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Unanswered Discussion Threads in BI Platform

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    Hi Gurus,


    As we are planning updation from BO 4.0 to BO 4.1.

    I have a question regarding my sap dashboards, information spaces, universes built in IDT and published to repository.

    1) Dashboards created on BO 4.0 and deployed on BI launchpad 4.0, are these dashboards remain available on BI launchpad after updation to 4.1 or do I have to deploy these dashboards again on BI launchpad 4.1.

    2) Do I will need to publish my universes again to the repository after updation to BO 4.1.

    3) Information spaces that I have created on BO 4.0 that are these information spaces remain available after updation

    to 4.1 or do I have to create these exploration views and information spaces again on 4.1.



    If anyone has updated recently kindly guide on these issues and provide your valuable input.



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    Hello everyone,


    I'd really appreciate any help you can provide regarding using the audit universe to review scheduled reports and the prompts they're running against.


    So far we've created a report using the audit universe which returns data on all our scheduled reports (both successes and failures). However, in order to add extra insight we need to know which prompts these failed reports are running against. All our attempts to add this information so far haven't worked.


    Does anyone know if this is possible and if so what needs to be included in the query and report?


    We're currently running BO 4.1 SP5.


    Many thanks for your help

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    I have a requirement where i have to download report outputs(PDF/Excel) that are displayed as shortcuts in Inbox using Java SDK. Is there a way, i can do it?


    Thanks in Advance,


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    Hello everyone,


    I've finished the https configuration in a Windows server with BI 4.1 SP 6, teh connection to BIlaunchPAd and the CMC is ok and no problem with the generation of the certificat. However at the moment of the configuration fo the clients tools, something is wrong. I run the comman sslconfig from the client machine and I exported the certificats and all the files from the BO server, but the command doesn't do nothing.


    bellow the print:




    so, when i try to connect to IDT designer, i still have the same response :


    [repo_proxy 13] SessionFacade::openSessionLogon with user info has failed(Transport error: Insufficient resources.(FWM 00002)




    i already tried in a different client machine, and is always the same issue. the command sslconfig doens't read the certificate.



    thanks in advance!!!!!

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    I have a machine with BOBJ Edge 4.1 with ms SQL server with the CMS and Auditing DB. I have another machine clean install with the latest Edge 4.1 SP07 that does not use MS SQL server CMS and Auditing DB but Sybase SQL Anywhere


    Before, i just copied the filestore directory and CMS and Auditing DB to migrate to the new machine. I tried to upgrade tool but it does let me because the are both 4.1. Promotion Management takes to long.



    Any suggestions or idea ?




    Héctor Santos

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    In my Information Design tool version 4.2 , when i try to create ODBC connection, i have one "Data Source Name" field instead of the tow, "Server" field and "Database" field.

    when i put the server name in the "Data Source Name" and test the connection is connects successfully.


    Is there any special format to be used here to put the server name and database name combo in the one field?  like (ServerName/DatabaseName)  or (Servername:DatabaseName) or etc...



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    We just upgraded business objects to 4.2 Sp2, when we try to promote objects from one environment to other by creating new promotion job and click on "manage dependencies" its giving attached error.



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    If I have a Crystal Server and a maintenance contract where do I go to request my development server "sandbox" licenses. Is it the same place as the regular 5 CAL? Does it count against the 5 user total?

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    Hi All ,


    We are facing issue with scheduling to how we will run schedule base on event and also time base,


    Can any one help us to solve this issue.


    Thank You,

    Haresh Pipariya

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    Recently I have implemented Windows AD authentication in our project and its working fine for all users except one user .

    Even KINIT is working fine for him but during SSO login it throws error:


    "This page can't be displayed "


    Please advice !!

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  • 05/27/16--08:34: Error code:0 [CRWEB00000119]
  • I am trying to run reports against a TEST server which has a backup of the LIVE db but keep getting the same error; The viewer could not process an event. The database logon information for this report is either incomplete or incorrect.Error code:0 CRWEB00000119 The report was built and working fine in Crystal, the SQL account is working/verified and new/existing reports work perfectly on the LIVE server/db. I have seen a post on here for the same error but different circumstances. I still can't get past it thought and I am pretty sure this is something simple I haven't done but at this stage I have tested/checked everything I can think of so looking for some help with the issue. Thanks

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  • 05/27/16--11:26: biar backup strategy
  • Hi All,


    We are migrating contents from BOXIR2  to BO 4.0 environment.

    Our 4.0 is a 3 tier environment (DEV, Quality and Production) and currently the BOXIR2 contents are already moved to 4.0 quality


    Before moving the BOXIR2 contents from 4.0 quality to 4.0 PROD, we want to take a full LCMBIAR backup of the contents from 4.0 PROD.


    This is part of precautionary measure so that if anything gets missed in 4.0 PROD ,after moving XIR2 contents to4.0 PROD, we will utilise the BIAR backup to recover.

    We plan to take a  copy of reports in  public folder  in BO4.0 PROD itself

    For Favourite folder reports, we will take LCMBIAR backup using promotion management.

    Is their a beter approach than the one mentioned above?


    On behalf of this approach, we have following query

    -- While taking BIAR backup for favourite folder reports,is it possible to select only the reports and not their dependencies?

         Ie, We donot want the BIAR file to contain universe, connections ,folders etc.. 




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    We have been tasked with creating a process whereby users can migrate their own universes and reports through our environment structure.  The only real requirement that we have at this point is that the users should not use the CMC to access Promotion Management to perform the migrations.


    In pursuit of this objective we are attempting to obtain information on this process.  I have the following questions:

    1. Has any one attempted to put together something like this?

    2. What interface did you use with Business Objects? i.e. .NET SDK, java SDK, WebService, RESTful Webservice

    3. What challenges did you run into?


    We are presently exploring using a script that utilizes the command line tool lcm_cli.bat, but it has some limitations.


    Any ideas would be appreciated.


    The basis for this work is to free up our Administrator's time from doing object promotions and focus on making out system run more efficiently by having a utility to allow users to promote their own content.

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  • 05/30/16--07:30: Real Time Data..
  • Hello Friends

    What is the best SAP application to use to show a real time dashboard or a report or a table on a screen that accomplish the below scenario?

    For example, the front desk employee put into the database a list of drivers and update the status of each driver consistently like “available driver waiting for order” or “in rout driver”. And this data show up on a big screen in the warehouse that other employees use when they are on the phone with customers to estimate the delivery time.



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    we are using Business Objects XI R3 Sp7 on 2 Webservers (tomcat) 2 DB servers (sql servers clustered) and 3 app servers.

    Since last weekend i have the issue that me ReportApplicationservers are not coming up and therefore i can't install any reports anymore.

    I can logon to CMC and Info view, i can run reports, so no problem there.


    The RAS is stuck either stuck on initializing or it is shown as running/disable, where i can't enable it.


    My problem is that i am i a corporate environment, where i don't have real inisght what is going on my servers.


    Maybe someone can give me a hint where to look for? ( i will open up an incident  tomorrow, when back in the office)


    regards and thanks Alexander

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    hola  amigos alguien podria ayudar



    Gerardo me proporciona una busqueda que me funciono pero estoy trantando 2 cosas


    una que me pueda funcionar solo para ordenes de compra   IF ObjectType =22

    que solo se ejecute para ordenes de compra pero no me funciona el if.





    2. hacienda otra que sea para las ordenes de fabricación pero no puedo enlazar las ordenes de fabricacion

    alguien ayuda.





    Declare @lote as nvarchar(50), @documento as nvarchar(50)

    Set @documento = (replace($[$35.2.0],'EP ',''))

    Set @lote = (replace((@documento + $[$35.5.0]),'            ',''))


    Select @lote

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    I'm in 4.1 SP2 cluster mode. My audit level configuration change when my server restart every day !!! So I want to write a java pg with SDK like in tuto.



    // Initialize the Session Manager

    boSessionMgr = CrystalEnterprise.getSessionMgr();


    // Logon to the Session Manager to create a new BOE session.

    boEnterpriseSession = boSessionMgr.logon(userName, password, cmsName, authType);

    //Retrieve the InfoStore object

      boInfoStore = (IInfoStore) boEnterpriseSession.getService("", "InfoStore");




    IInfoObjects infoObjects = boInfoStore.query(auditQuery);


    IAuditEventInfo auditEventInfo = (IAuditEventInfo) infoObjects.get(0);







    it doesn't work !


    If I print the level just after commit it's OK, but If I check by CMC or rerun the prog , yhe level stay OFF.


    thanks for your return

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    Hi guys    

    We are on BO 4.1 sp7.

    What is the latest version of crystal report designer compatible for our platform version?

    is it 2013 or 2016??

    What components are needed to install Crystal?  Is it just crystal reports designer for desktop?



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    Environment: Windows 2012R2

    MS SQL 11.0.3393

    SAB BI 4.2 SP2 Patch 1 (

    Design Studio (serverside):


    I have a problem with the installation of the Design Studio PlugIn for SAP BI 4.2. First I had all running under the version 4.1.6 with Design Studio 1.5. I upgraded my system to 4.2 and than I wanted to update also Design Studio, but the installation failed with an "Internal Error detected. Program will exit".

    Afterwards starting from the Control Panel I tried to "Modify Installation for the package, but the installation script ran always in the same error. I can't even uninstall it.

    So I tried another way round:

    First I uninstalled the Version 1.5 from the system and AFTER I installed the version 4.2 (+ SP2 + Patch 1).

    But installing newly the DS 1.6 I ran newly in the same error. Anyone had the same error or knows a solution? Thanks in advance!

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    I am new to dashboards and I was trying to import webi report in live office to be used in dashboard.

    When I select the report and import it only the table headers appear in live office and I am unable to see any data.


    I dont know if I am missing any step.





    Deepti Prabhu

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