooks to AO 2.2 and training users on AO; opening documents and saving favorites in the My Document folder. When we use the search function, not only are the documents in the primary roles returned, so are the favorites in each users My Document folder. Worse' the returned documents can be deleted. Son one user could delete another uses favorite.


    Is there a setting to prevent documents in another users My Document folder from being returned in the search?

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    We have Webi report which is generated by passing the parameter in Stored procedure. and we use the same report and parameter for generating the dynamic recipients list  to publish the report. But we have issue, when we do publication by dynamic recipients, it uses the list last saved in the report instead of running the report with a prompt. Therefore  in order to distribute the report, first I have to manually run the report with prompt for dynamic recipients and save it and then run the publication. The list has to be updated manually when needed.  Is there any way this report gets refreshed by itself by using the same prompt as source document? We are using the same query for recipients list and source document

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    We are migrating our server from 32-bit to 64-bit SharePoint architecture. Are Developer informs us that there are no 64-bit components for crystal to use in environment. This seems strange to me, is it true? Any help appreciated. Trying to spawn PDF reports from Crystal dll's on web native.

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    Hey SCN-Community,


    currently I´m facing the following problem. My current landscape:


    - BIP 4.2 SP02

    - LS4BIP (dedicated machine) 1.30

    - Lumira Desktop 1.30


    When I try to save an document to the BIP it brings an empty error message (without any text). The connection to the platform works fine.

    I have checked KBA 2284499 - Blank error message in Lumira when saving to BI platform without LS4BIP but we have(!) installed the LS4BIP 1.30 AddOn.


    Any ideas?




    Kind regards


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    Hi Everyone,


    I have many dashboard reports which are created on multiple connections, now we want only single connection for all BO dashboards.


    How can we change connection for BO dashboard?? Please let me know the same, Guidance & help will be appreciated.



    Best Regards,

    Kashif Ali Khan

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    We are trying to implement Okta integration via SAML with SAP BI 4.2 (Windows+Tomcat).


    Installed Apache+Shibboleth (to acts as Service Provider).


    However we are seeing errors is shibboleth logs

    "error building CredentialResolver: FilesystemCredentialResolver given mismatched key/certificate, check for consistency." & "Shibboleth.SessionInitiator.SAML2 [1]: no credential resolver installed, leaving message unsigned".


    End result is looping between Okta and SAP BI.


    Can anyone share their  Shibboleth2.xml file and any other relevant files (or) any documentation.

    Configuring Service Provider seems to be out of SAP Support. I wish they have included SAML Authentication like Tableau which has inbuilt.



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    Hello Friends,


    If I wanted to setup BO architecture with 100% fail-over compliance.  I would have;


    2 Tomcat app machines

    2 Intel machines

    2 Processing machines


    What else would I need to consider? 




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    recently I installed a new SBOP 4.1 SP07 for my customer.

    The installation is distributed on the following way:

    - Cluster of 2 nodes (both nodes have SIA,CMS,Tomcat)

    - 3 additional nodes only for Web Intelligence services

    All the nodes are Multi-Homed machines (have 2 network cards with 1 IP address each one) and my problema is that I can see that all nodes are using both network cards.

    I've one network card for the daily activities for the BO application with IP address and one network card for the backup network with IP address

    When I start the tomcat and SIA on CCM, I can see in cmd that I've connections From and to both IP addresses.

    I've followed point 10.11 of the Administration Guide "Configuring server network settings", this is, do the operating system steps in order to indicate which network card is the first one to use, even I indicated in CMS on node 1 for allt he servers (CMS and others) that run onto the IP address but as you can see in attached image "cmd.jpg" there are connections from and to both IP addresses.

    There is some method to prevent connections being initiated from/to the second IP address ?



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    Hi ,


    I have to restrict user to not have logoff in the BI launch pad once he logged in


    I have searched for the same but  could not get .i was followed below links but it could not solve my issue

    Note 1863600:How does session management work with SAP BI Platform 4.0 web application clients? …

    Can anybody please help me solve the issue


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    Hello people,


    I need to remove "," (eg: '1,000' should be '1000') from an existing measure object, which is used in a block which is a hyperlink which passes 10 other objects.


    I tried FormatNumber() but this converts the object to string and this is not acceptable in my case since the same object is used in an adjacent chart. Also, the same object is being used by another aggregate function (which again needs it to be numeric).


    Using ToNumber(FormatNumber([objName];"##")) does not work as this simply doesn't eliminate the ","


    Lastly, I cannot directly use the formatNumber() option which is disabled since the block is a hyperlink.


    Please let me know if there is any clever way to work around this problem since this needs to be done on a lot of block in multiple reports in the same document. So if somehow only modifying the object get the job done, then it will be gold for me.





    Nachiket L

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    I have a user from Finance group who only needs to see a folder "Finance" in public folder and no other folder. So I created User_Finance and gave the user view rights on Finance folder. But I log in with user id I can see that user can see all the folders in Public Folder and not only Finance folder. On the root folder(Public Folder) I have removed View access to everyone group. Given View access to User_Finance user and then on the main folder i gave full control to user. Now in all the other folders security I see this finance user being included with View(Inherited) rights. I read few articles here on net to find that I need to disable sun folder inheritance on the root folder but i am unable to find that option.

    Any help rally appreciated

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    Hi ,


    I have requirement on customizing webi reports scheduling , i have to restrict user for not having schedule destinations "FTP server","File system,","SFTP Server"


    I am able to customize  SEND menu tool bar drop down by doing

    CMC--->Servers -> right click on Adaptive job server -->Properties-->Destinations-->remove SFTP Location from drop down

    and also i have denied user from BI launch pad applications access on  send to FTP location, send to SFTP location ,send to file location etc

    I have referred below links

    Disable BI Inbox destination? | SCN

    But i am seeing in the schedule destination drop down.

    Can anybo





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    Hi All,


    We have using

    1. SAP Lumira 1.29 Desktop and Server (LS4BIP),
    2. BI Platform BO 4.1 SP 6
    3. BI Add On for Design Studio 1.6
    4. SAP BI Mobile App
    5. Design Studio 1.6.
    6. Device : iPhone 6


    I have following queries

    1. Can we view Lumira content on iPhone 6?
    2. Design Studio: From SAP BO Mobile app we can view Design Studio content on iPhone 6 but it lacks responsiveness, for example autorotation functionality does not work and there are no scrollbars for scrolling.
    3. Dashboard Designer: Can we view Dashboard Designer dashboard on iPhone 6?


    Appreciate if someone can provide useful SAP Notes with respect to above questions.


    Thanks and Regards

    Swapnil Kulkarni

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    We have been seeing frequent instance failure after migrating  reports from R3 to R4.


    We have over 300 instances scheduled to run daily , everyday 10 to 15 random reports are failing.


    On demand refresh works fine.


    We have tried recreating job servers, still issue exists.


    Our  is cluster setup and we have 5 job servers running on each node.


    Some of the common errors are


    An internal error occurred while calling 'processDPCommandsEx' API. (Error: ERR_WIS_30270)

    Object could not be scheduled within the specified time interval.

    An internal error occurred while calling 'getSessionInfosEx' API. (Error: ERR_WIS_30270)

    while trying to invoke the method of a null object loaded from local variable 'value'

    An internal error occurred while calling 'openDocument' API. (Error: ERR_WIS_30270)



    Any help is appreciated ?


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  • 04/01/16--07:59: GTM 2LIS_46_ITM extraction
  • Hi all! I'm having a kind of a business issue when trying to extract data from 2lis_46_itm to BW. I'm using OLIG and OLIGBW to fill setup tables but there are certain documents/contracts I can see in tables WBHK and WBHI that are not extracted when testing datasource in RSA3.

    I've seen a message saying that these extractores just take care of "contract type is relevant for the BW update" so I wonder who and how defines contract types relevant for BW update.


    Anyone can help?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Hi all,

    i have create a report in crystal reports-2008 on top of the bex query. we have company code and item number as prompts. when i run the report in crystal report-2008 designer with the parameters

    ex: company code: 102     

         item number: DM1252

    report is running fine and fetching data correctly.

    i have uploaded the same report in infoview. when i ran the report in infoview with the same parameters

    ex: company code: 102      

         item number: DM1252

    reporting getting below error.



    again when i entered the company code and item number prefix with company code, report is working fine in infoview.


    ex: company code: 102      

         item number: 102DM1252


    can any one help on it.

    its a very urgent.


    Thanks in advance.




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