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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    I'm using Crystal-Server 14.0.12 and I want to deliver reports by mail automatically by use of the scheduled tasks. As I work with a German edition of Crystal-Server I try to translate the menu-options, but maybe sometimes I will not hit the right word. Sorry for that in advance.


    I try to set up a scheduled report and define the target as E-Mail. There is an box to enter the From-Adress and other ones for To:, Cc: and Bcc. Is it possible to fill the boxes with a parameter from the report? So I could define the receiver of the mail by an value from the database?


    Thanks in advance,



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    I'm using Crystal Reports 2008 and I want to generate Serial-letters. There is a help-topic about this included in Crystal Reports, but I think I doesn't cover the topic to the full extent.

    If I create a document as described in the help-file I get one document with the letters to all recipients in one. Isn't it possible to generate a separate pdf-document for each recipient?


    Thanks in advance,



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  • 05/04/16--03:48: Apache Reverese Proxy Issue
  • Dear Experts,


    We are having a requirement to publish BI Reports and Dashboards outside the DMZ.


    We have followed the following URL for the setup (excluding the Load Balancer part):



    Now, we are getting the Login Page of the one on the OpenDocument Links configured to be accessed through the reverse proxy.


    But after providing the user credentials, we are getting the following error:


    HTTP Status 500 - org.apache.jasper.JasperException: java.lang.NullPointerException: while trying to invoke the method com.businessobjects.swd.appcontext.CafAppWebSessionContext.getPreferredViewingLocale() of a null object returned from com.businessobjects.swd.appcontext.RequestInfo.getCafAppWebSessionContext()


    Appreciate your valuable assistant on that.


    Best Regards,

    Mohamed Awny

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  • 05/04/16--06:45: BO 4.1 Audit schema
  • Hello everyone,

       I am working on building a list of reports in SAP BO 4.1 environment (WEBI and Crystal).I am looking for report SQL and report objects (dimensions, measures etc.) along with other report metadata. In BO 3.1,audit database did store the report SQL and the object information but the audit schema has changed drastically in 4.1 so I am unable to find that info in 4.1 audit tables. Am I supposed to be looking at one of the repository tables instead to get this info in 4.1 or use an SDK ? Please suggest.


    Thanks !!! 

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    I am working on a script to run the silent install of Crystal Server 2013. I cannot find a way to detect that the installation is completed successfully or ended with an error.

    I can detect when the setup is completed. Just not whether it's successful or not.

    What log file entry or registry entries can I check to see if setup is completely successful.

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    Trying to create a landscape analysis:


    Landscape Configuration Error

    No Web Application Hosts were found for cluster

    Configure the necessary host and JMX settings in the Landscape Configuration section to successfully run this report.


    Trying to validate JMX settings on the Configuration of the Web Server (SSL port 443) and it is not validating.





    I've verified I've followed the Configuring JMX for Apache Tomcat with Firewall Support steps, and have placed the catalina-jmx-remote.jar file in the correct directory.


    Below is the entry in the log:









    SEVERITY_MAP: |None| |Success|W|Warning|E|Error|A|Assertion


    |885AE2F8606048F8831283DB76F64FDD0|2016 05 04 13:29:18.915|-0500|Error| |>>|E| |BISupportTool|  820|   1|main            | ||||||||||||||||||||||Unable to determine user home from user.bit Unable to find preferences file in location C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\BISupportTool\preferences.xml





    |885AE2F8606048F8831283DB76F64FDD1|2016 05 04 13:29:19.113|-0500|Error| |>>|E| |BISupportTool|  820|   1|main            | ||||||||||||||||||||||Error updating bit file

    java.nio.file.FileAlreadyExistsException: user.bit

      at sun.nio.fs.WindowsException.translateToIOException(

      at sun.nio.fs.WindowsException.rethrowAsIOException(

      at sun.nio.fs.WindowsException.rethrowAsIOException(

      at sun.nio.fs.WindowsFileSystemProvider.newByteChannel(

      at java.nio.file.Files.newByteChannel(

      at java.nio.file.Files.createFile(





    |885AE2F8606048F8831283DB76F64FDD2|2016 05 04 13:29:32.032|-0500|Error| |>>|E| |BISupportTool|  820|   1|main            | ||||||||||||||||||||||Failed to logon to Web Application Server tstz-biwas on JMX port -1

    |885AE2F8606048F8831283DB76F64FDD3|2016 05 04 13:29:32.033|-0500|Error| |>>|E| |BISupportTool|  820|   1|main            | ||||||||||||||||||||||Check the JMX username and password for this host under Landscape Configuration

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  • 05/04/16--12:10: Re: BusinessObjects_crcache
  • Hi Gurus,


    We are getting frequent Errors in Event Logs:

    BusinessObjects_crcache : Failed to create report source on server

    BusinesObjects_crproc : A Failure occurred while the server was processing report file.



    Kindly share some knowledge on why these Errors in Event Log occur on daily basis.







    Thank you !!!

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    Hi Gurus.


    How can we find the number of Universes.

    We are using BO 4.1 sp6

    Sample Auditing Universe..





    Thank you for the help !!!

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  • 05/04/16--13:33: HostAgent 7.21 Install
  • I'm installing Introscope 9.5 stand-alone monitoring uninstalling the HostAgents 7.2 and replacing with the HostAgent 7.21 from DiagnositcAgent  7.4. referencing Toby's blog ( I'm having issue at Step 3.4...after executing command: sapinst.exe SMD_INSTALLATION_SCENARIO=ishub.  I get a Selfextractor error followed by a sapinst.exe has stopped working, followed by a Program Starter dialog box with SAPinst build information. Images attached. If I log off the server log back on and rerun the command: sapinst.exe SMD_INSTALLATION_SCENARIO=ishub The Software Provisioning dialog box on option 1 loads and I'm able to continue with the install until Step 6 when I get another erro and can't continue the install. I have a large number of nodes where this needs to be installed (28), I'd like to be able to script this install but after trying on 2 servers each install has presented new errors and now I've hit a stop on this 2nd server.  My Question:  I need to install the RTV Introscope in my landscape,  is there another install path I should follow if I already have HostAgent 7.2 installed?

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    When trying to log into our production server from my laptop using Universe Design Tool (UDT) I unexpectedly get this error:


    Internal problem

    Open Session: Unexpected error


    UDT - Internal problem - Open Session (Unexpected error).png

    I can access our BO development server using UDT, though.


    I can log into BO production using other tools - Webi Rich Client, Report Conversion Tool and Information Design Tool either with my account using Windows AD or as an administrator.


    I have cleaned C:\Users\MYACCOUNT\AppData\Roaming\Business Objects\Business Objects 12.0\lsi folder (as found in many suggestions) and restarted SIA and Tomcat with no avail.


    BO version: SAP Business Objects 4.1, Service Pack 5

    Dell Laptop's OS: Windows 7, service pack 1, 64-bit


    Please suggest what can be done!

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    Hi all,

      I install the BO server 2008 successfully and not error is pop up. But I use http://swxb7sn3fv3717w:8080/InfoViewApp/logon.jsp (the swxb7sn3fv3717w is the name of the Server PC) to go to the InfoView, that will get the error:HTTP Status 404 - /InfoViewApp/

    as follow the 1.png

    Someone can give some advice? thank you so much.



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    Hi All,



    we are generating a file from the DSO contents through abap program.

    while running the program getting the below error as available in the screen shot

    how can I move out from this error.

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    print button on crytal report viewer exports the report in .pdf format instead of showing the printers window.


    I am using VS2010 with  Version=13.0.2000.0 of crystal report

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    Hi Experts,


    I am developing a Java application using Restful webservices SDK to get webi report metadata.


    I got a solution to get list of dataproviders in a webi report and SQL queries of each data provider. But not able to fetch information if the data provider is with Excel data source.


    I searched a lot but not able to find solution for Excel data provider in BO 4.1 as PersonalDataProvider interface are deprecated from BO 4.0


    Can anyone please help me in getting Excel data provider information.


    Thanks and Regards,

    Preethi M

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    Hi All

    I am facing an issue in promotion management in BO 4.0 SP9 Dev environment. When I create a job to promote to QA or Prod, the promotion job remains in created state and does not run at all. However, the job in test promote is successful. This job is created using administrator login and has full control  access.

    It would be helpful if any one can suggest any solution


    Deepti Prabhu

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    I'm migrating a java web application from Crystal Server 2008 to Crystal Server 2016 SP2.

    We use the BI SDK to connect to our Crystal Server to run reports and display them in a web environment.


    I've changed out all of the crystal jar files and the crystalviewer for the 2016 jars etc. based on what's listed in the Developers docs.

    I've attached a screenshot of the crystal jars I have in my project.


    When I start JBoss 8.2.1 (Wildfly) and the application war file is deployed I receive this ClassNotFound exception.  I was

    able to find this class in the following jar file:   I've attached the stack trace.



    If I add that jar file to my application, the NoClassFound Exception is resolved but then underlying classes are not found so

    the AtomFeedProviderXml is still not instantiated.


    Does anyone know what would cause this class to try and load when my application is being deployed?

    What is this class for?



    I have been unable to find anything in my project so it appears it being instantiated to support something else.


    Any assistance would be appreciated.




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    Hi All


    I am quite new on SAP BI/BW.

    I have a BEx Query on top of the standard IC 0FIGL_V10, everything looks fine.

    Then I copied the IC to ZFIGL_V10 (changed the underlying function module) and kept everything same. I created a new Query on top of it, for Rows I created a Structure, and then a Selection under it.

    I try to use the members under dimension Accounts for this Selection, but Query Designer only allows me to use member Ledger (there are 4 members totally).

    I can not find any difference between those stuffs, and everything is OK for the standard IC.

    What could be the issue?

    Thanks in advance.

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    We are considering upgrading from bo4 to bo 4.2 to get more version of tomcat been advised less secure (version 6 bundled with bo 4)  in addition to bo benefits.


    Anyone using bo 4.2 at moment in production and how finding it stable etc?


    Could anyone confirm bo 4.2 ships with bundled tomcat 8?




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    Hi experts,


    After installing from BOE XI 3.1 SP7 FP3 i'm facing some strange erros using import wizard:


    Failed to update universe file. Reason: File Repository Server error : Failed to connect to the File Repository Server Input. Make sure the server is up and running.


    This happens with some universes, folders and webi reports work well.


    Both File Input File Repository Server and Output Repository server are running in source and destination environments,


    And to put things worst the apparently well migrated universes get the si_path property lost, so the link between CMS and File system is lost.


    Any ideia ?

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    Hi Everyone


    Does anybody know if their a good guide on how to setup SAP BO 4.1 or 4.2 across two different domains. I have tried many different forums and never really found a suitable answer. Some people tell me it justs works, other tell me to add two realms, others tell me to do a registry hack. But none of these seem to work for me.


    Do i need two biservice account one for each domain and for two sets of SPNs, for example?


    Anyhelp, I am stuck as to what to do next.

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